Love thy neighbor, unless you are a Latin American kid in the US illegally.

Leviticus 19:18

Thou shalt not avenge, nor bear any grudge against the children of thy people, but thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself: I am the LORD.

Except if they come from Mexico or Guatemala then send them back…

It’s not every day that I open my blog post with a bible verse so you know it’s serious.  Hold on to your cowboy hat, I’ve got a rant today.

It’s no secret that we’ve got a humanitarian crisis at our nation’s southern borders.  Thousands of women and children are coming across the border illegally and now our nation is faced with a serious problem of what to do.  America now has refugee camps in places like Texas and Arizona.

Politicians are spending their time with the blame game while admittedly I don’t think anyone really knows what to do.

Here’s my beef with the whole thing.  It all centers on the Bible verse up there.  Almost every day I read about how this nation is a Christian nation founded on Christian principles.  You want gay rights?  Stop right there – it’s against Biblical principles – so much so that we need legislation against that.  You want to say Happy Holidays?  Oh no my friend.  We need Merry Christmas legislation to stop that.  You want contraception?  Not on our Christian watch.  We will fight you in court and with legislation at every turn.  You want to teach evolution in school?  Hang on there scientist.  There is a bill preventing that.  All in the name of Christianity.

We have thousands of children showing up at our border looking for a better life and what is the response?  There’s the door and don’t let it hit you on the ass on the way out of Christian America.

I know they didn’t show up here on a one way ticket in first class on United Airlines.  I get that they came here illegally.  I get that there is a “right way” to enter America.  I understand that there is a process people need to follow for citizenship.  But here’s the deal – they are here.  We need to deal with it.  If we can get action from our politicians because people want to say Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas, you are telling me there isn’t the same type of reaction in the name of compassion for these children?

What am I missing?

“Wait Aimee – we can’t afford it.  It’s about the money!  Obama wants $3.7 billion dollars to deal with the problem.”

He wants 3.7 billion with 1.3 billion going for food and shelter for the 52,000 children.

I hate to burst your bubble deportation junkies, but deporting these kiddos isn’t free.  There is a cost associated with sending them back to the hell hole that they came from not to mention the administrative headache.

Let’s do some math shall we?

Here’s the estimated cost for deporting an immigrant:

“However, a 2010 report by Center for American Progress and Rob Paral and Associates took a close look at all the budget appropriations for ICE and broke down the costs per person for each one of the four stages of deportation process: apprehension, detention, legal proceeding and transportation. The whopping cost of deportation per person that they came up with is $23,480.”

So if we take 52,000 x $23,480

If my math is correct that equals $1,220,960,000

So Republicans, we don’t have the money Obama is requesting, but we do have $1.2 billion to deport these kids?   The Republicans are making it seem like deportation doesn’t cost anything and Obama’s plan is the only one that will end up costing taxpayers money.  Gig’s up guys.  Both ways cost money.

In the end, we need to do something.  We need to help these children.  We need to at least provide these children with food, shelter and health care.  It’s what a Christian nation would do.  Here’s what I promise for all of you Christian Conservatives, when Christmas comes around I promise we will tell these kids Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays.  Maybe that will get you on board.

Politicians stop the blame game.  Help these children.  It’s not about when it started, it’s about solving the crisis now.  Do something.

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Parade float in Norfolk, NE – Racist? You may not believe my reaction.

obamaHoly parade floats Batman!  There is controversy up north in Nebraska.  Leave it to Norfolk, NE to cause a stir when during their 4th of July parade, they decided to make a political statement with this little gem.

Disclaimer – Back in the 70′s, I grew up twirling a baton in the Lenexa, Kansas 4th of July parade so these parades hold a soft spot in my heart.

For those of you not from small town, American, I can tell you most of these parades involve girl scout troops, people on tractors throwing out candy to the kids, dance troops and a few local politicians sprinkled in for good measure.  It’s usually 150 degrees in the shade and way over hyped for what it actually is.

Well, Norfolk, NE has everyone talking this Monday with this political statement.  They turned a White Trash Cadillac into the next GOP talking point with this outhouse labeled “Obama’s Presidential Library” and a dummy of Obama in the front.

The liberals have their panties in a wad over this one.  “It’s racist,” the liberal chorus all yelled out this morning.

We all know that it’s no secret I’m liberal.  That said, liberals you better close your eyes and not read any further because you aren’t going to like what I’m going to write.

