Aimee Patton

A pleasantly eccentric take on politics

The Overland Park Arboretum has a statue that has been creating a stir. The artist is Yu Chang from China.

Now I think there is no better way to show China what a great democracy America is then by promoting free speech and expression. Their communist country can only image a life where they are free to express themselves through art. I’m sure the artist Chang was thrilled to be able to have that great taste of the American pie by making such a powerful statement with art and have the accepting American arms embrace this art with our ideals of freedom of expression and speech. What a powerful message this is about such a great country we are. And to top this all off, the statue is named CHOICE! Amen Chang! America is truly the best country in the world with our glorious freedoms given to us by our Constitution! You have tasted just how wonderful our country is by expressing yourself through art and now displaying your art in our great land. Can we all give our Founding Fathers an “Amen!”

Oh, wait a minute, a group has decided this art is “obscene” and wants it censored. A woman named Joanne has decided it’s her mission to censor this sculpture and gone out to get signatures to have this piece of art removed. Now they want a grand jury to investigate. At issue is the woman has her breasts exposed. The group has declared these breasts to be in “an aroused state”. Never mind she doesn’t have a head (that’s a blog for another time).

Censorship…reminds me of a certain country who has massive human rights violations. They are known for controlling media….they are communist. Hum….can’t think of it right now. Starts with a “C”. Maybe it will come to me. I want to say North Korea, but that’s not it.

Maybe I’m thinking of historical references like Nazi Germany. They were known for art censorship. Maybe I am thinking of the US and some crazy past censorship attempts. We were known for censorship when mail carriers from 1830 until the civil war were forbidden to carry abolishionist pamphlets to the south. Now we look back on that and think “That’s crazy!”

Joanne and your association, before you start firing up a Grand Jury, stop and think of the irony here. Freedom of expression is one of our most highly celebrated freedoms in America. Freedom of choice (the name of the statue), expression and speech are what make America great. Censorship makes us just like the country where the artist originated from. Exercise your freedoms Joanne. Use your freedom of choice and don’t go see the statue.


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