Only Bowe knows

Bowe knows a lot of things.

Bowe knows why he walked away from the army in 2009.

Bowe knows what’s been going on for the past five years as a prisoner or a guest of the Taliban.

Here’s what we know.

We really don’t know Bowe.

We are all frantically trying to put the pieces of this brokered deal together for the exchange of Bowe Bergdahl.   We are all playing armchair military strategist right now and foreign affairs expert.  We are taking our years of expertise playing games like Risk and Battleship to good use to determine if what President Obama did was right or wrong.

You all know I am a big Obama supporter, but even when I watched the press conference with Obama and Bowe’s parents, I started praying, “Please God tell me they vetted this situation appropriately.  Don’t let this be another Benghazi.  Please tell me that the Father’s beard is just really fashionable and I’m just not up on the latest in facial hair. Something just doesn’t seem right about this whole thing. Please tell me this isn’t going to be a disaster that I feel it’s going to be.”

Then the tweet came out from Bowe’s father:  “I am still working to free all Guantanamo prisoners,” the tweet said, according to various screen grabs. The tweet was subsequently deleted. “God will repay for the death of every Afghan child, ameen.”

Oh hell.  Something as simple as a past tweet and it is all starting to unravel.

Let’s clear something up before all of you anti-Obama peeps start firing up your “I told you so” responses.  See I’m good with him trading prisoners at Gitmo for our prisoners of war.  If memory serves, America elected Obama on a platform of CLOSING Gitmo.  It was a long, long time ago, but that was one of his promises.  I remember it clearly  In fact, it is one of things that I am most disappointed by from the Obama presidency.  See I”m comfortable enough in my own party to talk openly about disappointments in my own party.  You should try it sometime. It’s very liberating.

So we traded prisoners?  Both Republican and Democrats have done it in the past.  Israel does it all the time.  If we can trade Gitmo prisoners for our prisoners of war, I’m totally fine with that.

What is a big deal is what were the circumstances of Bowe’s leaving his troop that night.  Tired of the army?  Sick of the mission?  No good reasons to walk away.  Show me a soldier who isn’t at some point.  Was he taken by the Taliban?  Was he held against his will?  Was he really a prisoner or just hanging out for the past five years?

The government has to know more than what they are telling us. They had to know we would find the stuff we found on the internet.  It wasn’t that hard.  It was all out there, easy for the taking.  They had to know there would be that type of backlash.  There must have been reasonable justification to endure this kind of bad press.  Please tell me this kid was really a prisoner and we really stand by our mantra about not leaving behind an American soldier?

If it isn’t true and this kid walked away to join up with terrorists and the Republicans can ever get their act together and find a reasonable candidate, they will have a disastrous foreign policy record to tee off on.  Please tell me that Obama’s team isn’t this stupid.  They just can’t be.  Please tell me there will be some more compelling facts that will be coming out that will have America sighing with relief that it was all done for a good cause.  Please Obama don’t leave me hanging.  I should say don’t leave Hillary hanging.

From where I sit, only Bowe knows and he has some explaining to do.

(extra points to those of you who know the KC reference to “Bo Knows”)



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It’s all the rage to rage against Obamacare

Dear people who live in the suburbs, people who frequent Facebook and people who currently have health insurance:

I’ve got a little secret.  Lean in real close…

Guess what?  This is probably going to come as a shock, but the Affordable Care Act doesn’t apply to you.

(Insert HUGE gasp!)

I know.  It’s shocking.  Based on all of the outrage that is coming from the Republicans and the media blitz that has taken place this last week, you would think that it does have everything to do with you, but it doesn’t.  I actually heard claims like..

“Obamacare is causing the downfall of our economy.”

“Our nation will crumble under the weight of Obamacare.”

“Big business will fail, because of Obamacare.”

You get the picture.  It seems all the rage right now to blame Obamacare for just about everything. In fact, I’ve taken to substituting the word “shit” for “Obamacare”.  A guy cut me off in traffic on my way home.  I hit the breaks, “Obamacare man! Watch where you are going!”  I got a papercut at work, “Obamacare! That hurt.”

I think since the most vocal opponents to the Affordable Care Act are those WITH health insurance, how about if we take it a step further and just blame all of our suburban rage on Obamacare.  For example:

  • If your cable goes out during a big football game – ‘damn Obamacare!’
  • The drive-thru get your meal wrong and forget the packets of ketchup – ‘freaking Obamacare!’
  • Susie’s soccer practice is at a different time and field than when and where you show up – ‘Ugh..Obamacare!’

