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Good morning Kansas,


First, I’m well aware that you aren’t going to pay attention to anything right now that doesn’t involve the Royals so I’ll try to weave something about baseball into this blog post to keep your attention. Grab your coffee and join me for a second, because you and I must have a serious heart to heart chat.


We all know that the race for Senate and for Governor in Kansas have been close, unlike the Royals who kicked some serious baseball ass to make it to the World Series. (See what I did there?) Davis has run a successful campaign for Governor against Brownback mostly leading in the polls against Brownback until recently. Now there is news that Brownback has fought back and leads against Davis. Unlike most of the Royals games, this election doesn’t have the option to go into extra innings. This is all decided on election day.


That said, let’s cut the shit Kansas. Brownback has been an embarrassment to Kansas and we need to stop this momentum immediately! Let me jog your memory by linking to this great article by Barb Shelly about all the lies that Brownback has been feeding Kansas about his great tax plans:
Do you really want to re-elect Brownback and have another term where there will be article after article written that asks, “Now what’s the matter with Kansas?” or “Today what’s the matter with Kansas?” or “Holy hell there is so much the matter with Kansas!”
Here’s clue #1 that he’s been a disaster. Just look at his campaign tag line – “Leading the Kansas comeback!” He’s been governor for 4 years – Kansas shouldn’t have to “comeback” – we should have arrived. We should be prospering. It’s like he’s calling out his own failings in his campaign slogan.
Here’s the deal. Brownback gambled on his tax plan hoping that it would be a success. If it would have worked, he would be running for President right now instead of holding on for his political life as Governor. His tax plan ended in a giant LOSS for our state and now our state suffers.
“It had been widely speculated that Brownback’s ambitious agenda of cutting income taxes and reducing government spending had been part of an effort to set him up to run for president in 2016.”
Read more here:
Like the Angels and the Orioles, Brownback is a big loser in this baseball game of tax policy for our state.
We move on to Pat Roberts.
This race shouldn’t even be close. Just stop for a second and look around your office. How many people over the age of 70 work in your office? If I had to guess the number is zero. Why is that? In this country our seniors RETIRE! There comes a time in this country when it’s time for seniors to step down and out of the workforce. We see it in private business, why don’t we expect the same in government and public office?
You are probably screaming, “Aimee that’s ageism!”
Yep and I’m A-OK with that. In 2010, only 8.6% of the population over 75 was in the workforce.
Let’s break it down like this. You are the boss at your company. You have two candidates applying for a job opening at your company. One is 78 years old and has basically had the same job for 33 years in public service. The other is 46 years old, a multimillionaire after running many successful businesses. Which one would you hire?
You are the voter. You should look at this the same way. These guys work for YOU.
This race shouldn’t even be close. For those of you Republicans who can’t stand the idea of voting for a Democrat, this is an easy one – he’s an Independent. Wonder where he stands on the issues? Go to his website. It’s all there. This one should be a grand slam home run for Greg Orman.
Come on Kansas. Support Orman and Davis like you support our Royals!
I’ll stop with my sports analogies now. There is a reason I don’t write about sports. I’ll leave all that to @thefakened.
Like the Royals in the World Series, yours for an Orman and Davis win,

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The hottest accessory I’m talking about is an I VOTED sticker.

Here’s the deal.  In order to get in on the latest fashion trend, you have to ACT NOW!  That’s right – put down your pumpkin-spiced latte, because this is serious. You don’t want to be one of the few people in Kansas not to have one come November.

If you are not already registered, you MUST REGISTER TODAY!

Not tomorrow, not next week, but TODAY!

Let me say that again.  You MUST REGISTER TODAY!

Here is the link:

Or you can check to see if you are already registered by going here:

If you are already registered, but you know someone who isn’t, forward this blog to them and put the peer pressure on – all the cool people in Kansas are doing it.  Send this to everyone you know – your spouse, your BFFs, your book club, your yoga class, your kid’s soccer team, your parents, your co-workers, your favorite Starbucks barista, the social media friend who shares EVERYTHING.  I don’t care who just spread the word.

