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If you haven’t been paying attention lately, the women of this country are on fire and suddenly very interested in a certain piece of literature. I don’t even have to mention the title for everyone to know exactly what I’m talking about. The conversation usually starts like this, “Guess what I’m reading?” said in the […]

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Well, Obama did it. He finally supported gay marriage. Was it historic? Yes. Was it long overdue? Yes. Should VP Biden be getting more credit? Yes. If there is a Grand Marshal of the gay pride parade this year, I would vote for Biden over Obama. My reaction to Obama’s announcement was more of finally […]

We’re taking a break today from the topic of abortion.  Everyone can relax.  Let’s go on a journey with me.  A journey to suburbia, Midwest, USA.  I drive a lot for my job.  Usually I have my trusty GPS with me to guide me through what ever road jungles I encounter.  Darling G is currently guiding […]

Kansas made the national news yet again this week. Was it for our amazing ability to be innovative and create new jobs? No. Was it because we are tops in the nation at providing a 1st class education to all of KS children? No again. Could it be that our KS reps were hard at […]


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