Huelskamp insults Supreme Court in his Op-Ed.

We all know that gay marriage is a hot topic right now with the Supreme Court taking up the issue. Democrats and even some Republicans are coming out in support of gay marriage. As gay marriage opponents sit relatively silent on the issue for fear of backlash, there is a Congressman who has been very vocal in his opposition.

Congressman Tim Huelskamp-R KS published an Op-Ed to the Washington Examiner outlining his opposition to gay marriage. Give it a click – it’s a good read. I mean interesting read. It’s an interesting read.

With so many conservatives choosing to remain silent, Congressman Huelskamp is showing a lot of “chutzpah” in writing this op-ed opposing same-sex marriage.

So since you put it out there Congressman…allow me to respond.

You start off the usual way. Marriage is between one man, one woman and as many children as you can product and/or adopt. Thanks for throwing in the adoption clause on this one. I will give you two snaps for being inclusive – to heterosexual couples who adopt anyway.

And that is where we end our agreeing love-fest.

You go on to write,”This model has been sanctioned and favored by secular and even pagan governments for millennia as the most efficient, secure and effective organizational unit of human society.”

Efficient? I was married for almost 10 years. Marriage is a lot of things, but efficient isn’t one of them. Dinner every night consisted of this -

“What do you want to eat?”

“I don’t care. What do you want to eat?”

“I don’t care.”

You call that efficient?

Secure? Have you checked the US divorce rate lately?

Effective? The definition of effective is “to adequate to accomplish a purpose”. That’s sort of broad so I think I need more clarification on your point. Some may say female friendships are a pretty awesome organizational unit of human society. Have you ever been to a Bunco game?

You go on…

“Liberals resort to the courts when they know their agenda is not shared by the great majority of Americans. In more than 40 states, the legislatures or even the people themselves have gone on record in support of traditional marriage.”

That dang court getting all Supreme on us. – doing crazy things like desegregating schools. Let’s also remember that the “great majority of the Americans” are actually only the Americans that voted in the last election. Now I could go find some statistic about the percentage of Americans who actually vote, but I don’t want to bore you with statistics. It would be interesting, however, to compare our voting statistics with statistics to the numbers of Americans who watch Modern Family weekly and see the comparison.

“The Obama administration’s brief attacking California’s Prop 8 takes the other side. It argues that motherhood is not really all that unique, and that its virtues can actually be supplied by, well, any dude.”

Any dude? First – two snaps up for using the term “dude” in your op-ed piece. I thought that was only reserved for my blog. Second, gay couples – men and women aren’t attempting to replace the virtues of motherhood or fatherhood. They just want to love each other and if they choose to also love a child. I know – its earth shattering!

You go on to insult the Supreme Court by writing this-

“I further beg them to remember the limited role they play in our constitutional system, and to have the humility to subordinate their own notions of political correctness to the clear will of the American people — and the wisdom of the ages.”

Snap! Aren’t you all that and a bag of chips. Now there is an old saying about those in glass houses, but I forget how it goes.

What you are missing is the importance of love in raising a child. Oh those little details.

The Founding Father’s designed our US government so that there are equal importance between the Supreme Court, the Legislative and Executive branches of government. You are one of the three branches of that government system. No better or worse than any of the others. We have our Founding Fathers to thank for that.

Can’t wait to see how popular you are at the next State of the Union. I wouldn’t suggest a seat down front by the Supreme Court Justices.

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Gay Marriage during Holy Week-seriously Supreme Court

Unless you have been living under a rock in the United States this week, you know that the Supreme Court will start hearing arguments about gay marriage.  I think we all know the objection:  it redefines the biblical definition of marriage – one man and one woman.  In an age of divorce, the one man and one woman definition can happen multiple times – see Elizabeth Taylor, Newt Gingrich, etc. etc.

