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The new Obama campaign ad is out against Romney and all I can say is, “OUCH”!

The ad is simple, the song is haunting and the tags on the images are damning.  Over half a million views so far on Youtube.

Bravo Obama Campaign.  You’ve got the one two punch on this one.  Off shore bank accounts!  Jobs sent overseas!  Was Romney there?  Was he not there?  Was he with the Olympics and their Chinese-made uniforms?  Or worse, was he sewing Chinese-made Olympic uniforms?

Strike that last part, I’m mixing my sensational stories.

I think you get my drift.

My 5 year old is playing, “I like to move it.” right now on my iPhone and I feel like this could be a great song to capture his response.  Romney:  I was there.  I wasn’t there.  I was kind of there.  I phoned it in.  I was figuratively there, but not really.  I was a CNN hologram during my time at Bain.  I think you get my drift.

Most of the national analysis has been about if Romney’s decisions at Bain Capital would make him a good President. Can someone who sent jobs overseas be a good US President?

Wrong question folks.  Do we want a President with so little confidence?

Romney could so easily get out of this by saying that sending jobs overseas may not have been good for America, but it was the right decision by the business.  Loads of American corporations send businesses overseas.  (hang on a sec, my iPhone made in China is ringing).

Same thing goes with offshore bank accounts.  That’s the reality of the super rich people.  Did Romney fly himself to these beautiful beach locations with his millions and open these accounts personally?  I’m going to say no.  Again, lots of people do it.  Doesn’t make it right.  Doesn’t make me love it, but it does happen.

A confident President that is a good leader would respond something like this:

Jobs were sent overseas during my time at Bain Capital.  At the time, we made the best decisions possible for our business.  I would have loved to keep the jobs on American soil.  My decisions were not unique.  Many great American corporations send jobs overseas.  That said, being President I understand exactly what needs to be improved in our nation’s workforce, on our manufacturing lines and in our nation’s schools to bring jobs like these back to America.  American corporations would love the combination of maximized profit and American jobs.   Let me take that knowledge to Washington so we can make this country number one again.  Let me be the first , “American President and CEO”. (insert applause – I love my Presidential speech fantasies)

Romney is not doing that.  Instead he is going to debate exact dates of his whereabouts.  Debate away Romney.  You will never win a game like that in an age of technology like ours.  Media always finds out and it never is in favor of the one doing the explaining.

And this is why Romney won’t win in November.  Confidence as a businessman probably told Romney to send the jobs overseas.  Lack of confidence in the role of President has him defending the dates of his employment like it’s a LinedIn Profile.

Score another one for the Obama Camp.


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