Another day, another shooting, but this time it’s in my community

Another day, another shooting.  Countless times I’ve written that statement.  Today is different.  It’s not just another shooting.  It’s a shooting aimed at my community, my friends and my family.

Earlier today the report came in.  Man opened fire at our local Jewish Community Center in Overland Park. The same Jewish Community Center where I grew up.  It wasn’t long ago that I was there attending a special arts program on the history of Mah Jongg, one of my favorite games.  I know the building and the surrounding neighborhood because it’s my neighborhood.

It’s a peaceful place full of a vibrant community of both Jews and Christians.  Many people who attend the JCC aren’t Jewish.  The JCC accepts all people of all religions as a place to come together for sports, fitness, arts and community.

Today it is rumored that two of the victims weren’t Jewish.  We are all victims of this senseless tragedy regardless of religion.  We will grieve together and heal together.

The shooting today is a constant and sad reminder that anti-Semitism is alive and a constant threat. Every Sunday I take my child to Sunday school at our local Synagogue.  Every Sunday we walk by a police officer.  He is a constant reminder that we are targets.  Not long ago she asked me why the police have to be at her Synagogue.

“He is there to keep us safe,” I told her without expanding on what I know and what she will soon learn.

It is such a hard balance as a parent to speak to your child about safety.  It’s so hard to know what to tell them and what is better left unsaid.  I will look to the experts to help guide those conversations for me this week.

I know there is so much the Overland Park Police are learning about the shooter.   I watched the video and heard his cowardly voice yell “Heil Hitler” from the back of the squad car. That’s really all I need to know about him.  I don’t give a damn about his guns, whether they were legal or illegal.  I don’t give a damn about his politics.  Tonight is not a night to politicize this tragedy. Those conversations will happen soon enough.  I will probably engage in them, but not tonight…not right now.

I extend my condolences to the families who are grieving.  We grieve together as a neighborhood, a city, and even as a nation.  Tomorrow is the start of Passover. I am reminded of the saying that all Jews say during Passover Seder – “”All who are hungry, come and eat; all who are needy come and celebrate Passover.”  Those words have different meaning this year.  For me it is a reminder that more than ever we need to come together as a community of all religions and heal from this senseless tragedy.

We will never forget.

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Please Share! A 13 year old’s letter on why free zoo day in #KC is important.


I am dedicating this blog post to the following letter  I received from Leanna.  I think her words sum up beautifully why free day at the zoo is so important.  Please help me share her words so that the Zoo and the Mayor hear her and keep free zoo days in the future.

I appreciate any reposting and retweeting of this letter.

Thank you for commenting on my blog post Leanna.  Let’s see what we can do when we work together!



I wanted to go to the zoo that day. im 13 and my mother was in the hospital the spring day week and my dad is nowhere. i have a brother and a baby sister and my grandma to watch me, and she cant drive. we have to take busses and walk many dreary hours just to go to the zoo and walk some more…

but there’s a difference…

we see the lovely animals we traveled miles for hours for.

But since we couldnt take busses and walk from my apartment home by the Quick Trip by barry road to the Kansas City zoo early in the morning, even though the previous day we walked approxonatley 20 miles (walking and taking busses, then walking back more and taking less busses) to visit my mom, who has been sick since i was born, out of sergery and into bed.

So i guess what i am saying with all of this is, they cannot close the Kansas City Zoo free days because of a shooting… my mom can’t go to the Zoo on a paid day. its a tradition we go to the free days. a tradition crushed and never seeing the penguins and the polar bears (which, the giant polar bear statue, my mom’s, friend’s, dad made it… or someone in their family) and i dont think it’s fair. i just wish people managing the zoo can hear from a kids point of view that taking away free days is ruining bonding time (wich me and my mom never do much anymore) and fun to see new animals. my 5 year old sister was so excited about possibly going to the zoo she couldn’t keep her mouth closed. “Now Tati,” i’d always say, “We have to wait until next year for the zoo to have another free day.”

I can’t say the same ever again if they take away free days.

