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Some might think I am talking about the day after the historic Supreme Court decision on health care reform, but I’m actually talking about the season final of Real Housewives of Orange County. No..just kidding.  That will be my next blog post for all you Bravo fans out there like me.

I have post, shock, surprise, happiness hangover today after the Supreme Court decision yesterday to uphold almost all of Obamacare.  I totally admit that I was ready to write about my anger, frustration, disappointment when I expected the decision to come out that they were going to defeat Obamacare.  Let’s face it, most state, local, national legislation and elections don’t generally come out on my liberal side.  I am from Kansas…have you noticed who my governor is.  But I’ll be damned, we finally won one.

I haven’t combed through the analysis for all of the pros and cons being thrown out there from both sides.  I did hear a headline this morning already that the GOP was already working on legislation for how they can enact legislation to overturn to the ruling.  I want to make this clear to both sides (let me live in my fantasy world that everybody, including President Obama, VP Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Romney and all of the GOP, reads my blog) just stop and accept the ruling.

As much as the GOP believes the founding fathers wanted us to pray in school, have a Christian based society, carry our guns in our purses to the grocery store and bury our money in the backyard, I believe they wanted us to respect the system of government that they invented.

The American people elect our legislatures.  The legislatures write laws that represent what the people want.  The President signs or vetos the law.  If the law is questionable, there is a right to challenge the law in our courts all the way to the Supreme Court.  If they rule that it is Constitutional, the law stands.

Here’s the deal Dems and Reps, if you don’t want to have “politics as usual” in Washington, don’t waste our time trying to figure out ways to repeal this ruling by the Supreme Court.  I hate conceal and carry legislation, but I don’t want my politician spending hours upon hours trying to find a way to repeal conceal and carry if the people voted for conceal and carry.

No more politics as usual.  Accept that sometimes we win and sometimes we lose.  I had to do a lot of that during the Bush Administration.  Our great system is a checks and balances type of system for a reason.  That is why our founding fathers were so great.  Not because they wanted us all to pray in school or arm our muskets.  I foresee a lot of problems with Obamacare that will have to be worked out.  I don’t love the legislation.  In fact that I read there is a bunch of money for abstinence based education tagged on in the legislation.  Seriously!?  Talk about government waste.  Don’t get me started…



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