7 Stages of Voter Grief

It’s the day before the election.  I am like most Americans – Republicans and Democrats and even those rare few who are “undecided”.  I’m gearing up to vote tomorrow and then sit and anxiously watch the returns come in.  Today I am going through a wide range of emotion on the last day of this crazy campaign cycle.  I’m calling it – the 7 stages of voter grief.  See if you can relate:

Stage 1 – Shock and Denial

Tomorrow it’s all over?  It can’t be all over!  What will I do with all my free time?  Maybe I’ll take up a new hobby like knitting or extreme couponing?  It can’t really be all over.   Surely this can’t be it.  There will probably be an extension anyway.  Hello, can anyone say hanging chads?

Stage 2 – Pain and Guilt

What if Obama doesn’t win?  What kind of country will I be leaving to my children and grandchildren?  I’m on an emotional cliff right now, because this country is hanging on a fiscal cliff.  The point is we are all on some sort of cliff.  This according to the 1.5 million emails I have received this election cycle.  Everyone  tells me it’s urgent and it’s up to me to vote their way make the death spiral it stop.  It’s all resting on my shoulders.  The fate of the nation is all on my shoulders people.  If the country spirals out of control tomorrow, it is my fault, because they told me so.  Somebody pass the antidepressants.

Stage 3 – Anger and Bargaining

Who the hell are you guys to put all of this on my shoulders anyway?  If it wasn’t for you politicians always placing blame on each other maybe we could get something done in Washington.  If Washington wasn’t just one campaign cycle after another maybe this country could actually move forward instead of always playing politics as usual.  You career politicians can suck it.  I just may not vote so there!

Stage 4 – Depression, Loneliness and Reflection

What difference does it make?  Will my vote even count tomorrow?

Stage 5 – The upward turn

Yes, my vote counts!  Every vote counts.  That is what makes America great!

Stage 6 – Reconstruction and working through

I believe that not only does my vote count, but I am part of the solution.  As JFK said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country!”

Stage 7 – Acceptance and Hope

I will vote tomorrow!  I will vote and I will believe in hope and change (again).

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Oh Sandy

I’m glued to the TV right now. Hurricane Sandy is coming ashore on the East Coast. I, like everyone, am watching and waiting. Is this storm going to be as big as they say? How much flooding will there be? Why do reporters always wear baseball caps in 70 mph wind? Haven’t they learned that it never works. No matter how tight you make the cap, it always blows off.

I’ll stop making jokes, because this is serious. If there was ever a time to put our intense campaigning to rest, it is now. I realize we are at a critical time in our campaign cycle. This is the final push to the end. However, there are some things that are more important and the safety and security of Americans are more important right now. It doesn’t matter if you are Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative-everyone is an American and Americans need to be helping other Americans.

This is not a time to critique everything this administration is going to do during the hurricane response. Governors, Senators, Congressmen/women, Mayors and Emergency Response Teams, as well as the President and his administration, will be part this response effort. Both parties will be represented and the one thing is for sure – we can’t have political bickering right now.

Everyone take a nice, deep breath and start thinking about what you can do to be part of the solution. I know I write a lot about the separation of church and state. I stand by that thought, but this might be a good time to do a little praying to God, not to help create policy, but to pray to keep our Americans safe and damage to a minimum.

I was part of the rescue effort during Hurricane Katrina when I worked for a great organization called Angel Flight. I was not in New Orleans, but worked in the Midwest organizing flights for families to reunite with sick children who had been evacuated from New Orleans to the Midwest. I know from being part of that rescue effort that Americans are unbelievably charitable and caring people.

Let’s hope for the best, prepare for the worst and put all the political bickering to rest for the next 48 hours. If fellow Americans on the East Coast need help after the storm hits, I will donate money or goods and not ask what political party each recipient has declared before I donate. It’s times like this when it all seems so trivial.

Romney is guilty of making most Americans feel like crap

Eureka!  I’ve figured out what is wrong with the Romney campaign.  Now, I’m no political analyst by profession.  I’m just a divorced, working mom who loves politics.  I’m going to lay out what is wrong with the Romney campaign and I can sum it up in one sentence:

Romney continues to make average Americans feel like crap.

That was complex, right?  Can you believe that no one pays me for this analysis?  Shocker!   It isn’t complex, but I think it gets right to the heart of what’s wrong with Mitt Romney for President.

