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Another day, another super weird situation in Kansas politics. First it was the 100 Republicans endorsing Paul Davis – Democrat for Governor of Kansas.  Hell must have been very cold that day, because I have no doubt it froze over when those Republicans (gasp) endorsed a Democrat for Governor.  Now we have this little gem […]

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Dear Kevin Yoder,   I have to applaud you.  You managed to take my attention away from the Royals  with your “Special Ebola Virus Update” (dum…dum…dum….) that you issued.  This isn’t just a regular Ebola Virus Update, this one is “special” so I had to pay close attention. Special Ebola Virus Update In recent weeks […]

Kansas politics, I’m so over you right now.   I swear that if the Great and Powerful Oz asked Dorothy if she wanted to go home to Kansas right now she would stop and think and then say, “I’m good.”   If you aren’t from Kansas, let me brief you on how our television looks […]

Good morning Kansas,   First, I’m well aware that you aren’t going to pay attention to anything right now that doesn’t involve the Royals so I’ll try to weave something about baseball into this blog post to keep your attention. Grab your coffee and join me for a second, because you and I must have […]


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