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Tonight I went for my monthly massage and the masseuse asked me, “Aimee, what’s causing you pain?” “Brownback. He’s causing me pain and in fact, my pain is located right here,” as I pointed to my buttocks region. Why is Brownback a pain in my ass this week? Because he rolled out his first round …

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Dear Rep. Merrick, Wow. That was the first word that came into my mind after I read your interview regarding budget cuts in the state of Kansas.  Here is what you said that prompted my response: “Government employees produce nothing. They’re a net consumer. And you got that cost forever and ever and ever because …

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It’s been almost a week since the (hushed voice) Midterms. That’s how people are talking about them with me in a voice that one reserves for discussing things like a bad bout of diarrhea. “Sorry about the Midterms.  Maybe some a good night’s sleep and you’ll get over it.” Just swap out the word “Midterms” …

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The state of Kansas, 153 years old,  died November 4, 2014 with the re-election of Sam Brownback as Governor. The state of Kansas leaves behind 390,051 voters for Paul Davis who desperately tried to save the state.  On the flip side, 422,842 voters concluded that no matter how bad Brownback’s policies were, he was worth …

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Kansas politics, I’m so over you right now.   I swear that if the Great and Powerful Oz asked Dorothy if she wanted to go home to Kansas right now she would stop and think and then say, “I’m good.”   If you aren’t from Kansas, let me brief you on how our television looks …

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