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As we arrive at election day for the midterms, we are faced with the same problem we are faced with every midterm election – getting people to actually vote. On the level of importance, voting seems to fall somewhere between cleaning out your garage and scheduling your next pap smear.   I’m not making this […]

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It’s the day before the election.  I am like most Americans – Republicans and Democrats and even those rare few who are “undecided”.  I’m gearing up to vote tomorrow and then sit and anxiously watch the returns come in.  Today I am going through a wide range of emotion on the last day of this crazy campaign […]

So I’m sitting in a coffee shop writing my blog. This is a first. I feel so cool just by association.  I’m really just killing time waiting to meet some friends for dinner.  Of the six people in here on a Friday night, I could have birthed about 4 of them.  This is just fueling […]

In an effort to put some life back into his campaign, Romney made a drastic move this week. “We are excited to announce that Honey Boo Boo and her entire family will be joining the Romney administration once I am elected President.” After realizing that the American people were more interested in watching Honey Boo […]

The politicians are after me for campaign contributions. Email after email.  Tweet after tweet.  Just $3.00 is all they need and it will be victory in November.   Obama has been after me for a while for my $3.00.  The latest…Todd Akin also for $3.00.  I feel like John Cusack or Lane from Better off […]


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