Here I go…

It’s a lot of things.

It’s not appropriate for a 4th of July Parade.

It’s not respectful of our President.

But  it’s pretty funny.

And it’s not racist.

There I said it.  You can take away my liberal card if you want to, but I feel like someone has to say it.  I love funny and this is pretty funny.  It would be funnier if they misspelled “library”, but hey you can’t have everything.

I’ve been reading the comments as to why people think this is racist.

“It’s racist because slaves used to use outhouses.”

Stop right there.  New flash – everyone used to use outhouses.  That isn’t a slave thing, that is a before indoor plumbing thing.

I’m not taking anything away from all of the inappropriate, racist comments and jokes made against President Obama, but I just don’t think this is one of them.  It’s silly and juvenile, but it isn’t racist.  Hanging a dummy of Obama by a noose off of the bridge – now that is racist.  That is horrible and won’t be tolerated.

Finding the float funny doesn’t mean I’m not a liberal anymore, it just means I have a sense of humor.  Lighten up people.  There  are enough things that we can get all up tight about right now.  Try immigration, guns, contraception just to name a few.  Stop focusing on this parade in Nebraska.  Laugh a little.  Trust me it will keep you from crying at our current state of politics in this country.  I’m sure if we give it time there will be a real racist float or joke to get everyone upset soon enough.






Missouri Parents – Your Child’s Teacher Could Be Carrying A Gun and You Won’t Know

Dear Missouri Parents,

It’s the end of a school year.  If you are anything like me, it’s been an exhausting year of keeping up with your child and all of the things that go along with elementary school – homework, after school activities, friends, lice outbreaks, the occasional illness.  Next year you may have one more thing to add to the list – not knowing if your child’s teacher is armed.  That’s right, because last week the Missouri Senate passed SB 656 that would allow for certain teachers to become School Protection Officers.  School Protection Officers would be allowed to carry armed weapons into your child’s classrooms.  Here’s the kicker – you won’t be informed if your teacher is carrying a weapon.

Let that little chicken nugget sink in for a moment.  If your child’s school is anything like my child’s school, I am notified about EVERYTHING.  I receive an email or text message almost daily about carnivals, skate parties, art projects, lice outbreaks, strep throat, disciplinary issues, stranger danger, healthy food suggestions, music recitals, the veggie of the week, teacher appreciation weeks, Valentine’s Day, Christmas recitals, early dismissals and the list goes on and on and on.  Interestingly absent from this list would be if Mrs. Baker would be packing heat – the one thing that some would argue could keep little Suzie safe and I would argue could kill her.

The biggest champion of this bill is Representative Rick Brattin. You might remember this guy – he was the one who wanted parents to be able to opt-in to teaching evolution in schools.  I’m a little lost on his logic.  He wants parents to be able to opt-in when it comes to science, but doesn’t want to give parents the same courtesy when it comes to knowing when there is a loaded weapon in our child’s classroom.  He believes the “element of surprise” is essential when stopping an armed intruder.

“Nobody wants to do this. I don’t want to even think about having to put teachers into school with firearms but it’s a reality of the world today,” said Rep. Rick Brattin, R-Harrisonville, who has pushed for the creation of school protection officers.

Rep. Brattin – no we actually don’t have to do this.  It’s isn’t the reality of the world we live in today.  Let’s run some number shall we?

In 2011, according to the Department of Education there were 98,817 public schools in the United States.  Since Sandy Hook, there have been 44 school shootings in the United States.

So if I do the math  – that is .04% of all public schools have experienced a school shooting.

Ok, so now that I proved that the numbers don’t add up, we really don’t really have to do this.  It’s weird to me how politicians could have taken this simple step to prove the same point BEFORE passing this bill.  This took me all of 5 minutes and I’m just an average mom with a blog.

Now I googled fire arm accidents.  I went to a neutral source and avoided sources like the Brady Center To Prevent Gun Violence and the NRA for statistics.  I found this one from The approximate number of gun accidents that happen per year is 100,000. One American dies every fifteen minutes due to misuse of firearms. The most common causes of gun accidents are unsecure firearms and hunting accidents.

So based on these statistics, adding a loaded firearms to our Missouri schools would increase the likelihood that our children may (God forbid) be a victim of an accident to ward off the extremely low to almost non-existent threat of an armed intruder entering our schools.

