The next Presidential Election and the GOP candidate is…..crickets

It’s time I switch my focus from the “Krazy Kansas” as I call it (trademark pending) to a national focus.  It’s never too early to start talking about the next Presidential election or as I call it, my Super Bowl.

Lets meet the players.  From the Democratic side we have Hilllary Clinton and……


Ok so from the Democratic side it is Hillary.  I think we can all agree that she is slated to be the Democratic candidate for the next Presidential Election even while she is still “thinking about running.”  Whateve Hill, we know are you totally in and so excited you can barely stand it.

From the Republican side it gets a bit more complicated.  We have an interesting cast of characters and for the life of me can’t tell who the heck is going to lead the conservative pack.

I call the Republican contenders the “boy brunette brigade” or the triple B for short -  Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Chris Christie, Paul Ryan and now Jeb Bush.

You can probably throw in Rick Santorum for good measure.

Out of this list, none of them is a strong candidate against Hillary.

I’ll admit – even though I want a Democrat to win, I long for a solid Republican candidate to make it an exciting race.  With any of these candidates we will just end up with Romney II.  A candidate who is lukewarm without any really chance of winning.  There will be a few exciting moments, but most of it will be a big zzzzzfest.

Listen up GOP, get your shit together!  I want a strong Republican candidate.  I love the political process. I love feisty debates, negative campaign ads.  Without a strong candidate, I’ll be forced to watch more Bravo to satisfy my need for drama.  Please feed my need for good politics.

So Republicans I ask you to step it up.  Who am I missing and why would they make a good candidate?

Marco Rubio can’t seem to hold it together on a national stage.  Ted Cruz shut down the government with a Dr. Suess book and America is still pissed.  Chris Christie…well you guys can’t really stand himself so why would Independents or Dem cross the line to vote for him?  Jeb Bush???? Really?  How many times are you going to back to that well?  I’m falling asleep just writing about these candidates.

Think about it GOP – you have so many winnable issues this time around.  The Democrats couldn’t have served up on a silver platter more beatable issues in the next election.  Obamacare, Benghazi, NSA spying, the IRIS scandal.  They are yours for the taking  except that you don’t have a candidate worth a darn.  Find somebody ASAP and get him or her (oh who am I kidding – him) out there on the national stage stat!

What do you think?  Do the Republicans have a chance in the next election?

If you don’t find a strong candidate soon, we will easily call Hillary Clinton the next President of the United States.



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#GOP turns entire government into an entitlement program

On this busy Sat. I think I’ll catch you up on what’s been going on with Congress. There has been one vote that every member actually agrees on.
Hello? Wake up…Sorry you fainted.

That’s right. I said one vote that they all agree on.

They voted to provide backpay to all government employees. Do I think they deserve it? Yes, however, there is one glaring fact the party who is against entitlement programs just turned the ENTIRE United States government into a massive entitlement program. Everyone gets paid for doing NOTHING.

Can taxpayers who are paying for this big extended vacay get a t-shirt out of this? How about one that says, “Government employees got to take an awesome vacation and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.”

Let’s see how this whole genius idea has played out for the GOP:

1. Disagree with Obamacare so shut down the government.
2. Obamacare opens anyway.
3. Complain that Democrats and Obama won’t negotiate. (GOP – see #2)
4. Vote to pay the workers you shut down in the first place.

As you continue to put the fun back in dysfunction in our US government, the debt ceiling is fast approaching. The questions remaining are:

1. How bad will DC stink since the trash isn’t being taken out at national parks?
2. Will soccer moms start bathing their kids in anti-bacterial hand wash since no one is monitoring the flu?
3. Will you boys manage to dismantle the entire world economy by having the US default on the debt ceiling?

And these are the days of our screwed up American lives.

Rubio doesn’t deserve a pass for Watergate 2.0

Dear Sen. Rubio,

Well, I’m flattered. You must have read my blog about rebuttals not being memorable.  You gave a memorable speech!

