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It has been brought to my attention in the past day that I owe someone an apology.  When I launched this blog, I indicated that I was raising my daughter “alone”.  I don’t remember what caused my to write this.  Probably it was just my mindset at the time.  I would like to clarify that I am hardly raising my child “alone”.  My child has her father and he is a wonderful dad.  We may be divorcing, but he is an excellent dad who has always done more than his fair share of the work raising her.  He builds an excellent jungle gym in the backyard by the way.

When Hillary Clinton coined the term, “it takes a village”, girlfriend wasn’t kidding.  I want to thank the following people: my parents who spoil the crap out of her and love her like only grandparents can, her preschool teachers, her swimming teacher, soccer coach, babysitters, parents of friends who watch her on play dates, my friends, the stranger in the grocery store who alerted me when she went running for the exit, her pediatrician, dentist for keeping her teeth beautiful, neighbors who don’t mind it when she just walks in to say hi, the vet for answering her questions, the McDonalds drive through people, the Costco exit people for being patient while she hands them the receipt, our local ice cream shop and anyone else I forgot.  

I am hardly doing this “alone”.  I don’t know anyone who really is.  It was crazy for me to think for a second that was my reality, let alone type it in my blog.  For that, I am really sorry. (see Rush that is how easy it is).




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