In case you haven’t noticed, the races in Kansas are a BIG freaking deal.  We need to have a HUGE voter turnout.  In order to do that, EVERYONE must register to vote by TODAY!

Please help spread the word so we can be sure that everyone in Kansas will be walking around on election day looking fashionable with an I VOTED sticker.





Dear Phyllis Schlafly,Obama


First, let me just say it’s been years since I last reached out to you.  We met once in the early 90s.    You came to William Jewell College in Liberty, MO, to debate Sarah Weddington during the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade.  I was a young student at William Jewell College.  You were right at home on William Jewell’s Southern Baptist campus.  You might remember me as one of maybe 3 other pro-choice supporters that night versus the hundred or so pro-lifers.   I was the one wearing a bright “my body, my choice” t-shirt.  I kind of stood out – I know it’s shocking.  To be honest I’m a little surprised you are still alive and kicking.  If memory serves, you weren’t a spring chicken back then.  Of course, I mean that in the best way possible.

Now, not only are you alive, but you killing it with some great quotes on Ebola and Obama.  I recently read your take on Obama’s responsibility for the Ebola outbreak in the United States -


“There are all kinds of diseases in the rest of the world, and we don’t want them in this country,” Schlafly said. “And it’s Obama’s job to keep them out.

“Out of all the things he’s done, I think this thing of letting these diseased people into this country to infect our own people is just the most outrageous of all.”

Schlafly said the government should screen immigrants for disease before they enter the country, as was done at Ellis Island a hundred years ago.

“That was the purpose of Ellis Island – to have a waiting place where it was decided whether people were healthy enough or responsible enough to come into our country,” she said. “The idea that anybody can just walk in and carry this disease with them is just an outrage, and it is Obama’s fault because he’s responsible for doing it.”

When asked why the current administration hasn’t done more to prevent diseased illegal aliens or Ebola carriers from Africa from entering the country, Schlafly said Obama wants to make the U.S. more like the rest of the world.

“Obama doesn’t want America to believe that we’re exceptional,” Schlafly said. “He wants us to be just like everybody else, and if Africa is suffering from Ebola, we ought to join the group and be suffering from it, too. That’s his attitude.”

- See more at:

I couldn’t agree with you more.  It’s Obama’s JOB to keep them out!  Just the other day, my daughter had a cough and I thought to myself, “Damn Obama.  If he wouldn’t have let those “diseased people” in my daughter wouldn’t have this cold. She also may need glasses and the only thing I can think of is again – it’s Obama’s fault.  If he wouldn’t have let “those people” in she could see better.
By the way, great thought with the Ellis Island idea.  I mean the United States was basically disease-free in the early 1900s and I think we have the screening process at Ellis Island to credit.  There was that little influenza pandemic that hit in 1918, but that was barely scratched the surface of our overall population:
“No one knows exactly how many people died during the 1918-1919 influenza pandemic. During the 1920s, researchers estimated that 21.5 million people died as a result of the 1918-1919 pandemic. More recent estimates have estimated global mortality from the 1918-1919 pandemic at anywhere between 30 and 50 million. An estimated 675,000 Americans were among the dead.”
675,000 Americans dead.  It’s nothing like the Ebola outbreak of today that has a whole one person dead in the United States.
I also can’t agree with you more that Obama must lose sleep night after night thinking about all the ways he can prevent American from being exceptional.  No wonder he is graying so fast.  I’m sure next up is doing away with electricity and indoor plumbing so we can more third world-like.  He’s probably planing the press conference to announce that as we speak.  Charge up your phone and boil some water, because it’s all going to be outhouses and candle light soon.
Anyway, so glad we stayed in touch.  It’s great to see that your mind has stayed sharp with age.
All my best for blaming Obama for just about everything,

Busy this weekend Kansas voters?  Well clear your plans friends, because the Kansas Republicans are putting on a shindig to end all shindigs.  That’s right (I mean literally, politically right) they are dialing the clock back to 1955 with a good, old-fashioned REVIVAL.  Praise the lord and can I get a “hallelujah!”

