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I’m not sure what you are up to today, but I’m waiting by the mailbox for my invitation to….drum roll please….. The Chris Christie fundraiser for Sam Brownback! That’s right all my Kansas friends.  I don’t know you what you are doing on August 20th, but I’ll be putting on my pantyhose, fastening my pearls […]

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The Kansas Legislature took a much needed break a few weeks ago.  Things in Kansas seemed calm, peaceful and eerily sane for the first time in many months.  Yesterday, everyone came back.  Gentlemen start your engines.  Krazy in Kansas is back in session!  Here are the top 10 signs you know the Kansas legislature is […]

Dear Kansas and Missouri business owners, This letter is to Kansas and Missouri business owners who feel like their religious liberty is being violated by serving gay customers.  HB2453 in Kansas recently died in the state Senate after the House voted to approve the measure.  I understand that the “powers that be” are working on […]

As a pro-choice advocate in Kansas, we rarely have anything to celebrate.  In fact, this state is so pro-life, we just set ourselves up for disappointment after disappointment.   I’m trying to think back on pro-choice victories in Kansas.  Give me a sec. Well…there is the time that the Supreme Court passed Roe vs. Wade […]


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