Aimee Patton

A pleasantly eccentric take on politics

I know it’s summer school kids, but take a break from Facebooking your BFFs and read this. MO is voting on a way to get you out of doing school work. MO lawmakers must have heard your prayers that there is too much work to do in school so now they have come up with a way to get you out of school work: the MO Right To Pray Constitutional Amendment!

Quick summary – you can pray in school and get out of any work that conflicts with your religious beliefs.

Now kids, I’m sure you are thinking to yourself, “I thought Freedom of Religion was protected in our First Amendment in our Constitution?”

Ding, Ding! You are correct young person. I guess your MO lawmakers were spending far too much time on things like creating MO jobs, helping the MO economy recover and all those pesky little economic things that they decided to spend their time and your parent’s tax dollars creating a new constitutional amendment for MO guaranteeing your right to pray in school.

Now since you are a smart young person, you probably already know that if you were really needing to chat with the Lord during public school hours a simple quiet reflection is already protected, but that’s besides the point.

I know personally there were many times I prayed before a test. I am not sure how I was able to pull that off before the MO right to pray law, but now you will definitely not be banned from having a little 411 with God during public school time.

Young folks, I’ve left the best part for last – they have included in this law that if you disagree with something in school you can decide not participate and it’s protected by this new amendment! You can just declare the subject and assignment against your religious beliefs!

Say goodbye to Earth Science religious kiddos. No need to study how the earth was created with all that science stuff, now you can exercise your MO constitutional right to sit this one out. Now, I hated Earth Science and Biology. I was forced to sit through these classes as part of my public school education requirements. Don’t do what I was forced to do and declare these subjects to be against your religious beliefs and get a pass right out the door!

Be sure and let your parents know how your MO lawmakers are helping you opt out of things like science. I’m sure they will be so happy that their lawmakers are spending time writing amendments that are already protected by our federal constitution and adding unnecessary opt-outs of public school curriculum. I’m sure you and your parents will be thrilled lawmakers could have been doing things like creating jobs, attracting new business to MO and helping farmers, but instead they are working on awesome amendments like this.

Be sure to tell your parents to call their MO Lawmakers and tell them to vote for the MO right to pray amendment coming up. Your ability to opt out of science depends on it.


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