I can’t wait to attend the Brownback/Christie #KS Fundraiser! Here’s why….

I’m not sure what you are up to today, but I’m waiting by the mailbox for my invitation to….drum roll please…..

The Chris Christie fundraiser for Sam Brownback!

That’s right all my Kansas friends.  I don’t know you what you are doing on August 20th, but I’ll be putting on my pantyhose, fastening my pearls and heading out to swanky Mission Hills, KS to hobnob with Chris Christie and Sam Brownback as we all throw back a few Manhattans and sing “My Way” on the grand piano.  It’s all in the name of fundraising for Brownback’s campaign for Governor.

I mean of all the people to campaign for Brownback, Chris Christie is peerrrfffeecctt.

I’m sitting here thinking about what an amazing evening it’s going to be.  Just think…..

First up we all gather round and play “who is the bigger bully – Chris Christie or Sam Brownback?”  Chris Christie may win this one, but let’s not count Brownback out.  I mean there was the  famous Twittergate scandal of 2011 -

If you don’t remember, it involved a high school girl at a Brownback event who tweeted:

“Just made mean comments at gov. brownback and told him he sucked, in person #heblowsalot.”


Brownback’s social media manager contacted the director of the Youth in Government organizer and alerted him of the tweet.  That led to an official written apology from the girl.

First – well done on the hashtag my young friend.  Second, Christie may just yell at you  to your face, but I don’t think he’s taken so far as to demand an apology letter.  Score one for Brownback on this round.

After we finish, “who is the bigger bully” we can enjoy a few more cocktails and move on to “who has the biggest scandal?”

This one will be tough for Brownback with the whole Bridgegate scandal, but don’t count Brownback out in this one.  He does has a FBI investigation:

“The Federal Bureau of Investigation is exploring whether confidantes of Gov. Sam Brownback operated influence-peddling operations in Kansas pivoting on personal access to the Republican governor and top administration officials.  The Topeka Capital-Journal learned the months-long inquiry involves Parallel Strategies, a rapidly expanding Topeka consulting and lobbying firm created in 2013 by a trio of veteran Brownback employees who left government service to work in an environment where coziness with former colleagues could pay dividends.
Unfortunately, I think Christie is going to win this round.  Bridgegate was a major mess and did kill his chances to be President.  That one trumps influence-peddling any day.
Moving on….
Finally we will end the evening with the fun game of who can blame Obama for our own mistakes.  Both states have crumbling economies from failed tax policies.  Both guys have come out vocally yelling that it’s not their fault for their states’ economic disasters, but it’s Obama’s fault.  It’s kind of like the 16-year-old who crashes his car after running a red light.  The kid blames the parents for buying him the car in the first place and takes no responsibility for running the red light.  I think that round will be tie.
Oh what fun we will have.  All this for the minimum suggested donation of $25,000.  Wait $25,000 as in thousand dollars?!  That’s more than my car is worth.   Well this is awkward, it turns out that’s my bowling league night.  I’m sad to say I’ll have to pass on the fun and games.  I’m sure I will be missed.


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Top 10 Signs You Know the #KSLEG Is Back In Session

The Kansas Legislature took a much needed break a few weeks ago.  Things in Kansas seemed calm, peaceful and eerily sane for the first time in many months.  Yesterday, everyone came back.  Gentlemen start your engines.  Krazy in Kansas is back in session!

 Here are the top 10 signs you know the Kansas legislature is back in session.

10.  Forget a new purse or nice belt, everyone grabs their favorite accessory – a holster and gun before starting their day.

