Aimee Patton

A pleasantly eccentric take on politics

I know I’ve been on one hell of a rant lately about all of our domestic conflicts facing this nation.  Our moral and spiritual war has been heating up faster than a Baptist church in the deep south on a hot August day.  The headlines have been exploding and twitter has been on over drive with all of the back and forth of the contraception debate.  Between contraception, Whitney and the start of the Real Housewives of Orange County there has been little else occupying our minds (maybe that’s just me).  We have been so occupied in fact that we have even forgot about our fourth candidate for President; Newt Gingrich.    What the heck happened to him anyway?  He probably is lost in a Tiffany’s somewhere.

Anyway, while we battle on over the right to a woman’s reproductive cycle, the rest of the world could care less about this and continues to deal with famine, disease and war.  I know, I know what does that have to do with us you ask?  That’s over there and we are here.  Well, I think it’s time to stand up and take notice.  See our military has made two little public relations mistakes in the past two weeks.  These two little “oops” are creating some already unstable situations to become even more volatile.  One in particular, when combined with the bomber who was arrested this past week trying to plan an attack on our Capitol, has me a bit concerned and I think you should be as well.

Let me sum both situations up for you.  The first one involves a Marine snipers in Afghanistan posing in 2010 with a flag that resembles a Nazi SS flag.  The surfacing of this photo has caused an uproar and has senior Marines “looking into” why any Marines would pose next to such a symbol.  The explanation so far is that the Marines believed this symbol to be lightening bolts.  Insert Beavis and Butthead:

“Hey Beavis, check this out.”

“Totally cool Butthead.  It’s like a flag.”

“A flag and it’s got like marks on it.” said Beavis.

“Marks like lightening. Yeah, lightening bolts.” said Butthead.

“Let’s take a picture with it.” said Beavis

“Cool, yeah cool.” said Butthead.

And that is what happened.  Do I think it was antisemitic?  No, I don’t.  Do I think it was incredibly dumb?  Yes and I don’t think my tax dollars should pay for things that are incredibly dumb.  Now I know that Israel is our friend, but here is the deal I think they should not be speaking to us, because we are so stupid not because we are coming off as a bunch of bigots in the picture.

This leads to the bigger public relations nightmare this week.  Some Qurans were confiscated in the prisoner barracks this week.  (spell check wanted to fix the word Quran – how interesting.  Now either I spelled it wrong or my spell check is anti-Muslim)  In disposing of these holy books some genius decided to burn them.  The remains of the books were found by some laborers and they reported their findings to the people.  Sure enough you have an anti-American riot on your hands and people are being killed.  The Taliban is already winning the popularity contest in Afghanistan and now this happens.  Way to win the hearts and minds of the Afghan people.

What idiot would burn the holy books?  What idiot would burn any book for that matter?  I think maybe I have thrown away one or two books in my life and I suffered terribly from post throw away guilt.  I have some books that I hate and I still can’t manage to toss them.  Like that book, “Cold Mountain”, half the book is about a guy who was walking.  Talk about boring.  He just kept walking and walking and walking.  Still that book sits on my book shelf.  God forbid I throw it away.

What is the justification for the burn?  The prisoners were writing extremist’s views in the books and communicating with each other.  O.k. that is against the prison rules.  I get that.  Take the books away.  Put them in a box.  Don’t burn a holy book.  Don’t burn anyone’s holy book no matter what religion.  I feel like this is a rule my 5 year old would get.  At 2 we started with, “don’t tear the book.”  Do we need to go there with the military?  Come on people.   I don’t want my taxes going for teaching our military rules they should have learned in public school where I already paid taxes.  Suck on that Santorum and the GOP!

Please someone send out a memo to our military to be on your best behavior people.  Things are a bit tense right now with Iran, Syria and now Afghanistan.  Our world just got a whole lot smaller with the potential suicide bomber caught by our nation’s Capitol.  No more burning of holy books or posing next to Nazi flags.  If you aren’t sure if what you are doing could spark martyrdom just ask your superiors.  I sure as heck would rather no one go for third time is a charm in the next week or so.


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