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Another shooting today. This time near Texas A&M. The facts are sketchy right now, but it seems is a guy was being served an eviction noticed and opened fire killing a police officer and some other people. The person who opened fire also died in the “gun battle”. Not my words, “gun battle”, but the words they are using to describe what happened.

How desensitized am I to this gun violence? When I heard there was a shooting and five people may have been shot, I actually said to myself “only five?” ONLY FIVE?! What the hell is wrong with me? What the hell is wrong with our society? If it’s one, it’s too many people.

Still nobody wants to talk about gun control. Well guess what? I am going to talk about gun control. I may not be a politician who can do much about it, but I can tell you (the few who actually read this) that I am mad as hell. This is a discussion about legal and illegal guns. What good is the 2nd amendment if you aren’t alive to enjoy it? How many people, like me, are wondering if they are going to be the next victim of a mass shooting? It’s only a matter of time. Sitting by and doing nothing guarantees that it will happen again.

We all know why the politicians aren’t having the gun control discussion, because it’s political suicide. Well politicians, not having the debate seems to leave the shooter as the only one who really commits suicide these days. There are voters out there, like me, who are tired of this same tragic story on a different day. We have the power as a society to do something about it. Until this point, we have done so little.

For the illegal guns, i think we shoulf bring in the military power the likes of which was used when we invaded Iraq. Get our military on American soil, find illegal guns and confiscate them. Keeping our citizens alive should be priority number one. If that means we have to use the military might that we usually reserve for our foreign enemies to keep our citizens alive, then so be it. If we can find Osama bin Laden, we can find and confiscate all of these illegal guns that are killing our citizens. The argument always is we can’t have gun control, because then the only guns will be left in the hands of the criminals. Not with the military on our side finding and confiscating all of the illegal guns.

Once our military steps in and we have a national effort to confiscate illegal guns, time to start enacting some gun control laws with teeth in it. First to go, all of the guns that are used in these mass shootings. You want a gun? Fine, a shotgun it is. You still have your right to bear arms and go hunting if you need to, but you no longer have the right to take out an entire movie theater of people in a matter of seconds.

Finally, let’s get the experts in education and psychology involved. Why are we so pissed off in this society? Let’s start some national programs to get our citizens to chill out. GOP is going to start yelling this is socialism. Get over it. Our citizens are dying. We need PSA’s about gun control and gun violence. Government, you need to buy air time and run these PSAs. Let’s start some serious dialogues in this society to find out why we are so angry we want to kill each other all the time. Maybe it’s better access to mental health? If payment for mental health services is found to be the problem then no payment for mental health services. That could be an option. You need mental health help, you got it and we, the federal government, will cover it. No cost and no questions. Get the help you need so all of our citizens can be safe. Everything is on the table at this point until we gain control over this problem.

I refuse to stand back and read another story about our citizens losing their lives and say nothing. No, the gun lobby hasn’t won, we haven’t even really stood up as a society and demanded more. Every life counts. One person shot dead is too many. Black or white, Sikh or Christian, every one of our citizens matter. We have a “can-do” spirit in America. How about if we use that same spirit to really do something about gun violence. The gun lobby may have the money, but we still have voices. Let’s be the voices of those who can no longer speak and say something! Politicians protect American lives. It should be priority number one. We all have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Let’s stop focusing on the happiness part and refocus on the right to life part. Without our lives what difference does it make if we have jobs, healthcare or housing? Please do something before I have to read another story about another person shooting up more American people.

Maybe I’m the only one who feels this way, If so, thanks for your time. I appreciate you reading this.



5 thoughts on “Another shooting and I’m mad as hell

  1. rmactsc says:

    I have to respectfully disagree. Why is everytime a criminal shoots someone they want to ban the guns of law abiding citizens. How would you feel if everytime there was a vehicular homicide someone decided it would be in your best interest to ban your automobile. 2nd amendment says I can keep and bear arms and I do just that.

  2. bobarmi says:

    Do you really think that more government control is going to solve this problem. The cities with the tightest gun control laws also have the highest incident on gun related deaths.

    1. First, thanks for reading my blog! I really appreciate it. Like I said above, I think it’s a combination of all three things – tighter gun control laws, a massive effort to get illegal guns off the streets and education. Why reserve military intelligence only for our needs on foreign soil. Use that expertise to find illegal guns and get them off of our streets. This isn’t a dig at the police – they are doing an amazing job with the resources they have available. I think it’s a bad idea just to say there is nothing we can do. There are so many things we can do.

      Again, I love that we are having the discussion! Do you have any ideas? I think one thing we can all agree on is that we are tired of hearing about mass shootings!
      Have a great day. Aimee

      1. bobarmi says:

        Meh you got we so worked up I had write a post. Check out The Apollo Leger:

  3. Melanie says:

    honestly I think our problem is much more of a mental health one than a gun control one. We don’t like to speak about mental health, no one wants to admit when they or someone they love has a problem, but burying our heads in the sand will not help anyone. Nearly every single time something like this happens, the more we learn about the shooter, the more we find out that something was wrong, people noticed that he or she was different, but do you know what steps should be taken if you meet or deal with such a person? I certainly don’t. I wish instead of PSA’s telling us that guns kill people, that we had PSA’s giving us warning signs of problem, giving us information of who to call for help when we suspect that someone is losing touch with reality. I wish we didn’t create realistic video games that I argue not only desensitizes people to violence, but awards and glorifies it. Yes we need laws, we need waiting periods, we need to track large ammunition purchases and military grade assault rifles but we also need to help the mentally ill in this country.

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