9.  There is a daily story in the Huffington Post and New York Times declaring, “What’s wrong with Kansas”.

8. The twitter feed #KSleg rivals the drama of  Andy Cohen’s posts during a Real Housewives Reunion special.

7. If something goes wrong, it must be Obamacare’s fault.

6. Don’t agree with a federal law?  No problem – just nullify it.

5. Another beautiful day, another opportunity to under fund our public schools.

4. Parents get more notifications of classes that their children must “opt in” for – sex ed, science.

3. The new Kansas slogan is created: Welcome to Kansas! Proudly the only state where we undervalue our teachers!

2. It’s only May, but it’s never too early to start drafting the next “Merry Christmas” bill.

1. You make your next sonogram appointment with your favorite OBGYN, Dr. Mary Pilcher-Cook.

An open letter to businesses in Kansas and Missouri

Dear Kansas and Missouri business owners,

This letter is to Kansas and Missouri business owners who feel like their religious liberty is being violated by serving gay customers.  HB2453 in Kansas recently died in the state Senate after the House voted to approve the measure.  I understand that the “powers that be” are working on rewriting the bill so we can expect it to make a dreaded comeback soon enough.  Now there is SB913 out of Missouri introduced by Senator Wayne Wallingford.  It basically mirrors the Kansas bill.

Since these bills are taking up oodles of time and wasting tons of taxpayer dollars, I propose a simple solution-write to me if you business objects to serving gays and I will post it on my blog.  We can start a discrimination…I mean anti-gay directory so the public will know where you stand on the issue.  I mean why just keep it between you, your God and the customer you deny service to? Lets make it known so we can avoid any uncomfortable interactions in the future.  The other added benefit of making anti-gay businesses public is those of us who aren’t gay can also decide whether or not we want to do business with you.  I’m sure your concern over your religious intolerance extends to people who support those you are so against.  Let’s have the free market work this whole thing out.

You can just write me your business name and a list of people you don’t want to do business with so we can be sure your religious convictions remain intact.  We don’t have to limit it just to homosexuals since the Bible lists out so many things that are wrong.

Here’s an example of how the directory will work:  Aimee’s Craft Shop  Does not do business with: Gays, women who have had abortions, women who use birth control, people who have cheated on their spouses, liars, people who don’t honor their parents, etc.

Lets take the guesswork out of the entire thing and just put it out there.  Why hide behind politics to do your dirty work?  I know I am against spending my money at businesses who would deny service to homosexuals.  If I need a plumber, I would like to know if they would fix the toilets of gay friends or not.  That might help me make my decision.  The least I can ask is that you let me know who you are.  I’m sure others probably feel the same way I do.

So how about it?  Lets give Topeka and Jefferson City a rest.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Yours in favor of the free market,


Dare I say, I may change parties and vote (gulp) Republican in Kansas

Can I do it?

Can I live with myself if I do it?

Everybody is doing it.  Surely, it can’t be so bad.

Why can’t I do it?

This is the debate going on inside my head as I deal with Krazy in Kansas.  In case you have been living under a rock, Kansas continues to set the standards for living in the dark ages by passing HB2453 this week denying service to homosexuals.  There were other things in the homophobic bill, but that basically sums it up.  This bill just follows one after the other of extremist Republicans bills being sent out of Topeka. 

So now what?  A political savvy friend of mine who I really respect posted on Facebook,

3 Hard Truths
1. Math: The ksleg DOES represent KS. Those Kansans who vote in August. Don’t like what’s going on, mad they’re not listening? Why would they, by-and-large, you don’t vote when it matters – August. It’s not about politics, but basic math.

2. Get over it: You wanna vote in August, where MOST races are decided? The only way to exercise your RIGHT to vote in August is to register Republican.
I know you’re disgruntled & embarrassed, changed to unaffiliated as a statement, I’ve heard it all. To quote Dr. Phil: How’s that workin’ out for ya?

3. Form: All I’m saying is you don’t have to put a Santorum sticker on your car (:!) but your RIGHT to vote relies on this form. https://www.kdor.org/voterregistration/
(Steps off soapbox)

In case you haven’t noticed in blog post after blog post, I am a hard-core Democrat.  I’ve always been a Democrat and have NEVER voted Republican.  It’s not that I dislike Republicans.  Some of my best friends are Republicans (shout out to Darla Jaye).  It’s just that Republican philosophy goes against so many things I really believe in.

The #2 of this list hit home for me.  I need to file in Kansas as a Republican if I’m going to vote in the primaries.  In Kansas, the hard truth is that the options are moderate Republican or extremist Republican.  If you vote Democrat, you spend a lot of time not voting and therefore changing nothing.

So is it time I bite the bullet and register as a Republican?  Surely, the voting office will laugh their asses off when I change parties.  Will I lend my voice to the moderate Republicans and help them win?  Do I play the game knowing full well that I’m not a Republican? 

