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I’m rhyming in my headline and I’m loving it! So fun…

Normally I spend most of my time on here either chatting about national politics or discussing my great state of Kansas and our conservative 1950’s like throwback social policy bills (I like to call it “vintage legislation”) that our representatives loves to waste our tax payer money on, but it seems Missouri was feeling a bit left out so they did something to get my attention. Yes, MoMo I’m paying attention sweetie.

See I live about a block away from the state line in Kansas City. I straddle the state line more than a Chinese gymnast straddles the beam in a summer Olympics. I live in Kansas by night, but work in Missouri by day. Sounds pretty mysterious doesn’t it. When I do manage to keep up on Kansas City or Missouri state politics, I do so by some great KC blogs like this one:

I read a great Op-Ed piece on the KC Star by Barb Shelly about the Don’t Say Gay legislation introduced in MO.

Here’s the bill summary from the MO House of Representatives website: Prohibits the discussion of sexual orientation in public school instruction, material, or extracurricular activity except in scientific instruction on human reproduction.

I went to the source mentioned in Shelly’s piece to read the whole interview. The extended interview with Rep. Cookson who authored the bill ran in the SEMO Times. Rep. Cookson defends the bill as not prejudice against gay people by saying he isn’t preventing them from seeking help from school counselors if they need it, but oh hell, I’ll let him use his own words,

“Once again, what I’m wanting to accomplish with it is that we give the best quality education to students, that we focus on what’s appropriate, that school districts should be instructing kids on, and that we leave it to the families or other professionals outside of the school districts to help students who are struggling with whatever their issues are. I’m not saying that there are not different orientations of, you know, sexual identity. I don’t believe that the bill said that. I really find them dubbing it—which are not my words—the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill…. Well, nowhere in it does it say ‘gay.’ I would like to dub it as the ‘More Textbooks, Less Sex Books’ legislation.” SEMO Times Click Here For the Entire Interview

Well, Rep Cookson, I had no idea that in rural MO your schools were taken up so substantially with gay alliance groups and it was taking away from being able to provide “the best quality education”. It’s amazing that children can graduate from your high school even being able to read since all they do is attend LGBT alliance groups that try to convince them that they are gay. I’m guessing you had the shittiest record in high school football since all of your high school boys were busy getting seduced by the LGBT alliance group.

I’ll stop the sarcasm and get to the point. It seemed like you, Rep. Cookson, were trying to defend yourself against attacks that you were prejudice against gay people. In order to prove that’s not the case, I suggest that you do away with all groups that assemble on school grounds for any reason. I mean, let’s be serious, if you are focused on doing what is appropriate to instruct kids and leave everything else to professionals or parents then here are my suggestions on other groups to do away with:

  • Pep Squads of any sort. Parents can teach kids how to be peppy. What does being peppy have to do with learning curriculum anyway?
  • Any religious affiliated groups. We all know that this was pushing the boundaries anyway for separation of church and state. “If the you can’t say gay, then you also can’t pray” is my new slogan for this campaign. Please take it and use it…free of charge.
  • Any clubs having to do with foreign language, ethnic heritage, race or religion. Like the gay clubs that provide students with a place to feel welcomed and comfortable, these clubs also provide the same support and therefore to show you aren’t prejudice these clubs should also be removed.
  • Dances of any sort. I know it’s very Footloose, but if we are only going for curriculum here, remove the dances.
  • Theater groups, choirs, music groups, etc. Anything having to do with music or theater should also be removed. It doesn’t really advance curriculum so it also has to go. For examples just look to KS. Brownback is doing a great job at removing the arts in KS. I’m sure arts in high schools are next.

If you don’t take these steps to show you are truly about advancing a curriculum only school system without any frills these types of clubs provide then I hate to tell you, but you are prejudice. (Call me Captain Obvious) You can defend yourself all you want saying that it is about what is appropriate on school grounds, but I’m not letting you get away with that.

Prove me wrong. Write legislation that outlaws all groups on school grounds, not just groups for gay students. Show them this isn’t about prejudice. LGBT teens suffer prejudice every day that causes them extreme emotional harm. Show them that they can depend on their government not to participate in the hatred. I’ll be watching and so will the nation.


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