The Day After

Some might think I am talking about the day after the historic Supreme Court decision on health care reform, but I’m actually talking about the season final of Real Housewives of Orange County. No..just kidding.  That will be my next blog post for all you Bravo fans out there like me.

I have post, shock, surprise, happiness hangover today after the Supreme Court decision yesterday to uphold almost all of Obamacare.  I totally admit that I was ready to write about my anger, frustration, disappointment when I expected the decision to come out that they were going to defeat Obamacare.  Let’s face it, most state, local, national legislation and elections don’t generally come out on my liberal side.  I am from Kansas…have you noticed who my governor is.  But I’ll be damned, we finally won one.

I haven’t combed through the analysis for all of the pros and cons being thrown out there from both sides.  I did hear a headline this morning already that the GOP was already working on legislation for how they can enact legislation to overturn to the ruling.  I want to make this clear to both sides (let me live in my fantasy world that everybody, including President Obama, VP Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Romney and all of the GOP, reads my blog) just stop and accept the ruling.

As much as the GOP believes the founding fathers wanted us to pray in school, have a Christian based society, carry our guns in our purses to the grocery store and bury our money in the backyard, I believe they wanted us to respect the system of government that they invented.

The American people elect our legislatures.  The legislatures write laws that represent what the people want.  The President signs or vetos the law.  If the law is questionable, there is a right to challenge the law in our courts all the way to the Supreme Court.  If they rule that it is Constitutional, the law stands.

Here’s the deal Dems and Reps, if you don’t want to have “politics as usual” in Washington, don’t waste our time trying to figure out ways to repeal this ruling by the Supreme Court.  I hate conceal and carry legislation, but I don’t want my politician spending hours upon hours trying to find a way to repeal conceal and carry if the people voted for conceal and carry.

No more politics as usual.  Accept that sometimes we win and sometimes we lose.  I had to do a lot of that during the Bush Administration.  Our great system is a checks and balances type of system for a reason.  That is why our founding fathers were so great.  Not because they wanted us all to pray in school or arm our muskets.  I foresee a lot of problems with Obamacare that will have to be worked out.  I don’t love the legislation.  In fact that I read there is a bunch of money for abstinence based education tagged on in the legislation.  Seriously!?  Talk about government waste.  Don’t get me started…


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Healthcare ruling and why it matters to me

“Obamacare” is being decided this week.  Is it constitutional?  If so, is all of it constitutional? If it’s not constitutional, then what?  How many people lose their insurance?  Where does that leave this country and the uninsured?  There are so many unanswered questions and such anticipation over this ruling that I have a stomach ache.  But wait, I can’t go to the doctor because I have terrible insurance.

Just kidding…well kind of.  The decision this week is huge politically.  That is obvious.  If Obamacare is upheld, Obama wins in November.  Romney just isn’t that good to overcome a win like that.  If Obamacare is overturned, we have a race on our hands for the presidency and Romney is a solid contender.  Either way, neither campaign headquarters will be sleeping from now until the ruling and probably days after.  They have spin set up to react to the ruling at the ready.  Legal analysts at the news stations are high on life from all of the air time they are receiving this week.

Politics aside, why is this decision so important to me?  I am not one of those Americans that goes to the doctor once a year for a physical and then only when I suffer from the yearly flu.  I am an American who has medical conditions that require regular care.  I have made career decisions solely on medical insurance.  I started my own business, but abruptly had to stop it when a divorce suddenly found me with my medical insurance benefits stopping.  I had to go to work for an employer where I could get benefits.  So much for the entrepreneurial, American spirit.  I love my job, but it’s unfortunate that I had to make a career decision based on benefits.

From 8/30/2011 to 6/20/12 I spent $3,433.77 in medical costs on myself.  This amount doesn’t count my child or my ex-husband  That is just in doctor visits, medications and a few copays to a hospital.  This is with good medical insurance coverage.  I am not disclosing what my conditions are, because I don’t have to.  What I will tell you is that one of my medications is $121/month for a 30 day supply.  I am on 5 medications per month.  Now, I am a single woman, with a single income with joint custody of my child with medical insurance that has a big deductible to meet before my benefits kick in.  I am very worried about where I am going to get the money to even meet my deductible.  This keeps me up at night.  Just maintaining my health will have me pushing my budget to the limit, God forbid should I get really sick or need surgery.

