#KSleg are the bullies on the playground of Kansas Education

This past weekend, Topeka turned into what can only be described as something equivalent to something you would see on reality television as the House and Senate debated Education Funding.  The Real Representatives of Topeka was only one table flip away from being picked up by Andy Cohen as a new fall hit.

It finally passed, but only after a very, very late night session on Saturday and again running late into the evening on Sunday.

The big take away….Kansas doesn’t tolerate bullies unless they are from our own legislature.  Then it is A-Ok!

The situation is pretty simple.  The Kansas Supreme Court ruled that Kansas was underfunding our schools.  The KS Supreme Court gave the legislature until July 1st to comply with funding our schools at the appropriate levels.

One would think that would be a pretty simply solution. Underfunding equals more funding.  So what’s all the drama about?

Well, our more extreme Kansas Republicans decided that they weren’t going to fund schools at the full level without a series of demands.  Wait what?  But I thought the KS Supreme Court said to fund Kansas schools?  They did, but the Kansas GOP decided there were some things that they wanted changed.  Sounds like of like a kidnapper listing out a series of demands before letting the victim go.  In this case, the victims are our children.

The Kansas GOP decided to do away with stuff that they didn’t like in the current system – more vouchers and tax breaks for private schools and getting rid of due process for teachers that has been in existence since 1957.

Warning – if I see even one campaign ad from these clowns that says they are pro-education and pro-children this fall I’m going to throw my flat screen out the window.

We can continue asking what’s the matter with Kansas, but it is painfully obvious.  The problem with Kansas is bullies.  Whether it’s this type of hostage taking education funding or the other measures I have been writing about this season, the Kansas GOP believes that they reign supreme.  One day they are nullifying federal and local gun ordinances, the next day they are opting out of the Affordable Healthcare Act in favor of a hypothetical healthcare compact that doesn’t even exist.  Now they are gutting some basic rights our teachers have negotiated into their contracts or they won’t fund Kansas kids.

What can we do now?  Continue to focus all of our efforts to get extremism out of Kansas.  Vote next fall for moderate Kansans both Democrat and Republican.  There are sane and rational people living in Kansas.  Lets not continue to let this extremism reign supreme.

Today I wear red to support Kansas teachers.  I have a child in Kansas public schools and I can say that the dedication that teachers show on a daily basis is amazing.  Kansas schools continue to be an excellent resource for educating future Kansas leaders regardless of what the Kansas House and Senate have attempted to do.  I applaud all Kansas teachers for their hard work and dedication to our children.

I have a feeling this drama is far from over, however, the House and Senate have adjourned until April 30.  Thank goodness. I need a break….

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Good news people who suffer from hypothetical illnesses – KS HB2553 is just for you!

Another day another bill to attempt to defund, make illegal or just outright outlaw Obamacare. This time it comes from my favorite KS Representative Brett Hildebrand. Hildebrand sponsored HB2553 – the healthcare compact bill. Now what the heck is a health care compact? It basically takes the newly formed Federal program of Obamacare and puts healthcare back into the control of the states that are included in a healthcare compact. HB2553 even has a pledge that reads (I’m currently standing with my hand on my heart as I write this-cue the patriotic music.)
“The member states shall take joint and separate action to secure the consent of the United States Congress to this compact in order to return the authority to regulate healthcare to the member states consistent with the goals and principles articulated in this compact. The member states shall improve health care policy within their respective jurisdictions and according to the judgment and discretion of each member states.”
Amen – ok I added the amen part, but this is KS. I’ll assume they left just forgot the amen.

So let’s break this down – KS has voted to remove Obamacare and put the authority of healthcare oversight back to the states. States can opt-in to this health care compact.
Quick question – what if all 50 states opt in? Does it then become a federal program?
I know, stop over thinking this Aimee. The main goal is to get KS away from Obamacare. Here’s the dealio – the health care compact doesn’t exist.
Let that sink in for a sec….KS House voted to opt-out of Obamacare in favor of a healthcare compact that doesn’t even exist. Read here for more info on the bill.

