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Another day, another super weird situation in Kansas politics.

First it was the 100 Republicans endorsing Paul Davis – Democrat for Governor of Kansas.  Hell must have been very cold that day, because I have no doubt it froze over when those Republicans (gasp) endorsed a Democrat for Governor.  Now we have this little gem that came to my attention on twitter last night:

IMG_1594First let me say it was confirmed that this was indeed a mailer – not some photoshopped internet hoax like this one from Hurricane Sandy:

fake sandy hurricane picture

I have confirmed that it was mailed to at least two people.  How many people I have no idea.  So let’s break down the pros and cons of this mailer and the impact it could have on the election.

1. Who ever wrote this is as bad at grammar as I am – “vote yes on Greg Orman” – on Greg Orman?  Shouldn’t it be FOR Greg Orman?  Call me crazy, but don’t you vote “on” an issue and “for” a person?  Hell, I might be wrong.  Maybe that’s why I’m blogging for free and they pay people big bucks to write these political mailers.

2.  Greg Orman delivers.  Doesn’t sound like a bad thing to me, however, I’m not exactly sure what’s in those boxes.  Maybe its boxes of votes supporting Harry Reid and Barack Obama?  Maybe it’s implying that  Barack Obama and Harry Reid are in the boxes?  Maybe they are going to jump out of those boxes and yell “surprise” like a cake with a stripper in it?

3.  I will have to give two thumbs down on the photoshopping of the face on the UPS delivery guy body.  That’s pretty bad.

4. And the most important issue with this mailer is the “Paid for by the Kansas Republican Party.”  So was this mailer paid for by the KS GOP meaning they are endorsing Greg Orman over Pat Roberts for KS Senate?


I reached out to them via twitter and asked if they had anything to do with this mailer and they said they didn’t.  I believe them.  It just doesn’t make any sense for them to mail this.  Even if they did mail this as an anti-Orman mailer and there was supposed to be some sort of typo on the front – where would it be?  How would you rearrange the wording to make it look like an anti-Orman ad?  I can’t figure it out.  Maybe “Greg Orman Won’t Deliver” or “A lot from the left, nothing from the right, 100% Kansas.” That still doesn’t make much sense.

So who would do this so close to the campaign?

It’s no secret that I want Orman to beat Roberts, but I don’t endorse tactics like this.  If the KS GOP didn’t mail this out, who did?

I will say that this is very uncool and  tactics like this have no place in Kansas politics.  There are so many other ways to win elections the way everyone else does – with negative ad after negative ad.

I’m curious – did you receive one of these mailers?  If so, what did you think when you got it?

Now I’ve got to run.  Pat Boone is calling telling me to vote for Pat Roberts.  Roberts, way to reach out to voters under 80.  I heard Zsa Zsa Gabor has some free time.  Maybe she can do your next robocall?




About these ads

Dear Kevin Yoder,


I have to applaud you.  You managed to take my attention away from the Royals  with your “Special Ebola Virus Update” (dum…dum…dum….) that you issued.  This isn’t just a regular Ebola Virus Update, this one is “special” so I had to pay close attention.

Special Ebola Virus Update

In recent weeks my office has received numerous contacts from constituents regarding the potential for an Ebola Outbreak in the United States. The current Ebola outbreak is a serious threat to the American people, and I believe that it is important that the President take certain commonsense steps to protect U.S. citizens from this Ebola epidemic.

Immediately restrict travel of foreign nationals attempting to enter the United States from any country with an Ebola outbreak.
Suspend any previously issued visas for U.S. travel for those coming from or having been to those countries during an outbreak.
Test, monitor, or quarantine as necessary for any individual who has traveled to or from affected countries in West Africa or who has been exposed to the virus for the 21 day period afterwards.

This is not a political issue. This is a human health issue, but I’m concerned the administration has underplayed the risk associated with exposure to Ebola in the United States and that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) were woefully unprepared for this deadly virus to reach our shores. We must act to make sure further exposure risk is eliminated. In addition to health related concerns, our State Department and Customs agencies must act deliberately to make sure that this virus can not be shipped over our borders again.

Further, allowing our nation to continue to have a porous northern and southern border is symptomatic of our inability to prevent diseases and other dangerous threats from finding their way into America.

This week I sent a follow up letter to President Obama calling for him to implement these simple changes to protect our nation from Ebola:

Click here to read my full letter to President Obama…

Kind of like most campaign promises, the link to President Obama’s letter was broken.  Oh well…I can only imagine what it said.  It probably went something like this-


Dear President Obama,


You are probably surprised to hear from me right now since most of the time, Republicans spend time being a pain in your butt, but we need something from you right now. No, it’s not just a chance to gain valuable points from our constituents looking like we are trying to do something about an “outbreak” that isn’t really an outbreak since it’s only infected a total of 4 people in the United States.  We really need a coordinated government response for this Ebola crisis.  I know, I know that Republicans spend countless hours yelling about less big government and more states rights, but that’s only when it gains us popularity and not in times of crisis when in actuality big government serves a purpose.  I won’t go into how it makes me look like a hypocrite in this case, because that’s besides the point.

