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Kansas Governor Sam Brownback finally came out on top. He was voted number one in something. Strike up the band and get the parade started down Main Street – this calls for a celebration!

Did he win for providing the best economic plan for any state in the nation?

Ding – sorry wrong answer.

He must have won for his aggressive job growth plan that has created thousands and thousands of new jobs for Kansans?

Ding – try again.

Oh…oh…I know!  It must be for his plan to reduce childhood poverty in our state.

Ding – now that’s just crazy talk.

Governor Sam Brownback came in NUMBER ONE in a recently poll for the WORST approval rating of any Governor in all 50 states.  Brownback has an approval rating of….drum roll please….. 26%.

“Governor Brownback is a dedicated politician.  He’s always in it to win it.  When he realized he had an opportunity to be the worst Governor, he just went for it.  Think about it.  It started with the crazy tax plan gamble that failed.  Add to it the wild west gun laws, the war with the courts and top off that political no win sundae with the epic fight with teachers and school funding which is the cherry on top.  All other Governors were going to be left in the dust.” said an anonymous Kansas staffer.

In fact, it wasn’t even close.  He beat out all other governors hands down.  The next closest shitty Governor was Bobby Jindal with 35% of the vote.  Our governor beat him by 9% points so take that Louisiana!

The staffer continued,”just look at the surrounding states.  Oklahoma’s Governor has a 50% approval rating.  Who wants to be average?  How boring is that?  Then you have Missouri with a 52% approval rating.  We all know how Nixon handled Ferguson and he still walks away with a 52% approval rating.  Kansas didn’t have rioting in the streets and we still blew him out of the water in the worst category.  Now that is saying something.”

Remember, Brownback isn’t done yet.  The question, is like in limbo – how low will he go?  It’s very possible at this rate that single digits are in his future.




Oh Mo! The time has come. Take your last sip, turn on the lights and find your pants. The party is so oh-ver in Jeff City. After years and years of bad behavior, openly oogling the interns and too many shenanigans to count, the Governor has introduced comprehensive ethics reform.

You and I both know this shit is for real when the term “comprehensive” is thrown in. Get comfy Jeff City politicos cause you are getting grounded from the political party bus.

This is weird – I went to read the comprehensive ethics reform bill, but when I clicked on the pdf it just kept launching The Semisonic song “Closing Time”-

So what is included in the ethics reform bill?

From Governor Nixon’s website addressing the bill:

Banning all gifts from lobbyists – period. That means no more free meals for officeholders catered by special interests and no more special perks at lobbyists’ expense.

No more gifts? Christmas on Jeff City just got a whole lot more boring this year!

Shortening the legislative session. The purpose of a citizen-legislature is to ensure representatives and senators stay connected with their communities and the issues facing ordinary families. But the Missouri General Assembly is in session from January through May, nearly half of the year. Shortening the session will save taxpayers money, sharpen legislators’ focus while in Jefferson City and give them more time to spend living and working in their communities.

Shortening the legislative session?? Translation – go home and remind myself that I’m still married so I don’t hit on the interns.

Enhancing transparency. An accountable government is an accessible government. Ethics reform should formally ban the practice of holding legislative committee hearings during the session at private restaurants, country clubs, and other locations that are not accessible to the public.

Enhancing transparency – no more doing deals on the 18th hole. If the public can’t read it (and Aimee make fun of it on Twitter) then it didn’t happen.

Banning officeholders from hiring their fellow legislators as political consultants. This will rein in a practice that undermines transparency and compromises the integrity of the legislative process.

Sorry Charlie – no more hiring your BFF as your “consultant”.

Closing the revolving door by prohibiting legislators from serving as lobbyists for a reasonable cooling-off period after they leave office. Preventing lawmakers from cashing in on their public service directly after leaving office will help curb the outsized influence of special interests.

Sit down and cool off for a respectable period and then we will be happy to see you!

Enacting reasonable limitations on the campaign accounts of former officeholders. We need reasonable safeguards to prevent former officeholders from using the money left over in their campaign war chests to influence their former colleagues.