In our Judeo-Christian nation, I find it interesting that opening arguments for gay marriage happen to be the week of Passover and Holy Week for Christians. Really Supreme Court, were there no other times available on the calendar?  

Anyway, it seems that every day there is another politician who “comes out of the closet” so to speak in support of gay marriage.  Since I’m from Kansas City, I’m giving a shout out to Claire McCaskill, D-MO who recently came out!

However, I have to give a face-palm of disapproval to Congressman Huelskamp R-KS on the other side of the state line who came out against gay marriage.

Here is an excerpt of his speech.  It’s short and not so sweet so I thought I would include it.

“In the midst of all the discussion and protest surrounding these arguments, I would encourage the Court to not be distracted from the fundamental issue before them—will the U.S. Supreme Court choose to radically redefine marriage thus overturning the will of the American people as reflected in numerous votes by states, and by a vote of this body and signed into law by President Bill Clinton?

I urge the Supreme Court to uphold the will of the American people, support traditional marriage, and protect the democratic process by allowing the American people to express their will on this issue.”

I didn’t leave much out.  That’s pretty much the whole thing.  I would say two thumbs down on powerful and persuasive.  “The will of the American people” – sorry Congressman.  As of the latest poll 53% of American people support gay marriage.

Now something that is striking is that so few politicians are coming out publicly against gay marriage at a time when so many Americans are discussing it.  Maybe that is a sign of the times as well.  I don’t doubt many disagree, but they don’t want to do political damage by being too vocal.  Maybe they know times they are a changing.

I can hear the opposition to gay marriage even without the politicians saying anything “but the Bible says homosexuality is wrong.”

My response – you are correct.  The Bible says homosexuality is wrong.

A gasp from people who know me that can’t believe I just conceded a point.

The book I’m currently reading is The History of the Wife by Marilyn Yalom.  Now that I’m divorced and not one, I have tons of time to read about the history of one.  It takes the definition of a wife back to Biblical times.  One of the things it points out is that per Biblical requirements and for hundreds of years after if a woman’s husband died it was the obligation of the husband’s brother to marry the wife.  (A shiver just went down the spines of modern-day women.)

Now if we wanted to carry out something like this in modern-day society, people would say we were crazy with a capital Z.  Why?  Because as a society we have evolved, even though this is in the Bible.

To say that something is just, because it is in the Bible is not reason it should be American law.

Equal right to marry who you love may not be your Christian way, but justice is the American way.

I guess we will leave it in the hands of our Supreme Court to decide.  During this holy week, all we can all do is pray-50% of us will be praying for the right outcome.

Chick-fil-A appreciation day, a historical event

In case you were living under a rock yesterday, it was Chick-fil-A appreciation day. Facebook and twitter were flooded yesterday with images of people crammed into local Chick-fil-A stores to show their support for their president, Dan Cathy, support of “traditional marriage”.

Now I think there are two things that are obvious:

1. Chick-fil-A has a right to take a stand for or against whatever they want.

2. People have a right to either support it or not. That’s the beauty of a free market society. It’s all pretty simple. If you agree eat there. If you don’t agree don’t eat there.

Gay marriage will become legal and accepted by this society. As a society, we have evolved and we will continue to evolve to a point where hetero and homosexual people can marry. Things are already headed that direction and if a chicken restaurant wants to stick to their guns and not evolve with the rest of society, go for it, but this train has already left the station.

I think the most fascinating part of this whole debate are the people who had their picture taken yesterday in the restaurants. As a history major, I studied the civil rights movement in the 50s and 60s. The big mystery to me in all the pictures of the desegregation of southern schools was not the courageous people who actually desegregated the schools, but in the crowds standing behind the students yelling against desegregation.

Who were the people yelling at the African American students? How did it make them feel that they were always going to be remembered in history as the people screaming at the African American students? Back in the day, segregation was also justified by the Bible. Do those people now enshrined in history have any regrets now that segregation is something that makes people reel in horror?

