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Olympics 2012 is in full swing.  After a spectacular opening ceremony that was a nice balance of an opening scene from Les Miserable, a 1980 acid trip and feel-good Hallmark commercial the games are on in full swing.  I, like most people in the world, are tuned in and full of American spirit. Mitt Romney was […]

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To ice cream lovers around the country: I’ve been hiding a secret. See, many people come in to Chick-Fil-A thinking by ordering an ice-cream cone they are eating ice cream. They enjoy my vanilla goodness thinking that I am the same as traditional ice-cream. I’ve been living a lie. See, the ice cream you have […]

Thirteen year old boys everywhere are applauding Representative Louie Gohmert, R-TX today for his use of the word “numb nuts”.  The oldie but goodie came out when Rep. Gohmert was describing John McCain’s public lashing he gave Michele Bachmann and her committee when they declared that Huma Abedin, a top aid for Hillary Clinton, had […]

I know it’s summer school kids, but take a break from Facebooking your BFFs and read this. MO is voting on a way to get you out of doing school work. MO lawmakers must have heard your prayers that there is too much work to do in school so now they have come up with […]

I woke up this morning and checked my iPhone. Breaking News – shooting. Now where? How many? Who’s the guy? I seem to ask this question way too much these days. So much so that my questions are in standard order: where, how many dead and how old is the boy? I couldn’t turn my […]


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