In Saline County KS, instead of IUDs it’s IUDon’ts for women in need

In a place that is a few hours away from where I am writing this, a drama unfolded yet again involving…you guessed it women’s bodies.

The Saline County, KS Commission rejected a state grant for $6,064 to fund IUDs.

Why did they reject the grant for IUDs?  One word: ABORTION!

Hold on.  Before you log off and roll your eyes thinking, “not another abortion debate.” Hang with me as we take a stroll down logical lane.

First lets start with IUDs 101   IUDs are a form of contraceptives called LARC or Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives.  IUDs are a form of birth control.

From a very neutral source that we a use when we are trying to self diagnose our latest ailment on the web.

From WebMD:

How it works

Both types of IUD prevent fertilization of the egg by damaging or killing sperm. The IUD also affects the uterine lining (where a fertilized egg would implant and grow).

  • Hormonal IUD. This IUD prevents fertilization by damaging or killing sperm and making the mucus in the cervix thick and sticky, so sperm can’t get through to the uterus. It also keeps the lining of the uterus (endometrium) from growing very thick.1 This makes the lining a poor place for a fertilized egg to implant and grow. The hormones in this IUD also reduce menstrual bleeding and cramping.
  • Copper IUD. Copper is toxic to sperm. It makes the uterus and fallopian tubes produce fluid that kills sperm. This fluid contains white blood cells, copper ions, enzymes, and prostaglandins.1

IUDs are gaining in popularity because of their safe and effective means of preventing pregnancy.

Before an IUD is inserted, a pregnancy test is administered to be sure that a woman is not already pregnant.  An IUD will not be inserted if a pregnancy test comes back positive.

The key player in this birth control drama was Commissioner John Price.  Commissioner Price said he wasn’t against birth control, but against abortions.  However, he did go ahead and reject the grant because, “I am not going to stand before my God, and he is going to point his finger and say, ‘You aborted those kids.”

“I think it is murder to take this from the federal government,” he said. “It’s only $6,064. To me it is murder, and I am not standing for it.”

So he’s not against birth control, just against abortions, but this isn’t an abortion its birth control, but he went ahead and rejected the grant anyway. Whew….that was one long sentence and I’m still lost.  I’m going to make a huge assumption that Saline County, KS accepts federal funds for birth control.  Who does Commissioner John Price think he is deciding that certain types of birth control are ok and other types aren’t ok?  Is he a doctor?  No he is not a doctor.  John Price’s expertise in making decisions on birth control comes from owning a recycling plant.  I guess because they recycle copper he is suddenly an expert in IUDs.

Here’s the kicker in all of this.  The biggest obstacle facing a woman obtaining an IUD is cost.   An average IUD costs approximately $500.  The grant for $6,064 could have provided (getting out calculator) approximately 12 IUDs for the women in Saline County, KS.

You might be thinking, what’s the big deal if it’s only 12 women?

What if you were one of those 12 women?  What if you were desperate for long-term birth control so you could go get a job or go back to school to get a better life?  Or think of it another way.  How many times have you heard the same argument from people complaining about women having children on welfare?  Here is an opportunity to offer long-term birth control to women in need with a low failure rate and this Commissioner turned it down.  Why?  Because of a weak pro-life argument and “being right with his God”.

If Saline County, KS accepts money for birth control then it isn’t fair that they don’t accept money for all birth control.  County Commissioners shouldn’t be deciding what birth control is the right type of birth control for the women of Saline County, KS.  That is for the doctors and women of Saline County, KS to decide.

Commissioner Price, you did a disservice to the women of Saline County, KS.





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Top 10 Signs You Know the #KSLEG Is Back In Session

The Kansas Legislature took a much needed break a few weeks ago.  Things in Kansas seemed calm, peaceful and eerily sane for the first time in many months.  Yesterday, everyone came back.  Gentlemen start your engines.  Krazy in Kansas is back in session!

 Here are the top 10 signs you know the Kansas legislature is back in session.

10.  Forget a new purse or nice belt, everyone grabs their favorite accessory – a holster and gun before starting their day.

