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Dear Radar Online:

First let me tell you that I adore your site. When I am worn out from reading the latest headline from our nation’s dire economic situation, the recent conflict in Mali, or where we stand with our nation’s polarizing political system, I turn to you for the latest in juicy celebrity gossip.

You are always there for me. I love you, because you are never drenched in lots of video footage that can clog my beloved iphone. Your articles are short, sweet and always shallow. Yes, I want to know who is coming back to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Yes, I want to know all about Snooki’s pregnancy and yes I want to know who has the best beach bodies this season. A girl’s head can hurt trying to think about Middle East peace all day. I need me some good Bravo gossip to round my day out.

It was last night that I settled in to watch DWTS and channel flipped to the basketball tournament that I went to your iPhone app. There it was as I slowly exhaled to find out why Khloe and Lamar were both crying when they found out about his trade. Ahh…an article about JLo being raunchy with her boy toy. Love it! An article about George Zimmerman – o.k. you get a pass for being topical. You are back online with a post about Tamara Barney breaking down sobbing when her divorce was finalized. Nicely done. Next article, transgender beauty queen kicked out of pagent. This is why I love ya Radar Online!

Next article, give me more of what I come here for Radar Online…slavery. Excuse me? American slavery? We aren’t talking about Madonna in her kinky sex slavery 1990 days are we? Nope, we are talking about the horrific time in American history that most American would like to forget. The real deal, African American slavery.

Here’s the link to prove I’m not making this up:

Believe it or not, I was an American history major in college. I have studied extensively about slavery in America. I actually have many of the slave narratives that they are talking about in this article on my Kindle. The slave narratives were one of the first things I downloaded onto my Kindle when I received it a few years ago for Hanukkah. (These slave narratives have been available from the Library of Congress for a while. They are free to download to Kindle and I recommend that you download them if you want to learn about Americans in this country who managed to rise up against every imaginable obsticle to find their place in among people who once owned them. The narratives will help shape your opinion about current issues such as poverty, welfare and race in America. These narratives were made during the FDR administration when people were put to work to record the stories of freed slaves in America before they died out and their stories were lost forever. (I’m sure now the GOP would declare this some sort of a socialist project, but I think it was pure brilliance.)

What the HELL is this type of story doing on Radar Online? Now at the bottom of Radar Online’s stories they suggest “stories you might also like”. After reading about these people who were in bondage most of their lives and lived to tell the tale, here are some of thes stories I might also like:

Khloe Kardashian OK with her mom calling her fat. (I get that Khloe – my mom often tell me I need “a little color” when I need lipstick)

Desirable or Delusional? Columnist Claims Women Hate Her Because She’s Just Too Beautiful. (my vote – delusional)

Dog Day Afternoon at the Beach! Bounty Hunter Duane Chapman and Wife Reveal Their Beach Bods.

It goes on to show Coco’s wardrobe malfunction, etc. etc.

Thanks Radar Online. I’m sure these former slaves would also enjoy their stories of once being considered property being linked with Khloe Kardashian’s weight issues and Coco’s boob slip.


Radar Online – please, please, please stick to what you do best. Educate me on all of the reality television shows on Bravo. Tell me why JLo shouldn’t date her boy toy. Give me an update on the latest Halle Berry custody dispute, but please stay out of the business of putting a story about American slavery before a story about “The Situations” prescription pill problem. It just seems so icky.


A faithful reader


One thought on “What Real Housewives, “The Situation” and Slavery all have in common

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