#KSleg A bunch of fools – not April Fools

KS Abortion Bill Provides No Exemption for Rape or Incest

I wish I could write an April Fool’s post.

I can’t seem to come up with anything funny to write about with what happened in Topeka today.

As expected, the Senate advanced the restrictive abortion bill 2253.


I just want to focus on one aspect of this insane bill.

If a fourteen year old girl is raped by her father and becomes pregnant-  the girl MUST carry the pregnancy to term.  

If a girl is gang raped in an alley and becomes pregnant from the violent attack, the girl MUST carry the pregnancy to term.  

“Sen. David Haley, D-Kansas City, argued for an amendment stipulating provisions of the bill wouldn’t apply in the event a pregnancy was sought by a person who was raped, subjected to incest or the victim of aggravated indecent liberties of a child. His amendment failed by a wide margin.”


Did you catch that Kansas voters – FAILED BY A WIDE MARGIN!

The article continues…

“Pilcher-Cook said the issue of rape was irresponsibly used by Democrats to distort consideration of the bill.

“This bill doesn’t have anything to do with rape,” she said. “This has got to stop.”

I guess unless you are the one who has been raped and ends up pregnant  If so,  this bill has EVERYTHING TO DO WITH RAPE. Without the rape there would be no pregnancy.

So who could this bill end up hurting the worst?  How about our Kansas daughters.  Let’s take a look at some disturbing numbers.

From the Rape Abuse Incest National Network:

1 out of every 6 American women has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime

44% of rape victims are under the age of 18.

7% of girls in grades 5-8  and 12% of girls in grades 9-12 said they have been the victim of sexual abuse.

One-time, unprotected intercourse results in pregnancy 5% of the time.  

These are only in the numbers we know about.  So many times incest and sexual assaults go unreported, especially in incidents of date rapes that often occur with adolescents.

Anyone else having flash backs to Todd Akin and his “legitimate rape” comments? 

All those who denied the exemption for incest and rape – will you help come up with an excuse for the teenage girl who has to explain to her friends in the high school hallways who the baby daddy is when the baby daddy is her own daddy?

Senator Mary Pilcher-Cook any ideas?  


If you or someone you know is a victim of a sexual assault – please contact the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-HOPE

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Pro-Life Candidates Get Biggest Message From Campaign

So it’s over.  50% of the country is celebrating and the other 50% is trying to figure out what the hell happened.  Let the campaign analysis begin.  Mittens lost.  Did Obama out campaign him?  Did his own party blow it for him?  Was it Sandy’s fault?  Christie’s fault?  The flag pin’s fault?  My fault?  Mitt was so close.  He was never close really.  I guess it depends who you ask and who you want to believe.

The one thing we can all agree on as a nation is the whole campaign system is broken. The good news is it goes well with our broken economy.  Kinda like the shoes matching the belt.   The reality is it isn’t changing anytime soon.  So here is my big take-away from this whole thing.

A very strong and direct message was sent to the Pro-Life Movement yesterday.  Now that this election is over, I feel like I can lay it all out here.  See, we all know what Akin said.   I think he never really believed that the female body had a way of “shutting the whole thing down” when it came to pregnancy.  I believe extreme Pro-Life candidates like Aiken who said OUTRAGEOUS things about women’s reproductive systems were really saying, “I am pro-life in all cases even rape and incest.”  They just didn’t have the real guts to lay it out so concretely.

Instead of just saying that, they knew that it would be highly unpopular with moderate Americans.  So they started tap dancing to try to cover-up these extreme views.  In fact, there was more tap dancing around this than the talent portion of the Miss Glitter Pageant of Toddlers and Tiaras.  The more they danced the worse it got.  By that time you had statements like Akin’s and Mourdock’s who had just justify pregnancy somehow so they blamed God or excuse me, said pregnancy from rape was what “God intended”.

What once was a movement that seemed unstoppable, the Pro-Life movement, suddenly came to an abrupt stop or at the very least hit an enormous speed bump.  It wasn’t that people reacted to how stupid these statements were and didn’t vote for these candidates.  That conclusion is far too simplistic. I believe there was also a reaction to the intent of the statement – the statement being abortion in all circumstances, even in times of incest and rape was unacceptable.  The American people stopped this type of candidate.  To be perfectly clear, I’m not saying the American people all became pro-choice and everyone now has a Planned Parenthood bumper sticker on their car, but they certainly sent a strong message that pro-life in all circumstances regardless of how the pregnancy occurred did not appeal to them.

