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Dear NRA Women,   Well I’ve got to hand it to you.  I’ve never seen a PR home run hit quit as well as the one you hit this week after news broke of the 9-year-old girl who accidentally shot her instructor while firing a Uzi at the Bullets and Burgers shooting range in Arizona.  […]

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The NRA is holding their annual convention May 3-5 deep in the heart of Texas. I was thinking about  a big trip this summer.  It’s between this and an Indigo Girls concert out West.  I checked out the NRA website to see what fun might be in store for me. Hundreds of exhibitors, celebrities […]

Dear Gun Rights Advocates: Me again. I know.  I’m a pain in the ass. Likewise… Since I have subscribed to many of your newsletters, I’ve noticed that a lot of you have been celebrating a recent “victory” that happened out of Trimble, MO last week.  Here’s a brief summary for those who didn’t follow the […]

Yesterday I was featured on a Fox 4 News segment discussing a MO Senate bill requiring MO 1st graders to learn gun safety from the NRA’s Eddie Eagle Program.  I discussed how a 2004 National Institute of Medicine study found that the Eddie Eagle Program was ineffective at actually changing behavior when it came to […]

1/15/13 To:  NRA APP customer service/help desk From:  Aimee Patton Re:  game app To whom it may concern, I am writing to ask for assistance with your new ipad/iphone app.  I recently downloaded this app for  my six-year-old to enjoy.  I am always looking for new games and since this game was designed for those […]


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