Since the healthcare compact is hypothetical, we can only assume that the new healthcare compact will only cover hypothetical illnesses.
So attention Kansas citizens! If you are suffering from the following you will be covered in the new Healthcare Kansas Compact:
• A case of the Mondays.
• Kimyeitis – the nauseous feeling you get when you see Kim and Kanye West do absolutely anything these days.
• Whiteaholicism – the illness that causes people to wear white after Labor Day and before Memorial Day.
• Parallel Parking Syndrome – the illness that makes it impossible for most people to parallel park with any accuracy.
• Loud Cell Phone Disease -this debilitating illness that makes it impossible for most to talk at a normal level on their cell phones in any public places.
• Candy Crushitis – the inability to stop playing candy crush until you have successfully crushed every jelly.
• MarchMadnessphobia – the fear that your college basketball bracket is at any minute going to turn to junk.
This is just the tip of the iceberg in what the Health Care Compact is going to cover.
What is very real about this bill is it asks that the states who are part of the health care compact receive full funding from the federal government.
(I can’t stop laughing). Let me get this straight – you want to opt out of a federal program in favor of a hypothetical program and you want FULL federal government funding to do so? There is some saying about a caking and eating it that comes to mind.
What isn’t funny is there is no provision in the bill exempting Medicare. Call your aging parents – KS just voted to make the very successful federal program of Medicare a state-run program.
(That sound you heard was my mother screaming, “Like hell they are going to mess with my Medicare.”)
Now that the Kansas House has established themselves as the expert in passing bills based on hypothetical things, I can only assume next up will be bills including:
• Building unicorn farms throughout Kansas;
• Creating the only national space alien landing pad;
• Establishing Kansas as the tooth fairy headquarters.
Way to go Kansas. This bill really corners the market on ridiculous!



#Obamacare I’m quirky & website has quirks so it’s a match made in heaven

If you haven’t heard Obamacare is a DISASTER!  Everyone is running around screaming, “the sky is falling!”  As a result – business are cutting hours, premiums are rising and Paris Hilton has a new song with Lil’ Wayne.  Ok, maybe that last one isn’t a result of the Obamacare disaster, but it is still a disaster.Chicken-Little_Sky-is-Falling

How bad is it really?  I took it upon myself to find out.  Here’s my 411 so you can understand why Obamacare isn’t a disaster for me:

I work for a small company – under 10 employees.  We were recently told that we had the OPTION to look into Obamacare as an alternative to our employee healthcare.  Our employee healthcare IS NOT going away, but we were welcome to shop around.  Shop around?  This is a new concept in medical insurance.  I love to shop so I said yes!

Approximately 4 years ago I had my own business and I was under my husband’s health insurance.  Cue divorce and I lost my husbands benefits.  Because of pre-existing conditions that are none of your damn business, getting health insurance was next to impossible.  I had to give up my business and go to work for health insurance OR use the emergency room as my primary care walk-in clinic.  I chose to go back work to have medical benefits unlike millions of Americans.  This experience has me rallying for Obamacare to be a success, but in this post I am honest in my reporting on how things went when I signed up.

Yesterday I logged on and created my account – approximate time: 3 minutes.  (disclaimer – to be fair I type crazy fast 89 wpm)

Website didn’t implode.

I filled out all of my information.  I encountered one error message and I clicked on the x to make it go away.  It went away and never returned.  I continued to fill out all of my information.  When I entered my social, it brought up relevant information about me to conclude I was who I said I was.

Overall the total time for me to fill out my account info and submit my information:  approximately 15 minutes.

I am waiting for my result.

My theory is that since I’m quirky and the website has quirks – our quirks cancelled each other out and the website worked like a charm.  I was honestly prepared for the worst and found it to be a rather fast and boring experience – which is a good thing.  I could get back to laying candy crush in no time.

Now will I use the insurance once it’s presented to me?  I don’t know yet.  The point is that I have options.

To all of the Republicans claiming that Obamacare is a disaster to business remember a healthy workforce is a better workforce.  Companies weren’t “required” to offer health insurance before and MANY did.  You have to stop and ask yourself why?  I think it’s because : 1.  to keep employees healthy so they can work more and 2. to remain competitive in the hiring pool.

Those businesses who are claiming that they have to cut hours, because they can’t afford it – get more creative in cutting costs elsewhere and offer good employees medical benefits.  Thousands of American businesses have been doing that BEFORE Obamacare and will continue doing so after Obamacare.  Sometimes employees searching for employment will decide on an employer who offers the BEST benefits package.  If businesses want to compete in recruiting and retaining top talent, they will offer great benefits to do so.

Will premiums go up?  For some they will and for others, like me they will probably go down.  The sky hasn’t fallen on me.  In fact, my sky is bright blue and sunny!

Thanks Obamacare.


