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Who doesn’t get excited when the daily Groupon deal comes out?  What will it be today?  Facials for half off?  Mani/pedis, massages, exercises classes for a steal? There is a part of me that get so giddy to open my daily Groupon email.  It’s like my own “Let’s Make a Deal” game show.  I’ll pick door […]

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Sandy did exactly what everyone said she would do.  She hit and now everyone is picking up the pieces.  I, like most of America, was glued to my TV and social media for microsecond updates so I could follow the devastation – most factual and some fiction (3 feet of water on the NY stock […]

I’m glued to the TV right now. Hurricane Sandy is coming ashore on the East Coast. I, like everyone, am watching and waiting. Is this storm going to be as big as they say? How much flooding will there be? Why do reporters always wear baseball caps in 70 mph wind? Haven’t they learned that […]

Here we go again.  Another Republican candidate spouting off about what God intended about abortion. Richard Mourdock from Indiana said this last night,  “The only exception I have to have an abortion is in the case of the life of the mother,” said Mourdock, the Tea Party-backed state treasurer. “I struggled with it myself for […]

Politics in this country are as polarized as ever.  People are unfriending each other on Facebook, because of political posts that are pissing each other off.  This I don’t understand. I view politics just like any other hobby.  I don’t unfriend people, because of their crafting hobbies.  Suzie is posting 50 things to do with […]


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