Based on this, I ask that you call the Governor’s office and ask him to veto this bill.  This isn’t a “gun rights” issue.  If a school district feels the need to increase security then do so with the knowledge of the parents.  If a school district really feels at risk, add armed security guards at the school.  Don’t put teachers in the position of carrying firearms around our children.  As parents, we have a right to know whenever a loaded weapon is added to our children’s school.

Here is Governor Nixon’s contact information.  Please spread the word.  Contact the Governor and tell him Missouri parents won’t stand for this bill. Contact your Representatives and Senators and tell them this bill isn’t necessary.  Speak up and make your voices heard.

Office of Governor Jay Nixon
P.O. Box 720
Jefferson City, MO 65102
Phone: (573) 751-3222

Thank you,





The next Presidential Election and the GOP candidate is…..crickets

It’s time I switch my focus from the “Krazy Kansas” as I call it (trademark pending) to a national focus.  It’s never too early to start talking about the next Presidential election or as I call it, my Super Bowl.

Lets meet the players.  From the Democratic side we have Hilllary Clinton and……


Ok so from the Democratic side it is Hillary.  I think we can all agree that she is slated to be the Democratic candidate for the next Presidential Election even while she is still “thinking about running.”  Whateve Hill, we know are you totally in and so excited you can barely stand it.

From the Republican side it gets a bit more complicated.  We have an interesting cast of characters and for the life of me can’t tell who the heck is going to lead the conservative pack.

I call the Republican contenders the “boy brunette brigade” or the triple B for short -  Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Chris Christie, Paul Ryan and now Jeb Bush.

You can probably throw in Rick Santorum for good measure.

Out of this list, none of them is a strong candidate against Hillary.

I’ll admit – even though I want a Democrat to win, I long for a solid Republican candidate to make it an exciting race.  With any of these candidates we will just end up with Romney II.  A candidate who is lukewarm without any really chance of winning.  There will be a few exciting moments, but most of it will be a big zzzzzfest.

Listen up GOP, get your shit together!  I want a strong Republican candidate.  I love the political process. I love feisty debates, negative campaign ads.  Without a strong candidate, I’ll be forced to watch more Bravo to satisfy my need for drama.  Please feed my need for good politics.

So Republicans I ask you to step it up.  Who am I missing and why would they make a good candidate?

Marco Rubio can’t seem to hold it together on a national stage.  Ted Cruz shut down the government with a Dr. Suess book and America is still pissed.  Chris Christie…well you guys can’t really stand himself so why would Independents or Dem cross the line to vote for him?  Jeb Bush???? Really?  How many times are you going to back to that well?  I’m falling asleep just writing about these candidates.

Think about it GOP – you have so many winnable issues this time around.  The Democrats couldn’t have served up on a silver platter more beatable issues in the next election.  Obamacare, Benghazi, NSA spying, the IRIS scandal.  They are yours for the taking  except that you don’t have a candidate worth a darn.  Find somebody ASAP and get him or her (oh who am I kidding – him) out there on the national stage stat!

What do you think?  Do the Republicans have a chance in the next election?

If you don’t find a strong candidate soon, we will easily call Hillary Clinton the next President of the United States.



Rick Santorum’s statement on Mandela- he NAILS IT!

Nelson Mandela passed away and the world continues to mourn his death.  Activist, political prisoner and former President of South Africa, Mandela brought about change in a segregated country and finally helped a nation heal from a tragic time in their country’s past.

World leaders and politicians have been expressing their condolences in the media.  President Obama will travel to South Africa to pay his respects to the most beloved leader.

I believe Rick Santorum, Republican darling and previous Republican Presidential candidate, said it best when he said on the Bill O’Reily Show:

“Nelson Mandela stood up against a great injustice and was willing to pay a huge price for that. That’s the reason he’s mourned today, because of that struggle that he performed,” Santorum said. “But you’re right, I mean, what he was advocating for was not necessarily the right answer, but he was fighting against some great injustice, and I would make the argument that we have a great injustice going on right now in this country with an ever-increasing size of government that is taking over and controlling people’s lives, and Obamacare is front and center in that.”

Wait…apartheid and the fight to repeal Obamacare similar?  Let me think about it for a second….

Mr. Santorum, let  me be the first to say, “you NAILED IT.”

OMG…I mean the similarities to end apartheid and repeal Obamacare are so blindingly similar.  How did I not see it before?