Aimee (pre-existing conditions) Patton


My serious appeal to the Tea Party.

Dear Tea Party:

I didn’t think you would actually do it, but you did.

You broke the government.

Today, tourists from some dysfunctional, third-world country will visit Washington, DC and they will marvel in how close it now resembles their own.  “I thought we had problems with abuse of power and government coups, but it’s nothing compared to this mess,” said anonymous tourist from west African nation.

It’s so bad that 80-year-old WWII vets are “storming” the WWII monument today that has been “closed” due to the shutdown.  Makes me want to stand up and sing “God bless America.”

Now I know what has my panties in a wad about the government shut down – things like Head Start running out of money and the WIC program being defunded.  These are government programs that help the under privileged in our society – our impoverished children who may go hungry, because of this partisan bickering.

If you are a Tea Party member and you are reading this, I probably sound like Charlie Brown’s mom right now.  So I will stop my liberal speech about those “entitlement programs” that cause big government and do little things like feed kids.

In an effort to bridge the gap, I am making an effort to point out some of the programs that mean a lot to the Christian conservatives that will suffer because of this shut down.  Maybe by taking the time to point out these valuable programs, we can understand the other side and hopefully start-up negotiations as a way to jump-start the most powerful government in the world.

Here are the top 3 things that mean something to the Tea Party and have been shut down:

1.  Gun permits could be slowed down or even stopped!  In a time when conceal and carry permits are at their all time high, forget WIC programs being de-funded, your gun permits could stop being processed.  Holy AK-47 Batman!  This is serious!  How can you be a good guy with a gun to fight off the bad guys with guns if your government can’t process your gun permits?

2.  The Navy-Air Force Game may be postponed.  “Troy Garnhart, an associate athletics director for Air Force, told The (Annapolis) Capital newspaper there “is a possibility” the game would be affected. Garnhart told the paper that upper-class cadets at Air Force are considered military personnel, which means they could be subject to travel restrictions under the shutdown.”  We are talking about football – the great American sport, not some silly educational program here people.  Get back to the negotiating table.  There is pizza and beer to consume, television to watch and football to be played.

3.  The pandacam is down.  This is serious people.

Enough said.


It’s all the rage to rage against Obamacare

Dear people who live in the suburbs, people who frequent Facebook and people who currently have health insurance:

I’ve got a little secret.  Lean in real close…

Guess what?  This is probably going to come as a shock, but the Affordable Care Act doesn’t apply to you.

(Insert HUGE gasp!)

I know.  It’s shocking.  Based on all of the outrage that is coming from the Republicans and the media blitz that has taken place this last week, you would think that it does have everything to do with you, but it doesn’t.  I actually heard claims like..

“Obamacare is causing the downfall of our economy.”

“Our nation will crumble under the weight of Obamacare.”

“Big business will fail, because of Obamacare.”

You get the picture.  It seems all the rage right now to blame Obamacare for just about everything. In fact, I’ve taken to substituting the word “shit” for “Obamacare”.  A guy cut me off in traffic on my way home.  I hit the breaks, “Obamacare man! Watch where you are going!”  I got a papercut at work, “Obamacare! That hurt.”

I think since the most vocal opponents to the Affordable Care Act are those WITH health insurance, how about if we take it a step further and just blame all of our suburban rage on Obamacare.  For example:

  • If your cable goes out during a big football game – ‘damn Obamacare!’
  • The drive-thru get your meal wrong and forget the packets of ketchup – ‘freaking Obamacare!’
  • Susie’s soccer practice is at a different time and field than when and where you show up – ‘Ugh..Obamacare!’

If my memory serves, these same people were griping about how the uninsured were using our emergency rooms as their primary care clinics not so long ago to the tune of…oh what was it?

From the American College of Emergency Physicians:

Hospitals and physicians shoulder the financial burden for the uninsured by incurring billions of dollars in bad debt or “uncompensated care” each year. Fifty-five percent of emergency care goes uncompensated, according to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Health care costs for both the full-year and part-year uninsured will total $176 billion dollars this year – $86 billion of which will be incurred when they are uninsured. 

“See, it’s that damn Obamacare to blame!”  Wait, I guess that didn’t work like I wanted it to and in fact it may help solve this problem.  I am, however, out of Diet Coke – “I curse you Obamacare!”