If my memory serves, these same people were griping about how the uninsured were using our emergency rooms as their primary care clinics not so long ago to the tune of…oh what was it?

From the American College of Emergency Physicians:

Hospitals and physicians shoulder the financial burden for the uninsured by incurring billions of dollars in bad debt or “uncompensated care” each year. Fifty-five percent of emergency care goes uncompensated, according to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Health care costs for both the full-year and part-year uninsured will total $176 billion dollars this year – $86 billion of which will be incurred when they are uninsured. 

“See, it’s that damn Obamacare to blame!”  Wait, I guess that didn’t work like I wanted it to and in fact it may help solve this problem.  I am, however, out of Diet Coke – “I curse you Obamacare!”

Hey…From President Obama

I watched the debates last night.  I will say it even though it pains me greatly – Good job Mitt!  Mitt obviously won the night. I think the problem with Obama is he didn’t seem engaged.  I think with President Obama there are two modes – engaged and not engaged.  He is either speaking so passionately that the audience ends up yelling, “Amen!” or he is disengaged and he sounds like those professors from college where you had to pinch your hand to keep yourself awake.  Obama was talking, but I can’t for the life of me remember any of it.

The best observation of the night came from my 6 year old.  “Maybe they both can be President and just take turns.”

After the debate, I immediately receive fundraising emails from both candidates.  Downloading the Romney VP app signed me up for a flurry of GOP email that I can’t delete fast enough.

There was my daily President Obama email.  In the subject line just one word:  “hey”.

Now, I am not naive to think that President Obama actually sits down to compose emails to me every day.  I know he has people doing that for him.  Here is how I imagine this creative process going:

Group of campaign staffer Gen Ys around a table.

“O.k. so let’s review this email before it goes out.” Staffer A

“Looks good, dude.” Staffer B

“Wait! We need a subject line.  It’s got to be an attention grabbing headline.  We’ve got to say something that will make people really want to open this email and donate to President Obama.”  Staffer A

“Hey dude, I’ve got an idea.” Staffer C

“Eureka!  That’s the subject line.” Staffer A

“What?  Hey dude, I’ve got an idea?” Staffer C

“No.  Just ‘hey’.  It’s simple, casual and to the point.” Staffer A

The whole group erupts giving each other high-fives.

And there you have it.  The subject line of “hey” was typed and sent to millions around the country.

Maybe it didn’t play out this way, but for God’s sake hold someone responsible for this laziness.  I type emails to my family and friends and use the subject line “hey” usually dude follows the hey.  This shouldn’t be coming from the President of the United States.  I realize we are now a casual society, often wearing jeans to work, but this is taking it a step too far.

This reminds me of when I get lazy filing papers away.  I have been known to mark the folders “stuff” when I am just too lazy to actually develop a good filing system.

There is your next subject line campaign staffers – “stuff”.  I give you permission to use it.  I’ll use another word to describe the subject line and President Obama’s performance at the debate – lame.  I have a feeling that one won’t be showing up in a subject line any time soon.

Come on campaign staffers – carb load yourselves, smoke those cigarettes you just starting smoking this campaign cycle, drink a few Red Bulls and look alive.

In the tradition of Obama’s subject line emails, I’ll use one word to wrap this up.


Where are we in the 8 stages of Obama’s change?

There are eight stages of behavior change.  Let’s say we go to our doctor and we are obese as many Americans are.  Our doc says, “stop eating so many bloomin’ onions.”  Here is how the 8 stages of change model works for not eating all you can eat Chinese food lunch buffets.

Precontemplation:  I love me some all-you-can eat crab rangoons!

Contemplative:  I know crab rangoons are bad for me, but I gotta have some rangoons!

Preparation:  I’ll keep eating crab rangoons in September, but in October, no more crab rangoons!

Action:  Only carrot sticks from now on.  So long crab rangoons!

Maintenance:   Boy these carrot sticks are great!  I can’t believe I ever ate crab rangoon.

The last  election Obama dazzled us with a message of Change and Hope.  We wanted both.  We needed both.  We were hungry for both.  He served it up on a super-sized, strip mall of Chinese, all-you-can-eat lunch buffet and Americans helped ourselves to massive portions of yummy goodness with a side of duck sauce.

Stages of Change Model

When we elected Obama four years ago, we were in action mode!  Give me HOPE!  Give me CHANGE!  I gotta have it.  I’m ready!  We had eight years of the Bush administration to contemplate for change.

After four years of the Obama administration, the question everyone is asking is “Are you better off now than you were four years ago?”

If yes, vote Obama.

If no, vote Romney.

