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Thank God it’s Friday! After looking back at this week in Kansas politics, all I can say is, “can we talk?” Yes that’s a special shout out to Joan Rivers, but it also sums up the hot and I mean H-O-T mess that is Kansas politics this week. With all this drama, Andy Cohen from […]

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Politics in this country are as polarized as ever.  People are unfriending each other on Facebook, because of political posts that are pissing each other off.  This I don’t understand. I view politics just like any other hobby.  I don’t unfriend people, because of their crafting hobbies.  Suzie is posting 50 things to do with […]

There are eight stages of behavior change.  Let’s say we go to our doctor and we are obese as many Americans are.  Our doc says, “stop eating so many bloomin’ onions.”  Here is how the 8 stages of change model works for not eating all you can eat Chinese food lunch buffets. Precontemplation:  I love […]

It turns out there have been a list of breakout sessions added to the Republican National Convention.  Even though the convention is packed full with such hot names like Mike Huckabee, Jeb Bush and Chris Christie.  If you have time to pull yourself away from the main stage, you may want to check out these […]

Another shooting today. This time near Texas A&M. The facts are sketchy right now, but it seems is a guy was being served an eviction noticed and opened fire killing a police officer and some other people. The person who opened fire also died in the “gun battle”. Not my words, “gun battle”, but the […]


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