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It’s the day before the election.  I am like most Americans – Republicans and Democrats and even those rare few who are “undecided”.  I’m gearing up to vote tomorrow and then sit and anxiously watch the returns come in.  Today I am going through a wide range of emotion on the last day of this crazy campaign […]

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I’m glued to the TV right now. Hurricane Sandy is coming ashore on the East Coast. I, like everyone, am watching and waiting. Is this storm going to be as big as they say? How much flooding will there be? Why do reporters always wear baseball caps in 70 mph wind? Haven’t they learned that […]

Eureka!  I’ve figured out what is wrong with the Romney campaign.  Now, I’m no political analyst by profession.  I’m just a divorced, working mom who loves politics.  I’m going to lay out what is wrong with the Romney campaign and I can sum it up in one sentence: Romney continues to make average Americans feel like crap. […]

Last night was Paul Ryan’s night. Paul, Sky Blue Tie, Ryan. Have I ever mentioned that sky blue is my favorite color?  I fully believe that the Republicans knew that and purposefully had him wear a sky blue tie to seduce me to vote Republican.  It almost worked!  Granted I had to snap out of […]

I think I’ve heard it all. Stick a fork in me, because I’m done. The Romney camp has announced that they will announce Romney’s choice for a VP by a smart phone app. How very 2012 technology forward of you Romney camp. I am addicted to my iPhone so immediately I downloaded the new […]


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