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What is waiting until 4:30 pm on Thursday for the Kansas Supreme Court ruling on Chad Taylor’s name coming off the ballot?

Nothing like waiting until the 11th hour there folks since the ballots are printed on Friday!  Either way WE HAVE A RULING and it’s official here in the great Sunflower state – Chad Taylor, the Democrat,  is officially off the ballot.  Woohoo!  Pop the champagne and kiss the person closest to you, it’s finally O-V-E-R.  This ridiculous power play between Kris Kobach and well…everyone else has come to an end.

The KS Supreme Court ruled that Kris Kobach overstepped his bounds when he said that Chad Taylor’s name had to be added back onto the ballot after Taylor thought he had followed the rule to remove his name from the ballot.  It’s funny that when I google “abuse of power” Kobach’s name is the first to appear on the search results.

Of course this is bad news for Pat Roberts since it’s expected that all of the Democratic votes will go to his challenger Greg Orman.  Roberts put out a press release after the ruling:

“Today, the Kansas Supreme Court deliberately, and for political purposes, disenfranchised over 65,000 voters. In a bow to Senators Claire McCaskill and Harry Reid, liberal activist Supreme Court justices have decided that if you voted in the Democrat Primary on August 5th, your vote does not matter, your voice does not matter, and you have no say in who should be on the ballot on Election Day. This is not only a travesty to Kansas voters, but it’s a travesty to the judicial system and our electoral process.”


What’s his deal with Harry Reid?  News flash Pat – if you polled most Kansans I doubt most of them would even know who Harry Reid is. The guy from Duck Dynasty – yes, but Harry Reid – negative.  Between McCaskill and Reid you are a Obama short of a trifecta of liberal-based fear mongering.    Your sincerity for the concern of the 65,000 voters has me gagging just a little.

You and I do agree, it is a travesty, but I think the travesty is to your campaign.

Moving on…

Rumor on the street is that Kobach is going to push the Democrats to put another candidate on the ballot to replace Taylor.   Someone tweeted out the statute that says this is the case, but it was in 3 point font and frankly I’m too lazy to read it.  I still find this hard to believe given that a large percentage of state races went unopposed last election.  If it is true, then I am going to make the bold move to throw my name in the ring.

That’s right ladies and gentlemen!  You heard it here first – if the Kansas Democrats need a name to replace Taylor, I will happily volunteer myself as the candidate that no one should ever vote for.  Yes, I changed parties and became a Republican in the primaries, but I can easily change back.  Accordingly to my profile, I’m wildly unpopular so no one would ever vote for me.  Also, just think of the added bonus of how annoying I could be to Kris Kobach.  It would totally be a win-win.

I think there is one thing that Kansas Democrats, Republicans and even Independents can all agree on – it doesn’t get any crazier in Kansas politics than this and I LOVE it.





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Gimme an O!

A grown woman running around yelling,  “gimme an O” gets a lot of interesting looks.letter o

The first O I’m yelling about  is for Greg Orman, the Independent running against Pat Roberts.  In the latest poll from Public Policy Polling has Orman up 41 percent to Roberts 34 percent.  This is without the anticipated Kansas Supreme Court ruling on Democrat Chad Taylor coming off the ballot that should happen any time.  Orman has been running a strong and well-funded campaign against Roberts.  Even with Roberts campaign shake up, the mud-slinging hasn’t stuck and Roberts continues to slide in the polls.

The second O I’m yelling about is for the word O-V-E-R which is what Pat Roberts campaign will be when the Supreme Court rules about Chad Taylor coming off of the ballot.  10% of votes are still polling for Taylor.  If the Supreme Court rules today that Taylor can come off of the Senate ballot, those votes will likely go to Orman, giving him an even wider lead against Roberts.  It’s unlikely that Roberts will be able to come back after a blow like that to his campaign.  I don’t care how many comparison’s to Obama his campaign ads to try to make.  People in Kansas are tired of Roberts.  We want a change.

The third O I’m yelling about is obstruction – for Kris Kobach’s role in all of this.  Nice try Kris in trying to sway the election for Roberts.  I read the line of questioning from the Kansas Supreme Court yesterday and my biggest take away from the whole thing is they can’t stand Kris Kobach as much as I can’t stand Kris Kobach.  The term “loosey goosey” was used during yesterday’s hearing.  Now I’m no lawyer, but you know things have gone off the legal cliff when that term is thrown into a line of questioning.

Here’s the deal Kris – I know you went to the finest Ivy League schools and you think you are all that a bag of chips, but abusing power is abusing power.  The word OVER applies to how I feel about you.  I have faith that our Kansas Supreme Court will find against you and I am glad to see that you are also in a tight race against Jean Schodorf.

The final O is off my rocker.  I’m completely floored by the house of cards that is crumbling.  First Brownback is polling behind Democrat Davis, now Roberts is falling to Orman and finally Kobach is neck and neck against Schodorf.  I never thought in my lifetime that a state as Republican as Kansas would be polling like this in an election.  I guess it’s pretty chilly in hell since it must have frozen over.

