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Some might think I am talking about the day after the historic Supreme Court decision on health care reform, but I’m actually talking about the season final of Real Housewives of Orange County. No..just kidding.  That will be my next blog post for all you Bravo fans out there like me. I have post, shock, …

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“Obamacare” is being decided this week.  Is it constitutional?  If so, is all of it constitutional? If it’s not constitutional, then what?  How many people lose their insurance?  Where does that leave this country and the uninsured?  There are so many unanswered questions and such anticipation over this ruling that I have a stomach ache. …

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I read today that it is rumored that Ann Curry, the morning host of the Today Show, is going to be “reassigned” before the Summer Olympics.  Ann Curry is a co-host with Matt Lauer and has been since Meredith Viera left the show.  Since Ann took the spot that Meredith left, ratings have dropped.  The …

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I was minding my own business and driving to work this morning. I was taking a side street in suburban Kansas City – on the Kansas side by the way. When suddenly, I was shocked and startled by what I witnessed! Standing there, among the bland landscapes was a statue. A naked statue of a …

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