The list on how these two things are similar is endless.  I immediately had a running list going.  Here are some of the highlights:

The intent is the same….

  • Apartheid means “the state of being apart”.
  • Republicans want to do anything possible to keep apart Americans from affordable healthcare.

It’s about prisoners…

  • Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in prison.
  • The Republicans held America prisoner with a 16 day shutdown in 2013.

It’s about race…

  • Apartheid was directed towards black Africans.
  • President Barak Obama is black.

It’s about voting…

  • Our nation’s politicians voted for and pass the Affordable Care Act making it law.
  • A huge segment of South African’s population couldn’t vote just because of the color of their skin.

It’s about hospitals…

  • Black Africans were forced to use separate hospitals under apartheid.
  • Obamacare gives access to hospitals and medical care for people who need it who may have been denied before because of lack of insurance coverage.

It’s about rich, white men..

  • Apartheid was supported by rich, white men.
  • The Republican party is mostly rich, white men.

A huge thank you Mr. Santorum for pointing out something that was so obvious I almost missed it.  One thing in all seriousness that I will say the two have in common is dedication…dedication by Nelson Mandela to end apartheid and dedication by the Republican Party to end Obamacare.

That is about all the two things have in common.  Nelson Mandela sacrificed much for the greater good of the African people.  He sacrificed his freedom for what he believed in.  The Republican Party can’t seem to see past their own interests for the greater good of the American people.  They can’t see that Obamacare is now law and stop bickering for the greater good of the country.

The two things couldn’t be any more different. 

And to think that some people think the Republican party has an image problem.  Just when I think the Republican Party is starting to get in touch with the American people, quotes like Mr. Santorum’s happen to remind us just how out of touch this party is.

I will say that as a Democrat…I hope that Mr. Santorum run for President again and that his party nominates him.  The defeat of this ignorance will be so sweet.

Holy craft supplies Batman – Hobby Lobby going to the Supreme Court

Hobby Lobby is headed to the Supreme Court with an objection over Obamacare.  Hobby Lobby has objected to the mandate from Obamacare saying that businesses with over 50 employees must cover contraception with no co-pay.  Hobby Lobby claims that the mandate to cover contraception infringes on their 1st amendment rights and they are refusing to comply.  David Green, CEO of Hobby Lobby, has a problem with morning-after pill and the intrauterine device, because Mr. Green claims that these two types of contraception cause abortions.

“A new government health care mandate says that our family business must provide what I believe are abortion-causing drugs as part of our health insurance. Being Christians, we don’t pay for drugs that might cause abortions.” David Green, CEO, Hobby Lobby

Mr. Green may not agree with paying for drugs that cause abortion, but he doesn’t seem to have a problem profiting from women who use this type of contraception.  I’ve looked for a statement from Mr. Green saying that Hobby Lobby won’t accept money from women using these types of contraceptives, but so far I haven’t found anything.  There is no big sign when you walk into a Hobby Lobby that says, “No shirt, No shoes, IUD, NO SERVICE”.

I have no doubt…NO doubt that Mr. Green and Hobby Lobby made millions in profits from women who use these types of contraceptives.  Why?  Because numerous women use IUDs for contraception.  According to the Guttmacher Institute, “in 2009, 8.5% of women using contraceptives relied on long-acting reversible contraceptive (LARC) methods (the implant and the IUD), rising from 5.5% in 2007 and 2.4% in 2002.”


For Hobby Lobby to make a profit off of women who use these objectionable contraceptives, but then declare that they can’t cover the contraception for religious reasons is hypocritical to say the least.

To be fair to religious institutions, like churches, Obamacare offers exemptions for the contraceptive mandate provided that they meet four criteria. A business or organization can claim an exemption if it:

  1. Has the inculcation of religious values as its purpose
  2. Primarily employs persons who share its religious tenents
  3. Primarily serves person who share its religious tenents
  4. Is a non-profit organization


Hobby Lobby clearly doesn’t qualify for an exemption based on these criteria.  Hobby Lobby isn’t a church in fact Hobby Lobby is a multi-million dollar business with over 500 locations.


Let’s look at the argument another way, say something a little less polarizing than contraception and abortion – what if an employer decided not to cover anti-depressants because of a belief that people can just pray their blues away?  What if an employer decided that covering anti-depressants violated their 1st amendment rights?