This ruling doesn’t affect me directly, but if I lose my job I could easily become uninsured in America.  I need benefits or I could easily become one of those Americans that seek out our nation’s emergency rooms as my source of healthcare.  I am already researching ways to save on my medications and I make decent money.  Without my medications I probably couldn’t work.  Without benefits I have no medications.  Leave it to the states to decide?  Really?  What if by the luck of the draw I am in the wrong state just like I ended up the wrong DNA that caused me to need the medications I currently am on?

I will keep my fingers crossed, not only because I think Obama is a better candidate than Romney, but because my health depends on it. The direct impact of this ruling may not be about me at this time, but the long term impact of this ruling could very much be about me and everyone in this nation at some point.  Maybe I disclosed too much in this blog, but I feel if we don’t start telling our personal stories about our nation’s healthcare crisis, our candidates, media, insurance companies, Supreme Court, President, etc. won’t really understand that these aren’t just statistics, there are people behind the numbers.

The Today Show’s morning headache

I read today that it is rumored that Ann Curry, the morning host of the Today Show, is going to be “reassigned” before the Summer Olympics.  Ann Curry is a co-host with Matt Lauer and has been since Meredith Viera left the show.  Since Ann took the spot that Meredith left, ratings have dropped.  The Today Show is in 2nd place now to Good Morning America.  Everything I read has a “blame it on Ann” feel to it.

I used to be a very loyal Today Show viewer.  It was an automatic thing for me to wake up, turn on the Today Show and go on with my morning routine.  It started in high school and continued until about 2 years ago.  I stopped watching the Today Show.  I didn’t replace it with another morning show.  I just turned the TV off.   Why did I stop watching the Today Show?  Ann Curry has little do with it.

First, when did the Today Show decide to become an entertainment show?  It used to be that the “fluffy” stories about celebrities, movies, fashion, etc. were held for the 2nd hour.  Now it seems those stories popped up more and more in the first hour.  Celebrity news was even headlining in the morning when I decided to turn my TV off.   I LOVE celebrity gossip, but the Today Show is no entertainment show.  It seems like the Today Show thinks it’s an entertainment show and it is a very mediocre one at that. News journalists doing celebrity interviews all the time aren’t  great at it.  News journalists need to be doing interviews about news.  Leave Access Hollywood or Entertainment Tonight to do the “in-depth” interviews with the celebrities.

Second, the only people who really care about “the Plaza” are the people on “the Plaza”.  Yes, it’s cool to have your summer concert series out there.  It’s even fine to have certain segments out there that require a lot of space or the outdoors, but generally people in middle America don’t really care about the people standing out on “the Plaza”.  It’s boring and it isn’t newsworthy.

Third, why can’t you time your food segments better?  Anytime you show a chef on there trying to cook something it’s as if the chef thought he/she would have thirty minutes to prepare the food and the Today Show gave them 5 seconds.  Where is the disconnect?  The food segments are always rushed, the food is never demonstrated correctly, steps are missed, the chef is flustered and most times it is a very awkward segment.

Fourth, I know things like having the right shoes for my summer picnic are very important, but leave that to Hoda and Kathie Lee.  If I’m watching my news show in the morning, again shocker, I want my news.

Fifth, why do you have a panel of a health expert, Star Jones and an ad exec analyzing headlines?  How about some in-depth analysis by actual experts on the topics?  I would like to hear political analysis from a political expert, economic analysis from an economist, etc.  Dr. Nancy is great, but leave her to the health topics.

All the articles I read today said that Ann Curry isn’t shining because she is a hard hitting journalist and she needs to be doing that kind of news.  That’s a clue right there Today Show.  Now I don’t have a strong opinion either way of Ann, but the clue is that the kind of stories you are doing aren’t hard hitting news.   Find a balance Today Show.

Your viewers are smart people who want intelligent topics and relevant headlines.  We want good discussions from experts.  We want news headlines that don’t just belong in People Magazine.  It’s a big world out there with a lot going on.  Tell us about it.  Educate us on the situations all over the world, not just in Hollywood or at the latest Royal function.  Change hosts all you want, but if you are going to continue down this entertainment path see if Nancy O’Dell might be available.  If you decide to go back to a show dedicated to the news let me know.  I’m happy to come back.  I miss you.

This is just my opinion…but what do I know?


A new statue outrage for Kansas City!

