Dear Hobby Lobby CEO – Excuse my big BUTT

Dear Mr. Green,


I wanted to reach out to you after I heard of the United State’s Supreme Court decision regarding the insurance mandate that requires you to provide coverage to your employees that includes the morning after pill.  You challenged the law as a violation of your faith. In your words your family had to  “violate their faith by covering abortion-causing drugs or be exposed to severe penalties.”

Read more:

Just a little family planning 101 – the morning after pill changes the lining of the uterus so that an egg is less likely to implant in the uterus.  If the woman is already pregnant it does not cause an abortion.  I know…silly little fact.  Can’t let these things get in the way.  Kind of like scientific facts of  evolution vs. creation, but that’s a debate for another blog.

Back to your bad news – I understand the fines for not complying can be up to $1.3 million dollars per day.  That’s a whole lot of scrapbook materials if you ask me.

Now if you have read any of my blog posts, you know I hate guns and that includes the hot-glue kind so I haven’t been in your store much.  I did, however, go in a few months back.  I was shopping for a frame for a picture I wanted to hang in my new apartment.  My grandparents lived in an apartment. Hanging in their dining room was this Salvador Dali print of Abraham Lincoln. I was fortunate to get this print after they passed away.  Note potential art thieves  it’s a print and not an original.  My brother was blessed with the other valuable art work famously known as the dogs playing poker print.


Anyway, Abe had to be re-framed before being hung in all of his glory over my fireplace.  Off to Hobby Lobby I went.  Sure enough you had the perfect frame to match my artwork.  If you look a certain way, you can see a cross in this piece.  Of course, most people just see a woman’s tush.

My point to this long story isn’t about the artwork hanging over my fireplace, it’s that your company didn’t seem to have any problems taking my money.  Your faith wasn’t compromised in any way when I purchased my frame.  Here’s the deal – when I worked in family planning, we prescribed lots and lots of morning after pills.  I am proud to say that I helped prevent a lot of unplanned pregnancies.


When it comes to making the all-American profit,  your faith doesn’t seem to be an issue when it comes to doing business with women who take the morning-after pills.  I don’t recall any sort of statement saying you won’t take money from women who have had abortions or support family planning.  I read your messages on your website, even the sneaky ones that are in 4 point font.  You didn’t screen me before I came in your store to be sure I believed in your faith.  My credit card worked just fine in your store.


Your faith is only “compromised” when it comes to providing birth control for your employees and conveniently that is when it may cost YOU some money.  Nobody is stopping you from closing up your store, starting your own church and preaching to your own congregation.  That way you don’t have to be put in this compromising position.
Just know that you may have made a small profit from the frame I purchased at your store, but every time I look at the ass, I mean cross, that is framed above my fire-place, I’ll think of  your commitment to faith, but the bigger draw of the all-American profit.

Yours in respecting our Supreme Court,





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URGENT – A Plea to Responsible Gun Owners

I couldn’t help, but pause yesterday during Christmas and remember the families grieving in Newtown as they dealt with their first Christmas without their precious children. As we continue to process the gun control debate in this country there is so much to consider.

My wish is that guns were outlawed altogether. Even I realize that is extreme.  I understand there is a time for compromise.  I continue to debate alternatives that may make our kids and our society safer.

The nation is already discussing the ban on semi-automatic weapons.  I think that is something that we will hopefully see happen.  I think there is also another option that should be considered.

In this country, we have determined that if parents serve alcohol to minors we hold them responsible.  Here is the following language from VA:

Parents may be held responsible if someone, as a result of alcohol use:

  • Gets into a fight and hurts someone.
  • Falls and hurts themselves or someone else.
  • Sexually assaults someone.
  • Damages property.
  • Dies from drinking too much.
  • Injures or kills someone while driving after leaving the party.

You have a civil liability (meaning you can be sued) to pay damages if either a partygoer is hurt or a third person is injured. Virginia law recognizes your liability for negligence if you provide alcohol to a minor who causes injury to another or him/herself. You may also face criminal charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Going off of this line of thinking, if gun owners in this country are “responsible gun owners” like the NRA claims, let’s up the expectations.  If a gun owner’s gun gets in the hands of their children or another person and that gun hurts or kills someone else, the gun owner is responsible and can be charge with the crime as if the gun owner committed the offense.

