Guns and Ammo Magazine and I have something in common.

The editor of Guns and Ammo and I have something in common.

Trust shocked the hell out of me.

Dick Metcalf, editor of Guns and Ammo, or should I now say FORMER, editor of Guns and Ammo, wrote an article about gun control. Now, Mr. Metcalf is out of a job.  What did he write that was so outrageous?

  • He must have written that the government should confiscate all of the semi-automatic guns that have been so popular in all of these recent mass shootings.
  • He must have written that the government must outlaw the manufacturing and importing of all semi-automatic weapons in the United States.
  • He must have written that anyone with a child under the age of 18 years old is no longer able to keep a loaded gun in their homes.

I read his article.  He didn’t write any of these things.  In fact he simply asked the question- can the 2nd amendment be regulated and when does regulation become an infringement?   You can read his article here.  

“I firmly believe that all U.S. citizens have a right to keep and bear arms, but I do not believe that they have a right to use them irresponsibly. And I do believe their fellow citizens, by the specific language of the Second Amendment, have an equal right to enact regulatory laws requiring them to undergo adequate training and preparation for the responsibility bearing arms.” Dick Metcalf

The response by Guns and Ammo was swift.  Mr. Metcalf lost his job over this radical stance and Guns and Ammo put out this apology to their readers who demanded an action and began boycotting the magazine.

From the apology:

“Our commitment to the Second Amendment is unwavering. It has been so since the beginning. Historically, our tradition in supporting the Second Amendment has been unflinching. No strings attached.”

Read more:

This all or nothing attitude on both sides of the gun control debate can’t continue.  Mr. Metcalf’s arguments were logical and mild compare to the ones I posed at the beginning of my blog.  Where are we as a nation when we can’t even pose the question without boycotts and firings? Is it possible to be pro-2nd amendment and still be for regulation?  Will tactics like the firing of Mr. Metcalf force like-minded people into the shadows causing this argument to become even more polarizing?

How many more innocent people are going to have to die while we hide our heads under the security blanket that is the 2nd amendment and pretend like these things aren’t happening?

The good thing to come out of all of this is I now have a new hero and in the most unlikely of places – the former editor of a Guns and Ammo magazine.

For what it’s worth – well done Mr. Metcalf.

*When I went to the Guns and Ammo facebook page, I got the message Failure to Load.  I just thought that was funny.  Get it guns and failure to load.. he he he


I received this comment and I wanted to share it.  I know you can probably read it in the comment section, but I thought it was so good that I wanted to put it in the actual post.  I love comments like this that contribute to healthy dialog.  Enjoy – Aimee

“This all or nothing attitude on both sides of the gun control debate can’t continue.”

Whether it can continue, or how long it will continue I don’t know, but you have identified a huge issue.

I don’t think a lot of gun owners would oppose some laws if they had one iota of trust that the other side did not have an agenda to basically take all their guns. But for most of my lifetime the other side, for convenience let’s call them the anti-gun side, have demonstrated repeatedly that is their agenda.

They will say, “We only want reasonable laws,” but then what they think is reasonable seems totally unreasonable to a lot of folks, for example, largely banning semi-auto firearms and magazines with any capacity much greater than a muzzleloader (slight sarcasm here).

So maybe the anti-gun side needs to compromise? Maybe they need to get behind passing laws that absolutely 100% guarantee a right for a law abiding, non-dangerously-crazy person to own certain types of guns (maybe what is legal today). Make it iron clad and make every regulation respect that right then you might get some cooperation.

That is in part why I wrote a while back an article on how universal background checks could be done, and maybe even get a lot of support of gun owners.

Universal Background Checks

If you want the cooperation of many gunowners then the anti-gun folks have to totally give up the idea of banning a lot of guns and accept that people are going to own AR-15s with 30 round magazines and Glocks with 15+ round magazines. Then if you want cooperation of background checks and even things like training, etc., you might have a chance of having a dialogue.

