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My darling Kirk,

It’s been a really long time for the two of us. 26 years later to be exact, I am sure you remember me and our moment. Our moment may have been 26 years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday. Since you have been in the news so much these past few days it has jogged my memory of that special moment.

It was an extremely hot summer, Kansas City day at Worlds of Fun. For those of you not from Kansas City, Worlds of Fun is the same as Six Flags or Busch Gardens. Worlds of Fun has amusement park rides and attractions and on this hot summer day it was hosting my biggest attraction in hot teenage crushes, Kirk Cameron of Growing Pains.

I was there with all of the other teenage, screaming girls in the aluminum stands of Worlds of Fun that day. We were baking like potatoes with the hot burning sun glaring off of the aluminum stands, but we waited to see our crush. There was rumor that day that a young girl fainted from heat and was taken behind stage and met Kirk. I remember the thought crossing my mind, could I fake a believable faint? Do you think people would believe it if I suddenly wilted into a ball. Would you run out to catch me in my moment of need? I didn’t have the guts to try it so I just stood there and sweated in all of my teenage, disgusting glory waiting for my idol.

Out you came like a dream. You weren’t sweating like the rest of us. You were magnificent. I remember standing there and thinking that if I didn’t scream like those silly girls maybe, just maybe, you would notice me. Then it happened. I am positive it happened. Our eyes locked. For a split second our eyes locked. You may have been far away, up on the Worlds of Fun stage and I may have been a spec of color in the landscape of Bonnie Bell lip gloss and blue eye shadow, but I am sure our eyes met. I know for that second, you knew I was there. How did I know? My heart skipped a beat and I am positive yours did as well.

Because of our shared moment that I know you remember, I am going to share a word of advice my long lost love. See I heard about what you said on Piers Morgan the other night. Piers asked you about homosexuality and gay marriage and you said that it was “unnatural”, “detrimental”, and “ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization.”

Well one thing we can’t say is you are vague on this position now can we? I was well aware that you went on the roller coaster ride of fundamental Christianity and never came off some time ago. I’ll admit that is when my girl crush faded, and your show was cancelled, oh and I grew up and frankly you outgrew your boyish good looks. Anyway, back to my point.

After you dropped these little bombs on Piers, you seemed to be shocked by mainstream America’s outrage that erupted on social media. That led you to follow up with a statement today that basically read that you love all people. Here is your statement:

“I should be able to express moral views on social issues, especially those that have been the underpinning of Western civilization for 2,000 years — without being slandered, accused of hate speech, and told from those who preach ‘tolerance’ that I need to either bend my beliefs to their moral standards or be silent when I’m in the public square.”

I believe we need to learn how to debate these things with greater love and respect. I’ve been encouraged by the support of many friends (including gay friends, incidentally).”

Sweetie, I know I can call you sweetie, because we shared that special moment, here are some things I need to point out to you about your statement. I think I am going to declare myself the smarter one in this 26 year relationship of ours so just follow my lead.

A debate about a social issue such as this would revolve around if gay marriage should be legal, not around if homosexuality is the cause of the destruction of the foundation of our civilization. Most sane people do not believe that homosexuality has caused the destruction of the foundation of our civilization. That is where the hate speech part comes in honey. Gay people are guilty of a lot of things: singing songs that will bring a tear to my eye every time I hear them. They have provided some amazing interior design for some of the finest hotels I have been blessed to stay in. They have colored my hair to a fabulous shade of caramel brown that actual matched the speckles in my brown eyes. They have designed the most breath taking gowns to ever drape a starlet’s body as proved by every year’s awards season, but destroy the foundation of our civilization they have not even come close.

If that kind of talk is what you view as “loving all people”, then please keep that love talk among fellow Christian fundamentalists like yourself. I’ll do myself a favor and not rekindle our relationship again by seeing this new movie you have out. When you are really ready to debate a social issue like gay marriage, let society know. The first step in having that debate would be acknowledging that homosexuality is not “unnatural”, but something that God made happen the same way he made our love happen on that hot summer day at World’s of Fun.

