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Sad and shocking news from my side today as the Democratic leaders removed the assault weapons ban from firearm legislation. Majority Leader Harry Reid says he wants to bring a gun bill to the Senate with enough support to overcome any Republican efforts to block debate. And he says he was concerned that opposition to […]

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Dear Gun Rights Advocates: Me again. I know.  I’m a pain in the ass. Likewise… Since I have subscribed to many of your newsletters, I’ve noticed that a lot of you have been celebrating a recent “victory” that happened out of Trimble, MO last week.  Here’s a brief summary for those who didn’t follow the […]

Dear Sen. Blunt, It’s me again, you know Aimee, a.k.a.  the pain-in-your-ass.  Anyway I’ve got another issue to bring up. I know – shocker.  Just give me a second.  I keep hearing from you that you are opposed to any gun legislation that would, in your words, prevent if  “two guys living next door want to trade […]

Dear American people, I am submitting a proposal that I hope you will take into consideration as a possible solution to our gun problems in America. As the gun debate continues, it seems like Democrats and Republicans are all agreeing that background checks are necessary when it comes to purchasing a gun. All too often […]

I couldn’t help, but pause yesterday during Christmas and remember the families grieving in Newtown as they dealt with their first Christmas without their precious children. As we continue to process the gun control debate in this country there is so much to consider. My wish is that guns were outlawed altogether. Even I realize […]


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