But if the antis won’t accept some of that they will get 0% cooperation.



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Grab Your Gun – It’s a Picnic in Johnson County, KS!

It’s Sunday and that can only mean one thing in Kansas…

If you said a gun celebration picnic you would be correct!

Nothing…I repeat…NOTHING says macaroni salad good times like a gun celebration picnic.

Luckily I found one right here in my own backyard.  Here’s the 411 on the picnic:

Sunday, July 21, 2013 in Johnson County, KS at 3:00 there is a community picnic sponsored by the Johnson County Open Carry Group.  According to their Facebook page:

Johnson County Open Carry
We have been successful in restoring some of our lost rights in Lenexa. It is now legal to openly carry loaded guns in a holster in most public places in Lenexa. There are some restrictions that you should be aware of but this was a good start on a long hard battle to restore all of our freedoms.

Now, the hard part is trying to decide which holster to wear.  So many choices so little time.  How about this little gem with the Book of Psalm on it?  It’s between this one and the other one I have with the commandment Thou Shalt Not Murder.


It’s a family picnic and nothing says childhood good times like my daughter bringing her rifle. Maybe when she is done with the slides and swings she can shoot a few rounds.

Aww..snap!  A person on the Facebook page asked if it was ok to bring rifles or just side arms.  Only side arms at this family friendly event.  Looks like little Susie will have to leave her rifle home this time.  One can only hope that one day it will be ok for little Susie to pack heat of her own so she doesn’t feel so left out.

With it being 90 degrees about 110% humidity, tempers may flare if there isn’t enough potato salad for all the guests.  Just in case, there organizer put out this warning:

We need to promote ourselves as rational, law-abiding citizens who are merely expressing their 2nd Amendment rights in accordance with Kansas (and now LENEXA) law. I have no doubt that everyone will be on their best behavior but it’s worth a mention.

Grab the sunblock and the pork rinds, but be sure to bring enough for EVERYONE!  How many is everyone?  No one is exactly sure since this is the first event of its kind in Johnson County.  We can only hope there will be MANY more because nothing says good times like public parks, kids and guns.

Now excuse me while I see how my jello mold is doing.  I need to add the marshmallows and grab my gun.  It’s picnic time!

Pictures courtesy of Gungoddess and PinkPistolHolsters


Pink rifles are for little girls…

girlwithgunAnother day, another shooting.

Details: 5-year-old boy shootings and kills 2-year-old sister in Kentucky.

As I was reading the horrible details of this “accident” something caught my attention.  This wasn’t some usual story about a gun left lying around by a parent or a parent cleaning the firearm and it going off.  Oh no…this story is unusual because the owner of the gun was the 5-year-old boy.

Let that one sink in for a minute.

The 5-year-old boy received the Crickett rifle as a gift.

The little boy OWNED the gun.

I’m still trying to figure out what makes me want to lose all hope in humanity more…that this kid received a rifle as a gift or that they make rifles for children.  We are talking about real rifles here people, not the rifles that shoot air bullets or BBs, but real rifles that kill animals or in this case sisters.

I went to the website to check it out.  Crickett Firearms makes these little gems.  They come in camo color for the boys and hot pink for the little girls.  See the above picture.  That is a little girl holding her rifle that can shoot REAL bullets.

See the gallery of these sweet children holding their rifles.  

Retailers like Walmart and Cabela’s sell these rifles for designed for children.  I researched the age limit for owning a rifle in America.  What I found was that it is LEGAL for children to own rifles if they are gifted to them.  That means children like this little 5-year-old who still believes that Santa comes down the chimney can receive a rifle capable of killing his sister and it’s perfectly legal.  Merry Freakin’ Christmas!

I just can’t wrap my head around this.  I think it’s one thing to go out hunting with dad and hold dad’s gun.   It’s another thing to have a little child own their own gun with bullets.  To me it’s the difference between letting little Johnny hold the steering wheel while you drive the car and letting little Johnny have the keys and take the car for a spin.