You have every right to express your views, as hateful as they may be and we have every right to respond. Here’s the deal Kirk, if your belief in God is so strong, how about if you leave the harsh judging to Him? An answer to Piers’ questions the other night could have gone like this….

“Kirk, how do you feel about gay marriage?”

“Piers, I am not for gay marriage.”

See how easy that was. You could have left the whole destruction of the foundation of our civilization thing out of it. Even if you are thinking it. Like, right now I am thinking you are a douche for saying something like that about a group of people that only crime is they want to be in love. How could somebody who claims to be so religious be so hateful? What kind of idiot would go on national television, especially a C level actor who nobody is even paying much attention to, spout off such bigoted hatred. See I am thinking all of that, but I would never say something like that. I mean, I would never say that to the public, but this is just between you and me.

I am so glad we had this opportunity to catch up. I know, like on that day at Worlds of Fun, our connection is real. If my faith in you is as strong as your faith in God, hopefully you will see the light and take your own words to heart about truly loving all people. Love all people and leave the judging to God. I know he has judged me for that blue eye shadow I was wearing when our love was ignited that day at Worlds of Fun. I’ll have to deal with that when my time is up on this earth. I guess you’ll have to deal with your judgments as well.

Good luck with that.

24 thoughts on “Kirk Cameron, a note to you 26 years later..oh & that thing about gay marriage

  1. mike says:

    So Kirk can’t have his own view unless it’s the same as yours?

    1. He absolutely can! I just can respond to them if I want.

      1. Pete Watson says:

        I guess Mike didn’t read your letter and just wanted to comment because he saw that you were “attacking” Kirk. I thought some of the responses to his interview (which I didn’t see) were over the top,but after reading your letter and realizing the “civilization” comments were so hateful, I understand, I’ve never liked Cameron anyway. I remember Worlds of Fun and riding the Zambeze Zinger and Timber Wolf. I worked as a patient escort at the downtown Planned Parenthood and left the end of “95” Now, I”m on the Alabama coast and it’s extremely rare that I meet another Democrat,so I always hear the rants of the misinformed

      2. Prup (aka Jim Benton) says:

        I have one slight problem with your reply, and that is the level of stereotyping you do. Gay men — and women –do far more than decorate homes and women’s bodies and head covering. Whem I was growing up in the Fifties, three of the most influential men in the US — mostly all negative influences, sadly — were closeted gays, J. Edgar Hoover, Francis Cardinal Spellman and Joe McCarthy. The public face of the UN was Dag Hammarskjold. And both Barney Frank — who would be a GREAT VP — and (regrettably) David Dreier have both been ewffective leguslators. Our one gay President — James Buchanan — was too old, sick, and pro-Southern to do a good job, but his previous career in every department of government was high quality.

        In baseball, the only openly gay player couldn’t hit that well (lifetime average .230 or so) but was a competent ‘fourth outfielder’ who could run and play defense. And the best known ‘glass closet door’ in the sport helped the Mets win the 1973 Championship and has a record involving multiple teams that will probably never be broken.

        In music, does anyone want to mention a field from classical to reggae to all sorts of rock that gays aren’t figures in — and if you include those who were at least somewhat bisexual, you can throw in half of the British invasion.

        On tv, gay characters include a coroner (THE CLOSER), a lesbian FBI agent who is contemplating marriage (WHITE COLLAR) and a bisexual inestigator who has slept with almost everyone on the show but her bosses and the title character (Kalinda Sharma on THE GOOD WIFE). And gays are not regularly playing straight — and heterosexually romantic leads — as with Neal Patrick Harris and “Neal Cafferty” (Tim Bomer just came out.)

        And even if you ignore ‘classics’ like Alexander amd Caesar, there’s at least one SF editor who resigned from the miliatary as a Colonel instead of a general partially because of his own gayness. (And while “Nazis were gay’ is a myth, one was, Ernst Rohm — and he was the person who trained half the armies in South America because of the respect he had — in the 20s, before the Nazis took power.)