CCreating a safer, healthier, more respectful working environment in the legislature. The behavior described in news accounts towards female interns and employees is unacceptable and appalling. The legislature must foster a healthy work environment, including establishing an ombudsman to oversee the internship program, requiring diversity and sexual harassment training for all officeholders, and strengthening codes of conduct for legislators and their staff.

Find a comfortable chair and settle in for hours of training. The stock video business just got super busy. Maybe if this blogging thing does work out, I can write scripts involving the “clueless boss and the inappropriate back rub scenario involving the young, female employee.”

But wait! One lawmaker says not so fast. A comprehensive ethics reform bill is just too big and incorporates too many ethics. Republican Justin Alferman says each one of these ethics should be broken out into their own bill and voted on separately.

“For him (Nixon) calling for comprehensive ethics reform, I do believe that if you tie all those things together that bill will die under its own weight,” said Alferman. “If you take each part of what he (Nixon) wants to accomplish and you make them into individualized bills, I think they have a better chance of passing than tying them into an omnibus bill. I’m not a big fan of omnibus legislation because it just gives people excuses to vote against the entire bill when there’s only one section that they don’t like.”

What do you think? Should Jeff City go comprehensive or individual bills?


The hottest read in Kansas right now is the new survey put out by Fort Hays State – Kansas Speaks 2015! A public opinion survey.

I added the exclamation point to give it a little more pizzazz – kind of like Jeb!  Hey, these guys are researchers, not marketers or they would have added the exclamation point.

It turns out the old saying is correct – opinions are like <bleep> everyone has one.

Kansas had a lot to say in this 40 page document.  I’ll admit I’m a little hurt that I didn’t get asked to participate in this survey.  I’m a Kansan and I have a lot to say.  I’m sure Ft. Hayes State TRIED to reach out me, but I was probably busy.  Hey Ft. Hayes – call me next time!

76% of people responding thought Kansas was a good place to live.  They are right – Kansas is a great place to live.  We have good schools, great people and then there is our Governor…..

You may have heard about Kansas and our great tax experiment.

Over three-fifths (61%) of respondents felt Governor Brownback’s tax policy has been “a failure” or “a tremendous failure” in terms of economic growth, 32% of respondents felt it was “neither a success nor failure,” and 7% felt it was at least “a success.”

7% felt like it was a success?  7% actually believe that Governor Brownback’s tax policy was good for Kansas!

Just who are these 7%?  Do these people really exist?  It was kind of like looking for unicorns – I had to know if these 7% really existed.

I went on a quest to find out.

I asked around a lot, “Do you know anyone who believes that Governor Brownback’s tax policy has been good for Kansas?”

I received a lot of blank stares, some interesting one-fingered gestures and some spontaneous bursts of laughter from most Kansans.

Then a gentlemen I was speaking with pointed to a young man sitting by himself at a local Starbucks.

“I think he was mumbling that he thought Kansas tax policy was working,” the man said.

I ran up to the young hipster and asked him, “Do you think Brownback’s tax policy has been a success for Kansas?  Are you part of the mysterious 7%?”

The guy looked up at me dazed , “no ma’am I was talking about a sax plan for Kansas.  I think we should bring back jazz to Kansas.  Or wait! Maybe it was my fax plan I was talking about. We all need to fax again.  Faxing was cool in the 1980’s.”

So much for finding my 7%.

I will keep looking for this 7%.  All I can say is whoever you are, you are completely disengaged from all of the revenue/budget problems we run into time after time from Brownback’s failed tax plan.  This state doesn’t have money to cover our expenses.  We are cutting valuable programs, because of his failed experiment.  His plan has hurt our children and our under privileged in this state.  It has not allowed Kansas to thrive and the effects of his grand experiment will leave this state hurting for years to come.

Now excuse me while I go fax something – I think the hipster may be on to something.




In case you haven’t heard, Governor Brownback has declared October Zombie Preparedness Month.


“If you’re prepared for zombies, you’re prepared for anything,” Brownback said in a news release.

