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Well, Rush apologized. Only after a twitter war erupted that was nuclear in strength did he apologize. Only after sponsors began jumping ship from public pressure did he finally retreat. Only after deafening criticism from politicians and media did the giant finally fall. Then when he finally offered the olive branch it was on a Saturday, when no one really pays any attention, except news nerds like me, and it went something like this, “This is Rush, I am sorry I called the student a slut. My point still stands however, but I guess I’m not as funny as I thought. Love, Rush.” Of course these are my words, not his, but I will save you the agony of reading the forced statement.

I have always been told the sincerity of an apology can be found in the content of the apology. If the apology is only an apology then it is sincere. If the apology is followed up by the further stressing of the original point, then it really isn’t an apology. The old, “I’m sorry, but blah blah blah” doesn’t really mean the person is truly sorry. I’ll admit, I am a debater by heart, and I struggle with this. I have insulted people when arguing a point I am passionate about. For clarification, I have never insulted anyone like Rush did and would never think to, but I know I have stuck my foot in my mouth a time or two. In the past, whenever I have apologized I have been very mindful to only apologize and never to continue arguing my point. That is the entire reason for apologizing. If I offend someone I never do it on purpose. To show that it was not on purpose, I only apologize for the offense and that is all. To continuing arguing my point shows that maybe there was intent to insult. Rush does not do this and continues to argue his point in the apology. This is why, I believe, his apology is not sincere. But I am just one in a jury of millions.

So will this be enough to calm the masses? This fury train left the station long ago. Now, there is an “occupy Rush” planned for Monday. People furious with Rush plan to call in to his show to basically cause a virtual sit in and clog his phone lines. First, there was the apology demanded and now people want him fired. Will he be “fired”? I use quotes, because if he ends up fired from one station, he will find a home at another. The fact is that Rush makes money. Millions of dollars are made from Rush and that means his job is secure. As awful and disgusting as I think the man’s rhetoric is, he will have his show somewhere. I admit that I tuned in last week to hear his show the day after “slutgate”. What was he talking about? Some study from Britain that sited that a certain number of women would pick bigger boobs over higher IQs. With all of the interesting political things to discuss, this is what he picked…boobs. Not Iran, the situation in Syria or even the number of domestic issues here at home, but boobs.

So now we wait and see. Will this be enough? I don’t know. I think the fury that has been unleashed is partly towards Rush and the other part is generally towards the Republicans for the way they have handled this whole contraception debate in the first place. However, I do have one point to make with my side. I am irritated at my side for this overwhelming need to defend ourselves and justify why we use contraceptives in the first place. I have read the Facebook posts and tweets and almost all of them center around the medical reasons for contraception. So many women are telling their stories from the medical side of things. I am guilty of that as well. I make no secret of the fact that I used continuous birth control pills for years to control extreme endomeitriosis and PCOS until an emergency hysterectomy at 33. However, what I think is missing are the voices of women who are proud to say that they use contraception to have monogamous, responsible sex and prevent pregnancy. I think more women should be shouting that loud and proud in this debate because the people they are having this great monogamous and responsible sex with is men or they wouldn’t need the contraception in the first place. To admit this fact does not make women “sluts” as Rush says. To admit this makes us sexually liberated and that is something our mothers and grandmothers fought for in the 60s.

I don’t understand how a stripper pole aerobics class can find its way to the suburbs of most American cities, but women can’t stand up in this country and admit that they want affordable contraception in this country so they can have active sex lives and not have the added stress of unplanned pregnancies. It was not that long ago that America was religiously watching Sex and the City to see how four fabulous New York women lived their lives and no one called them “sluts”, well maybe Samantha. I think the problem with people like Rush and his comments is the assumption that women who use contraception are sleeping around with many men. That is old school thinking Gentlemen and it isn’t anyone’s damn business. I just don’t think it matters if contraception is for medical reasons or family planning reasons. I don’t think a person should have to justify either way to make sure it is available. I guess I am here to say, to those women who aren’t suffering from unbearable girlie gut problems, but still want contraception, you go girl! I mean it is 2012, not 1912 (snap).

With that awesomeness, I say good night.


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