As I sit in KS, or as Fox News abbreviated it last night – KA – the hub of Pro-Life extremism, I sit satisfied that what used to be the unstoppable Pro-Life movement finally received a strong message from their own party.  There are limits.  The American voter has limits.  Abortion in all circumstances is not something the American people ultimately believe in.  Abortion in times of rape and incest and in times when the mother’s life is at risk is something the American people find acceptable.  Akin’s loss was more about his intention behind his stupid statement and not just based on his statement alone.

Time will tell if the GOP will take this message to heart and really try to change things before 2016.  I have some ideas about changing the whole campaign  system.  For example – the primaries?  That process sucks if you are the running against an incumbent.  Lengthening the presidential term.  Four years isn’t enough.  Look at how long FDR had to get us out of the Great Depression.    Don’t get me started on the Electoral College.   Somebody in charge of this stuff give me a ring if you want some ideas.

In the meantime, the campaign is over….now what?  Ping-pong anyone?

Kinzer, I know you’re giving JC a high five, but take a sec and read this

Kansas made the national news yet again this week. Was it for our amazing ability to be innovative and create new jobs? No. Was it because we are tops in the nation at providing a 1st class education to all of KS children? No again. Could it be that our KS reps were hard at work rolling out legislation that would reduce taxes, but still provide great services to our hard working citizens while still balancing the budget? Strike 3!

You probably know why. It’s a broken record here in KS. We made the news, because our legislature pasted the most restrictive abortion bill in the nation from our abortion Czar Rep. Lance Kinzer. I figure someone working this hard not to honor our nation’s Supreme Court ruling and thumb his nose at our Founding Fathers should be giving some awesome title like Czar. So by the powers granted to me by the world of Pleasantly Eccentric, I now name you, Representative Lance Kinzer, Abortion Czar of the state of Kansas.

I have a feeling that Representative Kinzer is currently in his place of worship today, Sunday, and giving Jesus Christ a virtual high five today for accomplishing what he believes is what JC would have wanted. WWJD or in this case WWJW. Here’s a little reality check for Czar K to bring him off of his legislative high from the past week.

See, you can continue to not honor the Supreme Court decision of Roe V. Wade and make laws like the one that Gov. Brownback is getting read to sign off on, but that doesn’t make the need for abortion go away. You can disregard our federal system all you want, by enacting all of these state laws, but the harsh reality is you are driving women to the underground of secret abortion and women are gong to die in the process.

Is there such a thing? You bet. Just out of curiosity I googled abortion pills one day and I was shocked at what I found. Just like a guy who is having problems with his Johnson, can order his little blue pills from Canada, girls can order RU 486 from the internet with no medical supervision at all. I couldn’t believe what I read, but sure enough for about $300, women can order their abortion pills that come in “discreet packaging” with a list of instructions to induce their abortions. Discreet packaging – sounds like a woman is ordering porn, not about to induce a medical procedure that should be supervised by a clinician.

Along with all of this information came a bunch of warnings about fake websites that provided fake RU 486. Not only that, but on these websites there were warnings about signs of infections and how a woman should follow up with a doctor if she shows any sign of infection. Self diagnosis? Seriously? Like this isn’t ripe for problems. I don’t know Czar Kinzer – what do you think? Currently RU 486 requires 3 visits to the clinician to complete the procedure. Online ordering means a woman determines the gestational age, administers RU 486 herself and has no idea if the termination is complete.

So Czar Kizer, you take away the safe options for women who seek abortion away. You push these women into the option of ordering from the internet for the pills with no medical over site. Do I really need to lay out for you what the end result of this is going to be? If you said women dying, ding ding ding – give that man a prize!

Before you high five JC, take a moment and think about this. I’m not asking you to give up your pro-life beliefs. Be as pro-life as you want. Pray for it, shout it from the rooftops, do what ever you want. Just stop abusing your position of power by writing whatever laws you want about abortion and fast tracking it to the Governor’s desk. Just because you cut off access doesn’t mean the need for the service goes away. Don’t drive women into the virtual back alleys with no appropriate medical guidance. Don’t be responsible for women dying when they don’t have to.

To the few KS lawmakers who stood up to this bill, thank you. It takes a lot of courage to speak up and vote against this outrageous legislation. To those who voted for it, you may be giving Jesus Christ a high five today, but don’t bet that he is offering his hand in return.

What America can learn from Amina Filali & how Santorum is part of the problem.

I’m taking off my bejeweled thong from yesterday and putting on my more serious thinking cap today.  There was a story out today that a young girl, 16 year old Amina Filali from Morocco was raped and then by Moroccan law was forced to marry her rapist.  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-17379721

In conservative parts of Morocco, it dishonors a family if a girl loses her virginity before marriage. A  judge can order the rapist to marry his victim and restore the family’s honor.  According to the story from the BBC, that is what happened in Amina’s case.  She married her rapist and then went on to drink rat poison and kill herself. This has caused international outrage that a law like the one in Morocco even exists.  Hopefully, with the world paying attention, the Moroccan law will be changed.  I hope, but in my pessimistic state of mind right now regarding the state of women, my conclusion is…don’t bet on it.