Having a six-year-old daughter, I can’ tell you she still believes in the tooth fairy, she still pretends her baby dolls are real and she sure as hell wouldn’t understand that if she shoots a gun that death is permanent.

To the parents of this 5-year-old who shot his sister – I say they should be arrested on murder charges.  There was no accident here, it was just a matter of time.

Direct from the testimonial site of Crickett (now excuse me while I bash my head into the nearest wall):

“My wife told me to do something with my daughter after gymnastics today, she recommended going for hot chocolate or a donut. I thought, that’s not special, plus once you’ve consumed the item where does that leave you. Instead we bought a pink Crickett from my six year old daughter and wanted to say thanks for making quality affordable firearms for new shooters. The ‘girls’ option is especially appreciated because as scary as it sounds the color really helped get her excitet about it. Bethany says thanks too! She’ll be quite fashionalble at the Sportsman Club tomorrow.” Chris “I wanted to tell you about my daughter’s first gun. For Christmas 05′ My oldest kid,6,wanted Santa to bring her, her first real gun. When her teacher at school told the class to write a letter to Santa about what they really wanted for Christmans, she wrote “I want a rel gun my size”. The teacher said she couldn’t write that at school and had to write something else. When she told me and her mom about that I decided taht if i had to sell one of my guns to get her one I would..Luckally I didn’t have to sell any of mine to get Chris her gun. She is so responsible, and had proved it with a bb gun, that my wife and I went shopping a few days before Christmas…Our local gun store had just the perfect model in stock. Pink laminiated stock and stainless barrel. To see her face on Christmas morning after opening te wrapping paper was priceless. Out of the box she was a crack shot at 10-15 yeards, and just yesterday she bagged her first ground squirl at about 15 yards..thank you for such a great product that has brought so much fun and joy to my kid…and our family.”Michael “I just wanted to send in a photo of my daughter’s new Crickett rifle. I ordered it from Gander Mountain.It is a bull barrel thumbhole pink laminated stock model. I added a bipod and a 3.5x10x50 scope. It turned out to be a great little target gun for her. I enjoy shooting it too.”

Larry — From GA

The NRA’s 2013 Convention – should I go?

The NRA is holding their annual convention May 3-5 deep in the heart of Texas. I was thinking about  a big trip this summer.  It’s between this and an Indigo Girls concert out West.  I checked out the NRA website to see what fun might be in store for me.

Hundreds of exhibitors, celebrities and fun for the whole family!  What’s not to love?

Sarah Palin is attending.  Hell, if Sarah Palin’s going to be there, you know it’s going to be a Grizzly Mama good time.

They are having a special prayer breakfast.  It will probably go something like this, “Dear Lord,  may I never have to shoot anyone unless it is an animal or in self-defense.  Amen.”

There is a Stand and Fight Rally.  Note to the NRA – you are an organization with guns and 50% of America wants to “control” your guns.  How about something a little less violent than the word  fight?  Maybe renaming it a Stand and Peacefully Protest Rally?  

At the seminars, there is the, “Handgun Retention: Protecting Yourself and your Firearm” also known as the “Holy crap, the bad guy got my gun!” seminar.

There is the 7th annual women’s leadership forum luncheon.  This is the NRA’s smartest and brightest women coming together to share ideas about the organization and how women can inspire each other through the common bond of gun ownership and killing things.  This year’s keynote speaker is none other than a female that has shown proven leadership in the areas of 2nd amendment rights and has championed the cause of gun ownership for many women.

The NRA keynote speaker for 2013 is Mrs…..Sean Hannity!

Wait a minute.  Sean Hannity?  That’s a dude.  Seriously NRA?  You couldn’t find a female available for the WOMEN’S Leadership Forum Luncheon?

Might I suggest that mental health background checks be required to attend the conference? Not to buy guns at the conference, but just to attend.  After all, Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity and Ted Nugent will be there. There will be lots of guns and ammo.  I think you should have to prove you are sane just to get in.  This conference is for gun nuts – with emphasis on nuts.