I was minding my own business and driving to work this morning. I was taking a side street in suburban Kansas City – on the Kansas side by the way. When suddenly, I was shocked and startled by what I witnessed! Standing there, among the bland landscapes was a statue. A naked statue of a man. He was lurking in the brush of a split level. Right there, off a main street and only blocks from an elementary school was a statue of a naked man.

Calling Joanne Hughes! Joanne, honey, fire up the minivan and get yourself out there stat! If it caught my attention, imagine the innocent youngsters who could happen upon this naked male statue at any moment. A lemonade stand could suddenly go up only mere feet away from his bulging…well…bulge.

Since you are the queen of all things decent in public spaces based on your uproar over the statue of the bare breasted woman in the Overland Park Arboretum, Joanne, you need to take action quickly! You and the AFA seem to deem yourself the police of appropriateness in our Kansas suburbs so please put a siren on your minivan and get out to defend young eyes.

Now, I could tell after closely examining his package that he was not currently in an “aroused state” like the arboretum statue, but that at any moment his Ken-like anatomy could easily become erect. If he had an actual head, and his head had any sexual thoughts God only knows what could happen. Also, he was standing in the bushes of a landscaped, suburban yard. This could only mean he was depicting a peeping Tom. He was obviously encouraging teens to become peeping Toms. Joanne and the AFA – hurry! Get your petition together-signatures are needed. Youngsters are probably being influenced to become peeping Toms as I write this.

Now the poor homeowners probably just thought this was cool art. Little did they know they were influencing an entire generation of young people to become peeping Toms. Ladies and Gentlemen, watch out your windows tonight. If there are young people lurking in your bushes, we all will know why. The same reason we have a sexting problem in this country. It’s all because of the headless statues. Damn those headless statues. Joanne- I’m waiting on my petition.


2012′s version of a strongly worded letter

You know those moments when you realize you have become your mother?  Or if you are a guy, the moment you turn into your father?  As we age, we all have them.  Whether it’s in a parenting moment, or commenting on “young people these days” there comes a time when we all become our parents.  Well, today I took it one step further and realized that today I became my grandmother.

Now, I did not have a traditional grandma.  My grandmother didn’t sew, cook, knit or do any other traditional grandmotherly things.  She swore like a sailor, smoked like a chimney, drank a ton of scotch and never backed away from a great dirty joke.  In her prime, she had fire engine red lips and jet black hair and was a career woman before feminism was even a word.  As modern as she was, she was very much of the generation that any complaint one had with a retailer, grocer, dry cleaners, air carrier, etc. could be solved with a “strongly worded letter”.  I think it was their generation, but all was right in the world if they could funnel all of their anger for what ever wronged them into a “strongly worded letter”.

Example, grandma moved to a retirement community in Arizona, you know the kind where you can get everywhere by golf cart. She left her city of birth that was very Jewish, so Jewish in fact that during Christmas there was really no Christmas light to be found.  So here she was in the desert.  One particular day she went looking with me for Rosh Hashanah cards to send out for the Jewish New Year.  She goes into a party store and asked them if they have any.  The staff looks at her as if she had just got off the boat at Ellis Island and was checking in from Eastern Europe circa 1890.

“Is that a specialty card?” asks the staff.

“A speciality card?” grandma replies.  “No, it’s the Jewish New Year cards.”

“Oh yeah, those are at the back of the store.” said the innocent staff.

“WHAT?  What is this 1955 and we are the blacks in Alabama trying to ride the bus?  What do you mean at the back of the store?” yells my grandmother.

At that moment I thought if a hole could be created spontaneously where I was standing and the Earth swallow me up that would be a great time.  Of course, it didn’t.  I tell my grandmother that Moses spent a long time getting our tribe out of the desert and we are reminded of that fact every Passover.  This being the case, just because our tribe likes to play year round golf and has found another desert to do so doesn’t mean the whole area needs to accommodate our people with a Rosh Hashanah card display to rival the Birthday Section.  It doesn’t mean they don’t love us, just means that their request for Jewish New Year cards is probably pretty low.  No need to cause a scene.  This got me a one way ticket to sit in the car and wait for her outside.

Did I mention I was in my 20s?  After Grandma found her few cards she came huffing back to the car with these famous words, “Well, I am just going to write the owner of the store a strongly worded letter.”  She did and all was right with the universe again.

Thanks for hanging in with me during that long story to my point of today.  I have a work cell phone.  The owner of the number prior to me was a very popular guy.  So popular that a certain financial company calls my cell phone up to 6 times per day to speak with the previous owner.  Today I finally was annoyed enough to call the 800 number back.