#KS has a bad case of malaise – we might need ACA to clear that up

KS Lt Gov. Jeff Colyer believes Kansas has a case of economic malaise that has marched across Kansas and it is devastating small businesses here in the heartland of America.  What’s the cause of us not being able to leave our recliners and get to work?  Obama of course more specifically the Affordable Care Act.

Colyer actually had a pow-wow with a joint committee of Congress where he laid out his evidence that ACA was the root cause of our blues.  “Wherever I go, the biggest concern I hear is the uncertainty about what the law is going to do to small business,” Colyer told a joint committee on economic growth and health care. “The issues are profound and detrimental to our citizens.” http://cjonline.com/news/2013-09-18/colyer-offers-critique-us-health-insurance-reform

How detrimental?  Colyer points out that Kansas had our unemployment rate INCREASE in August  for the third month in a row to a whopping 5.9%.  His conclusion: Obama and his Obamacare MUST be the cause. 

It is because of our increasing unemployment that we MUST repeal the Affordable Care Act (for like the 150th time).

To prove his theory rock solid, I did a little more research.

The Department of Labor reviewed the unemployment statistics and noticed that our workforce grew in April and May and UNEXPECTEDLY contracted in June and July.

Tyler Tenbrink, a senior economist at the labor department, said analysis of the up-and-down nature of the labor force in Kansas had yet to be completed. The stall and decline in the past two months may turn around just as quickly, he said.

“We’re going to need some more data points to see what’s going on,” he said. “It could be an anomaly.” http://cjonline.com/news/business/2013-08-19/kansas-unemployment-rate-hits-2013-high-59-percent

Damn Obamacare for these anomalies.

According to the statistics, the government shed 18,900 jobs.  This could possibility be contributing to the unemployment rate.

I wonder why so many jobs have been eliminated?


Is it because of all of the extreme funding cuts that Brownback has caused leaving the state in a critical stage with certain vital public services and eliminated key positions in our government and government agencies?

No that can’t be it.

It MUST be caused from Obama and Obamacare!

Well done KS Lt Gov. Colyer.  I do believe you nailed it.



Why the new Weiner scandal matters to the Midwest

Oh Anthony Weiner, (head shake)…
I blame you. Here our country was all wrapped up in all things good and pure with the debut of the Royal Baby and it was abruptly interrupted with more pictures of your junk.

Should I refer to you as Carlos Danger for this post? Later that day, there was your wife standing by your side and telling us this was a private matter between the two of you.

I call BS. It isn’t just an issue between husband and wife. It involves all of us.

How does it involve me- a nobody blogger from the Midwest?

Because you are running to be Mayor of New York City. New York City is one of (if not THE) most powerful cities in the United States.

Lets break down why its more than just an issue between man and wife.
1. It’s not like you are calling and meeting your mistress in some hotel for a quick romp and then both going on your way the way hundreds of male politicians have done all the way back to Washington. Washington would jump in his boat and paddle across the Potomac for his little colonial romp. That would involve only 3 people – you, your wife and your mistress. You are sending pics of your junk and explicit texts to cell phones where there are records of it. I have the ability, like most Americans, to log onto The Dirty and check out your Johnson and the twins. It makes it a situation between you, your wife, your mistress and millions of Americans. As gross as it is, like when I see pictures of Snooki, I can’t look away. Curiosity killed the cat…

2. If it is an addiction, I feel sorry for you. It also makes me think that, as an addiction, a person can often trade one addiction for another. If New Yorkers decide to trust their city to you, what is the chance that if you get this sex addiction under control, you won’t trade it for another addiction that plagues so many? Gambling, drugs, alcohol are other addictions like sex addition that people struggle with every day. If you have an addiction you are sick and sick people shouldn’t be in charge of a powerful city.

3. Powerful people can also be bribed. Let’s face it, you aren’t exactly picking the top of the food chain here with these babes. I doubt you even really know them. Desperate people do desperate things. What will it take for you to be bribed by the next bimbo? Now I’m not naive to think that bribery and American politics have a long history, but shouldn’t it at least start out with everyone believing that our politicians are good people?

I think what you have done well is opened the door for more women in politics. Try Googling women politicians and sex scandals. You will find crickets chirping. If you believe, as I do, that women are equally capable to lead this nation, our cities and our towns then the American people need to start looking at more women candidates. If we are tired of reading about our male politicians and their sexual escapades, let’s give more women a chance and see what happens.