Let me be clear  - if your gun commits murder, you are charged with murder.

That way a person who feels compelled to own a weapon for “protection” or for sport will have to be seriously dedicated to do so to take the risk.   It may reduce the number of guns in our society, because of potential consequences to the gun owner.

I’m sure Nancy Lanza thought she was a responsible gun owner.

Also, there are no more gun accidents.  If your gun hurts or injures a child, you go to jail.  Again, this is based on the assumption that everyone is a responsible gun owner.

Your blessed 2nd amendment remains intact and it’s a win-win.  Again, if everything is on the table, then I believe this option should be as well.

If we treat alcohol as a deadly weapon and we hold adults who provide it to minors responsible for crimes they don’t necessarily commit, shouldn’t we hold gun owners to the same standard?

I’m asking you NRA.  I hope you are listening.



URGENT Congress- a must read response to LaPierre’s interview

Dear Congress:

I know you all are on Christmas Break.  I hope you can take a second to read this.  I’m sure you already know that Wayne LaPierre , the NRA’s spokesman, gave a press conference on Friday and appeared on Meet the Press.  Some Congressman and Senators have  issued statements also supporting no new gun control laws that would infringe on the 2nd amendment.  LaPierre asked that we put an armed security guard in all of our nation’s schools.

“If it’s crazy to put more guns in schools, then call me crazy.” LaPierre said.

You’re crazy Mr. LaPierre.  That was easy.

Here’s why.  According to the National Center for Education Statistics in 2009-2010 there were 98,817 schools in the United States.  This year we had Sandy Hook – that is one mass shooting out of 98,817.

Since 1927 there have been 11 school shootings. I am in no way minimizing these tragedies.  I, like any other concerned parent, realize that one tragedy is too many. However, common sense tells me that the odds are that my child will be safe.  Common sense also tells me that restricting the access to assault weapons would have also reduced the number of casualties in these shootings.  It’s not more guns to arm our teachers and added armed  guards to attempt to shoot intruder, it’s less high-powered guns to reduce the number of casualties.

Here is another point that Mr. LaPierre and politicians are leaving out.  The onset of most mental illness in people is 14 years old.  If mental health really needs to be overhauled in this country why have politicians frequently tried to cut school funding for vital programs like school counseling?  In some states school counseling programs have been eliminated altogether.

What do school counselors do?  According to the School Counselors Association,”Secondary school counselors are professional educators with a mental health perspective who understand and respond to the challenges presented by today’s diverse student population.”

The legislative update from the School Counselors Association reads:

The Elementary and Secondary School Counseling Program (ESSCP), the only federal program dedicated to creating and expanding school counseling services in America’s public schools, remains funded for FY12. Although the House of Representatives attempted to eliminate the program, the Senate and House ultimately agreed to fund ESSCP at approximately $52.296 million. The FY12 funding amount is a cut of 0.189 percent from FY11, which is the amount that was cut from all education programs.

I went through the list of each state and who has funded school counseling programs.  You can read the complete list here.

Some interesting findings:

Is school counseling mandated for grades K-8? No
Is school counseling mandated for grades 9-12? No
Is a mandate being considered? No
Certification rule (see p. 111)


Is school counseling mandated for grades K-8? No
Is school counseling mandated for grades 9-12? No
Is a mandate being considered? No
Other: Colorado is a local control state, which means many pre-kindergarten through 12th grade public education decisions (issues of curriculum, personnel, school calendars, graduation requirements, classroom policy, etc.) are made by the 176 school district administrations and their school boards.
Certification rule (see p. 165)

and my own great state of KS

Is school counseling mandated for grades K-8? No
Is school counseling mandated for grades 9-12? No
Is a mandate being considered? No
Certification rule

I’m not a journalist, just a concerned parent.  I know that if we really want to do something to improve mental health in our nation, it is early detection and intervention.  Not funding and mandating school counseling is wrong.  There is still a need to ban assault weapons.   Putting armed guards in 98,000 of our nation’s schools costs money.   I would rather us arm every school with a qualified school counselor than a security guard.  

If I remember from the last election cycle, most of you ran on fiscal responsibility and no more “politics as usual”.  Show me you stand by your promise.  Fund programs that work like school counselors instead programs we know don’t work like armed guards in schools. Require that every school in our nation have a qualified school counselor with mental health screening for our youth.  Not only can we help prevent tragedies like shootings, but also other mental health initiatives like suicides and bullying.