It seems in my unprofessional opinion that the reason that Romney is losing this campaign is that he continually makes Americans feel terrible.  I feel like his people should issue an apology before he ever opens his mouth.

Obama may have won on “hope” and “change” and it is debatable if that is what he delivered, but most Americans want to feel “hope” and feel they can be part of “change”.

Romney has done nothing in this campaign except continue to make people feel terrible.

I’ll use myself as an example.  Romney recently declared that middle-class is anyone making $250,000 and below.  For a candidate who already has an issue with trying to relate to your everyday American, setting the bar that “middle-class” is at $250,000 is outrageous.  I work hard, but I make a fraction (and I do mean a fraction) of that amount.  What does that make me?  The working poor?  Did Romney just move me into a different class and I wasn’t even aware of it.  Thanks a lot buddy!

Now video is out from Romney that claims that people who use government assistance view themselves as “victims”.  

Nothing about what he said is overly outrageous.  I mean this has been the Republican party line for a while now.  I think the outrage comes down to the fact that it is just another day and another category of Americans that he has made feel like crap.

So what if Romney was at a fundraiser in Boca Raton?  Having high dollar political fundraiser is common to both sides.  Can anyone say Jay-Z and Beyonce for Obama?  (I donate my money to Obama, I’m waiting for my all expense paid trip to the fundraiser!)

The bigger issue is the campaign has no hope.  There is no inspiration.  If an American needs government assistance, they are “victims”.  If you don’t make $250,000 per year, you are poor.  If you are gay, you are wrong, if you aren’t Christian you don’t belong.  I could keep going, but you get my point.

Romney is going to need to have universal healthcare on his platform, because most Americans are going to need anti-depressants before this campaign is over.  Romney is totally bumming us out.  

One thing I’ve learned about playing tennis (and not very well by the way) is just get the ball back over the net and let the other guy make the error.  The odds are that the other guy will beat himself and you don’t have to work so hard trying to make great shots every time.  

Romney, the ball is in your court.


RNC speakers and quotes from parents…what would I use?

Last night was Paul Ryan’s night.

Paul, Sky Blue Tie, Ryan.

Have I ever mentioned that sky blue is my favorite color?  I fully believe that the Republicans knew that and purposefully had him wear a sky blue tie to seduce me to vote Republican.  It almost worked!  Granted I had to snap out of my trance and Google the speech after the fact to fill myself in on what I missed.  I admit, I’m that easy sometimes…with voting!

So glad I did and now I’m back to voting Democrat.  Whew…that was close!

Reviewing Ryan’s speech after I came out of my sky blue tie trance, I came across this quote from Ryan, “My dad used to say to me: ‘Son, you have a choice. You can be part of the problem, or you can be part of the solution.”

I recall the night before Chris Christie spoke about what his mother taught him. “The greatest lesson Mom ever taught me, though, was this one: she told me there would be times in your life when you have to choose between being loved and being respected. She said to always pick being respected, that love without respect was always fleeting — but that respect could grow into real, lasting love.”

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0812/80347.html#ixzz251MllYdx

This had me thinking.  If I was giving my speech at a political convention, what nugget of advice from my parent or grandparent would be the backbone of my speech about character and greatness?

So I started to think….

“Stand-up straight!” My mom said this almost daily.  This wasn’t about standing up for values, this was really because I slouched my shoulders all the time.  She did that thing where she ran her fingers down my back.  I could probably leave that part out and use it in a speech about standing up straight for values.  It could be our secret about her true meaning.

“Boys will say anything to get in your pants.  Don’t believe them.” My Dad said this when I was a teenager.   This one would be harder work into a political convention speech.  Maybe I could say something like, the government is trying to get into your pants and we are going to stop them.  Oh heck, I guess I could lean on the speech writers to come up with some gem.

“Don’t ever wear a watch. It’s a good excuse to ask boys what time it is.” My grandmother when I was about 13.  We could spin this one to say government can’t be bothered to watch every second when it comes to taking the time to work on our problems.  It’s a stretch, but hey not everyone has the brilliant soundbites that Ryan and Christie seem to have.

“Don’t EVER say the word seven at a craps table.”  This one has served me well over the years.  I don’t think it will ever work for a political speech, but if you are reading this, trust me, my dad is the best craps player I know.  Just jot that one down for future use.