I hope you see where I am going with this. The people who supported Chick-fil-A yesterday and allowed themselves to have their pictures taken and plastered all over social media will also be part of history. As our society continues to progress and homosexual marriage becomes legal and accepted, how will those people feel? Will they have any regrets? Do the whites yelling behind the African American who were desegregating schools have any regrets now that those pictures plaster the walls of civil rights museums across this country? I tried to research and see if any of the white bigots had any regrets and I couldn’t find anything.

I guess only time will tell how this plays out. I think the sad statement is that I know some of the people who took part in the Chick-fil-A appreciation day. I guess as time passes, I’ll be able to ask them how it made them feel to be part of history. The ugly part of history.


Ice Dream from Chick-fil-A is finally out of the closet

To ice cream lovers around the country:

I’ve been hiding a secret. See, many people come in to Chick-Fil-A thinking by ordering an ice-cream cone they are eating ice cream. They enjoy my vanilla goodness thinking that I am the same as traditional ice-cream. I’ve been living a lie. See, the ice cream you have been eating at Chick-fil-A is not really ice cream, it’s actually Ice Dream.

That is why I am coming out today to announce to the world that I am not traditional ice cream. I am Ice Dream and yes, maybe that is also the name of a homosexual porno movie (Google it if you dare), but that is besides the point. I am proud that I am not traditional ice cream. I am no longer going to pretend to be traditional ice cream. The reason I’m different from traditional ice cream is from the way I was made. My ingredients make me different from traditional ice cream. It’s just how I was made and there is nothing I can do to change that or it wouldn’t make me who I am, a delicious treat.

I’ve been providing the customers of Chick-fil-A a thrill for decades with my smooth and creamy flavor. No one seems to mind that I am not traditional ice cream. I think this is evidence that traditional and non-traditional foods can live together inside of a Chick-Fil-A harmoniously. This is why I am calling on my owner and Chick-fil-A customers around the country to embrace me and the fact that I am not traditional ice cream and I am finally out of the closet.

I thought people would notice by my extra flamboyant flip that I do at the top of every cone. My flip isn’t a traditional end of the dispenser flip like other fast foot chains. My flip has extra charisma, a flare for the creative as one might say. I thought this would be a sign for people to know that I am not traditional ice cream. Yet, no one paid much attention, because at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter.

My owner, Dan Cathy recently provided a statement that he is in favor of biblical interpretation of traditional marriage. I think that by him serving non-traditional ice cream, maybe he can find it in his heart to change his mind. I am evidence that traditional isn’t always better. Sometimes, like my ingredients, it just comes down to how we were made.

Well, I’m glad I am now out as non-traditional ice cream. I’m proud to be Ice Dream and I’m here to stay.


Ice Dream

Chick-Fil-A’s ice cream of choice

A note to my talk radio call in friends about gay marriage

Well, Obama did it. He finally supported gay marriage. Was it historic? Yes. Was it long overdue? Yes. Should VP Biden be getting more credit? Yes. If there is a Grand Marshal of the gay pride parade this year, I would vote for Biden over Obama. My reaction to Obama’s announcement was more of finally over hooray. This is the Obama I voted for originally. This is the Obama I have been waiting for.

After the announcement, talk radio phone lines lit up like Christmas lights on the Plaza on Thanksgiving. The same old arguments, “The Bible says,…” insert hateful remark. I listened to call after call of self described Christians spouting off hatred hidden behind the justification that it’s not me, it’s the Bible excuses. I don’t want to lay out hateful justification after hateful justification via the Bible here because it’s not worth repeating. Also, I think we’ve all heard it before.

I kept thinking to myself, if you just replace the word homosexual or gay with the word black or Jew, what’s the difference? The Bible has been used to justify all sorts of horrible behavior in the past. The South used it to justify slavery at one point in our embarrassing and horrible American history. I also kept thinking about the famous picture from Little Rock, AR, when the black students were integrating the high school and the crowd of white students behind them were screaming. Aren’t these talk radio callers the same as this angry crowd? What makes them any different? You can wrap yourself up in the blanket of Christianity all you want, but hatred is just hatred not matter how you try to justify it.