“Can I get the account holder’s name?”

“I guess you would know that because you keep calling me and the account holder doesn’t have this number anymore.  Stop calling me.”

“I can’t do that ma’am.  These are scheduled calls.  They have been prescheduled to this number and I can’t do anything to stop them.” snarky guy on the other line.

“Well, are you cold calling me?  Because if you can’t make them stop then I will assume you are and if you are it is illegal to cold call someone on a cell phone so make them stop!  I will report you.  If it is not a cold call, this is not the account owner’s number anymore.  I am sure you get this all the time and if you can’t make them stop then find someone who can.”

“Ma’am I told you there is nothing I can do about it.”

“Oh really?  Guess what buddy?  I write a blog and I am going to write in my blog about your company and how unhelpful you are.  I’m going to write how you call my cell phone all day and annoy the crap out of me and won’t stop doing it.” Dang I feel so powerful. Never mind that I think 4 people read this blog.  The way I set this up I’ll have him thinking I’m the damn Huffington Post.

“Ma’am do what you need to do.  I said, there is nothing I can do about this today.”

“Today?  You mean tomorrow they will stop?”

“Yes ma’am”

Tone change into sweet,Midwest girl “Oh, well then thank you very much.”

See, I showed him. The threat of the public blog must have done the trick.  Yes, I know I left the company’s name out.  In the end he did say the calls would stop (however, if I get one tomorrow…) And this my friends is 2012′s version of a “strongly worded letter”.

Dedicated to Beverly – the toughest broad I’ve ever known.

A letter to Aimee Patton

Dear Aimee A. Patton:

My google alerts just went off and I got so excited as I normally do. If you are anything like this Aimee Patton, you are probably a bit self centered. When I opened my alert to see who had dinged me, I found you – Aimee A. Patton.

You are guilty of stealing $35,000 from a Y that should have gone to kids that used their after school program who can’t afford normal program fees. Here’s the deal Aimee A. Patton, I’m going to assume the “A” stands for Asshole. I’m sure times are tough in Northern New York as they are all over the United States, but stealing money from a Y and money that was supposed to go towards kids after school programs, is terrible. It’s not in the same league as say stealing over inflated corporate bonus checks that were mailed to CEOs. This is for under privileged kids Aimee. Yes, you did the right thing and plead guilty. I can only hope that money will be paid back and if you were desperate enough to steal the money, you were in such desperate times that the money went only to put clothes on your back and the backs of your young children. I’m sure that money wasn’t spent for drugs, cell phones, fake nails or cable TV.

Since we have both spent most of our lives spelling our traditional name “Amy” for others, I don’t have to remind you that our name spelled this way means “loved” in French. Well, right now Aimee, you are not living up to your name and this is also my name so get it together! You are not loved by me right now or probably not loved by the children you stole from either.

Spend your time thinking about what you did wrong. I hope if I get google alerted again it will only be because you are highlighted in your local paper for all of the good you are doing in your local community making amends for the crime you committed. We all make mistakes and I have made some in my life as well (but like the A in your middle initial to my L- your mistakes rank much higher than my mistakes).

Get back on the right path in life. Our name depend on it.


Aimee L. Patton

“You’re not special” can I get an “Amen”

Well, I am.  Sorry – just had to throw in the part that I am special.  That’s my narcissistic side coming out.  Have I mentioned this blog is all about me?  I think I would have done better being part of Gen Y instead of Gen X.  Wait, which one is more self centered? Our generation was the one who has been so bummed out by so much.  Maybe we haven’t had a World War like the Greatest Generation, but we have had:

  • The space shuttle blow up during math class
  • Sex turn deadly with HIV/AIDS
  • A war we watched on television

I could continue, but I don’t want to spend this whole blog post totally marinating in depressing events that have shaped Gen X. I think you all get my drift.

Anyhoo…making news on the talk show circuit was a commencement address given by David McCullough Jr. at Wellesley High School.  Mr. McCullough is an English teacher at the school (Mr. McCullough – I am SO sorry for all of the grammatical errors in this blog.  I continue to try to do better with my grammar, but I am fully aware that it SUCKS.)

What made this commencement speech different from all the rest was that it declared that this graduating class was not special.  Click here to read the entire speech.

