Aimee Patton

A pleasantly eccentric take on politics

Dear Aimee A. Patton:

My google alerts just went off and I got so excited as I normally do. If you are anything like this Aimee Patton, you are probably a bit self centered. When I opened my alert to see who had dinged me, I found you – Aimee A. Patton.

You are guilty of stealing $35,000 from a Y that should have gone to kids that used their after school program who can’t afford normal program fees. Here’s the deal Aimee A. Patton, I’m going to assume the “A” stands for Asshole. I’m sure times are tough in Northern New York as they are all over the United States, but stealing money from a Y and money that was supposed to go towards kids after school programs, is terrible. It’s not in the same league as say stealing over inflated corporate bonus checks that were mailed to CEOs. This is for under privileged kids Aimee. Yes, you did the right thing and plead guilty. I can only hope that money will be paid back and if you were desperate enough to steal the money, you were in such desperate times that the money went only to put clothes on your back and the backs of your young children. I’m sure that money wasn’t spent for drugs, cell phones, fake nails or cable TV.

Since we have both spent most of our lives spelling our traditional name “Amy” for others, I don’t have to remind you that our name spelled this way means “loved” in French. Well, right now Aimee, you are not living up to your name and this is also my name so get it together! You are not loved by me right now or probably not loved by the children you stole from either.

Spend your time thinking about what you did wrong. I hope if I get google alerted again it will only be because you are highlighted in your local paper for all of the good you are doing in your local community making amends for the crime you committed. We all make mistakes and I have made some in my life as well (but like the A in your middle initial to my L- your mistakes rank much higher than my mistakes).

Get back on the right path in life. Our name depend on it.


Aimee L. Patton


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