We need a coordinated government response to this outbreak of Ebola.  Well, like I said earlier it’s not really an outbreak in the United States more like a few people infected that we’ve actually been able to cure all, but one.  So, we can’t have anyone traveling from West Africa here without testing, monitoring and quarantined all people from West Africa.  I know that is super expensive, and Republicans yell all the time that we need to cut government costs, but in this case I guess that doesn’t matter.  So give  the United States a blank check to make this happen please and then when the next Presidential election comes around we will again yell about wasteful government spending.  I know, it doesn’t make sense, but that’s the GOP for you.

I’m also fine with the fact that we have cut spending to the CDC, but now we can yell that there hasn’t been a coordinated response to this effort.  Had Ebola not shown up in America and had the CDC spent money on a coordinated effort, I’m fully aware that the GOP would have been screaming about the wasteful spending by the CDC on an Ebola outbreak that never arrived in the US.  Details….details.

Also, we will ignore the fact that we want a ban on travel from West Africa here, but we are in no way calling for a travel ban of Americans to other countries even though we have an “outbreak” of Ebola in the United States.  Again, it doesn’t make any sense, but I’m fine with that.  I’m also fine with the fact that I’m calling out an issue of our “porous borders”, but in no way has Ebola come through our borders and infected anyone.  I just thought I would make another political point for the sake of making a political point.  I’m hoping it will gain me a few more votes come election time.

Anyway, thanks for listening to my concerns even though they don’t make much sense.  I guess that’s politics!

Yours for a coordinated, big government response to Ebola.

Kevin Yoder

Of course, that’s just my take on this.  I could be wrong.



Kansas politics, I’m so over you right now.
I swear that if the Great and Powerful Oz asked Dorothy if she wanted to go home to Kansas right now she would stop and think and then say, “I’m good.”
If you aren’t from Kansas, let me brief you on how our television looks right now:
political ads
political ads
political ads
Mention of the Chiefs
political ads
political ads
political ads
More Royals
Creepy Rob Lowe ads
More political ads
Local News – talking about the Royals and politics
More political ads until the next Royals Game
Every ad from the Republicans has the worst picture they can find of President Obama linking either Orman or Davis to Obama and his “liberal policies”. I have a drinking game that every time I see Obama in a political ad, I have to take a shot. I’m drunk most days before 11 am.
If you are a sports fan, it is an exciting time to be from Kansas. Politically, being from Kansas can best be described as annoying.
Why all the ads? Because two of the most watched races are going on in Kansas – the Brownback/Davis race and the Orman/Roberts race.
I’m not going to go over the Brownback/Davis race, because Bill Maher did it best in his recent episode of Real Time. Check it out:

So moving on to the Orman/Roberts race. Orman was leading Roberts in the polls until recently. Now it seems that Roberts is back ahead of Orman. OK, Kansas, let’s be frank – what the hell? I have had lots of political conversations with people in this great state and almost all of them start with, “I hate politics as usual.” If you opened a dictionary and looked up “politics as usual” there is a picture of Pat Roberts.
Why? Because Roberts has been in public office since 1981.
Come on people and think about that – in 1981 the Los Angeles Dodgers won the World Series (baseball trivia dedicated to Royals fans). MTV had just debuted and communicating efficiently was done via fax. Quick millennials, Google “fax” and you will know what I’m talking about.
“Yes, but Aimee, Greg Orman is basically a Democrat running as an Independent.”
Lean in real close, because I have a little secret to share with you. People’s political views change all the time. I know it’s shocking, but it does happen. Just look at Kevin Yoder, Republican Congressman from Kansas. Rumor has it that he was the President of the Young Democrats in College. (Insert shock) Kevin Yoder – this is a guy that if there was a Tea Party parade today, he would be leading the parade down Main Street, USA.
Kansas, you have an opportunity to show the nation that you don’t like politics as usual by voting in an Independent. You have the opportunity to take a career politicians and not re-elect him again. You can show the nation that there is a place for a third-party in this country by electing an Independent.
Don’t pass up this chance.
I’ll make a deal with you. If you do re-elect Pat Roberts, every time I hear ANYBODY in this state say anything about hating politics as usual, you all owe me a dollar. Hey, I don’t make any money off this blogging gig anyway – see below.
(I feel like I should tell you that I am not paid by any campaign to write my blog. In fact, I don’t get any money from anybody to write anything. I just do it because I love politics and Kansas. Oh what we do for love. Thanks for letting me share!)
Go Royals!