As I was thinking about the Filali family this morning and what they must be going through, the thought kept racing through my mind, “making the best out of a bad situation”.  In their part of the world, family honor is everything.  I am sure the Filali’s did not want their daughter to kill herself.  I hope, as parents, they just wanted to make the best out of a horrible situation.  That same phrase kept running through my mind, “make the best out of a bad situation.”  They just wanted to make the best out of a bad situation and that was marrying off their now “dishonorable” daughter to the man who dishonored her.  As disgusting as this sounds to the western world, that was probably their and the court’s mindset.

Who the hell said that recently?  I know I heard that before…it was an American.  Someone in the public eye.  Then it dawned on me. Here is where I heard it,


Rick Santorum.  That is where I heard it recently.  He was describing a pregnancy that was creating out of rape.  Keeping the pregnancy was also “making the best out of a bad situation”.  What’s the difference here really?  Either way the girl or woman is constantly reminded of her trauma over and over again forcing her to be re traumatized constantly.  What makes us think that in Santorum’s world we would be immune from women committing suicide to escape their torture just as Amina escaped hers?

As Santorum continues to win state after state in the primaries, it is not from his spectacular economic policy, it is from his old world social policies that appeal to people.  How can we, America, be really shocked and outraged at what happens in Morocco when we are taking step after step backwards in this country to do things not far off from what happened in Morocco?  Just think about it. Forced and unnecessary vaginal ultrasounds, women having to plead their case for contraception, abortions outlawed in all cases.

I can hear people now saying, “well it’s not like we would ever be that radical.”  Oh really?  I hope to God we would never have our women marry our rapists to uphold our honor, but I never thought we would be outlawing sex education, make contraceptives so shameful that women have to prove on a monthly pain scale why they are justified in taking them and make traumatized women carry their pregnancies to term.  I never thought we would allow doctors to lie to women or we would even consider make practicing medicine a crime.

I encourage you to go online and learn more about Amina’s case.  Learn more about the state of women’s issues all over the world.  I had tea once with a man in Burkina Faso who told me he respected women and so he was only going to have six wives instead of eight.  He was in his late 40s and his 16 year old first wife was serving tea.  Her young daughter was with her and she was already sold into marriage.  The man received a few camels and a donkey for her.  Never in my life have I never wanted to grab a child and run away.  I didn’t, because I knew I could not do anything in that case except enjoy my tea and learn about their customs.  In this case, I feel like I can do a little something by writing this blog and pointing out America that before we are outraged over seas, we need to look here at ourselves and get our own act together.  Do I think there is a “war on women”?  No, but I think there is some really repressive legislation going on here that needs to stop so we don’t inch closer to resemble more extreme countries around the world. Let’s continue to move forward instead of taking massive steps back.  I only want to make the best out of great situations here in America.

HB 2598, a letter to Kansas about your great fairy tale

Dear State of Kansas:

In my free time, I love to read restrictive abortion legislation. Tonight, it was between your house bill 2598 and the latest People Magazine. Sure enough, your HB 2598 proved to be more thrilling than Kim Kardashian’s latest love interest. As thrilling as it was, there are some things I think I should point out to you, Kansas. See, the plot was good and character development was excellent; princess played by the pregnant woman, dragon played by doctor, brave and honest prince played by you, the state of Kansas. So the plot, princess gets herself pregnant and seeks out a legal abortion. Dragon attempts to give her a legal abortion, but wait…brave and honest prince, (state of KS) comes to save her. Brave and honest prince does this by various measures:

1. Allows the husband and/or parents if princess is under 18 to sue the doctor for cost x 3 of abortion plus attorney costs.

2. Provide princess scientifically inaccurate information that was written directly from a so called “crisis pregnancy center” to princess.

3. Charging dragon with a Class A misdemeanor for violating unfair rules put in place by brave and honest prince!

Now I have read my share of fairy tales since I am raising a beautiful, adopted 5 year old daughter. In my fair tales, the prince is usually applauded for his use of bravery and honesty when saving the princess. What I think you lack here, State of KS is the honesty part.

First, I do not have a law degree like the brilliant minds who must have written this legislation, so I may be totally off base, but I don’t think it is going to be possible to prosecute #1. See if the abortion happens, proving paternity is impossible. It is written into the legislation that if the person is “married” then husband will be able to sue. Here is an example of the defense I would use to fight this, “I cheated”. I rest my case. Your assumption here State of KS is that all married people are faithful and therefore, all pregnancies must be the husband’s. Isn’t that cute! Your innocence is part of your charm. That is further proof this is a fairy tale.

