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Well, Obama did it. He finally supported gay marriage. Was it historic? Yes. Was it long overdue? Yes. Should VP Biden be getting more credit? Yes. If there is a Grand Marshal of the gay pride parade this year, I would vote for Biden over Obama. My reaction to Obama’s announcement was more of finally over hooray. This is the Obama I voted for originally. This is the Obama I have been waiting for.

After the announcement, talk radio phone lines lit up like Christmas lights on the Plaza on Thanksgiving. The same old arguments, “The Bible says,…” insert hateful remark. I listened to call after call of self described Christians spouting off hatred hidden behind the justification that it’s not me, it’s the Bible excuses. I don’t want to lay out hateful justification after hateful justification via the Bible here because it’s not worth repeating. Also, I think we’ve all heard it before.

I kept thinking to myself, if you just replace the word homosexual or gay with the word black or Jew, what’s the difference? The Bible has been used to justify all sorts of horrible behavior in the past. The South used it to justify slavery at one point in our embarrassing and horrible American history. I also kept thinking about the famous picture from Little Rock, AR, when the black students were integrating the high school and the crowd of white students behind them were screaming. Aren’t these talk radio callers the same as this angry crowd? What makes them any different? You can wrap yourself up in the blanket of Christianity all you want, but hatred is just hatred not matter how you try to justify it.

Our history has shown us that separate, but equal doesn’t work. We tried that when we educated black students separately from white students. This idea that civil unions are the same as marriage is crazy. Two responsible adults in a committed relationship should have the same rights any other adults in the same relationship and genders shouldn’t matter. Period. Do we really need to repeat history to learn a lesson that we already learned? Separate, but equal doesn’t work. Marriage for one means marriage for all.

This week I receive my very first antisemitic tweet. It came out of nowhere. It wasn’t directed at me, because of my pro-choice stance. It wasn’t directed at me because of my other hyper liberal positions. It was only because I am Jewish. Now when I first saw it there was a part of me that thought, well done. You did you homework,you Jew hater, because you obviously aren’t picking out Jews by last name alone to target. Like I said before, my last name is by marriage and not Jewish. There was another part of me that thought, wow I made it. I guess I am kind of famous in a weird way because I received my first hate tweet. I feel like it’s a right of passage in some way. I looked up the other tweets of this hate tweeter. Bette Midler was on the list. Bette! Me and Bette in the same twitter feed! Stop it. Seriously? The Jew hater had me and Bette only a few tweets away!

Another little insight into me. I was a Jew at a Southern Baptist University. I am fully versed in hatred supported by the Bible. It’s a long story as to how I ended up there and it’s not important to this entry, but I had a regular dish of hatred served to me in the form of “but it’s in the Bible’. Call it ignorance, call it closed mindedness, call it whatever you want. I’ll call it what I think it is, HORSE SHIT. It’s discrimination and hatred and it needs to be called out. If you want to hate blacks, Jews, homosexuals then own it. Don’t do it and then say, “well God said it was o.k.” That’s an excuse my 5 year old would use. The Bible also has a whole lot of other wacky stuff in it that we don’t apply, because we’ve all decided that in today’s day it’s wacky. I don’t believe we all show the sheet of blood after the marriage night to prove that our wives are virgins now do we?

Thanks VP Biden and President Obama for taking such huge leaps forward in finally making marriage equality a possibility for so many. It is long overdue. Keep it up. There are a whole group of good people who just want the opportunity for equal rights who are depending on you.


One thought on “A note to my talk radio call in friends about gay marriage

  1. Peg says:

    Amen! Whenever I hear people use the Bible as their justification for acting like jerks, I immediately flash back to President Bartlett and his magnificent put-down of Bible-based hate-mongering []. Would that current President would take a page from his book!

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