Even though the blogging content is golden in this state, the reality is that the laws are outrageous and it just seems to continue to get worse.

What will I decide?  What are your thoughts?  Should I jump parties?


Desperate for Change in Kansas

Pro-choice advocates get to spike the football today in Kansas today for a change!

As a pro-choice advocate in Kansas, we rarely have anything to celebrate.  In fact, this state is so pro-life, we just set ourselves up for disappointment after disappointment.  

I’m trying to think back on pro-choice victories in Kansas.  Give me a sec.

Well…there is the time that the Supreme Court passed Roe vs. Wade making abortion legal in the United States.

Woo hoo – keep abortion safe and legal! “My body, my choice!” You know the chant.

Ok, so then there was the time…

Well, let me keep thinking for a second.  Talk among yourselves for moment.  Topic:  Candy Corn – it’s definitely candy, but not really corn.  Discuss.

Hum..this is awkward.  I got nothing.  Not a damn thing, because it has only been one disappointment after another leaving women with few options even though abortion is legal in this country.  

Well today pro-choice advocates in Kansas get to spike the damn football for change.  

Phill Kline, former attorney general in the state of Kansas, has had his law license indefinitely suspended for the way he handled investigating abortion clinics.  http://www.kansascity.com/2013/10/18/4560734/kline-indefinitely-suspended-from.html

Take this as a lesson pro-life politicians – you aren’t above the law in your mission to make abortion illegal in Kansas.  

Now excuse me while I do my victory dance in the end zone.  It involves this really cool twerking move I learned watching Miley on the VMAs!  I’m sure as a middle-aged woman I will look equally cool.



KS Board of Education uses “progressive” in a postcard does that mean they are progressive?

The Kansas  Board of Education is sending postcards out to legislators in an effort to communicate and celebrate Kansas Education.  New slogan is:Slide1

  1. Proud
  2. Positive
  3. Progressive

Turns out there should have been a fourth P in the old slogan – problem.  Some of the board members had a problem with the slogan’s word PROGRESSIVE.  Some thought it was a bit too political for the campaign.

More on the point of the post card campaign:

Each card will contain a short message to inform and celebrate public education in Kansas. Board members were encouraged to submit ideas for the cards before the November board meeting, when the board is expected to approve the cards in anticipation of the legislative session. Theme ideas ranged from historical facts and the board’s strategic plan to successes and inspirational Kansans or events.

The cards aren’t intended to be political. Instead, the goal of the cards is to get parents and other members of the public talking about education.  http://cjonline.com/news/2013-10-16/kansas-board-education-send-postcards-legislators

Some of the members thought that if legislators in Kansas received a postcard with the word “progressive” on it, they may just collect them all and burn them in the halls of the capitol.  Others thought that the mere writing of the word “progressive” could have them associated with a liberal and God forbid (literally – God may forbid it in Kansas).

The nation is watching Kansas right now, because of our historic under funding of our public schools.   I thought I would come up with some other catchy slogans for the postcard campaign.

Kansas Education:

  1. Proud
  2. Positive
  3. Paused

Kansas Education:

Fund us damn it.

Finally, Representatives if you receive these postcards know that just because you read the word ‘progressive’ it doesn’t make you one in political party or in the case of Kansas education – in action or advancement.

Putting the K back in Krazy Kansas politics

Dear Dr. Wolf:

First, welcome to the race for Senate in Kansas.  I appreciate anyone who is willing to add even more crazy or should I say “krazy” to our political landscape here in Kansas. (note to self – learn to  cross stitch “Krazy Kansas” to earn money to keep this blog going – it will be great on pillows.)


So rumor on the street is your are even MORE conservative than Pat Roberts AND you are a cousin of President Obama.  Call the Kardashians, looks like we have a new kookie family in town and it’s the Obamas!  You wacky cousins – one conservative, the other one liberal…I can only imagine what your Thanksgiving looks like.

Wait..you are 2nd cousins once removed?  I still don’t understand what the hell that even means.  I think by that logic, I might be related to President Obama.  I’m going to have to ancestry.com that.  Is that where we are all somehow related to King Henry VIII?

