Aimee Patton

A pleasantly eccentric take on politics

I was not going to post today, but something is bothering me.  It has to do with my good buddy Rick Santorum and his victory speech about the war on religion.  I was doing some more thinking about it and how he is rallying everyone behind this belief that religion in this country is under attack.  Why does he think so?  This is based on the Obama decision to have employers make contraception for women be available and affordable.  The shock…the outcry!  The assault on religious freedom, never mind the victory for women or the fairness in no longer having women pay extraordinary costs in planning pregnancies or regulating painful periods.  Anyway, that argument is a little too rational, let’s go back to the argument about freedom.  The attack on freedom (insert big movie music)!

As I was remembering Ricky’s speech, he brought up our founding father’s again and their quest for religious freedom.  I keep having this vision play out in my mind: founding fathers all standing together in Boston Harbor.  One of them gives the same type of speech as Santorum about freedom.  The crowd goes wild.  Everyone is ready to fight the British.  Now founding father looks over at his slave and says, “Hand me my gun, let’s all go fight for freedom!”  My point, this is not about religious freedom for all, just Christian freedom.  The people Santorum are kissing up to want everyone to say Merry Christmas and pray to Jesus in public school.

In all fairness I did two seconds of research about Catholic hospitals and birth control.  If our politicians are fighting against this mandate for women to receive birth control, because of religious freedom then I thought it only fair to check out some of these Catholic hospitals to see what types of services they are offering.  I checked out our local St. Joseph hospital.  Sure enough they are owned by a large Catholic, non-profit.  I know they have a great reputation and they are in a large network of Catholic hospitals all over the nation.  Under this umbrella was a women’s health group of physicians that offered a full range of services included annual exams.  I gave them a quick call.

Sure enough the lovely receptionist told me they offer a full range of contraceptive options including the IUD.  Hold it, politicians in Washington please read this:  this large Catholic hospital has their physicians offering their patients birth control.   If President Obama’s mandate was such an assault to the Catholic church and Catholic hospitals, why are they offering this product from the devil to their patients and making money off of it?  Where is the outrage about that politicians?

Here is the deal politicians, I am calling you on this religious freedom bullshit.  Fine if you are a church and do not want to offer birth control.  I totally get that.  Not fine if you are a church affiliated hospital and you are profiting off of birth control from your physicians and politicians are using you as a platform to gain votes.  Absolutely not o.k.  You owe your employees birth control the same way your physicians are profiting off it from their patients.  Do the ethical thing and call your politicians and tell them to stop using you as a political point.  I do not know how you could live with yourself if you didn’t.  I am sure that is the ethical thing and God would be proud of you for standing up for the right thing.  Of course, I am just a Jewish girl from Kansas.  What do I know.


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