Thank you,

Aimee Patton

Parent to a six-year-old and voter

Dear NRA – Go To Hell

Dear NRA,

I’m sure you are overwhelmed with love letters today by gun owners who are counting all the ways they love you and your colorful news conference.  I’m sure the comments involved quotes like,

“Way to go man!”

“Screw the government.”

“Liberal freaks won’t be takin’ my guns!”

I’m sure you are celebrating in your offices the way all rich, white males do when you think you hit one out of the park.  The bumper stickers are already at the printers reading -

The Only Thing That Stops A Bad Guy With A Gun is a Good Guy With A Gun.

It’s long, but I bet on your huge monster trucks and SUV’s it should fit.  Our liberal hybrids won’t be needing one anyway so it’s a win-win.

Can you take a quick sec out from your whitemanpalooza celebration to listen to my argument?  I’ll try to be brief.

Here’s the thing-Your argument of a bad man being stopped by a good man with a gun is a reasonable one.  Hold on liberal peeps and hear me out..

Like the violent movies you referenced in your speech, when the bad man came to town in the Western movies, he was met by the good guy sheriff and they had a shoot out on Main St.  They were both shooting the same rifle at each other.  The good guy always won and the movie was over.

Your argument is flawed due to the following reasons.  I know logic isn’t something you are used to so I will lay this out point by point so you can follow along:

1.  As catchy as your statement is, it assumes that both parties have the same type of gun.

2.  It assumes that one party isn’t fully outfitted in body armor.

3.  It assumes that one party doesn’t lead a sneak attack against another party.

Once we go down this path, what is the next step?  Will it be that the good guys should always carry a bigger, more powerful gun than the bad guys?  Why stop there?  How about if we arm them with grenades and rocket launchers just in case?

My daughter goes to a sweet elementary school in a quiet neighborhood.  I will pass on your offer to have her walk past an armed guard carrying a loaded AK-47 every day on her way to class.  I will also pass on having her teacher carrying a weapon on a holster that she has to move out-of-the-way so she can sit criss-cross applesauce with the other six-year-olds for circle time on the floor.

I love my child with all of my heart, but because I love my child, I will reject your offer of more guns and fight to raise her in a world of fewer guns.   I strongly oppose having any of her teachers at her elementary school armed even if you think this is within their rights.  I love my child so much that I will continue to push my politicians to ban assault weapons, ban gun shows and any internet sales of guns.

I am fine with responsible gun owners having shotguns for hunting, but assault weapons like the ones used in the previous mass shootings should be a thing of the past.

You may be one of the most powerful lobbies in Washington, but the love I have for my child and others like me have for their children is a force to be reckoned with.  One speech will not make us go away.

Go ahead and keep blaming movies, video games and the media.  As I teach my daughter, shifting the blame doesn’t make you any less responsible.

Aimee Patton


#GOP If we r going to fall off a cliff, better have #PlanB!

We all know that the clock is ticking before our nation goes plunging off of the fiscal cliff.

The Democrats and Republicans are tied up in Washington as we speak negotiating to get us out of this financial mess.

It’s like a dance of political intimacy between the two parties….

When two political parties are this intense in negotiations and the communication intimacy is turned up to such a red, hot level, it is always good to come prepared with a back-up plan.

Thank goodness John Boehner has introduced Plan B just in time to prevent us falling off of the fiscal cliff and stop our nation from becoming impregnated with unnecessary debt.

The question is, can Boehner get Obama to take the Plan B in the required time frame before the Plan B becomes ineffective?

The White House doesn’t think that level of protection is going to be enough:

White House spokesman Jay Carney later released a statement panning Plan B, saying that the sides should keep negotiating and that Plan B idea would not meet Obama’s top priority of protecting middle-income earners.

“The Speaker’s ‘Plan B’ approach doesn’t meet this test because it can’t pass the Senate and therefore will not protect middle class families, and does little to address our fiscal challenges with zero spending cuts,” Carney said.

Maybe the White House is looking for protection that is a little more permanent, like a sterilization to the national problem?

Wait just a minute…are we talking about the same Plan B?

The Plan B I’m talking about is this:

Plan B One-Step® (levonorgestrel) is intended to prevent pregnancy after known or suspected contraceptive failure or unprotected intercourse.