Now, a big “hallelujah” seemed to go out nationwide.  Finally, someone said it.  That was the general feeling from Gen Xers and Baby Boomers that were calling into local radio shows.  I was listening to Darla Jaye on KMBZ and the she was going on about how ridiculous it is that kids play soccer without keeping score and this is part of the problem. This generation is too pampered.  I think you get my drift. (I did call in, but had to hang up when I needed to go into the grocery store – sorry Darla)

This is where I wish I had my own radio show, because typing my feelings on this wears out my fingers! (anyone giving out free radio shows, contact me please)  Just hold your horses America.  I just read the speech.  The speech was beautiful and the way I read it was everybody is special the same way nobody is special.  It was about creating and living a meaningful life.  It was far from a smack down interpretation that I keep hearing and reading about in the media.

Now if you read my blog regularly, you know I love irony.  Here is the irony in all of this.  There seems to be so much hostility towards a generation that we feel is pampered and entitled and here’s the deal folks:  we created them.  That’s right – we made the soccer leagues without the scores.  We gave all the kids trophies.  We told all of them they were “special” and “fantastic” (o.k. maybe not fantastic – does anyone say that anymore?). Maybe this hostility should be focused on ourselves.  Maybe it’s us that we should be so mad at.  We created this generation of kids that we feel aren’t adequately prepared to take on challenges that life brings them.  It’s not their fault that they can’t do anything without feeling the need to be praised.  We did all of the praising.  We set them up for a life full of disappointment when they find out that life isn’t full of trophies and rewards for every little thing.

Do I think soccer games for kids where they don’t keep scores is a big deal?  Nope.  Life generally sucks.  It gives us a daily dose of a kick in the ass.  If my kid can play a sport when she is young and just enjoy participating without being taught the cut throat competition of adult life quite yet, I’m good with that.  It’s up to me to teach her that just because you clean you room doesn’t mean that you get a reward.  That’s just part of living in the house.  Just because you do your homework doesn’t mean you get a doll.  That’s just part of your responsibility of going to school.  Now truth be told, I spoil the crap out of my kid.  I tell her all the time how special she is.  Will she grow up with the harsh reality of life kicking her butt all the time?  Absolutely, we all do.  Will she be a lesser person because I told her how great she is?  Not a chance.

Thank you Mr. McCullough for a moving speech.  It allowed me to take stock in my own life to this point.     

“Climb the mountain not to plant your flag, but to embrace the challenge, enjoy the air and behold the view.  Climb it so you can see the world, not so the world can see you.”  David McCullough Jr. 

OP Statue – the artist is from China, China is known for censorship

The Overland Park Arboretum has a statue that has been creating a stir. The artist is Yu Chang from China.

Now I think there is no better way to show China what a great democracy America is then by promoting free speech and expression. Their communist country can only image a life where they are free to express themselves through art. I’m sure the artist Chang was thrilled to be able to have that great taste of the American pie by making such a powerful statement with art and have the accepting American arms embrace this art with our ideals of freedom of expression and speech. What a powerful message this is about such a great country we are. And to top this all off, the statue is named CHOICE! Amen Chang! America is truly the best country in the world with our glorious freedoms given to us by our Constitution! You have tasted just how wonderful our country is by expressing yourself through art and now displaying your art in our great land. Can we all give our Founding Fathers an “Amen!”

Oh, wait a minute, a group has decided this art is “obscene” and wants it censored. A woman named Joanne has decided it’s her mission to censor this sculpture and gone out to get signatures to have this piece of art removed. Now they want a grand jury to investigate. At issue is the woman has her breasts exposed. The group has declared these breasts to be in “an aroused state”. Never mind she doesn’t have a head (that’s a blog for another time).

Censorship…reminds me of a certain country who has massive human rights violations. They are known for controlling media….they are communist. Hum….can’t think of it right now. Starts with a “C”. Maybe it will come to me. I want to say North Korea, but that’s not it.

Maybe I’m thinking of historical references like Nazi Germany. They were known for art censorship. Maybe I am thinking of the US and some crazy past censorship attempts. We were known for censorship when mail carriers from 1830 until the civil war were forbidden to carry abolishionist pamphlets to the south. Now we look back on that and think “That’s crazy!”

Joanne and your association, before you start firing up a Grand Jury, stop and think of the irony here. Freedom of expression is one of our most highly celebrated freedoms in America. Freedom of choice (the name of the statue), expression and speech are what make America great. Censorship makes us just like the country where the artist originated from. Exercise your freedoms Joanne. Use your freedom of choice and don’t go see the statue.

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