No wait! This one will work: “You know we have a lot of funny notions born inside of us, Half-Pint. The funniest is that we’re supposed to hide the way we feel about people. Let me tell you, everybody wants to know that they are loved, or needed, or cared about. Anybody who doesn’t want to know that has something wrong with them.”  Charles Ingalls

Ok, ok so it’s from Pa Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie.  If I take the Half-Pint out, no one would really know.

Now that I’m raising a child and her path may lead her up on the stage accepting her nomination for President, I better step my game up.  I need to come up with some amazing quotes so that when she is thinking about her acceptance speech she can quote me.  It better be something better then what I told her yesterday: “yes I’ll get you more ketchup for your chicken nuggets.” That’s probably not going to inspire a nation.

Oy, the pressure!



Hold on Angry Birds, Romney picked a VP

I think I’ve heard it all. Stick a fork in me, because I’m done. The Romney camp has announced that they will announce Romney’s choice for a VP by a smart phone app. http://www.kshb.com/dpp/news/political/romney-to-announce-vp-pick-by-smartphone-app How very 2012 technology forward of you Romney camp.

I am addicted to my iPhone so immediately I downloaded the new VP app. It’s called “Mitt’s VP”. How awesome that we are so friendly with the potential leader of the free world to informally call him Mitt . I opened Mitt’s VP to see that I need to sign in or sign up “to receive VP news and gain access to exclusive merchandise”. Exclusive merchandise? Like what? Maybe a special koozie with Mitt’s face on it?

Anyway, I established my account and needed to create a password. A password? Is this in case someone happens to steal my phone at the same nanosecond that the announcement of Mitt’s VP is only on the app and not announced in the press? Good thinking Mitt’s VP – password protect that top secret info. Now I’m annoyed that I need to remember yet another password. My password starts with an “A” and ends with an “E” – I’ll save you the trouble, it’s “awesome” (what did you think it was?).

Anyhoo, I signed up giving my address and email. Then I find out that a special bumper sticker will be sent to me after the announcement. Okey dokey, from there I go to the VP tab and sure enough there is a big shadow box and it’s empty. Ooohh, ahhh so..what’s the word…so…lame. It just sits there empty with “Coming Soon” in the empty frame.

That’s the whole app. Now, I have the attention span of a toddler. I need my Bejewelled Blitz, Twitter and Angry Birds to keep me occupied. The likelihood that I will remember that this app is even on my phone with page after page of important apps like Facebook, Open Table and Talking Carl (for my daughter) is highly unlikely, but to open it daily to see if there is an announcement and all there is an empty frame? Yawn….

Here are my suggests for how to enhance the app if the Romney camp ever wants me to return to it:

1. Add a math game where people can add up all of the tax cuts that will come to the top 1% of the population.

2. Add Cafeville that can have the American people practicing to become business owners. Maybe it can be called “Bainville”. The goal will be to see how many jobs you can outsource overseas.

3. Add an Olympics virtual game where we can all run the Olympics like Mitt. There could be a little horse racing game where horses we own can participate in the Olympics like Mitt’s.

As it stands now I will not open this app again. The American people need entertainment, sound effects and scoring. Nice thought Romney camp for trying to show us how connected you are to technology, but bad execution. I guess the only redeeming factor is the app was free. As a Democrat, that’s about as much as I can afford to pay for it.

Bain is Mitt’s pain in the you know what.

The new Obama campaign ad is out against Romney and all I can say is, “OUCH”!

The ad is simple, the song is haunting and the tags on the images are damning.  Over half a million views so far on Youtube.

Bravo Obama Campaign.  You’ve got the one two punch on this one.  Off shore bank accounts!  Jobs sent overseas!  Was Romney there?  Was he not there?  Was he with the Olympics and their Chinese-made uniforms?  Or worse, was he sewing Chinese-made Olympic uniforms?

Strike that last part, I’m mixing my sensational stories.

I think you get my drift.

My 5 year old is playing, “I like to move it.” right now on my iPhone and I feel like this could be a great song to capture his response.  Romney:  I was there.  I wasn’t there.  I was kind of there.  I phoned it in.  I was figuratively there, but not really.  I was a CNN hologram during my time at Bain.  I think you get my drift.

Most of the national analysis has been about if Romney’s decisions at Bain Capital would make him a good President. Can someone who sent jobs overseas be a good US President?