#KSleg You might want to read this before debating guns.

Dear #KSleg,

Psst..I’ve got a little secret.  I know you are debating the “second amendment protection act” today.

Before you continue, if you could be so kind to take a  second to read this.

Love the bill name by the way.  Talk about political spin.  Let’s rename that bill for the sake of this blog.  Let’s call it the “ignore the federal government and any gun regulations bill”.

See..spin works both ways.

OK, now that we’ve got that out of the way.  I want to share with you a little nugget of information from our fine friends across the state line in Missouri.  See Missouri attempted to exempt birth control coverage from mandatory federal coverage.  The bill went to court and guess what happened?

If you said the judge found in favor of Missouri you would be…


Why?  It has to do with the Constitution.  That document containing the 2nd amendment. Well, turns out it does more than talk about guns.  It also talks about the federal government trumping state government in the pyramid of authority.

You can debate your ignore the federal government and any gun regulations bill all you want, but in the end you are only going to end up costing KS taxpayers a ton of money.

I am a Kansas taxpayer.  It is no secret that I am no gun lover.  However, this isn’t a blog post about my position on guns.  This is, however, a blog post on my position on wasteful tax dollar spending.  I almost sound like a Republican.  Republican or Democrat, you can’t deny that is exactly what is happening here.

My gut feeling is this is a political stunt to get re-elected.  If so, how about just posting a YouTube video saying how much you love your guns.  I think that will do about the same thing and not cost so many hard-working Kansans our tax money.

The point is – stop wasting my money.  If you need something to do I’m sure that Kansas taxpayers can come up with a whole list of things you can do besides trying to out rank the Federal government.

You will lose.  I will bet my tax dollars on it.

One girl’s journey 13 years ago for gun control

Sad and shocking news from my side today as the Democratic leaders removed the assault weapons ban from firearm legislation.

Majority Leader Harry Reid says he wants to bring a gun bill to the Senate with enough support to overcome any Republican efforts to block debate. And he says he was concerned that opposition to the assault weapons ban would block passage of any bill at all. Many Democrats think a ban on large-capacity magazines has a better chance of getting 60 votes.

News flash Harry – the Republicans are going to attempt to block and any all efforts to enact new gun legislation.    I think 1st term Obama can give you a little lesson in how well that works. Democrats give a little and the Republicans don’t give at all.  Works like a charm.

Anyway, as my resigned feeling of defeat was setting in, I started exploring where I had felt this kind of disappointment before.  Gun control is always something I had felt strongly about.  Sandy Hook, Aurora, Columbine were all terrible tragedies, but I have been passionate about gun control ever since I was a young gal starting out in Washington DC with high hopes that maybe…just maybe…I could make a difference.  (insert patriotic music)

Once upon a time there were a million moms.

Ok maybe just 750,000, but we were all moms.

Ok I wasn’t a mom, but one day I knew I was going to be a mom.

Oh hell…at that time I didn’t know I was going to be a mom…but I was there.

It was an amazing event.  The mall was filled with people and we were all passionate about gun control.

Everyone was out there on a hot, sunny day and I was chilling in the “celebrity” tent as an event volunteer.

The point was we were all there and we were all there to save lives!

Yes that’s Melissa Ethridge and Reece Witherspoon.  Courtney Love was there.  Susan Sarandon and I were BFFs for the day (ok, maybe she just posed with me for this picture).

I have no idea who is with me on that very bottom pick – this was 13 years ago.  Give a girl a break.

Before you start sending me comments – I am very aware that you can see my iPhone taking a picture of my pictures.  I need to get me one of those scanner thingys. I’m not above donations…message me for details.

As inspirational as Rosie’s speech was 13 years ago, the sad reality is that not much as changed and with what happened today with the firearm bill, I am bracing for more disappointment. The part that sucks is there are no celebrities or a bright sunny day at the mall to help soften my disappointment.  Just me looking at old pictures…

The Million Mom March in 20003.19.13 001 3.19.13 002 3.19.13 004 3.19.13 006 3.19.13 007

Oh MO! Gun Ownership an Inalienable Right?