Well, I guess we all have to milk our claim to fame somehow right?  Who am I to judge?  Did I ever tell you that I met Kirk Cameron at Worlds of Fun?  

Back to the point…

I understand you are a radiologist and that means you are an expert at telling us why healthcare and government shouldn’t mix.  Interesting that your practice accepts Medicare AND Medicaid.  Aren’t those two government healthcare programs? Silly me…what do I know?  I’m just some wacky blog writer and I NEVER wrote a book.  You did write a book and I just downloaded your 5 chapter, 38 page book.  I’m getting ready to get all comfy and cuddle up for a nice, long read.



Good luck on your campaign!

Yours in understanding 2nd cousins,


#KS has a bad case of malaise – we might need ACA to clear that up

KS Lt Gov. Jeff Colyer believes Kansas has a case of economic malaise that has marched across Kansas and it is devastating small businesses here in the heartland of America.  What’s the cause of us not being able to leave our recliners and get to work?  Obama of course more specifically the Affordable Care Act.

Colyer actually had a pow-wow with a joint committee of Congress where he laid out his evidence that ACA was the root cause of our blues.  “Wherever I go, the biggest concern I hear is the uncertainty about what the law is going to do to small business,” Colyer told a joint committee on economic growth and health care. “The issues are profound and detrimental to our citizens.” http://cjonline.com/news/2013-09-18/colyer-offers-critique-us-health-insurance-reform

How detrimental?  Colyer points out that Kansas had our unemployment rate INCREASE in August  for the third month in a row to a whopping 5.9%.  His conclusion: Obama and his Obamacare MUST be the cause. 

It is because of our increasing unemployment that we MUST repeal the Affordable Care Act (for like the 150th time).

To prove his theory rock solid, I did a little more research.

The Department of Labor reviewed the unemployment statistics and noticed that our workforce grew in April and May and UNEXPECTEDLY contracted in June and July.

Tyler Tenbrink, a senior economist at the labor department, said analysis of the up-and-down nature of the labor force in Kansas had yet to be completed. The stall and decline in the past two months may turn around just as quickly, he said.

“We’re going to need some more data points to see what’s going on,” he said. “It could be an anomaly.” http://cjonline.com/news/business/2013-08-19/kansas-unemployment-rate-hits-2013-high-59-percent

Damn Obamacare for these anomalies.

According to the statistics, the government shed 18,900 jobs.  This could possibility be contributing to the unemployment rate.

I wonder why so many jobs have been eliminated?


Is it because of all of the extreme funding cuts that Brownback has caused leaving the state in a critical stage with certain vital public services and eliminated key positions in our government and government agencies?

No that can’t be it.

It MUST be caused from Obama and Obamacare!

Well done KS Lt Gov. Colyer.  I do believe you nailed it.



#KSleg A bunch of fools – not April Fools

KS Abortion Bill Provides No Exemption for Rape or Incest

I wish I could write an April Fool’s post.

I can’t seem to come up with anything funny to write about with what happened in Topeka today.

As expected, the Senate advanced the restrictive abortion bill 2253.


I just want to focus on one aspect of this insane bill.

If a fourteen year old girl is raped by her father and becomes pregnant-  the girl MUST carry the pregnancy to term.  

If a girl is gang raped in an alley and becomes pregnant from the violent attack, the girl MUST carry the pregnancy to term.  

“Sen. David Haley, D-Kansas City, argued for an amendment stipulating provisions of the bill wouldn’t apply in the event a pregnancy was sought by a person who was raped, subjected to incest or the victim of aggravated indecent liberties of a child. His amendment failed by a wide margin.”


Did you catch that Kansas voters – FAILED BY A WIDE MARGIN!

The article continues…

“Pilcher-Cook said the issue of rape was irresponsibly used by Democrats to distort consideration of the bill.

“This bill doesn’t have anything to do with rape,” she said. “This has got to stop.”

I guess unless you are the one who has been raped and ends up pregnant  If so,  this bill has EVERYTHING TO DO WITH RAPE. Without the rape there would be no pregnancy.

So who could this bill end up hurting the worst?  How about our Kansas daughters.  Let’s take a look at some disturbing numbers.