Read more here:


As Kansans we are tough and are already prepared for just about anything –  I’m not just talking about seasonal tornadoes.  Think about it , we’ve had to endure a disastrous tax plan that left this state in a revenue shortfall that leaves us as the example in political science classes as what NOT to do.  Republican strategists have been quoted as saying, “I always wondered what would happen if we implemented the most extreme GOP tax plan.  Welp now we know. Lets not do THAT again.”


Then there continues to be the epic school funding fight that has our educators and lawmakers at each other’s throats.  When we interview teachers in Kansas the last question is, “So tell me how you feel about going head to head with our Kansas lawmakers?  Are you good at writing strongly worded letters and traveling to Topeka to protest on a regular basis?”


Let’s not forget the fight against our most vulnerable – the welfare recipients and capping their daily ATM withdraws at $25 that the feds are now finding is not compliant.  Leave it to Kansans to push it to the extreme.  How about the resistance to expand Medicaid that has forced rural hospitals to close?  If it had Obama’s name anywhere near it, our lawmakers weren’t doing it and that includes expanding Medicaid.  The result is hospitals are closing.  Our Kansas sick have to toughen up.  We are going back to the good old days of prairie medicine to heal our own.  Last, but not least, lets not forget the ongoing fight to end available and affordable healthcare for women in this state by shutting down all of the Planned Parenthoods.


I say bring on the zombies.  If Kansans can endure all of this, fighting zombies will be a walk in the park.






Speaker Boehner announced today that he is retiring.  He met the Pope yesterday, had a political epiphany and he said, “I’m going home.  Peace out suckas.   Pack up my spray tan machine.  You’ll find me on the 16 fairway on a golf course in Cinci.”

Maybe he didn’t say exxaaccctttllly that, but I’m betting there were tears involved.

After Boehner’s announcement today, I took a moment to stop and think.  Gee I wonder why the Speaker would resign?  Boehner occupied one of the most powerful offices in the nation.  What would drive someone to want to give it all up?  I decided to go to my favorite Kansas Congressman’s twitter feed for some in-depth political insight:



Every time I visit Congressman Huelskamp’s twitter feed I think to myself, “I wonder how that national anti-bullying initiative is going?”

It’s no shock that Huelskamp and I don’t agree, but it has to take A LOT to push Bob Dole to call out a fellow Republican and Kansan.  That’s exactly what Huelskamp has done.  Reacting to Boehner’s resignation announcement Dole said,

“Since (Boehner’s) election to leadership, he has unfortunately been plagued by a group of Republican naysayers, including one from Kansas. In their refusal to support John, it has been difficult for House Republicans to pass important legislation.

“I doubt this group of obstructionists will be supportive of whomever succeeds John as Speaker, but we can always hope they will become team players.”

Read more here:


Say it with me….Oooohhhhh SSSNNNAAAPPP!!!


Let’s review the characteristics of a bully.  From our own KSDE website, a description of a bully:


  • Aggressive bullies are the most common type of bully. Young people who fall into this category tend to be physically strong, impulsive, hot-tempered, belligerent, fearless, coercive, confident, and lacking in empathy for their victims. They have an aggressive personality and are motivated by power and the desire to dominate others. They are also likely to make negative attributions, often seeing slights or hostility in those around them where neither actually exists. According to Olweus, the aggressive bully tends to be most popular in the early school years and then less so in the upper grades — perhaps because young children are more likely than older students to admire the macho image. As students get older, they become better able to think critically about peers and “leaders.”

Other names for a bully: a tormentor, a ruffian, a rascal, a browbeater, a huelskamp, an intimidator

I may not have agreed with Boehner and the mispronunciation of his last name made me laugh like a twelve-year-old boy, but pushing politics to a more polarizing point in this nation is not going to get thing done.  If you are one of the millions fed up in this country with politics as usual, look for politicians that focus on the middle, not for politicians with a take no prisoners attitude like Huelskamp.  There is nothing  guaranteed to put an abrupt halt to progress than the radical extremist views of the far left and the far right.

Bring the Bob Dole Kansas back to Washington.  Tell Huelskamp that his tactics don’t represent Kansas or the voters.



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