I have a confession to make.  See after working an entire day, picking up my kid, cooking dinner, bathing my child, cleaning my house, dealing with a six-year-old melt down that probably was recorded on the Richter scale – I missed your speech.  I fell asleep in my modest, two-bedroom apartment in middle America.  I missed you telling me all the opportunities I have in America if I would just work harder, try harder and make it happen.

Turns out I missed much more than you stomping on my self-esteem…

I missed Watergate 2.0 (can’t take credit for this gem)

I watched the replay early this morning before work.

Senator Rubio – we’ve all been there.  We’ve all let nerves get the best of us.  It happened to me once when I was speaking at Kansas City’s Women’s Equality Day.  Yes conservative Kansas City, there is a Women’s Equality Day event held every year.  It’s sandwiched somewhere in between the “We Love Guns Day” and “We Hate Liberals” week.

Anyway, my stomach was flipping around like crazy and I was getting that hot-in-the-face feeling.  The lip licking began for me as well.   You know it’s all over then.    I didn’t know if I was going to throw up or run for the bathroom.  I made it through the speech, but I don’t remember much of it.  I don’t think my audience did either.  We’ve all been there Sen. Rubio.

All day I’ve been hearing people say ,”It’s refreshing to see that he’s just like us.”  and “Rubio taking a drink makes him more human.”

Not so fast Sen. Rubio…

Now I may sound harsh – not about the women’s equality part, but about the you’re not off the hook part.  We all agree that you are a smart politicians.  However, one of the reasons we can all agree that you were picked for the rebuttal of the State of the Union was   because of the “rebranding” of the Republican party.  We  all agree that you do not look like traditional members of the Republican party (see dictionary definition of GOP- white, older, men). You are a big fish in a small pond.   If you were a Democrat you would be a small fish in a big pond.  Lots of smart people are Democrats that reflect all different races, religions and sexual orientations.  Not so if you are Republican.  Therefore, you have a much larger chance of being picked for high-profile speeches like the rebuttal for the State of the Union.  This also means you have a much larger chance of being picked for other highly visible positions like Vice Presidential nominee or even Presidential nominee as this party re-brands itself.

See your speech actually  didn’t  say anything new about critical issues like women in combat or gay marriage that were discussed in Obama’s speech.  There was little in there about immigration – something that you brought up that is important to your family.  You may have been a minority giving the GOP rebuttal, but you were just a mouthpiece providing the same tired rhetoric that the GOP usually provides.  You just looked different from the usual GOP mouthpieces.  Don’t increase minimum wage, don’t raise taxes, blah blah blah…

Also, it doesn’t take a genius to tell you (trust me, I’m writing this) that the government WAS NOT responsible for the housing crisis in this country.  In fact, unregulated banks and mortgages were the problem for the out of control housing market in this country.

Thanks for humoring me – I was busting to make that point.

Back to my bigger point.  As a politician, it is likely that most of your words are written for you.  (I know America – next up Santa Clause isn’t real.)  We all like to believe that our politicians come up with these brilliant words themselves.  We like to believe that the speeches are crafted by your own hands, that this amazing political theater is of your own doing, but the harsh reality is that there are brilliant staffers and interns who are writing all these words, drafting all of this legislation and briefing all of you on what’s happening in your own halls.  It is not too much to ask that when you do have the national stage that you don’t screw it up.  It’s that simple.

To be fair, Obama stocked the room with victims of gun violence to prove his point about gun control.  I think it was brilliant, but I know the GOP hated every-standing-ovation-moment of it.  Ted Nugent most of all.  It is political theater and both sides are equally guilty or deserve Academy Awards depending on how much you love the system.

However, if an actor on stage can’t perform his lines, the audience doesn’t applaud him, because it makes him more “human”.  They boo his performance.  