Wrong question folks.  Do we want a President with so little confidence?

Romney could so easily get out of this by saying that sending jobs overseas may not have been good for America, but it was the right decision by the business.  Loads of American corporations send businesses overseas.  (hang on a sec, my iPhone made in China is ringing).

Same thing goes with offshore bank accounts.  That’s the reality of the super rich people.  Did Romney fly himself to these beautiful beach locations with his millions and open these accounts personally?  I’m going to say no.  Again, lots of people do it.  Doesn’t make it right.  Doesn’t make me love it, but it does happen.

A confident President that is a good leader would respond something like this:

Jobs were sent overseas during my time at Bain Capital.  At the time, we made the best decisions possible for our business.  I would have loved to keep the jobs on American soil.  My decisions were not unique.  Many great American corporations send jobs overseas.  That said, being President I understand exactly what needs to be improved in our nation’s workforce, on our manufacturing lines and in our nation’s schools to bring jobs like these back to America.  American corporations would love the combination of maximized profit and American jobs.   Let me take that knowledge to Washington so we can make this country number one again.  Let me be the first , “American President and CEO”. (insert applause – I love my Presidential speech fantasies)

Romney is not doing that.  Instead he is going to debate exact dates of his whereabouts.  Debate away Romney.  You will never win a game like that in an age of technology like ours.  Media always finds out and it never is in favor of the one doing the explaining.

And this is why Romney won’t win in November.  Confidence as a businessman probably told Romney to send the jobs overseas.  Lack of confidence in the role of President has him defending the dates of his employment like it’s a LinedIn Profile.

Score another one for the Obama Camp.

Everyone ready, aim, fire – the Mommy Wars!

Quick somebody wake Oprah!  Get her back to Harpo studios STAT!  The mommy wars have just erupted again.  It’s on like Donkey Kong people, that’s right..flash back to 1985 when this whole thing started.  It’s just like that same zit on my cheek that keeps reappearing and won’t go away (also started I believe in 1985), do stay at home mom’s work?  OMG! 

Why are we still talking about this?  Why does twitter have its panties in a wad over this one today?  Turns out Hilary Rosen, a democratic political strategist was on AC360 and made a statement that Mitt Romney should stop looking to his wife to guide him on women’s economic struggles because she hasn’t worked a day in her life.  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/hilary-rosen/ann-romney-women_b_1419480.html

Oh no she didn’t!  Hil, honey.  Ms. Romney raised 5 boys.  5, J Crew photo shoot ready keeping them out of trouble for political family reasons, boys.  I’m sure it was very difficult raising 5 boys, shuttling them in different cadilacs from one country club to another for a golf lesson, football practice, tennis lessons, water polo lessons,  crew team practice, pep club, Morman choir practice, student senate election, debate club, boy scout sleep overs, etc. etc.  It had to be difficult telling the maids how to iron each Ralph Lauren button down in all the variety of sherbert colors correctly and make sure each boy had the correct Gap khaki pants in the right dresser drawer. 

Ok, ok…rich SAHMs. Calm down.  I’m making fun.  I know moms work hard.  All mom’s work hard.  Stay at home moms, working moms, part time working moms, welfare moms, military moms, married moms, single moms, teenage moms, adoptive moms, stay at home dads, gay moms, gay dads married to moms. 

If you think I should be struck down for making fun of Ms. Romney – don’t worry your pretty little head.  That’s been taken care of.  Here’s how my morning started.

Running late to work and had darling daughter in the car.  Drove through McDonalds for breakfast, because I’m the kind of mom who gets my daughter’s day going with a nutritious breakfast of a sausage biscuit and chocolate milk (large diet coke for working mom).  Driving like a bat out of hell for the highway, daughter manages to drop chocolate milk all over her Hippo pillow pet on the floor of the backseat of my mom car.  (insert major crying)  Turn car around and head for home to give favorite hippo pillow a bath in the washing machine.  Grab “new” hippo (darling daughter never accepted “new” hippo – only allows “new” hippo in case of emergencies with “old” hippo like chocolate milk baths).  We purchased “new” hippo because “old” hippo has been with daughter for 4 years.  Yank my floor mat out of the car before the sour milk smell kicks in.  Along with floor mat covered in milk, a headband, some loose change and her Moses action figure – they were selling them at the Dollar Store!  Moses may have successfully parted the Red Sea, but he wasn’t able to survive the milk bath.

