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Dear Mr. Eastwood, First, well done last night at the RNC!  You really told President Obama, I mean the empty chair, that was symbolic of President Obama. I also thought the messy hair was a nice touch to emphasize the mean guy message playing hardball with American politics. Let’s just take a second to review […]

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Last night was Paul Ryan’s night. Paul, Sky Blue Tie, Ryan. Have I ever mentioned that sky blue is my favorite color?  I fully believe that the Republicans knew that and purposefully had him wear a sky blue tie to seduce me to vote Republican.  It almost worked!  Granted I had to snap out of […]

Psst…Junior Republicans.  Pay attention and read this.  I know, I’m probably interrupting some important RNC speech right now, but I’ll be brief.  I know you aren’t paying attention anyway. We’ve got a little problem here young people.  See I’ve been watching the Republican National Convention.  I’ve seen a lot of Junior Republicans in the audience.  I’m not […]

The politicians are after me for campaign contributions. Email after email.  Tweet after tweet.  Just $3.00 is all they need and it will be victory in November.   Obama has been after me for a while for my $3.00.  The latest…Todd Akin also for $3.00.  I feel like John Cusack or Lane from Better off […]

It turns out there have been a list of breakout sessions added to the Republican National Convention.  Even though the convention is packed full with such hot names like Mike Huckabee, Jeb Bush and Chris Christie.  If you have time to pull yourself away from the main stage, you may want to check out these […]


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