Very few of us will ever have the opportunity to be on a national stage. Republicans will say it’s because we didn’t work hard enough.  Democrats will say it’s because we didn’t have enough opportunity.  Time will tell if the nation will forget this little blip of nerves.  You will probably have to endure SNL and Jon Stewart’s mocking for the next week. The GOP will continue to try to make this normal and try to humanize this response from you. I expect to see you on the late night show rounds laughing at  yourself.   I expect more.  It isn’t that you are Republican.  It is because you are a politician and I expect more from my politicians.

Politicians main role is to communicate.  Leave the crappy communication to people like me who don’t have much of a platform, don’t have staff and interns and who don’t get paid by taxpayers to do it.

Thank you and good luck in your recovery from this.  I don’t want to see anyone’s career ruined by a good sip of water!

Yours in quenching thirst,



State of the Union and GOP Rebuttal – Game On!

The State of the Union is this week.  For those of us who love politics, it’s our Super Bowl, our World Series, our Olympics.  Ok, you get my point.  It’s a big freaking deal.  Obama is probably already practicing with his teleprompter and I’m getting ready as well.

How do I get ready for the State of the Union?

There is a lot to do.

  • Will I eat popcorn or ice cream during the speech?
  • The drinking game that I play has a special word that when said, requires everyone to drink. Is the word going to be…fiscal cliff, semi-automatic weapons, budget crisis?
  • I’ve got to get my bet in on the color of Obama’s tie.  I pick red this year.

This is all serious stuff for a serious political analyst like me.  Then I get comfy in my favorite jammies and the games begin.  How many standing ovations will there be?  Will anyone on the GOP side get caught rolling their eyes?  Can I name that politician before the commentator names him/her?  Can I watch the entire speech without my ADD kicking in and I start changing channels to Honey Boo Boo or My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding?

After the big speech there is the rebuttal.  The rebuttal from the other party is the most memorable part of the State of the Union.  Think back through the years and all of the rebuttals.  For every State of the Union, there is a rebuttal.  Whether it is a Democrat or Republican as President, the other side always has a chance to make their points.

Remember, during the Clinton era there was the rebuttal by….oh it slips my mind right now, but I know it was great.

Then during Bush’s Presidency there was that one year that what’s his name did the rebuttal.  Oh I’m sure it will come to me in a second.  That was such a great speech.  I’m sure his name and that speech will come to me in a second.

Oh think about Bush senior’s time, there was….oh never mind.  The point is all of these rebuttals regardless of side make a memorial impression on the American people.  Picking the right person to give the rebuttal is key.

This is my take on how the GOP picked Marco Rubio to give this year’s rebuttal.



So Reince Priebus, the head of the RNC, pulls out his Rolodex.  Gen Y – Google “Rolodex”.  Waiting…waiting…filing my nails…waiting..

Ok, we’re back.


So he pulls out his Rolodex to find names of who could give this year’s rebuttal.


We all know that the GOP has an image problem.  So Mr. Priebus needs to find someone who doesn’t meet that criteria.

First, no one 65 and older.  The person giving the rebuttal can’t be on Medicare since GOP is pitching a fit over Obamacare.  That cuts the Rolodex more than in half.  Oh who are we kidding, more than three-fourths.

Next step, no males or to be more specific, no white males.

Now the GOP is down to about 5 politicians to choose from that fit the criteria.


After a quick game of iney, meaney, miney, moe – they decide on Marco Rubio.  Hey that rhymes.  Not intentional – that was funny.

Since all of the previous rebuttals in the past 50 years, oh hell, in the past 100 years have been so memorable, I have some advice for Marco.  When it’s your turn, grab a mic and say,

“You know what he said?  We think the opposite.  Peace Out.” Drop the mic and walk away.

I dare you.  I’ll be watching, that is unless there is a compelling Honey Boo Boo.

Game on Washington!






Aimee’s Political Top 5 List of the Week

There has been so much going on this past week that I have resorted to the Top 5 list.  I’m wondering if I can keep it to 5 things to highlight this week, because every time I turn around, there is something else making headlines that is “blogworthy”.