See her dissapointed face and tears makes my heart ache.

I am aboslutely greatful there are blogs and posts like yours that can express the feeling of the free days vanishing that i cannot express because i cannot find the words to tell.

Im glad there are some people who can fight for zoo rights for the little kids, ages 1- 18, because lets face it, i can even admit, kids being kids is the only thing kids do to have the zoo think twice about taking away free day… adults that an do more than me (which, if i was an adult, i would go to the government or whoever and do something about it) andi am a kid, cannot drive, know no direction to the zoo… …all i am saying is, for someone like me, we look up to the “heros of the zoo.” the zoo that brings our families together and the fascinating sights of the animals some kids have never heard of or have only seen on tv like Animal Planet and Nat Geo Wild.

You have my thanks for trying to save the free days.


KC Zoo shooting – stopping free zoo day doesn’t solve the problem.

First let me just say I’m a big fan of the Kansas City Zoo.  I’m such a fan that my kid is spending 3 days this week at Zoo Camp.  We are “friends of the zoo”.  I have been going to the Kansas City Zoo regularly since my daughter was a baby.  I’ve been to the new penguin exhibit.  I’ve hung out in the polar bear exhibit.  I’ve walked up that horrible hill from Africa on many a hot, Kansas City day.

I’m shouting it from the rooftops, “I love the Kansas City Zoo!”

In case you haven’t heard, there was a shooting at the Kansas City Zoo on free zoo day for Jackson County residents.

There was a shooting at my zoo.  There was a shooting at our zoo.

So now what Kansas City?  There is a lot of debate in this town about the shooting.  Everyone is focused on the fact that it was free day for Jackson County residents. Is free day the problem?  Should free day at the zoo be stopped?

Stop free zoo day if you think that’s going to solve the problem.

Here’s a hint. It won’t.


In case you haven’t noticed, there isn’t any security at our zoo on free zoo day or any other day.  I can waltz right into our zoo with my backpack and cooler and nobody at the zoo stops to check it.  The staff at the entrance can barely handle making sure everyone has tickets, let alone stop and check backpacks.

It’s 2014 and I’m allowed to enter a large public space without anyone looking in my belongings.  Come on Kansas City.  I can’t enter a stadium or any other amusement park these days without having all of my belongs checked and sometimes I’m even wanded before I enter.

Not at our Kansas City Zoo.

I can drive my car almost up to the entrance of the zoo.  Then I can take my backpack and walk right in.  The only thing the zoo is concerned about is if I paid.  That’s it.

I can’t see a show in the neighboring Starlight Theater without having my bag checked.  Why one and not the other?

In a time when domestic terrorism and mass shootings are unfortunately becoming a common occurrence, the fact that our zoo doesn’t check backpacks and coolers is outrageous.

Stop free zoo day if you think that will help, but the only thing you are doing is putting a band-aid on a bigger security vulnerability that has thankfully been relatively safe until now.

Kansas City and the Zoo need to invest in security at the entrance, in the parking lot and throughout the park.  The entrance should be more secure with personnel checking all belongings when they take your ticket.  There should be security in the parking lot with cameras and some officers patrolling.

This needs to happen on free zoo day and every other day.  This isn’t about free zoo day.  This is about the harsh reality facing America today – we need security in large, public spaces.   Taking these extra steps will ensure that the people and the animals stay safe.

If you agree with me, share your thoughts with the zoo.  I know I’m going to.



An appeal to Chiefs fans – take back our stadium

Kansas City continues to process the shock of the most recent Arrowhead tragedy – the homicide of Kyle Van Winkle. arrowhead For reasons that continue to be investigated, Van Winkle wandered out into the parking lot during last Sunday’s game and ended up in the wrong car.  Allegedly a fist fight happened and Van Winkle ended up dying from his injuries.

As the city continues to deal with this tragedy, the talk among the town is that Arrowhead is not “family friendly”.

I was listening to talk radio after the tragedy and I heard things like this-

“Fist fights break out all the time.”

“People yell obscenities and I wouldn’t take my child there.”

