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Warning!  I have found something so anti-American is will cause outrage in homes across the country.  Is it a new message from the Taliban?  No.  Is it another threat from North Korea?  Wrong again. This is the WORST of anti-American messages, because it is directed at our innocent children.  Parents- stop hugging it out with […]

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Pintrist is not new to the social media scene, but I am new to Pintrist. In the social media world, anything older than a micro-second is considered old. If Facebook is the mom, Pintrist is the emerging teenager. It was time for me to get acquainted to this pin and repin world of Pintrist. I […]

Dear Radar Online: First let me tell you that I adore your site. When I am worn out from reading the latest headline from our nation’s dire economic situation, the recent conflict in Mali, or where we stand with our nation’s polarizing political system, I turn to you for the latest in juicy celebrity gossip. […]


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