The Top 5 Things that have me going WTF? (Ask Speaker Boehner if you need to know what the “F” stands for)

5 – Michele Bachmann introduces a new bill to repeal Obamacare.


“’s for you.  It’s 2012 calling and they want their issue back.”

Been there, done that. In fact line 2 is calling and it’s abused women.


4- Violence Against Women Act

Excuse me..GOP, could I interrupt you for a moment?  I know you guys (I mean guys literally) are super busy right now with America recovering from your attempt to throw us off the fiscal cliff.  However, we can all agree that you had a little image problem when it came to the last election.  Your ability to look very male and very white was a problem and some would say cost you the election.  The hashtag #WaronWomen got a lot of mileage on Twitter.   Blame that on Todd Akin, blame that on other various member of your party who were educating us every other week on how our anatomy worked, but in the end women voted and a lot of you lost.  So why is it then that when the VAWA bill that was passed by the Senate came up for a vote on the House you didn’t (I mean forgot) to vote on it?

psst…little secret here-if you want to repair your image, might I suggest that you vote on a bill that is called the VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN ACT?  I know I’m not some fancy political consultant inside the beltway, but my guess is that would have been a good start to repair the damage done to you in the last campaign cycle.  Little hint – this is probably going to come back to bite you in the tush come next election cycle.

3 – The Hillary Clinton Conspiracy

Hillary falls, gets a concussion and then ends up hospitalized with a blood clot.  Conspiracy freaks ran wild with talk that this was all done so she didn’t have to testify in the Benghazi matter.  I know I planned my DVT that I suffered from about 5 years ago to get out of some obligations I had as well.  I think my obligation was some birthday party for a toddler  I didn’t want to go to. The blood thinners that I had to inject in my abdomen twice a day for about six weeks was a picnic so I could get out of things I had planned.  It was awesome having to go to the doctor almost weekly to have my blood levels checked.  To all those who said she did this on purpose – you nailed it!  I know I caused my DVT on purpose.  How did you guess?  Gosh you guys are geniuses!

2 – Roy Blunt

A personal thank you Roy Blunt.  It seems like almost weekly you provide me with some inspiration for my writing.  This week it was about Hurricane Sandy relief and why it’s o.k. not to provide any disaster relief to the victims -

His response on Hurricane Sandy relief:  “Sometimes when you ask for too much, you don’t get anything,” he said.

Now my daughter has a children’s book called “Pinkalicious”.  Pinkalicious loves everything pink and desperately wants to eat pink cupcakes.  When her mom refuses to give her more pink cupcakes her mom says, “You get what you get and you don’t get upset.”  I’ve heard of a lot of politicians basing their political careers off of Machiavelli’s “The Prince”, but it seems like you are basing yours more off of Pinkalicious.  One philosophy you are NOT basing your political career off of is Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People”.  Talk about tough love.
1 – The GOP Congress
This one was easy.  Talk about putting the fun back in dysfunction.  Watching Congress work out our fiscal cliff problem was more exciting than a Real Housewives of Atlanta finale.  I haven’t seen this much infighting and backstabbing since last season of the Bachelor.  It was political theater either at its best since I couldn’t take my eyes off of it or at it’s worst for the exact same reason.  Thanks to Boehner, it became acceptable to drop the f-bomb on Twitter.  I think Boehner could become synonymous with the word “fuck” except it really makes it sound x-rated.  Did you just drop a Boehner?
All of this from the party who gave us the term “traditional family values” and “Christian Conservatives”.  This is the party who would vote against a bill and throw America off of a fiscal cliff instead of compromise even though their GOP peers in the Senate overwhelmingly voted for the same bill.  These are the same people who initially didn’t want to introduce Hurricane Sandy relief legislation some will speculate because they are still smarting over the fact that Chris Christie said nice things about Obama.  Yet, only back a few months they couldn’t wait to tell us one campaign commercial after another what great Christians they are and how this country should go back to good Christian values.  Turns out they caved and are voting on Hurricane Sandy relief, but only because they couldn’t drowned out the outrage from America over this choice.
I could go on….but I won’t.  I think the Real Housewives is on, or C-SPAN.  These days I get them mixed up.

