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It’s graduation time in America.  I remember my graduation like it was yesterday…give or take ten or twenty years.  I also remember my commencement speaker.  Such a powerful speech that still sticks with me today.  I’m often reminded of that speech about… give me a sec… about….leadership!  I’m sure there was something in there about […]

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The 70 page abortion bill was debated in Kansas today.  The abortion bill was so broad that it our lawmakers actually spent time debating if it would be ok for parents who worked for family planning clinics to volunteer at their children’s school. Of course we all know a sex education expert  teaching sex education […]

Dear Kansas lawmakers: I realize that you are getting ready to pass one of the most restrictive abortion bills in the country.  House bill 2253 is under consideration. I read over this monster bill – 70 pages (zzzz…I mean well done!) and I think before you pass it, I wanted to take a moment to […]

Republican John McCaherty, MO has introduced a bill to outlaw abortions based on sex selection or genetic abnormalities of the fetus.  This bill would allow for criminal and civil penalties to be brought against a doctor performing abortions based on  sex selection. The Americans United for Life said this bill is necessary, because sex selection […]


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