Surely Boehner’s staff wouldn’t have let him name his financial rescue plan after the same type of contraception that his party has been trying to outlaw?  Let’s just call this a weird coincidence.

Either way, I think the Doogie Howser lesson here is you may not think you need it, but it is always nice to know Plan B is there when you do.

URGENT Senator Blunt allow me to be blunt about gun control

Senator Blunt from Missouri put out a statement today regarding his support of the 2nd amendment saying he would not support any legislation that would limit Americans access to guns.

I didn’t believe it so I called his Kansas City office.  Turns out, it was true.  Sad, but true.  Stupid and insensitive, but true.


I looked up blunt in the dictionary.

blunt: abrupt in address or manner


Excuse me Senator Blunt, allow me to be blunt.  Are you fucking kidding me?  When I called the office I asked if that also included assault weapons.  Yep, it includes assault weapons.  For a moment I sat silent on the phone.  I try not to drop the f-bomb much in my posts, but there doesn’t seem to be a better time to insert that obscenity.  The entire nation is grieving this national tragedy and I think you and the Westboro Baptist Church may have tied for the most inappropriate statements to date regarding this horrific incident.


The next definition of “blunt” in the dictionary listed this:

Blunt: slow in perception or understanding; obtuse: His isolation has made him blunt about the feelings of others.


The best thing I can say right now is that you are living up to your name.


Senator Blunt, there is this thing called The Facebook.  I would ask one of your Gen Y staffers to pull that up on that thing called a computer on your desk.  Read some of the posts right now.  Maybe that will give you a better understanding of how the nation feels right now.  Put your NRA friends on hold and tell them you will call them back at a later time.  Better yet, just meet them for a steak and a whiskey later and you guys can laugh about this at the bar.  Right now just pull up Facebook.  There you will see thousands of tributes to the kids who just died.  You will see parents posting about how hard it has been to leave our kids at school.  You will see posts about faith and religion.  There are posts asking for more gun control.  Maybe your Gen Y staff will get crazy and they can introduce you to Twitter.

I know, I may be asking just a little too much.  If anything Senator Blunt, just step outside of your wood-paneled office and speak to people right now.  I bet you would surprised to find that even your gun-totting, conservative loyalists agree that nobody needs an automatic weapon to hunt a deer.

Ah well, who am I to say.  You are the big time Senator and I’m just a lonely blogger reading Facebook posts and tweeting.  Now excuse me for being so blunt.

Yours in frankness,


URGENT: Sandy Hook vs. Aurora

Here my previous post from the Aurora shooting.  I decided to post it again for the Sandy Hook shooting.  The sad statement is I can just post this same post again and again, just changing out the location and a few minor details.  The issues are exactly the same.  I feel like the frequency that I need to post this just continues to increase with every shooting.

My heart is heavy just having to write these words.  Like the nation, I am overwhelmed with grief.  If there is a time for healthcare reform it is now.  Just look at our nation’s hospitals.  There is something wrong when our hospitals have “birthing suites” with flat screen television and whirlpools, but there are few mental health units to be found.  The harsh reality is that it all comes down to money and profit.  For those against health care reform, please stop and rethink your position.  If only to prevent another tragedy like this and save lives.  Open your minds…It’s not “socialism”, its public safety.  I’m sorry to post this again, but I think it’s very relevant.

It’s such a sad statement, but I will just wait for the next time.  I think we all know that there will be a next time.  Politicians – please do something now.  Our lives depend on it.



I woke up this morning and checked my iPhone. Breaking News – shooting.

Now where?

How many?

Who’s the guy?

I seem to ask this question way too much these days. So much so that my questions are in standard order: where, how many dead and how old is the boy? I couldn’t turn my television on so I followed the updates on Twitter. I went along my morning pretending like this didn’t happen. I have a 5 year old and I want to shield her from news like this as much as possible.

When I did finally tune in, the media was answering my questions: Aurora, 12 dead and 24-year-old James Holmes.

Already the debate picked up right where the last tragedy left off – gun control, assault weapons and conceal and carry where on everyone’s lips as I listened to my favorite radio hosts. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older or maybe it’s just because we have experienced this horror way too many times, but I really feel like the gun control argument isn’t going anywhere and is no longer the right national dialogue.

