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Dear Sen. Moran:

I am a faithful reader of your Common Sense blog post that I receive via email.  Since I am a Kansan, I take a moment out of my day to read your post to find out what is going on Kansas from Washington.  I read today your response to the SCOTUS decision on the Affordable Care Act.  Read the post here.

You and I agree that a law can be constitutional and still a bad idea.  Take my example of conceal and carry, or for that matter the entire second amendment,  I am no fan, but it is constitutional for an American to own a firearm.  Like I have said in previous posts, since it is constitutional, I don’t want politicians wasting a ton of time jamming up our legislative system or courts trying to find ways for Americans not to have guns to hunt.  I just don’t want one and will not encourage my fellow Americans to own a gun.

From Common Sense, July 2, 2012: “I continue to believe that the health care reform law jeopardizes access to quality health care for many Americans and stifles our country’s job growth through higher taxes and burdensome regulations. In rural states like Kansas, this law is particularly damaging because it will create shortages of doctors, nurses, and other health care providers due to severe cuts to Medicare and budgetary gimmicks – threatening the survival of small towns, where a higher proportion of Medicare patients receive their care.” 

Senator Moran, I wasn’t aware that ACA is causing a shortage of doctors. I’m not following your logic on this one.  How is ACA preventing people from going to medical school?  If the demand for medical care goes up, I would argue that need has been there all along, people just weren’t privileged enough to seek it out.  Does it “jeopardize access” to the rich?  Is it rich people you are worried about?

If it’s the rich you are worried about, I would encourage you and other politicians to find ways to get young people to medical school, especially in the area of rural health.  Maybe we can all find a way to curb ridiculous medical school costs as a start to meet the demand?  You may take it one step further and get these future docs to go into boutique medicine so the rich can be taken care of.  I’m sure your political donors will be thrilled.

The claim that there is a huge cut to Medicare because of ACA is simply not true.  Politico is running a truth-o-meter check on this claim: click here to read.  Even if there was a major cut to medicare –  “threatening the survival of small towns,”  Seriously? Cue the dramatic music…there is a lot more threatening the survival of small towns-Walmart, no manufacturing, farming issues, boredom… 

I’m not saying that ACA is going to cure the health care problem in this nation, but please don’t spend all your time working to overturn it.  You don’t have to like it.  If you are looking to reduce taxes, might I suggest defense spending?  That might offset this tax/fine/mandate or whatever the buzz word will be this election season.

Thanks and great name for your posts – Common Sense.  I wish I would have thought about about that.

Love to Kansas!



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