Turns out they sent me an advanced picture of the event.


Check out their Facebook page with all the details and this e-mail announcing all of the super fun things that you can expect:

My Dear Friends,

We are just 7 days from the biggest conservative event of the year. A week from today speakers, a bluegrass band, a barbershop quartet, a Lincoln impersonator will take the stage to inform and entertain us. A week from today, our children will participate in a Patriots Kids Camp where they will learn about our Founders and this great country while doing fun activities and crafts.

However, the most important thing that will happen during this event is not the speakers or the music. The most important thing is that we will be surrounded by like-minded individuals that share our hopes and dreams about America.

A revival is a time for personal renewal. It is a time to focus on our Faith, our Families, and our Freedoms. Those things that should be the most important things in our lives and the things we can pass on to the next generation.

Our country is at a crossroads. The elections that are only 3 weeks away will decide the direction of our country. If conservatives Christians stay home and not vote, I fear the direction the country will go. Therevival image fact is that only 15 million of the 60 million Christians in America will vote. That is terrible! We could win every election if we could turn that around.

We are at the time in history that we must repeat the actions of our Founders and pledge our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor to insure that our children have a country where they can truly enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I am reminded of the words of Lincoln at Gettysburg; that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

I hope you all will join me in a day of renewal and re-commitment.


Forget clowns or games, nothing says a great time for kids like an Abraham Lincoln impersonator and a barbershop quartet.  

Yawn.. Sorry, I fell asleep just writing about this event.

I’m going to brush up on songs that I think will be part of the “sing-a-long”- I’m going to take a guess that “Black Widow” by Iggy Azelea is one.

Now people will call me a Debbie Downer, but I need to point out a little something.  You can’t deny that there is a Christian theme going on here.  Here’s a little secret, Abraham Lincoln was a lot of things – some would say the greatest American President that our country has ever had, but he wasn’t exactly killing it in the Christian department.  In fact, in his run for Congress in 1846 he was talked about that he wasn’t Christian enough.  He was a very spiritual President and often quoted Scripture and the Bible, but here’s a little fact for your next Trivial Pursuit game, Abraham Lincoln never actually belonged to a Christian Church.  Awkward…

Wonder if that will be brought up at the revival?

Anyway, there are all sort of fun things for you and your family to win at this GOP Revival like…..

GUNS and not just any guns – a pretty, blue gun!  Who says the GOP isn’t a party for the ladies?guns

Anyway, hope everyone can make it on October 11. While the rest of Kansas City is partying like it’s 1985 to honor our Kansas City Royals, the Kansas GOP is going to party like it’s 1955.

Way to keep it modern and inclusive KS GOP.



Attention Kansas City!
It looks like there is a new illness spreading across Kansas City this week that has many concerned.  The symptoms are as follows:

  • Anxiety induced sweating
  • A strong need to start wiping your loved ones down with Clorox wipes
  • Stomach distress caused from worry
  • An inability to tell the difference between facts and rumors
  • A strange conversational pattern where every third word muttered is “Ebola”

If you have these symptoms, you may be suffering from Ebola overreactionitis.


Since everyone seems to be freaking out over Ebola, lets start with step one to combat this condition.  Put the hand sanitizer down and slowly back away from it. Now lets just all take one big cleansing breath and repeat after me, “I don’t have Ebola. I’m going to stop obsessing about getting Ebola. Just because I have a stomach ache doesn’t mean I have Ebola.”
All this panic comes after a story broke this past weekend claiming a seriously ill man was taken to a local Kansas City hospital.  The man had recently traveled from Nigeria.  The social media panic was like watching an infectious disease ping-pong match – He was quarantined. He wasn’t quarantined.  He did have Ebola.  He didn’t have Ebola.  Ultimately it came out that he didn’t have Ebola.