Our history has shown us that separate, but equal doesn’t work. We tried that when we educated black students separately from white students. This idea that civil unions are the same as marriage is crazy. Two responsible adults in a committed relationship should have the same rights any other adults in the same relationship and genders shouldn’t matter. Period. Do we really need to repeat history to learn a lesson that we already learned? Separate, but equal doesn’t work. Marriage for one means marriage for all.

This week I receive my very first antisemitic tweet. It came out of nowhere. It wasn’t directed at me, because of my pro-choice stance. It wasn’t directed at me because of my other hyper liberal positions. It was only because I am Jewish. Now when I first saw it there was a part of me that thought, well done. You did you homework,you Jew hater, because you obviously aren’t picking out Jews by last name alone to target. Like I said before, my last name is by marriage and not Jewish. There was another part of me that thought, wow I made it. I guess I am kind of famous in a weird way because I received my first hate tweet. I feel like it’s a right of passage in some way. I looked up the other tweets of this hate tweeter. Bette Midler was on the list. Bette! Me and Bette in the same twitter feed! Stop it. Seriously? The Jew hater had me and Bette only a few tweets away!

Another little insight into me. I was a Jew at a Southern Baptist University. I am fully versed in hatred supported by the Bible. It’s a long story as to how I ended up there and it’s not important to this entry, but I had a regular dish of hatred served to me in the form of “but it’s in the Bible’. Call it ignorance, call it closed mindedness, call it whatever you want. I’ll call it what I think it is, HORSE SHIT. It’s discrimination and hatred and it needs to be called out. If you want to hate blacks, Jews, homosexuals then own it. Don’t do it and then say, “well God said it was o.k.” That’s an excuse my 5 year old would use. The Bible also has a whole lot of other wacky stuff in it that we don’t apply, because we’ve all decided that in today’s day it’s wacky. I don’t believe we all show the sheet of blood after the marriage night to prove that our wives are virgins now do we?

Thanks VP Biden and President Obama for taking such huge leaps forward in finally making marriage equality a possibility for so many. It is long overdue. Keep it up. There are a whole group of good people who just want the opportunity for equal rights who are depending on you.

Kirk Cameron, a note to you 26 years later..oh & that thing about gay marriage

My darling Kirk,

It’s been a really long time for the two of us. 26 years later to be exact, I am sure you remember me and our moment. Our moment may have been 26 years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday. Since you have been in the news so much these past few days it has jogged my memory of that special moment.

It was an extremely hot summer, Kansas City day at Worlds of Fun. For those of you not from Kansas City, Worlds of Fun is the same as Six Flags or Busch Gardens. Worlds of Fun has amusement park rides and attractions and on this hot summer day it was hosting my biggest attraction in hot teenage crushes, Kirk Cameron of Growing Pains.

I was there with all of the other teenage, screaming girls in the aluminum stands of Worlds of Fun that day. We were baking like potatoes with the hot burning sun glaring off of the aluminum stands, but we waited to see our crush. There was rumor that day that a young girl fainted from heat and was taken behind stage and met Kirk. I remember the thought crossing my mind, could I fake a believable faint? Do you think people would believe it if I suddenly wilted into a ball. Would you run out to catch me in my moment of need? I didn’t have the guts to try it so I just stood there and sweated in all of my teenage, disgusting glory waiting for my idol.

Out you came like a dream. You weren’t sweating like the rest of us. You were magnificent. I remember standing there and thinking that if I didn’t scream like those silly girls maybe, just maybe, you would notice me. Then it happened. I am positive it happened. Our eyes locked. For a split second our eyes locked. You may have been far away, up on the Worlds of Fun stage and I may have been a spec of color in the landscape of Bonnie Bell lip gloss and blue eye shadow, but I am sure our eyes met. I know for that second, you knew I was there. How did I know? My heart skipped a beat and I am positive yours did as well.