Is it really that easy?  How do I answer that question?  Where am I in my stages of change?  Like this model of behavior change, when I once was ready for action, maybe I relapsed along the way to preparation?  Isn’t that what do as a country?  I do it so frequently in my life, on my diet, on my exercise plan.  Why wouldn’t I do it with my politics?

During election time we may have voted a Democratic President into the White House, but so many seats in the House of Representatives are still filled by Republicans.  Doesn’t that means we switched as a country back to the Contemplative Stage?  Did we relapse in our change model from Action to Contemplation?  Did we lose hope along the way? We are impatient.  Maybe we didn’t feel like we were progressing fast enough.  The desire for progress was too great and the rate was too slow.  How easy we forget why we needed change in the first place.

How can we hold Obama responsible for inaction when we are the ones who relapsed in our behavior by having a Republican controlled House meaning so little would actually get done?  Aren’t we responsible for our own stagnation?

Maybe looking at these 8 stages of change, we can not only understand why so many diets fail, but also why so much of our political system fails.  Suddenly I have a craving for crab rangoon with a side of change.  I have a feeling I’m going to get a huge serving of it tonight!


If the N word is “cute” one can only wonder what is considered hilarious

Racism against President Obama has gone viral.  There has been a bumper sticker featured that shows Obama’s brand with a slash through it and it reads “Don’t Re-Nig 2012″.  Sure enough, this little gem comes from Paula Smith and her company “Stickatude”.  I read an interview with Paula featured in Forbes.

First, I couldn’t believe the interview is running in Forbes.  In Touch I could see, even People, but I have a hard time believing that Paula even knows what Forbes is, let alone that she agreed to an exclusive interview.  Anyway, Ms. Smith doesn’t believe the N word even means black person, but instead says this,  “According to the dictionary [the N word] does not mean black. It means a low down, lazy, sorry, low down person. That’s what the N word means.”

Earth to Ms. Smith, either you need a quick history lesson or you are living in a wonderful world of denial.   Now I am well aware that world of denial usually involves some home brew narcotic and that’s why I have to show ID every time I need a decongestant at my local drug store.

Ms. Smith goes on to say, ““I do find it amazing and entertaining that one of our stickers has become a racist thing,” Isn’t that just the funniest thing Ms. Smith that a bumper sticker with the word nigger in it would go on to become a “racist thing”.  How on earth do you think that would happen?  Maybe because it has one of the most offensive words ever used to describe a race of people?  Could that have something to do with it?  I can’t wait to read the stickers about the Holocaust.  That should be hilarious.

Now I didn’t want to judge a book by the cover, so I needed to do some investigative research.  I went to Stickatude to find out more about the products Ms. Smith sells.  In case you fellow racists were wondering, the “Don’t Re-Nig” sticker is sold out.  I’m sure your local KKK chapter has other racist items that they would be happy to sell you.  If you can’t wait, here are some other gems for purchase off of Stickatude:

“Lift your truck, Fat chicks can’t climb”.  Just a little observation, how would the driver of truck get in it?  Usually the driver has not missed a super sized meal. Hum..I’m going to have to think about this one.

“Jesus Loves You, everyone else thinks you’re an asshole”  This one will be wonderful sitting outside of your rural church on Sundays.

“Shock me and say something intelligent”  Probably someone with this on their vehicle has a pretty low shock standard.

On to the “political” section.  There is a disclaimer at the top where Ms. Smith says she is neither democrat or republican, but an American.  She is anti-Obama and pro-gun (shocker) and all for supporting our troops.

“Let men marry men, and women marry women.  In three generations there won’t be any democrats.” A racist and homophobic.  Awesome combination Ms. Smith although not surprising I must add.

“Somewhere in Kenya a village lost its idiot” Obama is not from Kenya so this one doesn’t even make sense.  I believe the idiot is you Ms. Smith

“God, Guns and Guts Made America.  Let’s Keep All Three.”

This last one leads me to the most interesting tab on this website…”Christian Stickas”

Ms. Smith goes from her racist, homophobic stickers to her stickers that call people fat and stupid and then she has a tab devoted to the lord, Jesus Christ.

“America Needs a Faith Lift”  Yes, Ms. Smith, please take note.

“God wants spiritual fruits, not religious nuts.”  Couldn’t agree more Ms. Smith.

“Heading the wrong direction, God allows u-turns.” Can I take this little beauty and stick it over your mouth?