I guess we will wait and see what the Kansas Supreme Court rules.  Even without the ruling one thing is for sure, Orman has a great shot at beating Roberts and Kansas politics is the hottest ticket in town.

What do you think?  Why the sudden change in Kansas?




Governor Jay Nixon of Missouri had a terrible, horrible no good very bad day the other day when the Missouri Senate had a field day overriding just about all of his vetoes.  There were two key vetoes that I had my eye on – increasing the 72 hours waiting period for abortions in Missouri and expanding gun rights to include open carry by reducing the age and arming Missouri teachers.  guns

First  the abortion waiting period.  I’m sure the lawmakers are patting themselves on the back for increasing the waiting period from 24 hours to 72 hours, but get this…there is NO exception for rape or incest.  Girls, pregnant with your daddy’s baby?  Here’s the good news.  You now have 48 MORE hours to sit and think about this horrific situation you find yourself in.  Here’s the deal – the jury is still out on whether or not mandatory waiting period even decrease the number of abortions.

So I have to ask myself – what’s the real point here?  I think you and I both know – ultimately Missouri lawmakers want to do away with abortion altogether.  How about this idea – in the next session just go ahead and introduce legislation for a mandatory 9 month waiting period.  That cuts right to the chase.

On to the next hot button issue – guns.

The Missouri Senate blocked the veto by Governor Nixon that now has Missouri schools arming teachers.  Yes, they have to go through training.  Yes it could potentially stop an armed intruder..blah blah blah

What could go wrong with this new legislation?

I give you Exhibit A out of Utah just the other day:

A Utah teacher had an accidental discharge in the school bathroom Thursday.

An unidentified teacher is in stable condition after accidentally shooting herself in the leg in the faculty bathroom of Westbrook Elementary School before classes started, officials told the Daily News.

The trigger-prone teacher, who has a concealed weapons permit, is currently recovering in a local hospital after the shot went off. Luckily, no students or other staff were around when the gun fired.

“She appears to have fallen, and she was in the restroom,” said Granite School District spokesman Ben Horsley. “It’s up to you to decide how that happened.”


Ok Ben – I will take a stab at how this happened.   The teacher, I’m going to call her Mrs. Smith, went to the women’s bathroom.  It was a long day teaching a group of active fourth graders.  She was on her feet all day.  It was day two of her three-day juice fast and she was on her third kale and apple juice.  She had gained a little weight and wanted to drop a few before sweater season starts.  The juices were as good as Mrs. Johnson who teaches in the third grade says, but boy do they make her have to pee.  Sure enough half way though the spelling test the urge set in.  Excusing herself to the bathroom quickly she put the “know it all” girl Kelsey in charge and ran down the hall to the teacher’s bathroom.

As luck would have it, she was wearing her too tight skinny jeans.  She couldn’t wear her pink, bedazzeled holster she normally wears with her gun to school so she had her clip-on holster attached to her skinny jeans with the gun tucked inside making the skinny jeans that much skinnier.   Great, she thought, she was already in full pee dance while unbuttoning her skinny jeans.  During the dance, she bent over to get that dang button undone and in doing so she fell forward causing the gun to shoot out of the back of her jeans like a sling shot and in doing so it fired.

Ben, that is my version of how this happened.  But then again….I could be wrong.

Now Missouri lawmakers have paved the way to bring guns into Missouri schools to stop the rare chance of an armed intruder entering the schools.  I have to think that more instances like this Utah teachers are bound to happen putting our Missouri children at risk.  All kidding aside, it was just luck that children weren’t present when this gun went off in the restroom where this teacher was.  Now that the legislation has passed, only time will tell if there will be more accidents like this.



Dear Rep. Paul Wieland,

Rarely do I read the news and laugh out loud.  That is why after reading an article about you and a lawsuit you filed, I felt the need to reach out.

Let me get this straight – you receive state health insurance.  You are pissed because Obamacare has coverage for contraception. You believe that you deserve the same rights as Hobby Lobby to have a plan that has contraception exempt, because these are your beliefs.  According to the article you have three teenage daughters and you believe that covering contraception is against your religion.

Ok, I’ve stopped laughing long enough to write this blog post.  Here’s the deal, two words come to mind that sum this whole thing up –  “frivolous” and “lawsuit.”

Here’s why, I’ll let you in on a little secret….

There are a whole host of things that my insurance covers that I don’t actually ever use.  For example, my insurance covers penis performance drugs and guess what?  I have a little secret.  I don’t have a penis! No penis means no need for penis performance drugs.  Now I could be outraged that my insurance plan covers Viagra and I could sue the plan so that they could be forced to design a plan specifically for me and the fact that I don’t have a penis….or…..wait for it….

I could just not use that benefit.

