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I watched the women’s singles tennis gold medal match today between Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova. Serena beat Maria in a 63 minute match. It was a slaughter. This morning I worshiped at my Church of Serena. She is my tennis God.

I am an average, Midwest, suburban tennis player. I would even go so far as to say below average now that I can’t be on the court more than once every few weeks. I love tennis. I love the competition. When I was playing regularly, I would play women’s doubles matches with my partner. Whenever we were down, we would say, “WWSD?” What would Serena do? That was our sign between the two of us to throw caution to the wind. It made us hit the ball harder. It made us take more chances. Sometimes it helped us win a close match and other times we lost. Either way, referencing Serena made two suburban gals feel connected to the greatest women’s tennis player in the last 15 years.

Today WWSD? She won gold and then she danced. I watched the quick little dance on the sideline without much note other than amusement. I remember thinking, “Good for you.” Little did I know I was watching controversy unfold.

According to Fox News this is what was happening:
“This was also the extraordinary American tennis star losing control for a moment and Crip-Walking at Wimbledon. Blinded by her joy, she walked all over her crowning moment.

Read more:

I had to stop and google “Crip Walk”. I had no idea there was even a name for what she was doing. I guess that’s the super lameness in me coming out. I have a feeling that 99% of people who were watching also had no idea that the dance she did had a name.

Fox News, Serena didn’t walk all over her crowning moment, you did. By calling out this amazing tennis player for her dance of joy, you are the one marinating in controversy where there isn’t any. How quickly we forget that Serena hurt her foot and then developed a DVT that had her life in danger. She came back from that life-threatening scare to win Wimbeldon and then go on to win gold in the Olympics. This also wasn’t Wimbeldon, it’s the Olympics. She may have played at the venue, but it wasn’t the all white (clothing) tournament.

Serena and I do have something in common (no, it isn’t a 120 mph serve). I also had a DVT. I can tell you that when you are faced with something as scary and deadly as a DVT you come out not sweating the small stuff in life. Fox, your controversy is just that, small stuff. When I get back out on the court again, I will be inspired by my idol and her 120 mph serve. I may even start practicing the “Crip Walk”. Seems all the cool people are doing it. (No video will be provided if I do dance.)

Congratulations Serena!


One thought on “Serena’s dance and Fox News gasps

  1. Lindy Stretch says:

    Oh PULLEEEEZE. If Serena was white this dance would have been called “cute” or “charming” But…………….rascism is alive and well. I say,”you go girl!!!”

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