“People fall down drunk at the stadium.  It isn’t an appropriate place for kids.”


I’m not a sports blogger.  Trust me…there are WAY more qualified people to write about sports.  I’m a sports fan and this year a Chiefs fan like so many in Kansas City.  I wear red on Friday and gather with friends on Sunday to watch the games.  Full disclosure – I haven’t been to a game in a number of years basically because of cost.


I will admit the last time I went to a game a few years ago, I got into it with a few drunk fans.  They were yelling homophobic slurs at the players.  I told them to knock it off.  It wasn’t because I was with my child.  In fact, I didn’t see any children around the two drunks.  I did it because it was the right thing to do.  Was I afraid to speak up?  Yes.  Would I do it again?  Yes.

I can’t accept that professional sporting events aren’t appropriate places for children.  Ask any child who their heroes are and you will probably hear the names of quarterbacks, running backs and other players.  To hear that children can’t go and feel safe at Arrowhead because of drunk adults is unacceptable to me.

I’m no prude and love a good beer with my football games.  I’m not naive enough to think that alcohol sales will ever be prohibited at a stadium.  There is too much money in it all.

So what can we do to claim our stadium again for our children and our city?

Here are my thoughts and please share yours…

1.  Tailgating is an important part of the Kansas City football experience.  I have heard of people going to the game and tailgating without a ticket to the game.  I checked out the Kansas City Chiefs website and there is no mention of not being able to tailgate without a ticket to the game.  So…quick fix, no ticket no tailgating.  It’s the way you can be sure of crowd control.

2. Allow the crowd to own the crowd behavior.  What do I mean?  Look at flying…people drink when they fly.  There are numerous stories of drunk passengers getting out of control on flights.  So look to the sky for the solution – many times the crowd takes it upon themselves to restrain an unruly passenger.  Why?  Because it is a safety risk.  People want to feel safe in the sky.  The same could be said for a football stadium.  Out of control fan?  The crowd needs to get involved and restrain the fan until police can arrive.

3.  Increase law enforcement.  If fights are breaking out in and outside of Arrowhead, get more police involved.  Yes it will cost the city money, but its money well spent if it means that Arrowhead is a safe place to take our children.

4.  Have random check points on the way out of the stadium to check for drunk drivers.  We do it on New Years so why not on Sundays?  I’m sure the incidences of out of control drinking will decrease if people knew they would have a breathalyzer test before they leave.

5.  Have more kid friendly events at the stadium.  Look to Arrowhead’s neighbor Kaufman stadium for how to do a stadium “kid-friendly”.

6.  Have a no tolerance policy for swearing.  Yes, this would be hard for even me, but I would hold my tongue for a positive stadium experience.  There are many ways to cheer on your team besides yelling obscenities.  If a fan is out of control, security tosses them out.

Saying Arrowhead isn’t “kid-friendly” is unacceptable to me and should be for other parents as well.  Lets take back our stadium and force the crowd to be more sportsmanlike.  We have a great team this year and more people are cheering on their victories.  Lets show the nation that Arrowhead is family friendly and be sure that our children can go and safely see their heroes play.

My condolences to the Van Winkle family. From what I understand it was a misunderstanding that went terribly wrong.


To the NRA App Help Desk – URGENT Question about my magic wand


To:  NRA APP customer service/help desk

From:  Aimee Patton

Re:  game app

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to ask for assistance with your new ipad/iphone app.  I recently downloaded this app for  my six-year-old to enjoy.  I am always looking for new games and since this game was designed for those “4 and up”, I thought it would be perfect to add to my daughter’s game collection. Sure enough, it fits perfectly between the Disney Princess dress-up game and her Tangled storybook game.

I was listening closely to the NRA’s statement after the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting.  The NRA and I don’t agree on much, but, LaPierre voiced the same concern I have over increasing violent video games impacting our society:

images - Copy


“Through vicious, violent video games with names like Bulletstorm, Grand Theft Auto, Mortal Kombat and Splatterhouse. And here’s one: it’s called Kindergarten Killers. It’s been online for 10 years. How come my research department could find it and all of yours either couldn’t or didn’t want anyone to know you had found it?