“To be clear, “HCA Midwest assistant vice president Chris Hamele said that the patient does not have the symptom profile of virus and is being treated appropriately for his condition.”
Read more:

So everybody CHILL OUT….
I took an informal poll on my Facebook page today asking if people were really worried about getting Ebola.  It turns out that some are worried that it will spread across the United States, but few are worried that they will actually contract it.
Let’s be clear, unless you have been hanging out in a West African village lately the likelihood of you contracting Ebola at your local Starbucks is basically zero.
People will travel to and from West Africa.  People will come back and have diarrhea and throw up.  Here’s how it works.  The plane touches down in West Africa and you get explosive diarrhea.  I’m not sure why, it’s just the way it is. How do I know? I traveled to Burkina Faso and to Ghana and it happened to me both times.  It was worse in Burkina Faso, but I spent weeks traveling around rural Burkina Faso.  I got very, very ill.  Here’s a picture of me the day that the illness started. As you can tell, I was bloated like a balloon and the illness hit me that night.  I can’t believe I’m sharing this with you, but what the hell, it’s all to prove my point.  I heard a quote a while ago that sums up traveling from West Africa perfectly – “you know you have left rural Africa when you can finally fart with confidence.”
Here’s the deal – West Africa has a whole host of viruses, parasites and diseases that cause vomiting and diarrhea and until recently all of them weren’t Ebola.  Even with Ebola, the percentage of people with Ebola in relation to the entire population is incredibly low.   We need to be mindful of this before starting rumors of a possible Ebola outbreaks in US cities photothat can lead to unnecessary panic.
Along with this, I think when we do find cases of Ebola, like the one in Texas, we need to take it very seriously.  I do think the people the man in Texas came in contact with need to be quarantined.  I do think we need to continue to do everything we can to help stop the epidemic in Africa by sending money, supplies and medical personnel. My message isn’t that we shouldn’t do anything.  We should be doing everything possible to save lives and stop this terrible outbreak.
There are two aspects of the outbreak in the United States that I find most interesting.  One is in regards to vaccines and the other is funding for public health.
I tweeted out yesterday that in an effort to prevent epidemics, we should all take a pledge to get a flu shot.  Flu kills an estimated 36,000 people in the United States every year.  We have available vaccines for the flu.  It just makes sense for everyone to get vaccinated.  Yet every year there are thousands of people who don’t get vaccinated against the flu. I received some tweet responses of thanks, but no thanks.  I used to feel that way, but now with this Ebola outbreak, I’m never going to miss a flu shot.
In an article I read about the overreaction to Ebola, this powerful point was made,

“I bet that if we put out an Ebola virus vaccine tomorrow, half of this country would take it, even though it hasn’t killed anyone who hasn’t traveled” to the affected countries. “Yet you can’t get parents to give their children an HPV vaccine to prevent a virus that kills 4,000 U.S. citizens a year.”

So true.
What else stands out to me regarding this outbreak?  The need to adequately fund public health.  In a time of crisis, it seems that people believe money is no object.  People are yelling to quarantine everyone who has traveled from West Africa.  Quarantines cost money.  Combating illness also costs a lot of money.  If we are going to expect a first class response to an epidemic, we need to adequately fund the organizations responsible for responding.

“The CDC saw its discretionary funding cut by $585 million from 2010 to 2014, while the NIH’s budget was slashed by $446 million over the last four years.”

That’s a lot of money in budget cuts.  How do we expect these agencies to adequately respond when we are slashing their budgets?  We can’t have it both ways.  We need to put pressure on our politicians to increase funding to public health agencies so they can provide the necessary supplies to respond to these outbreaks, develop a vaccine and save lives.
What do you think? Are you worried or do you think KC is suffering from Ebola overreactionitis?

This made me laugh:


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