Second., have you read the “required material” you are asking that clinics hand out? The information is unproven - including risk of premature birth in future pregnancies, risk of breast cancer..This is your fiction not mine. Aren’t you worried about setting a precedence here. You are giving the ok for doctors to hand out false information in this country and they can use the defense, “the dragons did it”. Also, I don’t think in your required material you need to put the part about the egg and sperm meeting to create pregnancy. The princess probably gets that or they wouldn’t be seeking an abortion in the first place. Maybe that part is better served for our youth to know how not to end up facing the dragon in the first place. Also, in fetal development, you left out the stage where the fetus tap dances.

Third, do you really want to charge dragon with a misdemeanor? Practicing medicine should never be a crime in this country. I know that brave princes receive a lot of political donations from doctors. If you start charging any of them with crimes this might cause some doctors to pull some of their campaign contributions. They might not love that princes’s in this country are acting like God and charging anyone in their profession with a crime for performing legal procedures.

Now my brave prince, I know you honor the Kings of the Castle (a.k.a. the Founding Fathers of our Constitution) The Kings wrote this little gem:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

See my brave and honest prince, you do a great job with the life and liberty part, especially when defending your right to own assault weapons, but you fall short on the pursuit of happiness portion. I argue that the princesses may seek out the legal option of abortion for various reason, but one may be because of what the founding fathers, I mean, the kings, said was a right endowed by their Creator to the American people…the pursuit of happiness and that is no fairy tale but a very real possibility. It is not your job to continue qualifying everything to your liking. This falls into liberty or freedom like freedom of choice and if that choice is pursuit of happiness the kings have blessed that choice. It is not for you to say if they did or not. I will interpret their intentions to say they did. (and you will interpret their intentions to say they did not so we cancel each other out-sticking out my tongue like a 5 year old)

Thank you brave and honest prince for reading my letter. I enjoyed reading your fairy tale, I mean HB 2598. I hope you know that by voting this bill into law, you are handicapping the state of Kansas to defend expensive lawsuits and costly materials that are false in information. I agree that you have a right to be pro-life, but please keep that mission to your churches and neighborhoods. I prefer my tax dollars not be spent writing fairy tales.

Thank you,

the wicked witch of Johnson County, KS

Launching Pleasantly Eccentric

I have decided it’s time.  It’s time for me to launch another blog.  I’ve had a few blogs in the past.  I had a blog called the Road to Adoption about my journey in adopting my beautiful daughter.  I had another blog called Tush Face that I took down a few years ago.  Quick story behind that blog- I was tired of trying to find cute names for blogs that were all taken.  Everyone has a blog these days and that means that all the blog names that are clever are taken.  So in a fit of rage I decided to type a name that I knew no one had.  It was the pet name that my father gave me as child.  Tush face-explains a lot about me in just two words.  He never said it in a mean way.  It was meant the way other dads called their girls “Princess” or “Sweetie”.  Anyway, I typed Tush Face and sure enough that blog name wasn’t taken.

Well I named this one “Pleasantly Eccentric” and sure enough that one wasn’t taken either.  A guy I dated long ago once described me in this way.  I liked the description, not the guy, so I kept it.  I know to read between the lines it means nicely weird, but I’ll let you decide when you read my blog.

In full disclosure, this blog may be littered with grammatical errors.  Get over it.  I’m all about content and I wasn’t an English major.  I was a history major and it has taken me a long way to a life of riches.  (I’m living in my mother’s basement right now, in the middle of a divorce and trying to save my struggling business, but I am awesome at Jeopardy.)

This just in: Susan G Komen restores grant funding to Planned Parenthood!  Power to the People – the Pro-Choice People.  Finally we win one!  It is so rare these days that the pro-choice movement actually wins one that doesn’t involve many court proceedings and challenging the Constitution, but it looks like in the court of public opinion, the pro-choice movement won!  Congratulations and it has been a long time coming.

Anyway, I hope you comment on stuff you like and don’t like.  I’m sure there will be things up here that will satisfy both.  I am going to write about politics, foreign affairs and of course celebrities!  I read Radar Online with just as much interest as the Washington Post.  I watch Meet the Press and Keeping Up with the Kardashians.  I am a walking contradiction.  For those of you who roll your eyes and say, “How can you waste your time on that reality television?” Get over your intellectual selves.  I can make an interesting argument for invading Iran and bombing their nuclear sites just as easily as I can discuss why Kylie Jennar should not go to the Bahamas for her 16th birthday like Kris wanted. (more on Kylie later)

I hope you enjoy and more to come later!

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