Another day…

another piece of paranoid gun legislation out of the heartland.

This from the “Oh my God, they might take our guns file”-

I give you from Senators Schaefer, Munzlinger and Kehoe from our great state of Missouri:

Here ye, here ye…SJR 14

Section 23. That the right of every citizen to keep and bear arms in defense
2 of his home, person, family and property, or when lawfully summoned in aid of
3 the civil power, shall not be questioned[; but this shall not justify the wearing of
4 concealed weapons]. The rights guaranteed by this section shall be
5 inalienable. The state of Missouri shall be obligated to uphold these
6 rights and shall under no circumstances decline to protect against their
7 infringement

Some say inalienable, some say unalienable.  Some say tomato and some say tomato…I guess in print that doesn’t come out right, but you get my point.  For the sake of this blog piece, I’ll say inalienable like my political friends in MO.

Somebody give the Founding Fathers a quick ring, we are changing the Declaration of Independence and those three inalienable rights – from the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness to now add -the  right to have lots and lots of guns.  I’m sure the NRA will provide more appropriate language when necessary.  Making the right to bear arms inalienable means that any regulation to the 2nd amendment by the Federal Government won’t apply to Missouri.  So if semi-automatic weapons are outlawed, Missouri is exempt (unless this ends up in court for years and years costing taxpayers tons of money while Constitutional lawyers try to figure this whole thing out.)

Anyway, yes I was a history major, but that was many years ago, some may say it was ancient history (insert laugh) so I went back and reread the Declaration of Independence.

Since the GOP is always rallying their troops with what “the founding fathers intended”, I thought it would be useful if I pointed out a few things to our Missouri Senators who want to add a new inalienable right.

1.  We already have three – the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.  One could argue that we shouldn’t add another unless we have perfected the first three.  I wonder how the victims of senseless gun violence and gun accidents would feel about adding another inalienable right when their inalienable right – the right to LIFE wasn’t upheld?

2.  If we are going to secure a right to be inalienable  – how about if we go for a right that wasn’t that should have always been.  Example – slavery.  Until the Civil War, African-Americans were not free in this country.  It took a constitutional amendment to  guarantee their freedom.  If there is going to be another inalienable right – how about if we go for a biggie like that one instead of declaring a right that we’ve always had suddenly “inalienable”.  How about the right to life, liberty pursuit of happiness and never to hold another person as a slave.  Quick history 101 – Slavery was legal at one time in the great state of Missouri.

3.  This goes along with number 2.  While re-reading the Declaration of Independence, there is a whole lotta talk about men.  Not much talk about women’s rights.  If we are going to make a right inalienable, how about if we make equal rights an inalienable right?  Again, it is something that wasn’t at the founding of this great nation, so how about if we are sure we can never go back to that way again and make a women’s right to vote an “inalienable” right?  The right to life, liberty, pursuit of happiness and equal representation in a democracy.  I think we have a winner!

Just a quick reminder, it wasn’t all that long ago that women and minorities couldn’t vote, hold property or even hold certain types of jobs.  White men have always been allowed to “bear arms”.  It has not been suggested that guns been outlawed, only that certain types be regulated.  I haven’t heard of amendments that affect slavery or women’s right to vote also be included in “inalienable” rights.  It is curious that only a right that hasn’t ever been at risk of being taken away is the one suddenly that needs to be voted on to become “inalienable”.  The rights that have only really come to be in the last 150 years involving people being viewed as property and women not having a say in government are the ones not being introduced as “inalienable”.

The one thing that the three Missouri State Senators and the Founding Fathers all have in common is not that they want to make certain rights “inalienable” it’s that they are all…

white males.

It all makes sense now…

Bank Robber Shot by Civilian – Gun Rights People Go Crazy

Dear Gun Rights Advocates:

Me again.

