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A pleasantly eccentric take on politics

Olympics 2012 is in full swing.  After a spectacular opening ceremony that was a nice balance of an opening scene from Les Miserable, a 1980 acid trip and feel-good Hallmark commercial the games are on in full swing.  I, like most people in the world, are tuned in and full of American spirit.

Mitt Romney was in London for the opening ceremony of the Olympics.  Turns out, he wasn’t there only to show us what an excellent statesman he is by connecting so easily with the British people, he was also there because he has a horse competing in the Dressage event in the Olympics.

Hold it..googling “dressage”..the “horse ballet”.

Well, if I was ever concerned that an uber-rich guy like Romney understands what average Americans face every day, my concerns are now put to rest.  We have something in common!  We both have pets.  Romney has his pet horse and I have my pet cat.  

Here is a list of similarities with our pets:

  • Romney’s horse is estimated at a value of $500,000.  My cat Harry, I got from my local vet for $50.  There are only four zeros in difference from my pet and Romney’s pet.  If there were 5 zeros then we would have a problem. 
  • My cat Harry does an amazing dance when I dangle a string in front of him.  Romney’s horse does “ballet”.
  • Romney’s horse will jump.  My cat Harry jumps from the couch to his cat house.
  • My cat Harry and Romney’s horse both eat food..

That confirms it.  He is just like me, an average American.  I just didn’t realize that I could have sent my pet to the Olympics.  Why didn’t the 99% of American people get the message that we could also send our pets to the Olympics?   I’m sure there would be millions of American dogs, cats, hamsters and fish that would have also like to have an Olympic experience.  Well, now we know.

I will continue to look for more ways that Romney is just like an average American.  Right how, I’ve got to go start training Harry for the Olympics in Rio.





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