The harsh reality is that our Constitution has the right to bear arms. The politics are too great and the political casualties have proven to be too severe to continue with our gun control debate. My liberalness wants me to believe that gun control is the answer. The reality is we have a bigger problem to tackle in the nation that is more complex than gun control-it’s the mental health of our citizens.

Nobody really wants to deal with mental health problems in our society. The media is going through the criminal record of the shooter – only a traffic ticket and no other signs. I am waiting to hear about his mental health history. I keep hearing, “loner”, “kept to himself” and “no one really knew him”. All too often these are the same descriptions of each shooter that keeps coming up.

We have big mental health problems as a society. What’s the matter with our citizens that they go homicidal so frequently? What’s broken in our mental health safety net that we as a nation can’t identify our mental ill and get them help before innocent people die?

Mental health isn’t as easy as the gun debate, because we can’t physically see it and touch it like our guns. It’s not an item, it’s a person. It’s a feeling instead of a possession. This is a debate this nation isn’t having. I feel like our crisis in this nation is to a level where we can’t ignore this problem, like we’ve ignored our “loners” any longer. It’s time as a nation to come together to ask the tough questions – how do we identify, help and monitor our mentally ill? Let’s stop debating the easy debate about gun control and really take a tough look at something that isn’t so easy – our nation’s mentally disturbed.

Politicians – this is a direct ask that you, along with our nation’s best in mental health medicine, do something. Come up with a plan to get these people assistance before more innocent people die. As a society, we need you now to reform our mental health system in America. This isn’t political. It isn’t polarizing. Mental illness is a crisis in this nation and needs your attention now.

Families who have lost loved ones, I am so sorry. We can debate Constitutional amendments all day, but today too many Americans lost their basic right – the right to life. For all those left alive, I hope you and your families may someday heal from this trauma.



Gun Control Debate – Let’s do this.

Another shooting.

This time involving kids at elementary school.

Details still developing.  Kids and adults are dead.  Lots of kids and adults.  Too many kids and adults.  One is too many.

The shooter had 2 handguns.  Did he get them legally?  What was his motive?  I’m sure we will find out more as the day goes on.

I can already hear the gun advocates – “Today is not the day for the gun control debate.  Now is the time to focus on the victims.”  Same quote, just different victims.

Isn’t that what they always say?  The problem is there are so many shootings and so many victims that we never seem to get a break to actually have the gun control debate. It is time to have the debate as a way to honor the victims.

So let’s do this.

Politicians read this –  we need more gun control.  Sane people and mentally ill people are getting guns and killing innocent people.  The system is broken and our society needs help.

If the 2nd amendment is your banner to keep guns legal and in the hands of people who will shoot up elementary schools, movie theaters and other public places-too bad.  That’s right.  Get over it.  The founding fathers didn’t intend for guns to be used in this manner.  The founding father’s also didn’t intend for black people and women to vote.  We, as a society, have recognized that as being wrong and have evolved.  It’s time that we stop hiding behind the 2nd amendment as it was writing at the birth of our nation and evolve to protect our people.

How about the old, tired argument that criminals will have all the guns if we have more gun control.  Yawn.  Here’s the deal.  Criminals want our stuff. People passing background checks and getting guns legally are the ones shooting up public places.  Stuff can be replaced.  Having loosie-goosie gun control laws at the sake of public safety so that we can keep our flat-screen televisions and iPads doesn’t justify the loss of life.

You got a better argument for keeping the gun-control laws the way they are?  I’m ready to hear it.  Afraid the government will do what if our citizens are unarmed?  Guess what?  Lots of citizens in the United States choose not to carry weapons.  How about we get those paranoid about what our government might do to them if they give up their arms some Xanax and to tell to chill out.

Worried about hunting in American we crack down on gun control?  How about hunting with a bow and arrow?  Merida from Brave does it quite well.  If a fiery red-head can do it, so can you tough men.  If not, go get your food at the grocery store like most people.  Hunt in the frozen food aisle.

Sometimes people have to sacrifice something for the greater good of society.  It may not be what you want, but it is for the best.  I’m sure we the story develops today we will find out more about what led this shooter to go crazy and kill kids and adults.  I’m sure our president and politicians are tired of offering up condolence speech after condolence speech to yet another community in the wake of yet another tragedy.  I know my heart is heavy another day.  I can’t sit by and let the gun lobby continue to tell us that this is not the right day for a gun control debate.  To them, every day is not the right day for a gun-control debate.