Back in the car with Darling Daughter now drinking water.  Still driving like a crazy woman so not to be more than an hour late for work.  Arrive at preschool and enter to find out….it’s PAJAMA DAY!  Totally forgot to read the email that it is PAJAMA DAY!  Damn it.  Out pops daughter’s bottom lip and the tears start.  Daughter is one of the only kids not in her pajamas.  I can calculate the mental damage being done all before 9 am.  I can’t remember my exact pep talk, but I think it had something to do with me buying her a pony.

I hand her off to her preschool teachers to deal with.  I promise to pay my bill and thank them a million times for raising my daughter.  For the future therapist who counsels her through her difficult teen years…I’m so happy I’ve provided you with things to talk about. 

To the SAHMs and the working moms, let’s just agree that raising children is the hardest job in the entire world.  We are all frazzeled, exhausted and just hoping we’re doing it while inflicting as little damaging to these poor souls as possible.  As another Hil once said, “it takes a village.” In my case, my village has a chocolate milk covered Hippo.

If the N word is “cute” one can only wonder what is considered hilarious

Racism against President Obama has gone viral.  There has been a bumper sticker featured that shows Obama’s brand with a slash through it and it reads “Don’t Re-Nig 2012″.  Sure enough, this little gem comes from Paula Smith and her company “Stickatude”.  I read an interview with Paula featured in Forbes.


First, I couldn’t believe the interview is running in Forbes.  In Touch I could see, even People, but I have a hard time believing that Paula even knows what Forbes is, let alone that she agreed to an exclusive interview.  Anyway, Ms. Smith doesn’t believe the N word even means black person, but instead says this,  “According to the dictionary [the N word] does not mean black. It means a low down, lazy, sorry, low down person. That’s what the N word means.”

Earth to Ms. Smith, either you need a quick history lesson or you are living in a wonderful world of denial.   Now I am well aware that world of denial usually involves some home brew narcotic and that’s why I have to show ID every time I need a decongestant at my local drug store.

Ms. Smith goes on to say, ““I do find it amazing and entertaining that one of our stickers has become a racist thing,” Isn’t that just the funniest thing Ms. Smith that a bumper sticker with the word nigger in it would go on to become a “racist thing”.  How on earth do you think that would happen?  Maybe because it has one of the most offensive words ever used to describe a race of people?  Could that have something to do with it?  I can’t wait to read the stickers about the Holocaust.  That should be hilarious.

Now I didn’t want to judge a book by the cover, so I needed to do some investigative research.  I went to Stickatude to find out more about the products Ms. Smith sells.  In case you fellow racists were wondering, the “Don’t Re-Nig” sticker is sold out.  I’m sure your local KKK chapter has other racist items that they would be happy to sell you.  If you can’t wait, here are some other gems for purchase off of Stickatude:

“Lift your truck, Fat chicks can’t climb”.  Just a little observation, how would the driver of truck get in it?  Usually the driver has not missed a super sized meal. Hum..I’m going to have to think about this one.

“Jesus Loves You, everyone else thinks you’re an asshole”  This one will be wonderful sitting outside of your rural church on Sundays.

“Shock me and say something intelligent”  Probably someone with this on their vehicle has a pretty low shock standard.

On to the “political” section.  There is a disclaimer at the top where Ms. Smith says she is neither democrat or republican, but an American.  She is anti-Obama and pro-gun (shocker) and all for supporting our troops.

“Let men marry men, and women marry women.  In three generations there won’t be any democrats.” A racist and homophobic.  Awesome combination Ms. Smith although not surprising I must add.

“Somewhere in Kenya a village lost its idiot” Obama is not from Kenya so this one doesn’t even make sense.  I believe the idiot is you Ms. Smith

“God, Guns and Guts Made America.  Let’s Keep All Three.”

This last one leads me to the most interesting tab on this website…”Christian Stickas”

Ms. Smith goes from her racist, homophobic stickers to her stickers that call people fat and stupid and then she has a tab devoted to the lord, Jesus Christ.

“America Needs a Faith Lift”  Yes, Ms. Smith, please take note.

“God wants spiritual fruits, not religious nuts.”  Couldn’t agree more Ms. Smith.