If all it takes is you showing your junk to get on Politico, send it my way. I’m a struggling political blogger who could use all the help I can get to get discovered. We’ve all already seen your junk anyway. I thought it actually took a brain and hard work to get in at Politico. Silly me.

I won’t deny the other great thing you’ve done with the whole scandal…confirmed that I’m not featured on The Dirty. I didn’t even know this scanky website existed. I think many Americans, like myself, collectively exhaled after checking out that nasty website and not finding pictures of themselves.

Please get some help. Get out of American politics and don’t show me or anyone else your penis again.

Good luck in your continued recovery.
Yours in not seeing your penis ever again,

Debbie Downer Commencement Speech by Rep. Kevin Cramer

It’s graduation time in America.  I remember my graduation like it was yesterday…give or take ten or twenty years.  I also remember my commencement speaker.  Such a powerful speech that still sticks with me today.  I’m often reminded of that speech about…

give me a sec…

about….leadership!  I’m sure there was something in there about leadership.  I’m also 65% sure there was something in there about leaving my mark on society.  I have no doubt that there was a cool Billy Joel or Don Henley quote finishing up the commencement speech given by….

give me a minute….given by….

Moving on.

Speaking of a commencement address, turns out Rep. Kevin Cramer, R-North Dakota gave a doozie of a speech to the University of Mary. I feel like I’m missing the “land” at the end of Mary.  It’s just University of Mary.  I was reading the Huffington Post and this story caught my attention.

See, Rep. Kevin Cramer decided not to go the tradition route of pumping up the new grads with a speech about leadership and making a mark on society, he thought he would spice things up with a real upper speech about mass murders, moral decay and abortion!  Let’s give a big graduation party foul to Rep. Cramer.  Way to bum every out dude.

It’s one thing to suck all the joy out of our new grads as you send them out into the world, but your depressing one/two punch doesn’t even make sense.

From Rep. Cramer’s speech,

“Forty years ago, the United States Supreme Court sanctioned abortion on demand,” he said in his speech at the University of Mary on May 4. “And we wonder why our culture sees school shootings so often.”

What the?  Alex, I’ll take massive overreach resulting in nonsense for $100.  

I would have changed this up slightly Rep. Cramer.  How about this..

“Forty years ago, the United States Supreme Court sanction abortion on demand (as well as movies on demand – shout out to Time Warner).  It’s because of this that you were a planned and wanted pregnancy.  Go thank your parents, make a lot of money so that you can afford to put them up in a wonderful retirement home. Congratulations Graduates of 2013! Now let’s party!

See its has a slightly more positive and uplifting tone.  Not quite so much Debbie Downer.  

You said it was no wonder the Huffington Post criticized your speech since it was a liberal blog.  Well this blog also tends to lean-to the left.  So much so that sometimes I have been known to fall over when writing it.  You said you “were  trying to convey a message centered on speaking the truth about today’s culture.”

When it comes to graduates, they have their whole lives to figure out the truth about life.  No need to feel obligated in a commencement speech to provide them with harsh truths.  Next time focus on inspirational messages.  They are going to need all the inspiration they can get to make it through the hash reality this nation is going to give them.

Then again, I’m just a blog writer who leans to the left and tries not to fall over.  What do I know?

Stop with the GCG Already! I need my sleep.

First an apology,  I know I have been writing a new post almost every day.  It’s 5:30 a.m. and I can’t sleep.  See, the past week it’s been a trifecta of my issues all at once – G.C.G. I call it.  Guns, Contraception and Gay Rights.  It’s been the perfect storm hitting all at once.

Enough with my hot button topics already!  If you ran into me these days you would say, “Girlfriend needs her beauty sleep.”  I admittedly look a little rough.  I blame current events and my new low carb diet.

Ok..we move on to the C of my G.C.G.

Contraception – A judge ruled that Emergency Contraception must be sold over-the-counter to females 15 years of age and older.  I’m convinced he watched an episode of MTV’s Teen Moms before making this ruling.  EC was only available to girls with a prescription prior to the ruling.  The judge ruled that since EC was available to females under 17 with a prescription that the FDA was overreaching its bounds having EC available only with a prescription.  The judge found the extra step unnecessary for minors with such a time sensitive product (EC has to be used within 3 days of unprotected sex).

As quick as I was throwing the confetti and pouring the drinks for my Emergency Contraception Celebration Party, the Justice Department issued a statement late yesterday that they were going to appeal the ruling.

Quick get the vacuum, party is over.

Obama, seriously?

