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Dear Sen. Stacey Campbell, We are both bloggers.  I read about all the attention your blog is getting when you posted your “thought of the day” that included this: Democrats bragging about the number of mandatory sign ups for Obamacare is like Germans bragging about the number of manditory sign ups for “train rides” for […]

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Another day another bill to attempt to defund, make illegal or just outright outlaw Obamacare. This time it comes from my favorite KS Representative Brett Hildebrand. Hildebrand sponsored HB2553 – the healthcare compact bill. Now what the heck is a health care compact? It basically takes the newly formed Federal program of Obamacare and puts […]

If your can of Rotel in your cabinet is lonely, you better tell the spicy tomatoes to get used to it.  Kraft just acknowledged there is a Velveeta cheese shortage. “Any issues with availability are much more noticeable given the seasonal demand,” from the Kraft statement. The shortage couldn’t come at a worse time with […]

Nelson Mandela passed away and the world continues to mourn his death.  Activist, political prisoner and former President of South Africa, Mandela brought about change in a segregated country and finally helped a nation heal from a tragic time in their country’s past. World leaders and politicians have been expressing their condolences in the media. […]

If you haven’t heard Obamacare is a DISASTER!  Everyone is running around screaming, “the sky is falling!”  As a result – business are cutting hours, premiums are rising and Paris Hilton has a new song with Lil’ Wayne.  Ok, maybe that last one isn’t a result of the Obamacare disaster, but it is still a […]


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