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Dear Rep. Brattin,   I was reading your interview recently with the liberal publication Mother Jones about your proposed legislation to have a woman seeking an abortion get written permission from the father.  There were some shocking things in this article.   “Just like any rape, you have to report it, and you have to …

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Update 12/17/2014 Congressman Yoder has finally come out and commented on his role in inserting the Big Banks language into the Omnibus bill. In his newsletter yesterday this was included, Some members of the media have been misconstruing one provision in particular that I supported in the Appropriations Committee earlier in the year. I joined …

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Every year I post this article.  It’s the entry that won me a spot as a Midwest Voices Columnist for the Kansas City Star.  Before this column, I never really wrote anything besides a diary entry.  The contest in the KC Star changed my life.  The journey that started from this entry has been amazing …

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It’s December and that can only mean one thing – it’s Elf on a Shelf time.  That adorable little Elf gets himself into all sorts of crazy binds as he reminds Christian children that they better be good this year or Santa won’t be bringing them any presents.  For example, here is he making snow …

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