From the Justice Department,

“The Court’s Order interferes with an thereby undermines the regulatory procedures governing FDA’s drug approval process. A drug approval decision involves scientific judgment as to whether statutory and regulatory factors are met that warrant deference to those charges with the statutory responsibility to make those decisions.”

Um..that’s a whole lot of lawyer speak.  However, there has been no proven scientific evidence stating that females 17 years of age and younger shouldn’t take EC.  In fact, EC can be given to females 17 years of age and younger WITH a prescription so what’s the difference?  Females 17 years of age and younger can READ which is the only requirement to taking EC correctly.

Parents quick cover your eyes- 30% of 15 and 16 olds are having sex.

Now opponents of having EC available to minors are worried about serious effects which are (brace yourself)

  • Nausea
  • Headaches

They are also concerned that minors won’t understand that EC doesn’t protect against sexually transmitted diseases.  This may be more of a shout out to stop states from cutting school funding so we can continue to improve our literacy rates.  It says it doesn’t protect against STDs right on the box.  Oh that reading thing…we can’t expect our teens to actually read since they are spending all that time having sex.

Raise a baby they didn’t intend on having we are fine with.

Read a box warning them about STDS…well that’s another story.

There are far more dangerous drugs on our drug store shelves that teens can get their hands on.  This is nothing more than a political hot button topic that is hurting females.

Shame the Justice Department for attempting to overturn this important ruling.

Hester Prynne Comes to #KSleg

The 70 page abortion bill was debated in Kansas today.  The abortion bill was so broad that it our lawmakers actually spent time debating if it would be ok for parents who worked for family planning clinics to volunteer at their children’s school.

Of course we all know a sex education expert  teaching sex education is out of the question.  However,  our KS lawmakers took it one step further debating if it was o.k. for parents to volunteer at schools doing things like…bring cupcakes to school for children.  Not condom cupcakes, just plan, old-fashioned cupcakes.

So to end the debate, it was agreed that the people who work in family planning clinics will for now on have to wear a large A across all articles of clothing whenever they are in public.  The state of Kansas will provide the large A’s to the family planning workers.  The “A” stands for – abortion provider.

I’m just kidding on the last part – the “A” part. Although I feel bad for giving them the idea.  The rest I’m not kidding.  They did finally allow the bill to be amended so that family planning workers could volunteer at their kid’s school.  (the horror)  They can’t teach kids about sex.

The bill is likely to be passed and will soon become the most restrictive abortion legislation in the nation.  Our new state motto: Welcome to Kansas – Knocked up? Not Ready? Sucks to be you!

I know the KS representatives are patting each other on the back, but before you throw yourself a huge kegger celebrating your success, I just want you to pause for a moment and think about something…

Just because you take access away, doesn’t mean the demand goes away.  Women will still seek abortion.

Where will they go?  Not to the back alleys of the 1950s.  They will go online. They will go to the same place that women living in highly abortion restrictive  countries go to find abortion pills go.  http://www.cnn.com/2008/HEALTH/07/11/abortion.pills/index.html

They will order unregulated abortion pills and they will die.  The stats from this story are alarming.  1 in 10 women taking abortion pills ordered online end up needing surgery due to complications.  

They can go to this pharmacy where you can “buy one and get one free.”


This is truly disturbing.  Instead of making sure women are safe and supervised by a physician when seeking out an abortion in a medically supervised environment, politicians are now driving women to websites like these for a “buy one get one free” abortion.  I’m sure if women were seeking out self injecting Botox, our government would be all over to make sure it was safe and regulated.

I honestly understand why people don’t want their tax payer money going towards abortion.  As much as I disagree, I get it.  Is there no room for compromise?  Is it too late?  I don’t want to see Kansas women having to seek out websites like these for their abortions.  I don’t want women risking their lives doing a procedure on their own when they should be medically supervised.  Abortion is a safe procedure.  Why drive women to websites like these?  We keep saying things like abortion is only ok if the life of the mother is at risk.  If women are seeking abortions from websites like these, aren’t their lives at risk?  Doesn’t this qualify?

I can’t come up with anything funny to write about, because it just makes me sad.

Kansas – Don’t do this.  Don’t leave our women in Kansas in a desperate situation.  Don’t force them to seek out dangerous alternatives when they can have safe alternatives here in Kansas.  We can leave taxpayer money out of it.  Just leave them alone.  Let’s not leave women a “buy one, get one free” abortion option.  



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