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Have you ever spanked your child?  Take a second to tell me what you think.   I know some parents do and some don’t, but in South Africa it could be illegal to spank your child. That’s right – legislation is currently being drafted by the Children’s Rights Project to make it corporal punishment if […]

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Dear Ms. Franklin: I was reading the Huffington Post and came across your article, “30 things I hope to do after 30″.  I love to read lists like this.  I have made some lists like these in my life.  Since you are the Senior Lifestyle Editor at the Huffington Post and you are just turning […]

Dear Amelia, I know you are only six, but I feel like someday you might read this.  After you stop rolling your eyes about my political posts, hopefully you will find this post.  I want to tell you honestly how it feels to stand up for something you believe in. I know there probably have […]

Quick somebody wake Oprah!  Get her back to Harpo studios STAT!  The mommy wars have just erupted again.  It’s on like Donkey Kong people, that’s right..flash back to 1985 when this whole thing started.  It’s just like that same zit on my cheek that keeps reappearing and won’t go away (also started I believe in […]

I started listening to myself this morning as I was getting myself ready for work and my daughter ready for school.  Harry is our cat.   I thought this would make a funny one woman play starring someone like Debra Messing or Kate Walsh as me. Here is what came out of my mouth this […]


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