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In a place that is a few hours away from where I am writing this, a drama unfolded yet again involving…you guessed it women’s bodies. The Saline County, KS Commission rejected a state grant for $6,064 to fund IUDs. Why did they reject the grant for IUDs?  One word: ABORTION! Hold on.  Before you log […]

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Dear Kansas Representatives, I need to point out that bloggers and comedians across the country are outraged!  Paul Davis-D from Kansas has suggested closing the legislative session in Kansas 20 days early.  Estimates are it could save the state $1.3 million dollars by closing up shop early.  What’s a little money when we are having […]

Last year Gov. Brownback put together a task force to take a long look at a serious problem facing our state – childhood poverty.  He brought together the best and the brightest to study, discuss and find a solution facing so many of Kansas’s most vulnerable population. Finally on September 6th, the Governor’s task force […]

Dear Mr. Ridenour: I understand you wrote an interesting letter today to my neighbors in Fairway.  The letter was in regards to the new Walmart that is opening up down the street.  Thanks for letting us all know where you live – 6128 Catalina. Thank you for working so hard for the “betterment of our […]

It’s Sunday and that can only mean one thing in Kansas… If you said a gun celebration picnic you would be correct! Nothing…I repeat…NOTHING says macaroni salad good times like a gun celebration picnic. Luckily I found one right here in my own backyard.  Here’s the 411 on the picnic: Sunday, July 21, 2013 in […]


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