9.  There is a daily story in the Huffington Post and New York Times declaring, “What’s wrong with Kansas”.

8. The twitter feed #KSleg rivals the drama of  Andy Cohen’s posts during a Real Housewives Reunion special.

7. If something goes wrong, it must be Obamacare’s fault.

6. Don’t agree with a federal law?  No problem – just nullify it.

5. Another beautiful day, another opportunity to under fund our public schools.

4. Parents get more notifications of classes that their children must “opt in” for – sex ed, science.

3. The new Kansas slogan is created: Welcome to Kansas! Proudly the only state where we undervalue our teachers!

2. It’s only May, but it’s never too early to start drafting the next “Merry Christmas” bill.

1. You make your next sonogram appointment with your favorite OBGYN, Dr. Mary Pilcher-Cook.

HB2210 – An open letter to Governor Brownback



Dear Governor Brownback,

I just need a quick moment of your time.  There is a bill on the way to your desk that just passed the KS Senate – HB 2210.  From the KC Star -

“House Bill 2210 would prevent voters who have a party affiliation from switching after the June 1 filing deadline until after primary results are certified in August. It would allow unaffiliated voters to change registration.”
Read more here:


Now there are some rumors floating around that people in one party switch parties to vote in the primary election to either 1. vote in the moderate candidate to beat the conservative in the primary election OR 2. vote the conservative in for hopes of an easy win come the general election (a la Missouri’s Todd Akin and Claire McCaskill race)


I’m asking you to please veto the bill.  Let’s not make it any harder for Kansans to participate in the election process. A bill like this would only drive more people away from voting versus actually keeping the integrity of the election process.  I mean really, just stop and think about the facts:




  • In the last general election 66% of the population came out to vote.  
  • In 2013, 67.3% of the adult population of Kansas went to the dentist. (America’s Health Rankings)


Let that sink in for a moment.  MORE people went to the dentist last year than came out to vote in the last election.  We all know the jokes about hating going to dentists.  Heck, I hate going to the dentist – no offense to any dentist reading this, however, it is pretty telling how hard it is to get people to vote in an election when going to the dentists wins by percentages.


I know…I know…there is a crazy rumor floating around that I switched parties from a Democrat to a Republican in order to stop some of the…how shall I put it…more radical legislation coming out of Topeka.  I will own it.  I did change parties, BUT I am just one Kansan.  HB2210 didn’t stop me. I did it early, because I know that a moderate has a tough race in my district without any solid Democratic candidate and I want the moderate to win.  


If your point is to stop people like me from doing it once the candidates are announced, it’s a long shot at best.  I also think we can both agree that we shouldn’t be putting any stipulations around getting people to the polls.  At this point, any Kansan who wants to come out to the polls should personally get a high-five from you Governor after they leave the polling booth just for showing up.  



The point is we want to engage more voters with good candidates running on strong platforms not isolate those who choose to vote by forcing them to declare a party before they even know who the candidates are.  You can’t tell me that there aren’t going to be some people who just throw up their hands and decide not to participate in the election if they are forced to declare a party so early.


You and I would both love to think that the election process is as clean and pure as the driven snow; however, strategic voting tactics have gone on ever since pro-slavery Missouri, border ruffians invaded Kansas in an attempt to make Kansas a slave state.


If the point of the bill is to stop shady campaign tactics, I call on the KS legislature to come up with a bill to stop negative campaign ads.  You know the ads that run constantly during campaign season.  These ads are usually pretty soft on facts and high on fear tactics.  I think a bill like that would have Kansans singing “hallelujah” instead of HB2210.


So let’s just forget about my motives for changing parties and know that at least I’m INVOLVED in the political processes in Kansas.  Keep more Kansans involved by vetoing this bill.  Now I’ve got to run and call my dentist for a teeth cleaning.  Turns out – I’m overdue.


Yours in participating in the political process,



HB2453 – one person’s “hiccup” is another person’s belch

We all know about HB2453 – the anti-gay bill that was proposed and the House passed in Kansas.  The bill eventually died, but Ray Merrick, R-Stillwell and House Speaker recently responded to increasing criticism that the Kansas house is a circus:

“How many bills do we deal with in a year’s time? And to say that we got one hiccup so therefore we don’t know what we’re doing,” Merrick said. “I don’t sit here day after day after day going through bills that we passed and all the mistakes in them.” Read more here:

Cue him unfurling his fan and saying in his deepest southern drawl…”well bless our little hearts, we just got a wee bit carried away. Silly us.” Giggle. Giggle.


One hiccup?  One hiccup?  He is calling a bill that would allow people to deny service to a group of people solely because of who they love a “hiccup”? I would call it a lot of things a belch or maybe even a fart, but a hiccup?


Lets not forget that the bill PASSED.  It was much more than a little oopsie daisey.


Representative Merrick, I’m sure there is nothing that you would like more than to have this whole nightmare go away, but it won’t.  Voter like me and others in the state of Kansas who are outraged over HB2453 will make sure that this won’t go away like an innocent little hiccup.