Let’s tell the NRA that we as a society won’t stand for it anymore.  More gun-control, fewer guns and see what happens.  I know I’m tired of sitting by and letting the gun lobby continue to win this argument.  I’m tired of saying, “today is not the day for a gun-control debate.”  Today is the day.  As long as people are dying in the control and guns are the cause, every day is the day for a gun control debate.

If you agree with me, please pass this along.  Together maybe we can get people to listen.

God bless the kids and adults at Sandy Hook Elementary.  I pray for strength for the grieving families during this tragic time.

KS No Longer a State, Officially a Church

Kansas, once a state, now officially has declared itself a church.  In an effort to prove himself a true man of faith, Governor Brownback has declared the entire state of KS a church.  This new declaration goes far beyond just the Capitol in Topeka where bible study has been going on for years violating the first amendment, but to the entire state.

Now Brownback can comfortable serve as “pastor-in-chief”, a label that was recently put on him by the Americans United by the Separation of Church and State when Brownback spoke at the ReignDown USA Conference that was broadcast to over 25 million views via television and internet.

How did KS go from being a state to being a church you might be asking?  Let’s take a little journey shall we? A little journey down ReignDown USA lane.

Now it’s no secret that Governor Brownback is a Christian man.  He has never hid his faith.  He is so passionate about his faith that he went so far as to declare on November 20, 2012 a Day of Restoration by hosting the ReignDown USA event from Topeka.  Here is the proclamation that Governor Brownback offered:

Proclamation by Kansas Governor Sam Brownback

November 20, 2012


WHEREAS, the State of Kansas will host the national simulcast of REIGNDOWN USA in Topeka on December 8, 2012, bringing thousands here from across the country; and

WHEREAS, people from across America will join the millions from around the world on TV simulcast live from MacLennan Park, in the heart of America; and

WHEREAS, the first REIGNDOWN celebration was held 2008 in Washington DC, on the Capitol Grounds, introduced by proclamation of the President of the United States of America, with millions participating on site, on TV, and by computer; and

WHEREAS, regional REIGNDOWN events continued until the need was seen for the gathering to be held in the heart of our Nation; and

WHEREAS, many of our families have slid into poverty, endangering out next generation of citizens, our lands are parched by drought, our quality jobs are scarce, business and industry are struggling to expand, and many of our people have fallen into despair; and

WHEREAS, our Nation’s greatest leaders have called on a merciful God for favor during troubled times, such as:

“We have been the recipients of the choicest bounties of Heaven; we have been preserved these many years in peace and prosperity; we have grown in numbers, wealth and power as no other nation has ever grown. But we have forgotten God.” – Abraham Lincoln, 1863.

“The propitious [favorable] smiles of Heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and right which Heaven itself has ordained.” – George Washington, 1789.

“I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever.” – Thomas Jefferson, 1787; and

WHEREAS, we collectively repent of distancing ourselves from God and ask for His mercy on us:

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Sam Brownback, GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF KANSAS, do hereby proclaim December 8th 2012, as a

Day of Restoration

in Kansas and ask every citizen of our state to join in asking a Holy God to bring healing and restoration – help in mending broken lives, bringing peace to our families, our communities, and this land.

DONE: At the Capitol in Topeka
under the Great Seal of the
State this 23rd day of 
November, A.D. 2012

BY THE GOVERNOR: Sam Brownback

Sounds pretty Gosh Darn Official if you ask me.  Ok, now if you keep on scrolling on ReignDown’s website after Minister Brownback’s proclamation, you will find this right after his entry:

God is calling ReignDown USA to Kansas

May 29, 2012

ReignDown USA will be holding a national prayer, worship and personal repentance gathering in Kansas on December 8, 2012. Similar to our first national gathering on April 26, 2008, we will be calling people throughout our nation to join us on that day with venues in every state. More details will be provided soon.

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Pray for God to reveal his desires for that day, that His people will hear His call and be obedient and that his complete and perfect will is accomplished.
  2. Spread the word.
  3. Offer a donation. A donation may be made online or by writing a check and sending it to: ReignDown USA, 20118 N. 67th Ave., Suite 300-235, Glendale, AZ 85308.