A New Diet Called The GOP

Diet Update – Add Dennys and Jimmy Johns to the GOP Diet Plan

I don’t know about you, but I am not happy about my weight.  It seems like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to cook the healthy balanced meals for my family that I want.  Not to mention the cost of fresh fruit and vegetables just keeps going up.  Like most Americans, I often rely on fast food or convenience chain-restaurants to feed my family.  What’s the result?  Ever increasing clothing sizes, less energy and sluggish health.

Now it’s time for a change.

That’s why I’m putting my family on the new diet – The GOP Diet!

The G.O.P. Diet stands for Get Off (the) Pounds.

It’s the latest thing to come out of Washington.  It’s so easy to follow.  Just follow the conservative outrage.  Just a few easy steps and you will find the pounds simply melting away.

Firs step is simply watch the news.  Yes, that’s right.  Sit yourself down in front of the TV or computer and just watch the headlines.  It seems that every day a CEO of a major restaurant chain is coming out with an outrageous statement regarding Obamacare or some “liberal agenda”.

Take for example the CEO of Papa John’s pizza chain.  He is threatening to lay off employees instead of cover their health insurance when Obamacare kicks in.

From now on, I don’t eat any more Papa John’s pizza.  Think of all the calories I’ll save and all the pounds I’ll lose!  It’s that easy.  No tricky diets to follow or complicated meal plans.  Papa John’s CEO lives in his mega mansion, but refuses to cover health care for his employees and I save hundreds of calories by not eating his pizza.

Zane Tankel, owner of over 40 franchize Applebee’s also has said he won’t hire, because of Obamacare.

Hey Zane, here is a win-win.  Calm down Zane (love the name BTW), because I’m not eating at your establishment anymore.  The win in all this, is I’ll end up looking fabulous by not doing so!  We all know your menu is calorie heavy, the stuff I end up ordering anyway – wings, spin dip and mozz sticks.  No more for me!  It’s so simple people.  Join me and we will all end up dropping our BMI’s in the process.

Chick-fil-A – don’t like gay marriage?  It’s on the GOP diet plan.  No more Chick-fil-A for me!

The only exercise required on the GOP diet plan is the occasional protest outside of a Chick-fil-A for marriage equality.   The complete diet plan is always changing so you never get bored.  It changes daily and will guarantee to be added to as more greedy CEOs come out claiming their “bottom-line” will be severely affected by Obamacare.  Their message will probably come from their multi-million dollar mansions as they Skype this message in from their private putting green.

The plan is so simple – follow the conservative outrage and the pounds simply melt away!

I’ll update the new diet as we hear more.  In the meantime, to follow the GOP diet, remember, no Papa John’s pizza, no Applebee’s from Zane’s franchises and no Chick-fil-A.

Here’s to a skinnier Democratic Party!

Pro-Life Candidates Get Biggest Message From Campaign

So it’s over.  50% of the country is celebrating and the other 50% is trying to figure out what the hell happened.  Let the campaign analysis begin.  Mittens lost.  Did Obama out campaign him?  Did his own party blow it for him?  Was it Sandy’s fault?  Christie’s fault?  The flag pin’s fault?  My fault?  Mitt was so close.  He was never close really.  I guess it depends who you ask and who you want to believe.

The one thing we can all agree on as a nation is the whole campaign system is broken. The good news is it goes well with our broken economy.  Kinda like the shoes matching the belt.   The reality is it isn’t changing anytime soon.  So here is my big take-away from this whole thing.