        Anybody know any gay business leaders or economists? That’s one place I am drawing a blank.

      3. Prup (aka Jim Benton) says:

        “Not’ playing straight shd be ‘Now playing Straight’

    2. Jeffrey Lamkin says:

      He’s welcome to his view, and he’s welcome to express it. People who disagree and find what he said really dangerous (like positing that I’m a threat to western civilization, thereby encouraging crazies to attack me physically) have every right to respond verbally, in the public square. It seems conservatives can dish it out, but they can’t take it.

      And, thanks for the post, Beyonce!

    3. Andy says:

      Cameron is allowed to have his own views, wrong as they may be, however you misread this article.

      The author was offering Cameron a shot at redemption.

      Everybody deserves that.

      Even closet cases who mount campaigns against that target the source of their own self-loathing.

      1. I donno. I know secular humanists are supposed to be just as compassionate, if not more so, than devoutly religious folk, but I, for one, find that I am less tolerant when the obvious basis for the bigotry is Christian dogma. Or when the public figure is involved in politics and makes bigotry a talking point for the party, as Ken Mehlman and some others have. Drudge, for example, though he has never come out (he was outed by a book written by a founder of Media Matters). These people presumably, if indirectly, contributed to the deaths of teens confused by their sexuality and feeling guilty about being who and what they are. There are some things you just can’t apologize for. But until my 25th year I was almost as homophobic as Cameron is. Freud may have been wrong about a few things, but he was spot on when he theorized that we tend to project unwanted feelings onto others so that we can distance ourselves from ourselves. This was Freud’s psychological description of the Closet.

    4. Andy says:

      D’oh !

      Please strike “against” in that last line.

    5. Smith_1 says:

      Kirk can have any veiw he wants. What I find stupid is that Kirk believes he can say anything he wants and we’re all just supposed to accept it and not challenge it, otherwise we’re taking away his free speech and not respecting his view. Now that is pure stupidity.

  2. Talis says:

    Has Kirk come out of the closet yet?
    For 25 years U of Ga researcher­s have recruited the most homophobic men on campus to watch gay porn while blood pressure cuffs record their arousal. Consistent­ly the phobes are aroused, while gay-friend­ly men aren’t.
    Anti-gay behavior is actually the surest confession of homosexual impulses.

    1. I saw that same study. Now, what does that say about, e.g. Tony (the PAC man, not the actor) Perkins, head of the Family Research Council? There have been several outings of Christian fundamentalist pastors and almost all psychologists agree that the more a person rants about gays the more likely it is that the ranter himself is a closeted gay.

  3. Buck says:

    Kirk can have any goddamn view he wants. But he should be prepared to be labeled an asshole, as all assholes with a public voice should.

    If I could go on Piers, I’d have some things to say about Kirk and his like-minded moron religious/cult friends. But you don’t see that happening do you?

    Get over yourself Mike.

  4. Phil says:

    Answering “Piers, I am not for gay marriage” is no less hateful than the answer he gave. Just more stealthy.

    1. I’m not sure I agree. I am 100% for gay marriage. I think there is a difference between being against homosexuality and it’s existence and being against the right for gays to marry. Anybody else have thoughts on this? It wouldn’t be the first time I’m off base! Thank you so much for your comment Phil. I really appreciate you reading my blog!

  5. ColoradoMom says:

    You lost me at “douche”…

  6. Geraldine Goodman says:

    What no one ever seems to ask the Kirk Camerons of the world, is this question since homosexuality has been around since the beginning of time, how can it cause the destruction of the foundation of our civilization? Also if God is omnipotent and he has created mankind, does that mean he has made mistakes along the way?