I know.  I’m a pain in the ass.


Since I have subscribed to many of your newsletters, I’ve noticed that a lot of you have been celebrating a recent “victory” that happened out of Trimble, MO last week.  Here’s a brief summary for those who didn’t follow the news.

Bank robber walks into the First Security Bank of Trimble and shows a gun demanding money.

Sounds like something taken from the Bank Robbery 101 play book.

Mr. Bank Robber gets shot in the bank.

Mr. Bank Robber gets in car.

Mr. Bank Robber takes police on a high-speed chase.

Mr. Bank Robber gets caught and is now in hospital and will go to jail.

Gun rights advocates go crazy with joy!  See good guys with guns took out bad guy with a gun – a la Wayne LaPierre.

Everyone lives happily ever after.

The end.

Now so fast my gun totting friends.  Let’s stop and think about some of these facts for a moment.

First, according to my friends at the Kansas City Star, it wasn’t exactly an armed “civilian”, it was a guard at the bank.  I know, here we go again with those silly facts.  Also, it begs the question if it was a civilian doing business at the bank, what’s the point of those silly signs posted everywhere with a gun and a slash across it?

Second, if the guard/civilian did shoot the bank robber in the face, the guard/civilian is a pretty crappy shot.  Mr. Bank Robber gets out of the bank, into his car and leads police on a 25 MILE POLICE CHASE from Trimble, MO to Kansas City.  Now I’ve never been shot in the face, so I’m just guessing, but I can imagine that if I was accurately shot in the face, operating a motor vehicle correctly for 25 miles would be pretty gosh darn hard.

Again, I’m no gun expert as I’ve said in previous blogs, but if I got shot accurately in the face, I would assume I would be dead.  That’s right – probably pretty darn dead.  Now I’m also no driving expert, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say I would need a face to drive a car.  I need  two eyes, my brain, maybe even my mouth to scream, “holy shit that hurt.”  So where exactly was he “shot in the face”?

I know…I can be a total pain in the ass with all of these questions.  I was one of those kids who constantly asked why.

So before you keep celebrating your gun rights victory, take a second and think about some of these things.  I don’t consider a guard at a bank a “civilian”.  I think the Department of Motor Vehicles may want to require on our driving requirements that everyone driving have a face.  That is if we are going to be able to drive say more than 5 miles.

Anyway, sorry for interrupting your gun love fest.

Yours in annoying questions,




Urgent: Play MO and KS gun laws- Fact or Fiction

Let’s play a fun game called Kansas and Missouri Proposed Gun Legislation – Fact or Fiction

1.  Coming from the great state of Kansas, we have HB 2199 will have that federal agents that attempt to confiscate guns manufactured in the state of Kansas could be prosecuted and face PRISON time.

2.  A bill proposed in Missouri has anyone representative who votes in favor of gun control legislation could face prison time of up to four years in jail.

3.  A bill in Missouri and Kansas that makes it a requirement that all girls 12 and younger own a shoot ‘em up Barbie and side kick assault weapon Skipper.

Let’s score this bad boy.

1.  Fact and the estimate of this baby to defend it in court $825,000 of Kansas taxpayer cash that we evidently have oodles of in Kansas.

2.  Fact.  Next up in Missouri – bills that would make discussing if Santa is real illegal.  The follow-up to that bill are more bills on the tooth fairy and unicorns.

3.  Fiction.  I had to throw one in to make this game hard.

So thanks to Kansas and Missouri, I’m book ended by cray-cray.

Let’s start with the Kansas law.  Kansas feels that any restrictions on the 2nd amendment will be unconstitutional.  So we are going to threaten imprisonment of federal agents if they decide to enforce them.  They do this by saying that any guns manufactured in the state of Kansas are excluded from any restrictions on the 2nd amendment.

Hang on federal government, I’ve got the response to this one.