Then there’s the blood-soaked slasher films like “American Psycho” and “Natural Born Killers” that are aired like propaganda loops on “Splatterdays” and every day, and a thousand music videos that portray life as a joke and murder as a way of life. And then they have the nerve to call it “entertainment.”

But is that what it really is? Isn’t fantasizing about killing people as a way to get your kicks really the filthiest form of pornography?”

So when it was time for me to find the next video game to occupy my six-year-old, I turned to the NRA to entertain my child.  I thought it  was a safe choice since your President said violent video games were to blame for our violent society.  I downloaded your new NRA gaming app. This is where I need some help, because my daughter and I can’t seem to figure this game out. Heck, it’s probably user error, but let me explain.

It’s obvious that we get a magic wand.  We were a bit confused when the magic wand turned out to be black, but hey we are open-minded.  All magic wands don’t have to be purple and sparkly.   Then it asked if we wanted to play “inside” or “outside”.  We picked outside, because that is where you can find sweet animals like bunnies to have a nice picnic with.

My daughter took her magic wand to wish for her picnic and there were about 9 holes in the ground.  We assumed that is where the bunnies or other fuzzy animals jumped out of to join us for our picnic.

Turns out it was dishes that jumped out of the hole.  We get it – start with dishes to set the table for an outdoor picnic.  I’m sure the glasses, food and silverware would have popped out next.  Every time we pointed our magic wand at the dishes to set the table for our picnic, the dishes broke.  We can’t seem to get past the part where we get the dishes to set our table for our magical, outdoor picnic.

Now there was a second when I thought that the wand may be a gun and the dishes were for target practice.  I feel silly even bringing this up, because I”m sure that is the farthest thing your gaming developers wanted with Wayne LaPierre’s statement about violent video games causing people to kill.  I may be out of line, but you really should get some better gaming designers who can make these magic wands appear more “fairy-like” since it’s for children “4 and up”.  Usually sparkles and bright colors appeal to children.

Please let me know how we can get past the flying dishes so we can finish setting the table for our outdoor picnic and get to the 2nd stage of your app.  It’s obvious that my black magic wand I’m using is defective or I’m not using it correctly.

Thank you for your assistance and for developing such a sweet and peaceful game for our children.

Yours in raising peaceful children to become non-violent adults,



Guns don’t kill people, cars kill people

There was a comment posted on a previous blog that I wrote CLICK HERE TO READ and in response to my gun debate with Darla Jay on Friday night. (KMBZ 980 from 6-9 p.m. – thanks Darla!)  that I think needs some attention and a reply.

I’m including the link to this comment, because the comments  are hard to find on my blog: (note to self – change comments section to be more visible on blog)

Please go read it and then come back.




Dear Mr. Fisher,

First, thank you for listening to Darla’s show last night and for taking the time to respond to my blog post.  Your response was insightful, respectful and I enjoyed reading it.  It was much better than the text that came in during the show that read “SHE IS JUST WRONG”.  I really appreciate it.

You bring up some excellent points, as did a lot of the callers on last night’s show.  I think it is this kind of healthy dialog that will get real change to occur.

So let me respond to some of your points.

I’ve found that most people that aren’t familiar with guns tend to be a little uneasy around them and don’t see the need for anyone to own one. 

Mr. Fisher, you are correct here, but I would say “uneasy” is an understatement.  The word I would have used is scared.  The outbreak of mass shootings has me on edge.  I know there are statistics that you could find that could show that the probability that I would be shot in a mass shooting is almost nothing.  I get that, but I can’t help but be more than just a little uneasy about guns, mass shootings and the fact that a lot of these guns used were purchased legally.

While you were on Darla’s show a fella called in and made mention about cars killing more people than guns. You said that guns were designed to kill and cars weren’t. Going by the statistics that you like to promote it is pretty clear that cars DO kill many thousands more civilians than do guns. 

