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If you felt the world stop spinning yesterday for a moment, you were correct. Conservatives in this country had their American flag panties in a wad yesterday over a national scandal.  Was it Hillary announcing her candidacy for President?  Nope.  Was it that the government finally came for everyone’s guns?  Not even close.  What had […]

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Dear Mr. Davis, I was shocked and appalled when I received a copy of a press release over the weekend from Clay Barker, head of the KS Republican Party that read: Dem governor candidate caught at strip club drug raid in 1998,  takes no responsibility for irresponsible behavior Mr. Davis!  A strip club drug raid?  […]

Alex, I’ll take things that annoy me for $500. What is waiting until 4:30 pm on Thursday for the Kansas Supreme Court ruling on Chad Taylor’s name coming off the ballot? Nothing like waiting until the 11th hour there folks since the ballots are printed on Friday!  Either way WE HAVE A RULING and it’s […]

Governor Jay Nixon of Missouri had a terrible, horrible no good very bad day the other day when the Missouri Senate had a field day overriding just about all of his vetoes.  There were two key vetoes that I had my eye on – increasing the 72 hours waiting period for abortions in Missouri and […]


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