It’s kind of like the fact that it’s the law that sixteen year olds can get a driver’s license, but guess what?  Here’s that logic thing again.  As a parent, you don’t have to let them drive or get their license if you don’t think they are ready.  It’s this crazy thing called parenting.  Just because your insurance plan covers contraception doesn’t mean that the girls actually are forced to use it.

Can you imagine if they actually find in favor of you and every insurance plan had to be specifically designed around every person’s individual wants and needs?  That gasp you just heard were the insurance companies having an anxiety attack.  For example, once I took Ambien to sleep and I ended up sleep eating an entire bag of iced animal crackers.  I’m outraged at Ambien.  I don’t think my insurance plan should ever cover a sleeping drug that makes me eat a bag full of animal crackers.

Before we start designing individual plans based on everyone’s individual religious beliefs and iced animal cracker episodes, here’s an even better idea – if you don’t like the insurance you are provided, get another plan.

Thanks again for the laugh.  Now tell me again how the Republicans are always saying they are against frivolous lawsuits.

Yours for not sleep eating ever again,







Thank God it’s Friday!

After looking back at this week in Kansas politics, all I can say is, “can we talk?” Yes that’s a special shout out to Joan Rivers, but it also sums up the hot and I mean H-O-T mess that is Kansas politics this week. With all this drama, Andy Cohen from Bravo has his eye on the Kansas political scene this week and is getting ideas for his next show.

Go mix yourself a Friday afternoon cocktail, come back and get comfy, because we have a lot to go over….
Where to start?
What’s the rule? If you don’t know where to start, always start with the sex scandal.
The Paul Davis Campaign Ad Gone Bad!
It was bound to happen – a bump in the Davis campaign. Paul Davis who is running for Governor against Sam Brownback has yet to really have a misstep in his campaign, until this week. He’s done pretty much everything right almost to a boring point. zzzz…..See I fell asleep just writing about his campaign. This race is “ABB – Anybody but Brownback”and is super close.That is why the Republicans couldn’t wait to jump all over the Davis “mistake” this week.
The Davis campaign put out a campaign ad that had an actor in it with a criminal past.  The actor had solicited sodomy in a Topeka park in the 90s.
The Davis campaign immediately pulled the ad once they found out about the actor’s past, but not before the Republicans made this monumental leap…
Wait for it…because it’s so insanely awesome…..

​”The use of an actor with this sort of background raises serious questions about Paul Davis’ judgment and what kind of people he would surround himself with if elected,” said Clay Barker, executive director of the Kansas Republican Party.


Bam!  Oh Clay, really?
Do you actually believe this bullshit?The guy was an actor in a commercial, not running his campaign.Davis didn’t have him pegged for a spot heading up the Department of Children and Family Services.Give me a slight break.


Ad has been pulled and “scandal” is over.


On to the next shit show – the run for Senate.


Have another sip of your cocktail and stay with me, because this one is complicated.


To catch you up, Pat Roberts beat Milton, I’m barely related to President Obama, Wolf in the primary in Kansas.It was widely known here that Roberts campaign staff had to drag him over the finish line.Fast forward to now and go figure, his campaign is struggling against an Independent challenger – Greg Orman.


This campaign is an ABR – Anybody but Roberts.I think we all know that Roberts should never have run again.Can somebody say term limits? Anyhoo…the Orman campaign is gaining ground. Orman is an Independent with whispers that he used to be a Democrat, switched parties and now is an Independent. Gee…where have I heard this party switching thing before? (see me)


This is where it gets good – like Bravo Reality Series good – there is also a Democrat running. I don’t even know his name and it doesn’t matter (nothing personal), because the guy didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of ever winning. Remember this is Kansas and the last time a D won the Senate I think Andrew Jackson was President. Somebody let this guy in on the secret that he didn’t have a chance and he decided to do what my prom date did and withdraw early (oh calm down – it was a joke).


The Democrat submitted his Dear John letter to withdraw from the race and with the thinking that all of his votes would go to the Orman campaign securing the win, but then….dum…dum….dum…..


Enter Kris Kobach stage right in dramatic fashion, “not so fast! I will foil your plan and save the race for the Republicans.”O.k. maybe he didn’t exactly say that, but that’s how I have it my head in a Cold War era, villain voice.Turns out the Democrat may have submitted his withdraw letter by the deadline, but didn’t submit the reason for why he would be incapable of serving in office. This is the state law.


What I would like to know is what reason would be considered valid? For example could the candidate have said, “I hate wearing suits therefore I cannot serve as a Senator, because Senators wear a lot of suits.”Would that have qualified as a reason he would be incapable of serving in office? If the candidate would have submitted a reason, could Kobach still have said no? Aren’t we all just playing politics now?


Either way, Kobach said the Democrat’s name has to remain on the ballot since a valid reason for withdraw wasn’t provided. Kobach added the Democrat is a lawyer and should have known the law. He left out a fabulous twirl and a “SO THERE!”


As of today, the Democrat’s name stays on the ballot….


And that ends a cray-cray week of Kansas politics.

Anyone else need another cocktail after all that?

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