I beg you Ms. Smith, please take all the money you will make on your sudden fame and take a sensitivity training.   This might also be a good time to study up on American history.  Know that the word nigger is absolutely not “cute”, it is hurtful and racist.  Whether you like President Obama’s politics or not, he is still our President and he deserves to be treated with respect.  Just because you know a black person that does not make immune from racism.    I’m all for Christianity, even though I’m Jewish, but the good part about Christianity.  I didn’t see a Jew hating bumper sticker, but I probably didn’t look hard enough.  If bumper sticker intelligence is all you have, please read the Christian Sticka tab on your own website and take some of those messages to heart.  It’s the least you can do since you have embarrassed yourself.  I’m not fully sure you even understand that.  Then again who am I…oh that’s right, just a Jewish, heterosexual democrat, fat chick who hates guns, loves Obama and I’ve never played paint ball-so summed up not your “demographic”.  You might want to look that word up in  your dictionary.




How I went from a nice Jewish liberal girl to a Christian conservative who hunts

The conservative media is in a tizzy this week because of video surfacing that a young President Barack Obama hugged his law school professor Derrick Bell at Harvard. (insert gasp) Derrick Bell was the first tenured African American law professor at Harvard and he came up with the “Critical Race Theory”. Please click here to learn more:

The reason this is causing such a stir among conservatives, is they believe this hug provides further proof that Obama must hate white people. The hug seals the deal that everything Derrick Bell believed Obama must also believe. Obama is guilty by association.

OMG! I have some confessions to make that I wasn’t even aware of until Andrew Breibert, the conservative blogger who died recently, may he rest in peace, brought this to light. Seems like anybody a person comes in contact with or has associated with in the past makes them guilty by association. That made me start to think of some of the people I have associated with in the past and what that must make me.

I’m a hunter. I have never picked up a gun. I’ve been very vocal about gun control and even marched on Washington for the Million Mom March, but I have friends who hunt. I personally could never think to shoot and kill something, but according to this definition of guilty by association, I am a hunter. I look horrid in that camo gear and absolutely hate the idea of sitting in a tree for eight hours, but I guess I need to get used to it. Don’t you have to be quiet while hunting? Have you ever met me? Do you think it would be o.k. to bejewel some of that hunting wear? I am sure the animals would be good with some bling.

I believe in traditional family values. I am currently divorced, working a full time job and raising a child by myself, but I know people who believe in the traditional role of women to be at home raising the children while the man is at work. These people still believe the man is the head decision-maker of the household. Well, I guess my first step is to find a man and the second step would be to find my iron. I am practicing saying, “yes dear” convincingly with a smile plastered on my face. I am going to start looking for any man in a sweater vest as my first candidate to run my household. That seems to be the trend these days.

I am an anti-Semite. Yes, I know I am Jewish and this seems like a conflict. (Oy vey, my parents are having a heart attack) See I went to a Southern Baptist college and I encountered a lot of anti-Semites there. I was told I was going to hell and the Holocaust happened because the Jews “were wrong”. I guess because I knew these people for four years that makes me an anti-Semite. I had a sorority sister who died. When all of us sorority girls were gathered to mourn her death one said, “I’m comforted to know that I will see all of my sisters in heaven. I mean all except Aimee, because she doesn’t believe in Christ.” Ah, good sisterly love. Anyway, turns out I am with her on this based on the right wing media definition that just because you know a person your beliefs are theirs.

Last, but certainly not least, I am a Christian conservative. See I live in Kansas and you might have heard we love Santorum. My love, Kirk Cameron, is a Christian conservative. I guess now I believe Jesus Christ is my savor. I suddenly believe that dancing is Satan’s dance. Sex before marriage is a one way ticket to hell. Anybody who does not believe like I believe has been seduced by the devil. I love all people except those who don’t believe like I believe. I want prayer in school, Christian prayer only of course. I believe there is a war on Christmas and ignore that there are other religions out there. Everybody must say “Merry Christmas” only! I want the Ten Commandments in my government buildings and I ignore the first amendment in order to make that happen. Judging others is left to me and God and I feel empowered enough to act like I am God and tell everyone what is right and wrong in this world.

I, being a Christian conservative, know exactly what the founding fathers were thinking when they wrote anything. How do I know? I just know and since I’m a Christian conservative that is enough said on that topic. I love that I can do stuff like that since I am a Christian conservative. I feel drunk on power. No wait no alcohol that is Satan’s drink. I am high on life. That is o.k. because Pat Robertson said so.

So I went from a liberal Democrat, Jewish, single mom to a Christian conservative, who values a traditional marriage, hunts on the weekend and hates Jews all based on this same association the right wing media is using to link Barack Obama to the same views as his Harvard law professor. Just because we know someone and maybe even like them doesn’t make us the same person. I am not writing to declare Derrick Bell’s views right or wrong. I will leave that to others to hash out, but what I will say is Barack Obama is not Derrick Bell any more than Obama was his minister or any more than he is me. Although, I must admit that I wouldn’t mind being Michelle for a day or two….lucky lady!