You are correct here Mr. Fisher, cars do kill many more people than guns.  I found this argument to be the most interesting in last night’s debate. I don’t know how well I made my point last night, so let me lay it out here.

You can’t ignore the fact that guns were originally designed and produced to hurt and kill.  It may be animals, it may be people, but the invention of guns and bullets was to hurt and kill.  Cars on the other hand were designed to get a person from one place to another – it is far from the same thing.

You go on to say-Lets regulate cars. You know they have a lot more moving parts that can malfunction and there you go, you have an accident. But it probably could have been prevented by better maintenance which you are responsible for or it could have more design controls that would make the car so expensive that you couldn’t afford one. Is that something you are interested in? 

We do regulate cars!  In fact, the states with the highest number of vehicle fatalities are the states with the fewest regulations.

We are constantly increasing the safety standards and passing new legislation to keep people safe on the roads.  I think my daughter has to sit in a booster seat until she is 21 now.  Increased vehicle fatalities means more regulations whether it be in seat belt laws and fines, reduced speed limits, no texting while driving laws and higher penalties and for drunk driving.  Why shouldn’t the same be true for guns?  By the way, remind me not to drive in Mississippi – they ranked #1 on the list for vehicle fatalities.

The 2nd amendment is not free from regulation.  Let’s remember that the 1st amendment is regulated all the time.  Freedom of speech, like I enjoy here, is regulated.  I don’t have the right to yell fire in a crowded theater, I don’t have the right to drop the f-bomb on network television (cable – well that’s another story), I can be sued if I slander someone’s name. Why do gun advocates think that the 2nd amendment is so sacred and can’t be regulated?   

You also bring up mental health – Mental health issues have been connected to a lot of the suicides and school killings. In fact if you are going to kill someone whether it is with a gun or something else you have to have some kind of mental issue. So why not address that? The money you would spend on more gun controls would be better spent on better research and help for the mentally ill. The money you would be spending would help more people and help prevent more suicides and school killings than any gun control you can dream up. 


You and I agree on something!  Yes, please let’s do something about mental health!  Again, I’m at a loss for what can be except throw more money at the problem.  What I’ve heard suggested is more state mental institutions, forced institutionalization and the mental health database proposal.  Maybe this is the same frustration you share with me about guns – you are punishing the many for the acts of the few.  If early intervention is the key to prevent more shootings, then who get institutionalized?  Who gets put in the database and monitored?  Like I said last night, millions of Americans take antidepressants.  Do we put everyone in the database and monitor all of these people who take these drugs?  Do we force institutionalization on everyone who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia   How about bi-polar?  Where does it stop?  There are many people who have these conditions that lead productive lives and are not a danger to society.

I don’t think either one of us has the solutions to this complex problem.  Like I said last night, as much as I would like to see a gun-free society, even I understand that isn’t going to be possible.  I think the point of this whole thing is both sides have to give.  Maybe the gun supporters need to stop believing that the government is going to take all guns and maybe those of us who have been diagnosed with a mental illness need to not be so paranoid about being locked away.  I believe it has to be a combination of both – better mental health services and funding and more measures to keep citizens safe from guns.  I hope that maybe I have swayed you just a little.

Again, I can’t thank you enough for providing your comment.  I don’t think either one of us will ever see eye-to-eye, but I can definitely say I understand your point of view better.  Who knows, maybe some politicians in Washington will read your comment and my response and maybe they can learn something. ;)







Picture of man hit by train causes outcry

I was hoping to write a funny post today about elves on shelves, but I’m really consumed in thought today about a pretty serious topic – the picture of the man getting hit by the train in New York City.  Here is the summary of the story:

Two men were fighting on a subway platform in NYC.  One man pushed the other man on the tracks.  The man on the tracks was hit and killed by a subway train.  Another man on the platform began snapping pictures of the incident.  The pictures were published in the NY Post.  People have gone crazy reacting to why the photographer didn’t help the man on the tracks instead of snapping pictures.  The photographer said he was only snapping pictures to get the attention of the oncoming subway conductor with the use of his flash.  True?  We will never really know.

