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I have a house cat named Harry.  Harry is almost two years old.  I recently had to put  Harry on anti-depressants.  His love for snacking on my ankles was just more than I can take and I realized he’s not “growing out of it”. Let me just say for the record that I am completely […]

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Well, yeeefreakin’haw!  Welcome to the wild west folks!  I’m reporting to you live from Overland Park, Kansas.  The Overland Park city council just voted to allow legal gun owners to carry their loaded guns openly.  No more “conceal” in “conceal and carry”.  Now we are all openly packing heat. Now to be clear, it’s not […]

Looks like the political world has a new Gwenyth and Madonna or Ben and Matt.  The newest couple on the bromance political circuit is none other than Newt Gingrich and Todd Akin.  Akin, we all remember has the struggling senate campaign against Claire McCaskill in Missouri.  Akin quickly lost his running to be voted most […]

Governor Brownback,   I know you are really, really busy.  I’m sure you are busy with governor stuff like cutting some school funding, slashing more arts spending, or possibly even praying in our government buildings, but if I can just interrupt for a quick second. See there is a deadline looming that I think […]


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