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Dear Mr. Eastwood, First, well done last night at the RNC!  You really told President Obama, I mean the empty chair, that was symbolic of President Obama. I also thought the messy hair was a nice touch to emphasize the mean guy message playing hardball with American politics. Let’s just take a second to review […]

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My daughter, Amelia, wanted to write a post in my blog. So keeping with the theme of politics, she came up with this list of what makes a good President. A good president of the United States should tell us the laws. No stealing. No eating bad popcorn. Don’t leave your cat, dog or hamster […]

Last night was Paul Ryan’s night. Paul, Sky Blue Tie, Ryan. Have I ever mentioned that sky blue is my favorite color?  I fully believe that the Republicans knew that and purposefully had him wear a sky blue tie to seduce me to vote Republican.  It almost worked!  Granted I had to snap out of […]

Psst…Junior Republicans.  Pay attention and read this.  I know, I’m probably interrupting some important RNC speech right now, but I’ll be brief.  I know you aren’t paying attention anyway. We’ve got a little problem here young people.  See I’ve been watching the Republican National Convention.  I’ve seen a lot of Junior Republicans in the audience.  I’m not […]


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