The outcry is over where was this photographer’s moral compass?  Why didn’t he reach out and physically help this man before he died by the oncoming train?  Where was the paper’s moral compass?  Why did the paper publish the pictures?

Let’s not forget that the photographer was standing on a platform with other people.  Where were they?  Maybe he thought in the split second when life or death decisions had to be made that taking a picture of a tragedy would forever mark it in our minds for discussion like these about right and wrong.  Maybe he thought that others would jump to save the man.  Is it any different from the people who took pictures of the victims of 9/11 instead of running up the steps to try to save a life?

I guess we should ask the same question when the 911 tapes of the Belcher murder were just released.  We know all the details of the murder-suicide, because of the excellent reporting by all of the news organizations in Kansas City.  Today, however, the heart wrenching call that his mother made to 911 after Perkins was repeatedly shot was played on all of the news stations over and over throughout the day.  What purpose did that serve?  Did it add to any details of the story that has already been reported?  It didn’t provide us with any new facts about that horrible incident.  So why play it?  Why force us to continue to relieve that tragedy?  Isn’t that just scratching our curiosity itch?

Since we are all about judging other people’s decisions in the face of moral dilemma’s  here’s one I faced.  I was in a village in Africa once where most of the people were very sick.  There were mothers with infants who were ill.  The infants were lying on the ground crying and the mothers were not picking them up.  I inquired why the mothers were not trying sooth the infants and the response was, “it is likely that the infants will die anyway so there is no need to try to sooth the infants.”  As much as my heart ached to pick up and cradle just one of the babies to try to ease their crying, I did nothing.  Go ahead…judge me and my moral compass.  What would you have done?

These are hard questions to answer.  We can never really know what we would do unless we are in that position.  The good thing for me is we all seem to have an opinion.  I would feel depressed about mankind if no one had an opinion and we weren’t debating this issue.  That to me would mean our moral compass was totally off and all hope would be lost.

Whew…tomorrow Elf on a Shelf.  Let’s lighten things up a bit!

Groupon For Conceal and Carry – do they mean tampons?

Who doesn’t get excited when the daily Groupon deal comes out?  What will it be today?  Facials for half off?  Mani/pedis, massages, exercises classes for a steal? There is a part of me that get so giddy to open my daily Groupon email.  It’s like my own “Let’s Make a Deal” game show.  I’ll pick door number one.  Obedience training for dogs!  Click – buy.  I don’t even have a dog, but the deal sounds so wonderful, I dare not pass it up.

While the debate over if it is Missouree or Missourah still rages on, my Groupon deal showed up in my email.  I love predictability.  With the world in such turmoil, it’s so nice to count on something these days.

Click…open.  Guitar lessons, horseback riding lessons, Japanese food, conceal and carry class.  Stop, back up, did I just read “conceal and carry class”?

Surely they mean feminine hygiene products like tampons.  I think women could really use a class in how to effectively conceal and carry feminine hygiene products.  Those little suckers can get tricky when you have them in your purse and you go to grab a pen and then BOOM you are suddenly trying to write your check with your pon sans wrapper, because that was lost long ago.  Super embarrassing I’ve heard, because that has NEVER happens to me.

I click on more information to see how a conceal and carry class for feminine hygiene products would work.   I was very, very wrong.  This class is a conceal and carry for guns.  GUNS!  Are you kidding me?  A Groupon for guns?!  Already 180 bought.   I really can’t decide which is worse – the Groupon or that 180 have been bought.  I do a little more reading and checked out the website.

Real Life Scenarios Offered- such as?  A duel maybe?  With as angry as Americans are these days that could be a real life scenario. With all the talk about what the Founding Father’s intended, it’s only natural that we bring back the same tactics for resolving disputes as the Founding Fathers and that means bringing back the Gentlemanly dispute resolution of the duel.

Maybe the real life scenario is where a minority walks around a gated community at night and you get to pull your gun out and shoot them while they are unarmed.  They teach you how to declare yourself the “neighborhood watch person”.