There is rumor that this bill is going back to the draft stages and will be reintroduced at some point.  I hope you remember this little “hiccup” as a painful, chronic condition that keeps you up at night.  This type of ugliness has no place in Kansas.

All day Kindergarten in KS sets kids up for a valuable life lesson – disappointment

Tonight is Governor Sam Brownback’s state of the state speech outlining Kansas priorities for the 2014 legislative session.  An anticipated part of the Governor’s speech will be a proposal to extend Kindergarten to a full day in Kansas schoolsdownload

The new plan will cost Kansas taxpayers $80 million dollars over 5 years.  The governor and other lawmakers understand the importance of a strong foundation in the importance of education that comes from a full day of Kindergarten.

“Kindergarten is a formative year,” said David Smith, chief-of-staff for the Kansas City, Kan. School District. “Their brains are young, they are forming. If we can get them in school and teach them well, that really creates a foundation. That’s a foundation for their education for life. So it’s the right thing to do. Most states already do it and our kids need it so we do it.”

Overall, the program will teach a more valuable lesson to our Kansas youth, how to handle major disappointments in life.  

I mean what is life really if not for a series of major disappointments as we get older?  Brownback’s plan is perfect for instilling that very serious feeling of let down that most of us only get to experience as adults.  Lets give our kids the finest Kindergarten education and then when they hit first grade they will really be able to understand and absorb the disappointment when they realize that Brownback has cut back on public school education to the point where the Supreme Court in Kansas actually found it to be unconstitutional.  Since 2007, school funding has DECREASED by 13%.

Most people only get to experience disappointment in their government when they become adults.  Now, Kansas kids will be able to lead the nation in understanding and accepting massive disappointment when they get to 1st grade and see the impact of the cuts.

“Class sizes have increased, teachers and staff members have been laid off, and essential services for at-risk students were eliminated, even as the state implemented higher academic standards for college and career readiness.”

Think about what an important life lesson it will be when our well-funded kindergartener find themselves in a 1st grade class bursting at the seams because of over-crowding.  It really just toughens them up early on for the workforce where only the strong survive.

“I am proud to live in a state that under funds education.  I mean where else in the United States can my child go to school and know that the her state is one of the leading states in under funding education.  Now my child will have more opportunity with implementing a full day Kindergarten to get the important life lesson of handling disappointment.  Art, I mean who really needs art?  Or how about full-time janitors.  Really?  Our kids don’t need such luxuries.  Life is full of germs.  Get used to it,”  said an anonymous Kansas parent.

Kansans will learn more of Brownback’s plan to fund a full day Kindergarten in tonight’s speech.



KS Board of Education uses “progressive” in a postcard does that mean they are progressive?

The Kansas  Board of Education is sending postcards out to legislators in an effort to communicate and celebrate Kansas Education.  New slogan is:Slide1

  1. Proud
  2. Positive
  3. Progressive

Turns out there should have been a fourth P in the old slogan – problem.  Some of the board members had a problem with the slogan’s word PROGRESSIVE.  Some thought it was a bit too political for the campaign.

More on the point of the post card campaign:

Each card will contain a short message to inform and celebrate public education in Kansas. Board members were encouraged to submit ideas for the cards before the November board meeting, when the board is expected to approve the cards in anticipation of the legislative session. Theme ideas ranged from historical facts and the board’s strategic plan to successes and inspirational Kansans or events.

The cards aren’t intended to be political. Instead, the goal of the cards is to get parents and other members of the public talking about education.

Some of the members thought that if legislators in Kansas received a postcard with the word “progressive” on it, they may just collect them all and burn them in the halls of the capitol.  Others thought that the mere writing of the word “progressive” could have them associated with a liberal and God forbid (literally – God may forbid it in Kansas).

The nation is watching Kansas right now, because of our historic under funding of our public schools.   I thought I would come up with some other catchy slogans for the postcard campaign.

Kansas Education:

  1. Proud
  2. Positive
  3. Paused

Kansas Education:

Fund us damn it.

Finally, Representatives if you receive these postcards know that just because you read the word ‘progressive’ it doesn’t make you one in political party or in the case of Kansas education – in action or advancement.

Putting the K back in Krazy Kansas politics

Dear Dr. Wolf:

First, welcome to the race for Senate in Kansas.  I appreciate anyone who is willing to add even more crazy or should I say “krazy” to our political landscape here in Kansas. (note to self – learn to  cross stitch “Krazy Kansas” to earn money to keep this blog going – it will be great on pillows.)


