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Dear Mr. Green,   I wanted to reach out to you after I heard of the United State’s Supreme Court decision regarding the insurance mandate that requires you to provide coverage to your employees that includes the morning after pill.  You challenged the law as a violation of your faith. In your words your family […]

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I couldn’t help, but pause yesterday during Christmas and remember the families grieving in Newtown as they dealt with their first Christmas without their precious children. As we continue to process the gun control debate in this country there is so much to consider. My wish is that guns were outlawed altogether. Even I realize […]

Dear Congress: I know you all are on Christmas Break.  I hope you can take a second to read this.  I’m sure you already know that Wayne LaPierre , the NRA’s spokesman, gave a press conference on Friday and appeared on Meet the Press.  Some Congressman and Senators have  issued statements also supporting no new gun […]

Dear NRA, I’m sure you are overwhelmed with love letters today by gun owners who are counting all the ways they love you and your colorful news conference.  I’m sure the comments involved quotes like, “Way to go man!” “Screw the government.” “Liberal freaks won’t be takin’ my guns!” I’m sure you are celebrating in […]

We all know that the clock is ticking before our nation goes plunging off of the fiscal cliff. The Democrats and Republicans are tied up in Washington as we speak negotiating to get us out of this financial mess. It’s like a dance of political intimacy between the two parties…. When two political parties are […]


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