Birthday Parties Offered – So glad.  No princess party for you my darling daughter.  We are going to host a Hostile Gunman Takeover Party!   I can’t wait to  create the Evite for this one!  I already know what’s going to be in my gift bag for the 7-year-olds – a Bedazzled Holster so they can properly carry their heat.  Running around learning how to kill people is so much better than sitting around pretending to drink tea with a princess.  I can already hear my daughter saying, “Mom, a princess party?  That is so 2011.”

I can’t wait to see what Groupon has waiting for me tomorrow.  One can only hope it’s How To Harass Women Getting Abortions In 10 Easy Steps.

Kyle James..Kansas City’s Outrage or Love Affair?

Kansas City has our own political soap opera…and the media is loving it. The star is the young man, Kyle James. Kyle James is the 24 year old son of Mayor Sly James. Sly James is the mayor of Kansas City, MO. Bloggers and talk show hosts can’t get enough of this young man. From what’s I’ve read, Kyle thinks he is a hip-hop star. He beats up women, causes trouble in our bar districts and now has been arrested for disorderly conduct. He is a pain in his father’s political ass. These things can’t be denied. However, I have never in my life seen an overreaction to the level that I have heard and read in the past 24 hours since it became apparent that the Mayor’s ADULT son was arrested sometime last week.

One would think by the outrage displayed on local blogs and talk radio that the Mayor of Kansas City is unable to form a sentence, shake a hand or even read due to his son’s behavior. His son’s juvenile behavior has some believing that Mayor James MUST be unable to lead this city. I mean, if he can’t control his son, how is he suppose to run this city? I have heard that an intervention must be staged on Kyle’s behalf (the assumption is he is a drug addict – I can’t confirm or deny this, nor do I frankly care much). It has been demanded that his mother come out and make a comment on her son’s behavior.

The most hilarious link is that Mayor James can’t possibly control the homicide rate in Kansas City, because of the behavior of his adult son. Excuse me? WTF? Let me say that again…The mayor can’t control homicides in this city because his son is a punk. Think about this. Now, you may have beef with the Mayor for lots of reasons. Whatever your reasons are, this can’t possibly be your reasoning. This makes absolutely NO sense. I can’t reconcile this as a common sense reason. That would be like me saying, my daughter can’t write sentences at 5 therefore I’m not a good mother. Wait, am I not a good mother? Maybe not…my suburban mom insecurity is kicking in.

The more this argument continues, the more I can’t figure out why such passion? I mean there is outrage! I keep hearing things like privilege, no job, rich boy. Is this an elitist thing? Is Kansas City mad because this young adult is a trouble maker and he is rich and connected? What makes him any different than some of the sports stars that have dotted our nightly landscape in this city that have caused trouble and beat up women? He isn’t the first kid in this town to use his connections. So what if the cops are giving this kid a ride home? Aren’t there bigger issues in this town? Is the problem that he can’t throw a football? There are white boys in JoCo doing equally stupid things and we don’t seem to be so preoccupied with their fuck ups. Yes, he is the Mayor’s son. So what? He is over 21.

I read a very popular local blog that is constantly writing about this issue. The comments section is loaded with anonymous comments about this ongoing story. It is almost regularly that this comment is part of the long list: “stupid nigger”. Now, I have my blog and it is in no way as cool or as read as this other person’s local blog. The media doesn’t court me in the same way. I’m not an expert guest on radio talk shows discussing this topic the way this person is. However, my comments are regulated by me. I post people who agree with me and people who don’t. I would never agree to post a comment like “stupid nigger” on my blog. It just can’t be denied that there is an underlying racism that is hidden behind “anonymous” comments. Now is the blogger responsible for comments posted as “anonymous”? No. But does the blogger have to post them? I guess that’s this blogger’s choice.