So rumor on the street is your are even MORE conservative than Pat Roberts AND you are a cousin of President Obama.  Call the Kardashians, looks like we have a new kookie family in town and it’s the Obamas!  You wacky cousins – one conservative, the other one liberal…I can only imagine what your Thanksgiving looks like. are 2nd cousins once removed?  I still don’t understand what the hell that even means.  I think by that logic, I might be related to President Obama.  I’m going to have to that.  Is that where we are all somehow related to King Henry VIII?

Well, I guess we all have to milk our claim to fame somehow right?  Who am I to judge?  Did I ever tell you that I met Kirk Cameron at Worlds of Fun?  

Back to the point…

I understand you are a radiologist and that means you are an expert at telling us why healthcare and government shouldn’t mix.  Interesting that your practice accepts Medicare AND Medicaid.  Aren’t those two government healthcare programs? Silly me…what do I know?  I’m just some wacky blog writer and I NEVER wrote a book.  You did write a book and I just downloaded your 5 chapter, 38 page book.  I’m getting ready to get all comfy and cuddle up for a nice, long read.


Good luck on your campaign!

Yours in understanding 2nd cousins,


#KS has a bad case of malaise – we might need ACA to clear that up

KS Lt Gov. Jeff Colyer believes Kansas has a case of economic malaise that has marched across Kansas and it is devastating small businesses here in the heartland of America.  What’s the cause of us not being able to leave our recliners and get to work?  Obama of course more specifically the Affordable Care Act.

Colyer actually had a pow-wow with a joint committee of Congress where he laid out his evidence that ACA was the root cause of our blues.  “Wherever I go, the biggest concern I hear is the uncertainty about what the law is going to do to small business,” Colyer told a joint committee on economic growth and health care. “The issues are profound and detrimental to our citizens.”

How detrimental?  Colyer points out that Kansas had our unemployment rate INCREASE in August  for the third month in a row to a whopping 5.9%.  His conclusion: Obama and his Obamacare MUST be the cause. 

It is because of our increasing unemployment that we MUST repeal the Affordable Care Act (for like the 150th time).

To prove his theory rock solid, I did a little more research.

The Department of Labor reviewed the unemployment statistics and noticed that our workforce grew in April and May and UNEXPECTEDLY contracted in June and July.

Tyler Tenbrink, a senior economist at the labor department, said analysis of the up-and-down nature of the labor force in Kansas had yet to be completed. The stall and decline in the past two months may turn around just as quickly, he said.

“We’re going to need some more data points to see what’s going on,” he said. “It could be an anomaly.”

Damn Obamacare for these anomalies.

According to the statistics, the government shed 18,900 jobs.  This could possibility be contributing to the unemployment rate.

I wonder why so many jobs have been eliminated?


Is it because of all of the extreme funding cuts that Brownback has caused leaving the state in a critical stage with certain vital public services and eliminated key positions in our government and government agencies?

No that can’t be it.

It MUST be caused from Obama and Obamacare!

Well done KS Lt Gov. Colyer.  I do believe you nailed it.



#KS launching a don’t bed before you wed campaign to reduce poverty

Last year Gov. Brownback put together a task force to take a long look at a serious problem facing our state – childhood poverty.  He brought together the best and the brightest to study, discuss and find a solution facing so many of Kansas’s most vulnerable population.

Finally on September 6th, the Governor’s task force on reducing childhood poverty rolled out their findings.

I put down the latest copy of People Magazine and read the 27 page report.

My favorite part of the report was this:

The task force acknowledges that the government’s ability to address poverty has historically been unsuccessful. Though government at the state and federal level continues to pour money into anti-poverty programs, poverty rates continue to grow, and out-of-wedlock childbirth has exploded. Government must be mindful of programs and policies that result in keeping individuals in poverty by disincentivizing full-time employment and marriage or incentivizing out-of-wedlock childbirths.

After 3 task meetings – the group has found a solution!  It is a 3 pillar approach that includes (drum roll please)

  • Education
  • Employment
  • Marriage

I will talk about the 1st and 3rd pillar.

I think we can all agree (liberals and conservatives) that education is the key out of poverty.  Without the foundation of education, one is almost GUARANTEED to repeat the cycle of poverty.  I applaud the task force and Governor Brownback for identifying this trend and making a commitment to do everything to stop this vicious cycle by showing a true commitment in making sure our Kansas children have the BEST possible education to make them competitive in the global job market.

Hold on a sec…what’s that?