Because of our shared moment that I know you remember, I am going to share a word of advice my long lost love. See I heard about what you said on Piers Morgan the other night. Piers asked you about homosexuality and gay marriage and you said that it was “unnatural”, “detrimental”, and “ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization.”

Well one thing we can’t say is you are vague on this position now can we? I was well aware that you went on the roller coaster ride of fundamental Christianity and never came off some time ago. I’ll admit that is when my girl crush faded, and your show was cancelled, oh and I grew up and frankly you outgrew your boyish good looks. Anyway, back to my point.

After you dropped these little bombs on Piers, you seemed to be shocked by mainstream America’s outrage that erupted on social media. That led you to follow up with a statement today that basically read that you love all people. Here is your statement:

“I should be able to express moral views on social issues, especially those that have been the underpinning of Western civilization for 2,000 years — without being slandered, accused of hate speech, and told from those who preach ‘tolerance’ that I need to either bend my beliefs to their moral standards or be silent when I’m in the public square.”

I believe we need to learn how to debate these things with greater love and respect. I’ve been encouraged by the support of many friends (including gay friends, incidentally).”

Sweetie, I know I can call you sweetie, because we shared that special moment, here are some things I need to point out to you about your statement. I think I am going to declare myself the smarter one in this 26 year relationship of ours so just follow my lead.

A debate about a social issue such as this would revolve around if gay marriage should be legal, not around if homosexuality is the cause of the destruction of the foundation of our civilization. Most sane people do not believe that homosexuality has caused the destruction of the foundation of our civilization. That is where the hate speech part comes in honey. Gay people are guilty of a lot of things: singing songs that will bring a tear to my eye every time I hear them. They have provided some amazing interior design for some of the finest hotels I have been blessed to stay in. They have colored my hair to a fabulous shade of caramel brown that actual matched the speckles in my brown eyes. They have designed the most breath taking gowns to ever drape a starlet’s body as proved by every year’s awards season, but destroy the foundation of our civilization they have not even come close.

If that kind of talk is what you view as “loving all people”, then please keep that love talk among fellow Christian fundamentalists like yourself. I’ll do myself a favor and not rekindle our relationship again by seeing this new movie you have out. When you are really ready to debate a social issue like gay marriage, let society know. The first step in having that debate would be acknowledging that homosexuality is not “unnatural”, but something that God made happen the same way he made our love happen on that hot summer day at World’s of Fun.

You have every right to express your views, as hateful as they may be and we have every right to respond. Here’s the deal Kirk, if your belief in God is so strong, how about if you leave the harsh judging to Him? An answer to Piers’ questions the other night could have gone like this….

“Kirk, how do you feel about gay marriage?”

“Piers, I am not for gay marriage.”

See how easy that was. You could have left the whole destruction of the foundation of our civilization thing out of it. Even if you are thinking it. Like, right now I am thinking you are a douche for saying something like that about a group of people that only crime is they want to be in love. How could somebody who claims to be so religious be so hateful? What kind of idiot would go on national television, especially a C level actor who nobody is even paying much attention to, spout off such bigoted hatred. See I am thinking all of that, but I would never say something like that. I mean, I would never say that to the public, but this is just between you and me.

I am so glad we had this opportunity to catch up. I know, like on that day at Worlds of Fun, our connection is real. If my faith in you is as strong as your faith in God, hopefully you will see the light and take your own words to heart about truly loving all people. Love all people and leave the judging to God. I know he has judged me for that blue eye shadow I was wearing when our love was ignited that day at Worlds of Fun. I’ll have to deal with that when my time is up on this earth. I guess you’ll have to deal with your judgments as well.

Good luck with that.

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