I think that we would all be shaking our heads and saying, “really”?  That is just crazy talk to think that a person could just pray their blues away. When we remove the hot button word “abortion” from the argument and replace it with something less controversial, the argument falls flat.  If the Supreme Court finds in favor of Hobby Lobby, what’s to stop a company from not covering maternity benefits to unmarried employees?  How about if a company decided not to cover Type 2 diabetes medications, because of the belief that the Bible holds the key to weight loss.  I mean there is a diet plan called the Genesis Diet.


My point is where does it stop?  Corporations are forced to follow Federal regulations every day that they may not agree with – just ask major manufacturers about their feelings about the Environmental Protection Agency regulations.  I’m sure that they would love to stop abiding by these EPA regulations if they could.


I am hopeful that the Supreme Court will find in favor of the Department of Health and Human Services and make Hobby Lobby comply with the law.  Just to be sure, I may take a moment to pray about it.

#GOP turns entire government into an entitlement program

On this busy Sat. I think I’ll catch you up on what’s been going on with Congress. There has been one vote that every member actually agrees on.
Hello? Wake up…Sorry you fainted.

That’s right. I said one vote that they all agree on.

They voted to provide backpay to all government employees. Do I think they deserve it? Yes, however, there is one glaring fact the party who is against entitlement programs just turned the ENTIRE United States government into a massive entitlement program. Everyone gets paid for doing NOTHING.

Can taxpayers who are paying for this big extended vacay get a t-shirt out of this? How about one that says, “Government employees got to take an awesome vacation and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.”

Let’s see how this whole genius idea has played out for the GOP:

1. Disagree with Obamacare so shut down the government.
2. Obamacare opens anyway.
3. Complain that Democrats and Obama won’t negotiate. (GOP – see #2)
4. Vote to pay the workers you shut down in the first place.

As you continue to put the fun back in dysfunction in our US government, the debt ceiling is fast approaching. The questions remaining are:

1. How bad will DC stink since the trash isn’t being taken out at national parks?
2. Will soccer moms start bathing their kids in anti-bacterial hand wash since no one is monitoring the flu?
3. Will you boys manage to dismantle the entire world economy by having the US default on the debt ceiling?

And these are the days of our screwed up American lives.

Syria – let’s do this. No wait..let’s not do this. Should we do this?

Last night I was on Darla Jaye’s show on 980 KMBZ and I was FIRED UP!  The topic – Syria.  It was a spirited debate to say the least.  I was for a military strike and she was against.  Since I’m the liberal and she is the conservative, it felt like a Freaky Friday moment with Lindsay Lohan pre-adderal and coke and Jamie Lee Curtis pre-Activia.  I’ll let you decide who was who.

If the UN inspectors come back with information that the Syrian regime did in fact engage in chemical warfare against their own people, the US must act.  We cannot tolerate biological or chemical warfare being used  against their own people or used against foreign enemies by any country and the US MUST take action.  To not have a US unified front on this is inconceivable to me.

I get that we are war fatigued.  I blame the Bush administration for that.  But being “the home of the brave” means that we can stand up to our fatigue and still manage to do the right thing.  That is what makes this country great.

I get how ironic the situation is in that we elected Obama to get us OUT of Afghanistan and Iraq and now we are in a situation where we might go in to yet another country.  Syria is a unique situation where ignoring the facts might bring grave consequences in the long-term if we choose to turn our backs on the facts once they are presented.

This is so different from guns, missiles and bombs.  There are defenses to traditional types warfare no matter how small  Chemical and biological warfare has NO defense.  That is why we can’t tolerate it by any regime or terrorist group.  What’s to say that if these weapons get in the hands of the wrong people they won’t be used against us at some point.  If we do nothing it’s the same as saying we condone this type of warfare.

What I can’t believe is what I’m reading in comments sections by Americans who believe that the horrible video of the napalm attack by the playground in Syria has been staged by actors.  Are we that jaded?  Are we that bitter?  People actually believe that this video has been put on like some sort of MTV punk’ed video?  To find child actors who can scream that good- I’m sure Hollywood would love that.  That’s really sick people.

So what should to response to Syria be?  I can’t answer that.  I’m many things, but not an expert in military strategy.  I will wait to hear from the Obama administration and the Pentagon.  I just hope that the American people can find it in themselves to support this administration and put their “fatigue” aside, find their bravery and stand behind the President to do what is right.  That is what makes this country the home of the brave.

