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Kansas politics, I’m so over you right now.   I swear that if the Great and Powerful Oz asked Dorothy if she wanted to go home to Kansas right now she would stop and think and then say, “I’m good.”   If you aren’t from Kansas, let me brief you on how our television looks […]

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Dear Governor Brownback,   It’s me again.  Another day, another post.  I was so hoping to move on to another topic, another political figure, but you just won’t stop.  I can’t seem to quit you these days.  I desperately want to write about other things, but then you serve up another gem and I just […]

Listen up Kansans! On Tuesday, Governor Brownback is launching Road Map 2.0 Vision for Kansas!  The Road Map 2.0h oh oh…echo echo echo (for dramatic effect) will be where Governor Brownback travels across Kansas explaining his grand plan for the great Kansas comeback. Now we all know if this is a 2.0 that means there […]

Dear Gov. Brownback, I owe you a thank you.   See at my age most of my “firsts” are over.  I already drove my first car, had my first kiss, worked my first job.  I even ended my first marriage.  Really the only “firsts” left are collecting my first social security check, getting my first […]

In a place that is a few hours away from where I am writing this, a drama unfolded yet again involving…you guessed it women’s bodies. The Saline County, KS Commission rejected a state grant for $6,064 to fund IUDs. Why did they reject the grant for IUDs?  One word: ABORTION! Hold on.  Before you log […]


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