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Good morning Kansas,   First, I’m well aware that you aren’t going to pay attention to anything right now that doesn’t involve the Royals so I’ll try to weave something about baseball into this blog post to keep your attention. Grab your coffee and join me for a second, because you and I must have […]

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Dear Phyllis Schlafly,   First, let me just say it’s been years since I last reached out to you.  We met once in the early 90s.    You came to William Jewell College in Liberty, MO, to debate Sarah Weddington during the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade.  I was a young student at William Jewell […]

Busy this weekend Kansas voters?  Well clear your plans friends, because the Kansas Republicans are putting on a shindig to end all shindigs.  That’s right (I mean literally, politically right) they are dialing the clock back to 1955 with a good, old-fashioned REVIVAL.  Praise the lord and can I get a “hallelujah!” Turns out they […]

Attention Kansas City! It looks like there is a new illness spreading across Kansas City this week that has many concerned.  The symptoms are as follows: Anxiety induced sweating A strong need to start wiping your loved ones down with Clorox wipes Stomach distress caused from worry An inability to tell the difference between facts […]


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