A very strong and direct message was sent to the Pro-Life Movement yesterday.  Now that this election is over, I feel like I can lay it all out here.  See, we all know what Akin said.   I think he never really believed that the female body had a way of “shutting the whole thing down” when it came to pregnancy.  I believe extreme Pro-Life candidates like Aiken who said OUTRAGEOUS things about women’s reproductive systems were really saying, “I am pro-life in all cases even rape and incest.”  They just didn’t have the real guts to lay it out so concretely.

Instead of just saying that, they knew that it would be highly unpopular with moderate Americans.  So they started tap dancing to try to cover-up these extreme views.  In fact, there was more tap dancing around this than the talent portion of the Miss Glitter Pageant of Toddlers and Tiaras.  The more they danced the worse it got.  By that time you had statements like Akin’s and Mourdock’s who had just justify pregnancy somehow so they blamed God or excuse me, said pregnancy from rape was what “God intended”.

What once was a movement that seemed unstoppable, the Pro-Life movement, suddenly came to an abrupt stop or at the very least hit an enormous speed bump.  It wasn’t that people reacted to how stupid these statements were and didn’t vote for these candidates.  That conclusion is far too simplistic. I believe there was also a reaction to the intent of the statement – the statement being abortion in all circumstances, even in times of incest and rape was unacceptable.  The American people stopped this type of candidate.  To be perfectly clear, I’m not saying the American people all became pro-choice and everyone now has a Planned Parenthood bumper sticker on their car, but they certainly sent a strong message that pro-life in all circumstances regardless of how the pregnancy occurred did not appeal to them.

As I sit in KS, or as Fox News abbreviated it last night – KA – the hub of Pro-Life extremism, I sit satisfied that what used to be the unstoppable Pro-Life movement finally received a strong message from their own party.  There are limits.  The American voter has limits.  Abortion in all circumstances is not something the American people ultimately believe in.  Abortion in times of rape and incest and in times when the mother’s life is at risk is something the American people find acceptable.  Akin’s loss was more about his intention behind his stupid statement and not just based on his statement alone.

Time will tell if the GOP will take this message to heart and really try to change things before 2016.  I have some ideas about changing the whole campaign  system.  For example – the primaries?  That process sucks if you are the running against an incumbent.  Lengthening the presidential term.  Four years isn’t enough.  Look at how long FDR had to get us out of the Great Depression.    Don’t get me started on the Electoral College.   Somebody in charge of this stuff give me a ring if you want some ideas.

In the meantime, the campaign is over….now what?  Ping-pong anyone?

Clint Eastwood line 1 – it’s the Founding Fathers

Dear Mr. Eastwood,

First, well done last night at the RNC!  You really told President Obama, I mean the empty chair, that was symbolic of President Obama.

I also thought the messy hair was a nice touch to emphasize the mean guy message playing hardball with American politics.

Let’s just take a second to review my favorite part of your speech where you really gave it to President Obama:

“See, I never thought it was a good idea for attorneys to the president, anyway.”


“I think attorneys are so busy — you know they’re always taught to argue everything, and always weight everything — weigh both sides. They are always devil’s advocating this and bifurcating this and bifurcating that. You know all that stuff.

But, I think it is maybe time — what do you think — for maybe a businessman. How about that?”  Clint Eastwood, RNC 2012


You really told President Obama!  Lawyers for Presidents suck!  Let’s take a look at the other Presidents who were also  lawyers and see how bad they sucked just to further prove your point:

John Adams

Thomas Jefferson

James Madison

James Monroe

John Quincy Adams

Martin Van Buren

John Tyler

James Polk

Millard Fillmore

Franklin Pierce

James Buchanan

Abraham Lincoln

Rutherford B. Hayes

Chester Arthur

Grover Cleveland

Benjamin Harrison

William McKinley

William Howard Taft

Woodrow Wilson

Franklin Roosevelt

Richard Nixon

Gerald Ford

William Jefferson Clinton

Barack Obama

Yep. Mr. Eastwood, I agree.  When I look over this long list I can only just review it in amazement.  A long list of Presidents who were once lawyers who just stunk up the county.  None of them did much of anything memorable.  Thomas Jefferson…can’t think of anything.  Abraham Lincoln….nope…nothing comes to mind.

