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Dear business owners, CEOs and entrepreneurs:

This is a letter to anyone thinking of moving their business to Kansas. Kansas is a great place for businesses and a great place for families. I grew up here and moved back to raise my family after spending time on the east coast. It is Midwest living at its finest. There is plenty of space to build a beautiful company headquarters to your liking. Your employees can find affordable housing and their children can attend the best schools. Let’s not forget the excellent BBQ!

With all of this great Midwest living, I have to tell you, if you have female employees in your company I would highly suggest not moving here. See there are a lot of other great places that also have great housing, wonderful schools and good food that are probably more female friendly. Our government spends a ridiculous amount of time writing, debating and passing extreme legislation on abortion and birth control. They could spend time finding ways to make Kansas more business friendly instead they waste hours and hours writing legislation finding ways to outlaw birth control in our great state.

Just yesterday Rep Lance Kinzer (R, Olathe) who sponsored the most recent anti-birth control bill that allows doctors and pharmacists who oppose prescribing any medication that they feel causes an abortion said this,

“The bill’s very clearly drafted to say that it only applies where there’s a termination of pregnancy, ” Kinzer said. “I’m no medical expert and so I leave it to others to talk about which specific drugs are, in fact, abortion-inducing.” KC Star 3/29/2012

The bill is SB62 Here’s the deal business owners, this bill is so vague and it leaves no room for anyone to sue a pharmacist or doctor who doesn’t prescribe birth control. A pharmacist could decide that all birth control causes abortion by preventing pregnancy in the first place. If you decide to bring your business to Kansas you could risk bringing it to an area where your female employee could not get birth control. What does that mean? A lot to your business financially. Pregnancy is a wonderful thing when planned and wanted. Everyone agrees with that. However, we all know pregnancy costs an employer a lot of money! Without access to birth control, your employees are now faced with unwanted and unplanned pregnancies and that costs a lot to your bottom line in lost productivity, increased insurance costs and decreased employee moral.

Now, does this mean the entire state will be birth control free? Probably not at this point, but if Rep. Kinzer has his way it sure seems like that’s what he is going for. Also, what if you decide to move your business to a small town and the only local pharmacist decides not to stock birth control? Why risk it. What if the state outlaws Plan B in the entire state? At this point anything is possible.

I long for a time when my state government focused on jobs and the economy of KS. I wish they would work on making Kansas a state where businesses would want to relocate instead of creating law that is so hurtful to female employees. I am sorry potential Kansas business that you can’t have an opportunity to enjoy our schools, our beautiful parks and our wonderful food. In business, the bottom line counts. It wouldn’t make financial sense to move to a state that does not make sound decisions about legislation without thinking about the bottom line of Kansas businesses and instead put their own personal moral opinions in front of everything else. Remember, women are 50% of the workforce.

Enjoy your time in another state. You will be missed!

I guess that means more BBQ for me.




2 thoughts on “KS birth control laws pushing new business away

  1. brantl says:

    Well said! And if Beyonce were as cute as you, she’d sell more music!

  2. WALTER O'ROURKE says:

    Well as broadly written as this law is and the undoubted nut job interpretations that are possible I can see now where Aspirin will no longer be available …. because you could hold it between your knees to prevent pregnancy … just saying !!!

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