Kansas lawmakers – if you decide to pursue this, I will make the executive decision granted to me by my rights as official blog writer of Pleasantly Eccentric to revoke the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.  That means you are on your own when it comes to combating drug crimes and gangs.  Your biggest fears have come true.  Kansas will become even more of a home base for funneling drugs into the US and gangs will own this great land of Oz.  Also, no response from the National Guard – so all that snow that’s coming or possible tornadoes in the spring that may require federal assistance – sorry Charlie.  No more FBI to solve crime.  Also, in the long-shot category, if a foreign enemy decides to strike, hope those Kansas handguns will serve you well.

You are on your own Kansas. Good luck and God bless!

All of this because of the federal government is trying to REGULATE the 2nd amendment?  Not do away with, but regulate.  Again to my point that we REGULATE the 1st amendment all the time.  Never mind that you are ok putting regulations all over the 1st amendment when it comes to abortion that has been found to be a constitutional right…

Not to get off track.

Missouri – don’t think I forgot about you.

Something I would like to suggest is more anti-bullying legislation.


Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time. Bullying includes actions such as making threats, spreading rumors, attacking someone physically or verbally, and excluding someone from a group on purpose.

Ding! Ding!   If you just change out school aged children and put in Missouri lawmakers, I think we have a match!  I would say that threatening to put someone in prison qualifies as exclusion.  Instead of introducing laws putting lawmakers in jail, might I suggest expanding on the state-wide anti-bullying definition to include state representatives?

Kansas and Missouri – since I basically straddle the state line, could you please go more than a week and not introduce legislation that embarrasses the hell out of me?  Even if you could just avoid making national news where the journalists don’t roll their eyes or sigh heavily when reading the story that would be a huge start.




Do I want neighbors trading guns? Hell no!

Dear Sen. Blunt,

1950s kitchen

It’s me again, you know Aimee, a.k.a.  the pain-in-your-ass.  Anyway I’ve got another issue to bring up. I know – shocker.  Just give me a second.  I keep hearing from you that you are opposed to any gun legislation that would, in your words, prevent if  “two guys living next door want to trade shotguns.”  You and your pro-gun politicians also go on to say that background checks shouldn’t apply to private gun sales or if a family wants to hand down guns within the family.

The more I think about this the more I have a problem with it.

Please just keep reading.

The more I think about this one, the more the visual keeps popping up in my head of the 1950’s housewife coming over to borrow a cup of sugar.  See, it’s not the 1950’s anymore.  Unfortunately ,we rarely know much about our neighbors, let alone what their mental history is.

  • Do you really know if your neighbor is paranoid schizophrenic?  
  • Do you know if your neighbor has ever been hospitalized for bi-polar disorder?  
  • Do you know if they have ever had a restraining order out for harassing someone?  
  • Do you know if your neighbor beats his wife?

You may be all cocky and think you know, but you really don’t know.  This is something I know for sure.

I was doing google research this morning on Adam Lanza.  Turns out nobody really knew if Adam Lanza was on any psychiatric meds.  His neighbors certainly didn’t know.  See nobody in his neighborhood really knew Adam Lanza.

If I came to your neighborhood and asked you about all of your neighbors and all of their mental health history, could you tell me?  I certainly can’t tell you all of my neighbors names, let alone the status of their mental health.  Do you really think it’s ok for me to be able to trade or borrow weapons that can kill people if I don’t know any of this vital information that could prevent another mass killing?

I think hiding behind this belief that it’s ok to keep background checks out of it if it’s between neighbors or family is a cop-out.  A deadly cop-out.  If we are serious about gun control, let’s include this as well.  If you want a gun bad enough, go through a background check.  That is the best way to keep our public safe and still uphold the right to bear arms.

Now we can all wish for the good old days when we did go next door to borrow a cup of sugar and our kids ran free all over the neighborhood, but unfortunately those days are gone.

Let’s continue to be serious about strengthening gun control laws – including background checks and apply it to all guns and all people.  I know this is against what the NRA believes, but it’s time to stand up to the NRA.


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