OK mom and dad you can breath now. Can somebody revive my father? I’m still your nice Jewish girl well Jewish girl anyway, coming to Passover seder.


Santorum’s twitter intern…you goofed.

Happy Presidents’ Day

Is that what you say?  If yes, then there you go, if no, then I am just acknowledging Presidents’ Day.  I think most people could care less unless you work somewhere that is closed today.  I am self employed so I celebrate every federal holiday.  So, back to my point, Happy Presidents’ Day!

Throughout the day I got the various tweets about Presidents’ Day.  One particular one caught my eye:

“RickSantorum: Today we honor presidents who understand freedom makes our country great.  I understand that.  Unfortunately, Obama doesn’t.”

Do I believe this came from Rick Santorum’s blessed fingers?  No, I am not naive to believe that Rick actually tweeted these words himself.  I am sure there is some young intern at campaign headquarters developing carpel tunnel as we speak typing these little nuggets every hour or so on schedule.  His boss, a late twenty-something, is probably barely looking at these things and did an over the shoulder approval.  Everyone at campaign Rick has been working long hours and the bad news is no one is enjoying campaign relief sex, because we all know that campaign Rick does not believe in sex outside of marriage and even if they do with no birth control there is no room for error so why risk it.  All they have to go on is Starbucks and praying to the Lord above to keep them going.  That’s probably why these things slip through.

Let me explain what’s wrong with this tweet.   Did previous presidents understand that freedom makes this country great?  I would argue that the founding father’s understood more that democracy and representation made this country great.  Freedom wasn’t so high on the list.  I think if there someone who understands and appreciates the concept of freedom it would have to be Obama over Santorum.

Two of our most popular presidents, Washington and Jefferson, owned slaves.  Kind of goes against that whole freedom understanding claim doesn’t it?  They fought hard to create this country and were very much for branches of government and representation, but not so much about every person actually being free.  Then again we get into that fuzzy definition about who exactly is a person and who isn’t in the late 1700′s.

To have a black president and first lady is inspiring, especially ones as smart as the Obama’s.  For Santorum to say that Obama doesn’t  understand freedom when his race was not able to vote until relatively late in history or for that matter wasn’t even counted as a person in some parts of our country until the mid 1800′s is ridiculous.  I think, because of that, I put my faith (something you claim to be very familiar with Santorum) in Obama to uphold.  Obama provides proof of that fight for freedom time and time again most recently with his bold statement that birth control should be something affordable and available to all women.  The ability to make choices about my body and health and not have an obstacle such as money stand in my way is a great example of freedom.  Let’s compare that to Santorum’s example of freedom being that his religion’s definition of what I should be doing with my body should be the law of the land.

If somebody is going to take away a freedom, can we please take away Khloe and Lamar on E!  In the middle of this blog I just turned it on.  Sorry for the brief break on my freedom rant, but Khloe has her bedroom decked out like some sex dungeon and Lamar turns her down, because “he’s had a long week”.  Excuse me?  First of all, I wish I could take my brain out and rinse it off to remove that visual of their sex dungeon bedroom.  Second, what the hell is up with Lamar that he is turning down a sex swing?  Do I sense trouble in paradise?  Hopefully E! will rerun their 2 hour wedding special so I can be reminded of their true love that is sure to last forever.  Khloe, you are worth millions, is it too much to ask for a reasonable color job on your hair?  Maybe Lamar would be a little more in the mood if your hair would decide what color it wants to be.

Ah, I love exercising my freedoms!  Now that I lost most of my male readers to the sex swing paragraph, let me go back to Santorum.  Did I just write a blog that has sex swing and Santorum in the same blog post?  Probably this has never been done.  I will soon feel the power of prayer as many pray for my soul.

Maybe Santorum should spend the rest of this day truly celebrating freedom.  All freedoms; the freedom of religion, the freedom of choice, the freedom of speech, etc.  This is better than exercising his right of judgement.  I get that we have that right, I am exercising that right now, but I am not running for the highest office in the land.  We can celebrate the foundation that our founding fathers set up and then celebrate how much our society has added to their foundation.  I don’t think we give ourselves enough credit for what we have added.  Obama was elected, because he was the right person for the job.  I think if there is somebody who understands and appreciates freedom it is him.

Now excuse me while I see if a good nasal rinse is enough to possible reach my brain for that Khloe and Lamar visual.

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