This is also part of the “Prayer Guide”:


Pray that all current, outstanding obligations will be paid off in the near future so RDUSA will be debt free. Pray for God to establish for RDUSA a positive and adequate cash flow to meet and exceed all on-going obligations, covering all overhead, communication expenses, marketing expenditures and all unusual financial requirements. Pray for RDUSA to be the very best stewards of all entrusted resources until Jesus returns for His bride.

I am simply asking an ethical question here – is it ethical for the governor of KS to be offering a Day of Restoration specific to Christianity with an organization that is soliciting donations specific to furthering their cause? I’m not saying that their cause is right or wrong, but if a governor was offering a day of Muslim Prayer for the State of KS and that prayer was posted to a Muslim Website soliciting donations to further their cause, what would people think?

What do you think?  Isn’t this blurring the lines a bit?

This is a bit more than a holiday tree outside of the Capitol.

Signing off from the Church of KS.


Pleasantly Eccentric meets Pintrist – a match made in hell

Pintrist is not new to the social media scene, but I am new to Pintrist. In the social media world, anything older than a micro-second is considered old. If Facebook is the mom, Pintrist is the emerging teenager. It was time for me to get acquainted to this pin and repin world of Pintrist. I try to stay away from most things that involve sewing, hot glue gunning or crafts that would involve me having to step foot into a Hobby Lobby,, but since my job is in social media, I decided to take a step (shove myself) into the world of Pintrist.

I logged into Pintrist. First step is create some boards. Since I knew that Pintrist was about cooking, crafts and exercising, that I what I started out naming my boards: Recipes, Exercises and Hobbies. Easy enough…

I started pinning some pictures to my boards. I love this part. I never advanced from the toddler stage of loving all things shiny and bright. Most of my decisions are based on the complex thought of “it’s pretty, I like” and that is really what Pintrist is all about. It’s all picture based. Since the older I get the more blinged out I also get, my boards start filling up fast with bright and shiny objects.

I have figured out a formula regarding my love of bling. It’s simple really. My love of bling on me, my clothes, accessories, home accessories, etc is based on my age. At this point, I’m 40% blinged out because I’m 40. By the time I retire to Boca and I’m playing Mah Jongg for 4 to 5 hours a day, I will be 65-70% blinged out, because I will be 65 to 70 years old. This formula holds true unless I find a sugar daddy before 65 or 70. If that happens, my bling ratio will dramatically increase and no longer be in proportion to my age. Hopefully the bling will also be real.

Like a toddler, I also get off track easy.

Back on track. I continue pinning like a crazy person, my board was filling up. I have boards with clever quotes, I have boards with exercises to get my butt toned. I have boards with Christmas decorations. Then I stop. Like a teenager who has just suddenly sobered up off of a wine cooler drunk, because mom and dad came home, I realize – I’m pinning like Martha Stewart on crack, but who was I kidding? I have pinned a nativity scene made out of marshmallows and I’m Jewish for God’s sake!

Side rant – who makes a nativity scene out of marshmallows? Does anything think Jesus might be looking down and think, “I walked on water only for my image to be remade in marshmallows? Seriously people, I’m the son of God. Don’t get I get a little more respect than to be molded out of the same stuff you put in hot cocoa and they melt?” If you want to see it, just go to my Pintrist page.

Back on track – so I stopped pinning things. I realized that when I looked at my friends’ boards, I started to feel bad. Do their homes, exercise routines and kitchen tables reflect all the things that are pinned to their boards? Were they really whipping up souffles every night, hand crafting candles and doing 1000 crunches to firm their abs every day? I decided to get real with Pintrist and cut the bullshit. First step – rename my boards to really reflect me and my personality.

New Board Names

Great Looking Food I Won’t Be Cooking

Exercises I Won’t Be Doing

Crafts and Shit I Won’t Be Making

Gifts My Pretend Husband Can Buy Me (There are things like the Elizabeth Taylor Diamond, tiaras from famous monarchs, etc.)


Shows I Watch (I can’t believe Workaholics has a pin)

People I Would Invite To A Dinner Party

Quotes That Don’t Suck

For those who love crafting, cooking, sewing and DIY projects – God Bless You! I mean that from the bottom of my blinged out heart. For all those women and gay men out there like me who start to feel jealous looking at Pintrist boards like those, join me on Pintrist! Let’s keep it real out there.



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