From the Rape Abuse Incest National Network:

1 out of every 6 American women has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime

44% of rape victims are under the age of 18.

7% of girls in grades 5-8  and 12% of girls in grades 9-12 said they have been the victim of sexual abuse.

One-time, unprotected intercourse results in pregnancy 5% of the time.  

These are only in the numbers we know about.  So many times incest and sexual assaults go unreported, especially in incidents of date rapes that often occur with adolescents.

Anyone else having flash backs to Todd Akin and his “legitimate rape” comments? 

All those who denied the exemption for incest and rape – will you help come up with an excuse for the teenage girl who has to explain to her friends in the high school hallways who the baby daddy is when the baby daddy is her own daddy?

Senator Mary Pilcher-Cook any ideas?  


If you or someone you know is a victim of a sexual assault – please contact the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-HOPE

Huelskamp insults Supreme Court in his Op-Ed.

We all know that gay marriage is a hot topic right now with the Supreme Court taking up the issue. Democrats and even some Republicans are coming out in support of gay marriage. As gay marriage opponents sit relatively silent on the issue for fear of backlash, there is a Congressman who has been very vocal in his opposition.

Congressman Tim Huelskamp-R KS published an Op-Ed to the Washington Examiner outlining his opposition to gay marriage. Give it a click – it’s a good read. I mean interesting read. It’s an interesting read.


With so many conservatives choosing to remain silent, Congressman Huelskamp is showing a lot of “chutzpah” in writing this op-ed opposing same-sex marriage.

So since you put it out there Congressman…allow me to respond.

You start off the usual way. Marriage is between one man, one woman and as many children as you can product and/or adopt. Thanks for throwing in the adoption clause on this one. I will give you two snaps for being inclusive – to heterosexual couples who adopt anyway.

And that is where we end our agreeing love-fest.

You go on to write,”This model has been sanctioned and favored by secular and even pagan governments for millennia as the most efficient, secure and effective organizational unit of human society.”

Efficient? I was married for almost 10 years. Marriage is a lot of things, but efficient isn’t one of them. Dinner every night consisted of this -

“What do you want to eat?”

“I don’t care. What do you want to eat?”

“I don’t care.”

You call that efficient?

Secure? Have you checked the US divorce rate lately?

Effective? The definition of effective is “to adequate to accomplish a purpose”. That’s sort of broad so I think I need more clarification on your point. Some may say female friendships are a pretty awesome organizational unit of human society. Have you ever been to a Bunco game?

You go on…

“Liberals resort to the courts when they know their agenda is not shared by the great majority of Americans. In more than 40 states, the legislatures or even the people themselves have gone on record in support of traditional marriage.”

That dang court getting all Supreme on us. – doing crazy things like desegregating schools. Let’s also remember that the “great majority of the Americans” are actually only the Americans that voted in the last election. Now I could go find some statistic about the percentage of Americans who actually vote, but I don’t want to bore you with statistics. It would be interesting, however, to compare our voting statistics with statistics to the numbers of Americans who watch Modern Family weekly and see the comparison.

“The Obama administration’s brief attacking California’s Prop 8 takes the other side. It argues that motherhood is not really all that unique, and that its virtues can actually be supplied by, well, any dude.”

Any dude? First – two snaps up for using the term “dude” in your op-ed piece. I thought that was only reserved for my blog. Second, gay couples – men and women aren’t attempting to replace the virtues of motherhood or fatherhood. They just want to love each other and if they choose to also love a child. I know – its earth shattering!

You go on to insult the Supreme Court by writing this-

“I further beg them to remember the limited role they play in our constitutional system, and to have the humility to subordinate their own notions of political correctness to the clear will of the American people — and the wisdom of the ages.”

Snap! Aren’t you all that and a bag of chips. Now there is an old saying about those in glass houses, but I forget how it goes.

What you are missing is the importance of love in raising a child. Oh those little details.

The Founding Father’s designed our US government so that there are equal importance between the Supreme Court, the Legislative and Executive branches of government. You are one of the three branches of that government system. No better or worse than any of the others. We have our Founding Fathers to thank for that.

Can’t wait to see how popular you are at the next State of the Union. I wouldn’t suggest a seat down front by the Supreme Court Justices.

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