God bless America.

Attention Sexting Politicians – use this tool to make your life easier.

Well, it’s another day and that means another day seeing a politician’s junk.  This time it’s on a local level.  Michael Brooks, Kansas City councilman and  PASTOR of the Zion Grove Baptist Church has been embarrassed by sexting pictures of himself to a woman he met on Facebook and MAY be guilty of paying tax payer dollars in a blackmail scheme to cover it up. (To be clear – not to cover “him” up, but the “scandal” up…he he he.)  We will let this scandal play out in the KC media and with the FBI.  For updates on this scandal, check out

What’s my role in all of this?  No..nobody has sexed me their junk, but I thought I would be helpful and make it easier for all of these politicians, school officials and clergy by creating a form letter of apology to the public.  Instead of paying PR people thousands of dollars per scandal, you have my permission to cut and paste this onto your own letterhead and fill out the appropriate blanks with my choices.

So here we go!

Dear _____________ (America, state, city, school, congregation):

I am writing to apologize for my  lack of judgement by engaging with _________ (lady, man, athlete, intern).  These inappropriate actions go against how I was raised in a good _________(insert religion) family.  My actions have hurt many, including my ____________(wife, kids, family, congregation, voters, donors…this list is too long-you get my point.)

I have always trusted my faith in ______________(Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, other) to get me through difficult times.  I will turn to the support of my _____________(congregation, family, community, nation) to help me learn and heal from this terrible ordeal.  When I took these inappropriate pictures I thought they would remain between me and this ______________(woman, man, intern, athlete, student, congregation member).  As terrible as my actions were, this is a private matter between me and my __________(wife…unless wife leaves you then just say “family”).   I want to make clear this relationship was between two consenting adults, however, I now know it was _________(horrible, disgusting, deplorable, sick, wrong),

You can still trust me to lead your _________(country, state, city, church, school).  While I spend this time repairing my relationship with my __________(wife, family – see above) please honor our request for privacy.

Regretfully  yours,


(Councilman, Senator, Congressman, President, Coach, Clergy)stock-photo-18466051-man-slumped-over-head-in-hands

The NSA scandal – Americans are private people

Holy Hollywood Blockbuster in the making!  The National Security Agency scandal hit America hard this past week.  Turns out the U.S. government is monitoring our cell phones, Facebook and other social media looking for patterns in our behavior in order to keep us safe.

How do we know the government has been spying on us?  A 29-year-old guy living a dream life in Hawaii making over 200k per year was working for Booz Allen Hamilton and decided he had enough and was the whistle-blower in the whole operation.  Now he is hiding out in a Hong Kong hotel kissing his ass goodbye.

Alert…Alert…Hollywood get on this one.  I pick Michael Cera or Jesse Eisenberg for the lead.  Possible title – “Whistle-blower”.  If the government was in the movie making business, this baby could net enough to clear our national debt.

In all seriousness, our right to privacy has been violated.  Freedom is something this great country was founded on.  Privacy and freedom go hand in hand.  Our founding fathers came to this country to establish a government that was by the people and for the people.  Having a government that can monitor what we are doing, saying and writing is against everything this nation was founded on.

Americans by nature are private people.  We like our conversations private.  What we do, how we live and our opinions are not for public viewing by anyone and especially the government even if it is to keep us safe from terrorism.

One sec…I’ve got to take a poll on Facebook to see what I should cook for dinner tonight.  It’s between a tuna casserole and chicken fajitas.

Ok..I’m back.  Tuna casserole it is.  Thanks Facebook friends!  Where was I? Oh yes, privacy….

Privacy is something this nation was founded on.  We should not compromise that for a safer nation or we lose the one thing that…

Sorry – I”m running errands today.  I need to check in on FourSquare at Starbucks.

Cool – now I need to tweet where I’m headed in case one of my twitter friends wants to meet for lunch.


“Getting eyebrows waxed and a bang trim. Whose up for a quick lunch? #momswholunch #browscape”

…makes this nation great.  Privacy is something I cherish. I, like most Americans, am a very private person. So  here is the message government – stop monitoring our information.  Go back to what made this country great – our right to privacy and our freedom.

OMG!  I’ve got to cut this short, my toddler just pooped on the potty.  Quick, I need to go post that on Facebook.

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