Headline interruption:

Study: Kansas cuts K-12 education funding by fourth-most in nation

State reduces financing of public education 16.5% below 2008 level

From the report:

Michael Leachman, director of state fiscal research at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and co-author of the report, said state government reductions for schools weakened the nation’s ability to foster a well-educated, skilled work force.

“At a time when the nation is trying to produce workers with the skills to master new technologies and adapt to the complexities of a global economy, states should be investing more — not less — to ensure our kids get a strong education,” he said.

Hum…well this is awkward.  How about if we move on to third pillar?

Marriage!  Let’s all just get married and everything will be a-ok!  Get yourself to the chapel and no more poverty!

I even have the PR slogan “Don’t bed before you wed!”  It’s twitter length appropriate, it rhymes and I think it will probably sway young people who are ready to jump in the sack to wait a moment and head to their local church to get married for what I’m sure will be 60 years of wedding bliss.

The task force concluded that two parent households reduce poverty.  In order to address that they are recommending an eight-hour, pre-marital course and then they will eliminate the marriage license cost.  Consider that your wedding present – Mazel Tov from the State of Kansas!

Now If my math is correct – it’s $50 for a marriage license in KS divided by 8 hours for the course.  That means if your time is worth $6.25 per hour then you have a great way to spend some time!

I have no doubt this is going to go over with flying colors!  And by the way – you can use my slogan for FREE State of Kansas! You’re welcome.

Urgent: Play MO and KS gun laws- Fact or Fiction

Let’s play a fun game called Kansas and Missouri Proposed Gun Legislation – Fact or Fiction

1.  Coming from the great state of Kansas, we have HB 2199 will have that federal agents that attempt to confiscate guns manufactured in the state of Kansas could be prosecuted and face PRISON time.

2.  A bill proposed in Missouri has anyone representative who votes in favor of gun control legislation could face prison time of up to four years in jail.

3.  A bill in Missouri and Kansas that makes it a requirement that all girls 12 and younger own a shoot ‘em up Barbie and side kick assault weapon Skipper.

Let’s score this bad boy.

1.  Fact and the estimate of this baby to defend it in court $825,000 of Kansas taxpayer cash that we evidently have oodles of in Kansas.

2.  Fact.  Next up in Missouri – bills that would make discussing if Santa is real illegal.  The follow-up to that bill are more bills on the tooth fairy and unicorns.

3.  Fiction.  I had to throw one in to make this game hard.

So thanks to Kansas and Missouri, I’m book ended by cray-cray.

Let’s start with the Kansas law.  Kansas feels that any restrictions on the 2nd amendment will be unconstitutional.  So we are going to threaten imprisonment of federal agents if they decide to enforce them.  They do this by saying that any guns manufactured in the state of Kansas are excluded from any restrictions on the 2nd amendment.

Hang on federal government, I’ve got the response to this one.

Kansas lawmakers – if you decide to pursue this, I will make the executive decision granted to me by my rights as official blog writer of Pleasantly Eccentric to revoke the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.  That means you are on your own when it comes to combating drug crimes and gangs.  Your biggest fears have come true.  Kansas will become even more of a home base for funneling drugs into the US and gangs will own this great land of Oz.  Also, no response from the National Guard – so all that snow that’s coming or possible tornadoes in the spring that may require federal assistance – sorry Charlie.  No more FBI to solve crime.  Also, in the long-shot category, if a foreign enemy decides to strike, hope those Kansas handguns will serve you well.

You are on your own Kansas. Good luck and God bless!

All of this because of the federal government is trying to REGULATE the 2nd amendment?  Not do away with, but regulate.  Again to my point that we REGULATE the 1st amendment all the time.  Never mind that you are ok putting regulations all over the 1st amendment when it comes to abortion that has been found to be a constitutional right…

Not to get off track.

Missouri – don’t think I forgot about you.

Something I would like to suggest is more anti-bullying legislation.


Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time. Bullying includes actions such as making threats, spreading rumors, attacking someone physically or verbally, and excluding someone from a group on purpose.

Ding! Ding!   If you just change out school aged children and put in Missouri lawmakers, I think we have a match!  I would say that threatening to put someone in prison qualifies as exclusion.  Instead of introducing laws putting lawmakers in jail, might I suggest expanding on the state-wide anti-bullying definition to include state representatives?

Kansas and Missouri – since I basically straddle the state line, could you please go more than a week and not introduce legislation that embarrasses the hell out of me?  Even if you could just avoid making national news where the journalists don’t roll their eyes or sigh heavily when reading the story that would be a huge start.




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