Good morning Kansas,


First, I’m well aware that you aren’t going to pay attention to anything right now that doesn’t involve the Royals so I’ll try to weave something about baseball into this blog post to keep your attention. Grab your coffee and join me for a second, because you and I must have a serious heart to heart chat.


We all know that the race for Senate and for Governor in Kansas have been close, unlike the Royals who kicked some serious baseball ass to make it to the World Series. (See what I did there?) Davis has run a successful campaign for Governor against Brownback mostly leading in the polls against Brownback until recently. Now there is news that Brownback has fought back and leads against Davis. Unlike most of the Royals games, this election doesn’t have the option to go into extra innings. This is all decided on election day.


That said, let’s cut the shit Kansas. Brownback has been an embarrassment to Kansas and we need to stop this momentum immediately! Let me jog your memory by linking to this great article by Barb Shelly about all the lies that Brownback has been feeding Kansas about his great tax plans:
Do you really want to re-elect Brownback and have another term where there will be article after article written that asks, “Now what’s the matter with Kansas?” or “Today what’s the matter with Kansas?” or “Holy hell there is so much the matter with Kansas!”
Here’s clue #1 that he’s been a disaster. Just look at his campaign tag line – “Leading the Kansas comeback!” He’s been governor for 4 years – Kansas shouldn’t have to “comeback” – we should have arrived. We should be prospering. It’s like he’s calling out his own failings in his campaign slogan.
Here’s the deal. Brownback gambled on his tax plan hoping that it would be a success. If it would have worked, he would be running for President right now instead of holding on for his political life as Governor. His tax plan ended in a giant LOSS for our state and now our state suffers.
“It had been widely speculated that Brownback’s ambitious agenda of cutting income taxes and reducing government spending had been part of an effort to set him up to run for president in 2016.”
Read more here:
Like the Angels and the Orioles, Brownback is a big loser in this baseball game of tax policy for our state.
We move on to Pat Roberts.
This race shouldn’t even be close. Just stop for a second and look around your office. How many people over the age of 70 work in your office? If I had to guess the number is zero. Why is that? In this country our seniors RETIRE! There comes a time in this country when it’s time for seniors to step down and out of the workforce. We see it in private business, why don’t we expect the same in government and public office?
You are probably screaming, “Aimee that’s ageism!”
Yep and I’m A-OK with that. In 2010, only 8.6% of the population over 75 was in the workforce.
Let’s break it down like this. You are the boss at your company. You have two candidates applying for a job opening at your company. One is 78 years old and has basically had the same job for 33 years in public service. The other is 46 years old, a multimillionaire after running many successful businesses. Which one would you hire?
You are the voter. You should look at this the same way. These guys work for YOU.
This race shouldn’t even be close. For those of you Republicans who can’t stand the idea of voting for a Democrat, this is an easy one – he’s an Independent. Wonder where he stands on the issues? Go to his website. It’s all there. This one should be a grand slam home run for Greg Orman.
Come on Kansas. Support Orman and Davis like you support our Royals!
I’ll stop with my sports analogies now. There is a reason I don’t write about sports. I’ll leave all that to @thefakened.
Like the Royals in the World Series, yours for an Orman and Davis win,

I have the scoop on the hottest fall accessory in Kansas.  voted

I bet you think it’s the latest sequin Uggs or Coach purse, but you are WRONG!

The coolest thing about this accessory is it goes with everything.  It’s not gender specific so guys and girls can both wear it.  You can dress it up or wear it with comfy sweats.

The hottest accessory I’m talking about is an I VOTED sticker.

Here’s the deal.  In order to get in on the latest fashion trend, you have to ACT NOW!  That’s right – put down your pumpkin-spiced latte, because this is serious. You don’t want to be one of the few people in Kansas not to have one come November.

If you are not already registered, you MUST REGISTER TODAY!

Not tomorrow, not next week, but TODAY!

Let me say that again.  You MUST REGISTER TODAY!

Here is the link:

Or you can check to see if you are already registered by going here:

If you are already registered, but you know someone who isn’t, forward this blog to them and put the peer pressure on – all the cool people in Kansas are doing it.  Send this to everyone you know – your spouse, your BFFs, your book club, your yoga class, your kid’s soccer team, your parents, your co-workers, your favorite Starbucks barista, the social media friend who shares EVERYTHING.  I don’t care who just spread the word.

In case you haven’t noticed, the races in Kansas are a BIG freaking deal.  We need to have a HUGE voter turnout.  In order to do that, EVERYONE must register to vote by TODAY!

Please help spread the word so we can be sure that everyone in Kansas will be walking around on election day looking fashionable with an I VOTED sticker.






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