I think you and the GOP are correct.  Elect a businessman.   I wouldn’t elect anyone like Thomas Jefferson or Abraham Lincoln.  Lawyers can’t be trusted to do anything right by the White House.  History shows us this,you pointed it out and the GOP applauded in agreement.

Yours in historical studies,





A sincere apology to Todd Akin

Dear Todd Akin,

I apologize for my last post claiming that you said homosexuality could be cured by drinking breast milk.  Turns out someone who loves satire was actually tricked by satire.  See, it’s so hard these days to tell what is real and what isn’t real when it comes from Christian Conservatives.

When you said that women could actually wish pregnancy away if they were “legitimately raped”, I actually thought that was a joke, until I realized you were serious.  When I read today a claim that you said that homosexuality could be cured by men drinking breast milk, well, I thought that had to be real as well.

In this political landscape it is so difficult to tell fact from fiction.  The claims seem to get more and more wild.  Please accept my apology for claiming that you would even consider that homosexuality could be cured from drinking breast milk.  Please accept my apology for my follow up piece that homosexuality could also be cured from touching Tinkerbell’s wings, swimming with mermaids and riding unicorns.  

Just like I’m sure you don’t believe that women can actually wish pregnancy away, we all know that homosexuality can’t be “cured” and nobody wishes it should be.  We are all God’s children and should leave the judging to God.

God bless you Congressman Akin and yes, my $3.00 is in the mail.

Your’s in satire,



From one slut to another

First, a quick Mazel Tov to Snooki on her pregnancy.  Can we all just have a moment of silence in hopes that there is no reality show involving this pregnancy, no book involving pregnancy or mommy advice from Snooki.  May she just find herself a nice little house in the burbs of Jersey and raise her little Snookette quietly. Amen.

Rush…Rush Limbaugh.  One can only  hope that his most recent rant was from some drug filled relapse from his prescription drug abusing days, because this one is a biggie.  In case you missed it Rush went on a rant about the Georgetown student who testified in the contraception hearings and offered this:

“What does it say about the college coed Susan Fluke [sic], who goes before a congressional committee and essentially says that she must be paid to have sex? What does that make her? It makes her a slut, right? It makes her a prostitute. She wants to be paid to have sex.

“She’s having so much sex she can’t afford the contraception. She wants you and me and the taxpayers to pay her to have sex. What does that make us? We’re the pimps.

“The johns, that’s right. We would be the johns — no! We’re not the johns. Well — yeah, that’s right. Pimp’s not the right word.”

I can’t believe Rush went there.  Will he apologize?  Does it matter?

The GOP must be handing out the Tums by the buckets.  Didn’t women already fight this fight back in the 60′s?

It is only because science has yet to develop a birth control method for men more advanced than the condom or less radical than sterilization that women are shouldering the burden of contraception.  If we take away the argument that birth control pills, IUDs, and Depo Provera are used to help so many gynecological problems that women suffer from and just talk about them from a fertility stand point, women should be applauded for shouldering the financial burden of helping to control our population and allowing our partners to enjoy a healthy sexual relationship without the added consequence of pregnancy.

I worked in Title X for two years.  I met clinicians who work in public health departments all over the country who see these “sluts” coming in for contraception.  These “sluts” were able to work, go to school and raise their families that they already had because of the great program of Title X.  I don’t view the women who need assistance with paying for contraception as prostitutes or sluts.  I view these women the same way I would view people who need assistance with diabetes medication or any other medication that keep them valuable members of our society.

So, Rush are you a “john”? Don’t flatter yourself.  What are you?  Someone who just added votes to the Democratic side and for that I thank you.  If this Georgetown student is a slut than so am I and I know a lot of other educated women who also would stand up and declare themselves sluts as well.

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