“Heading the wrong direction, God allows u-turns.” Can I take this little beauty and stick it over your mouth?

I beg you Ms. Smith, please take all the money you will make on your sudden fame and take a sensitivity training.   This might also be a good time to study up on American history.  Know that the word nigger is absolutely not “cute”, it is hurtful and racist.  Whether you like President Obama’s politics or not, he is still our President and he deserves to be treated with respect.  Just because you know a black person that does not make immune from racism.    I’m all for Christianity, even though I’m Jewish, but the good part about Christianity.  I didn’t see a Jew hating bumper sticker, but I probably didn’t look hard enough.  If bumper sticker intelligence is all you have, please read the Christian Sticka tab on your own website and take some of those messages to heart.  It’s the least you can do since you have embarrassed yourself.  I’m not fully sure you even understand that.  Then again who am I…oh that’s right, just a Jewish, heterosexual democrat, fat chick who hates guns, loves Obama and I’ve never played paint ball-so summed up not your “demographic”.  You might want to look that word up in  your dictionary.




My GOP debate review: good ties, boring topics & the all white crowd

I watched the GOP debate on CNN last night.  I admit I did not watch the whole thing.  I ended up watching about an hour of it.  That was about enough for me to draw these conclusions.  One, the biggest winner of the night was men’s fashion.  Long gone were the traditional dark blue suits and navy blue or red ties.  This goes for everyone except Ron Paul.  I feel like it takes everyone on the Paul campaign to get Ron Paul’s pocket protector out of his shirt pocket, let alone into contemporary men’s clothing.  I applaud them for just getting the old guy dressed.

Tonight the candidates looked radiant in light blue ties and Newt scored with the daring purple tie.  We all know that purple represents royalty.  I guess he was going for American, political royalty with his choice of purple.  American, political royalty, like the Kennedy era, is a thing of the past.  His campaign has turned to that flicker of a candle wick right before it turns to smoke and the flame dies out.  Newt could not even be bothered to sit up straight in his chair.  He was leaning back with his jacket suit open and his big belly hanging out like the fat cat he is.  I felt like at any moment he was going to stick his hands down his pants Al Bundy style.  This is not the image of our next President.  He knows it and we know it, Campaign Newt is Campaign Over.  Somebody hit the gong a la Gong Show style.  Frame that Time Magazine cover and hang it in his man cave.  Newt had his 15 minutes this campaign.

The parts of the debate I did watch were so predictable.  There was the contraception hate off.  At one point Paul decided that all birth control pill were equal to abortion pills.  Dude, the 1850’s called and they want their OBGYN back.  I’m not sure when you practiced medicine, but it is starting to become embarrassing.  Statements like that are just dumb.  Women don’t die from broken hearts and we don’t bleed people as a cure anymore.  Young people may love your idea of freedom, but your points about modern medicine suck.

Santorum and Romney just tried to one up each other about how much they hate contraception, Title X and Planned Parenthood.  We get it guys, no need to continue to beat that dead horse.  It becomes a waste of time.  CNN, you could have saved that time and just said, please refer back to the other 19 debates if you require more information on the candidate’s stance on this issue.  Then they tried to out children each other.  Even more proof that natural family planning isn’t so great at controlling families.  There is the rhythm method part, but then there is the super gross part about vaginal mucus that nobody talks about.  I can’t wait until we have a nation that has to monitor their vaginal mucus for birth control.  That will be awesome dinner conversation.

I think the best part was when CNN’s camera panned the audience.  Note to whoever stages the audience: find some minorities.  Seriously any minorities will do.  Even some white people with a tan would have been better than what I saw.  That was the whitest audience ever assembled.  At least with Herman Cain in the race there were some of his relatives in the audience of those debates adding to the mix.  Like I said in the beginning, maybe I missed the minorities and they were at the back of the crowd and did get to ask questions, but when I turned in I almost had to put on sunglasses to stop the white glare from the audience.  Hard to get the feel that the GOP represents all people when the audience and the candidates only look like they support white people.  Of course, this is just my opinion.

In conclusion, I will miss these spirited debates.  There is so much more to discuss, but once we figure out who the GOP nominee will be then we will get to the actual Presidential debates.  Those will be really fun.  I’m still on the edge of my seat waiting to figure out who the nominee will be.  I think it has come down to one of the two in the light blue ties.  Which one, I have no idea.

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