  7. James says:

    You lost me at you had a moment. Get over yourself and your views. A debate atleast two people who agree to the debate. Expressing one’s views is a right who all have and should cherish. If you disagree with someone, that’s fine. be glad that we can express freely different opinions

  8. Do you really expect Kirk to say he’s sorry he’s unnatural, detrimental and destructive to civilizations? My God, the guilt that poor man must be carrying around inside of him. Just as Kraft-Ebbing said that murder is suicide directed at others, homophobia is a projection of unwanted traits on others, a means of reassuring oneself that one is not one of *those people* oneself. Most closeted homosexuals grow out of this stage in their lives, but Kirk went the opposite direction and now has crawled so deep into that big dark closet full of fear and self-loathing he feels he must lash out against people with whom he secretly identifies. I would be angry with him if I did not feel so sorry for him. The closet is no place to BE.

  9. Kate Moore says:

    Thisn is wonderful! Use of irony, logical thinking, strong on all six traits—A+ across the board. And bonus points for making me laugh while you did it.

    And to whomever it was that I briefly noticed said ‘so he can’t have a view unless it agrees with yours’ (or words to that effect)—you didn’t read the text critically, thus missing the theme, which is pretty necessary—so, Incomplete. Or F. Depending on whether or not you want to re-read, re-think, and re-write.

    My last point would be that, not only did God hard wire different strokes for different folks (if we believe the underpinnings of religion), homosexual unions have been around for every one of those 2,000 years, and more. I believe that it was either the Greeks or Spartans (or both, and probably others) who encouraged the life style because they found it preferable for their warriors. And their warriors pretty much kicked butt and took names.

  10. Celeste Morris says:

    Kirk Cameron has every right to speak his truth. Why would you want to place in his mouth what you think would be the “right” thing for him to say? I have friends that I love that are gay but I also believe the act is wrong and unnatural. I believe it is confusing our young growing generation and damaging spirits. Living a gay life is not easy for anyway so it should not be taught lightly or as an option incase someone is unsure or questioning their sexual preference. Let Kirk Cameron have his Christianity and his belief just as you want that same freedom for gays. The Bible states it is unnatural, so for Kirk to be a Christian and ignore that part of his faith is the same as saying, I’m gay but I’m afraid to say I am and live my life. Christians should have every right to speak their beliefs and live their beliefs just the same as people who are gay want to live theirs.

  11. Carol King says:

    What I find so frustrating is that Kirk Cameron isn’t even a Christian. Ever notice that he never calls himself a Christian in public? He talks about “God,” never “Jesus.” He belongs to a branch of Assemblies of God that denies the divinity of Christ, the Arian heresy, but nobody in the secular world pays any attention to little details like that. Ask a Baptist what they think of Kirk Cameron and you’ll get an earful. (Sarah Palin belongs to a more mainstream branch of assemblies of God.)

    1. @Carol: Why doesn’t he go all the way and join a Gnostic sect, like one that consecrates the bread by having snakes crawl over and around it to bless it (serpents being the symbol of the Ophites’ most sacred thing: the talking serpent of Genesis). Following this, they turn off the lights and a sacred orgy ensues, each participant managing to find a partner other than their spouse, since that is the least sacred union. Kirk is a chickenshit. He won’t go all the way.

  12. Bee says:

    Christianity is not a religion of hate- if it was , most of us would have literally lost our heads by now. To judge anyone by calling their beliefs hateful and bigoted, is very hateful and bigoted. Homosexuality is wrong . Homosexuals, like all people, deserve to be loved and treated with respect. And you are right, GOD will judge … and HE has given us His laws by which we are to live. Committing homosexualual acts, HE has warned us, are abominations. To continue to flaunt a sin by living in that sin is, I would imagine , like a slap to the face of our Almighty God, Then to call His children bigoted and hateful for pointing out the truth is , itself, an insult to God. God loves His children and He has told us that vengeance belongs to Him so we allow ourselves to be bullied and harassed as long as humanly possible. We only serve to preach the Word of God as He has instructed. And homosexuality as abomination is part of that Word- whether you approve or not.

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