How much of this is generally racist? I don’t know. Everyone will say it isn’t racist. I just feel like this is intensified because this kid is connected, he is a “gangster want to be” and he is causing trouble, oh and he is also black. Our city just feels the need to be overly involved and definitely feels like we all need an explanation and be in on the intervention (whether or not he actually has a drug problem). Maybe it’s the city that has a problem? Maybe it’s just that this city is one highly dysfunctional family?

Pat Robertson – “PaRo” used gateway phrase and needs intervention STAT

One of my favorite evangelicals, only 2nd to Jerry Falwell, said something today that had pot smokers around the world inhaling a bit deeper:

“I really believe we should treat marijuana the way we treat beverage alcohol,” Robertson told the newspaper. “If people can go into a liquor store and buy a bottle of alcohol and drink it at home legally, then why do we say that the use of this other substance is somehow criminal?”

Read more here:

Holy hell! Did he just say that? First thing this does is confirm a winner for the Madness of King George contest I’ve secretly been running. Second, smoke ‘em if you got ‘em. The religious guy who has God on speed dial said it was okey dokey.

Does someone want to tell me what the hell a “beverage alcohol” is exactly? Is that the same as “The” Facebook or trousers. Dude, 1911 called and they want their vocabulary back. Pat may be dialing up 1911 lingo, but he is very 2012 on his drug position. I’ll admit, he shocked the hell out of me.

Now, for those of us who completed the Just Say No project back in 1984, we know that marijuana is a gateway drug. I will stand up proud to say that I was one of the very first graduates from this ground breaking program founded by Nancy Reagan. I was so influenced by this Just Say No philosophy that I went a step further and applied it to all Republican positions as well as drugs. Well done Nancy Reagan!

Anyway, with Pat Robertson uttering this gateway phrase today about marijuana, one can only assume this is going to lead to bigger, more dangerous phrases. I can only ask….what’s next? The same way we watched Lindsay Lohan or “LiLo” spiral out of control on her drug filled crime spree, are we going to see Pat Robertson or “PaRo” as I’ll now refer to him also spiral out of control with bigger and more dangerous statements?

It’s only a matter of time until we see PaRo hanging out at Chateau Marmont with the other A lister celebrities shouting out statements uncontrollably like, “No drug screening for welfare recipients.” or worse “let women decide what type of contraception they want for themselves.” Possibly it could be so bad that it could come to this, “Feminism encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians.”

Just kidding with that last one, it was a real quote. But if it was really out of control, he might say something like “homosexuals should be able to marry, because two responsible people in love is a beautiful thing.”

You know what we, as compassionate and caring people, will have to do? That’s right, we will have to stage an intervention. It can’t be an intimate intervention either. We will have to call A&E and stage our intervention right at Chateau Marmont when PaRo is getting his party on drinking his beverage alcohol some Friday night. Expect things to get ugly. I hope we get the gray haired Intervention guy. He seems to be the best one on that show. I can see it now, the gray haired guy coaching God, Jesus & the Holy Ghost.

“Ok God, I’m gonna need you to block the door if he tries to make a run for it. Jesus, are you ready with your letter? Holy Ghost, try not to cry when we say he is cut off from the house if he doesn’t stop with these crazy statements.” said grey haired Intervention guy.

I am sure we will get PaRo into rehab where everything will be o.k. and he will hopefully stay clean and away from shocking comments for good. Most of the Intervention stories end up happy after the commercial for Promises rehab on TV. I am positive this one will end up great as well.

Let’s make this a lesson people. This comment that marijuana should be legal seems harmless enough, but we all know where this is headed. It’s just the first step into a long journey of other shocking comments. Each one will become more and more shocking until PaRo will no longer recognize his former self. He may even end up, dare I say it, a liberal (gasp, shock, horror). I make this attempt now for good Christian Americans to do something now. Do something now before this leads to worse statements down the road. As Nancy Reagan once stated, “just say no.”

Good luck PaRo. I hope I don’t see you on SNL reading from cue cards almost unrecognizable from too many cheek filler injections and trying desperately to repair your image as a flaming liberal back to a fundamental Christian conservative. For the record, let me just say, Nancy Reagan and I warned you.

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